Darren Moore returning to coach at West Brom

West Bromwich Albion hero Darren Moore will return to club to coach the next generation of players.

West Brom legend Darren Moore
West Brom legend Darren Moore

The hugely popular defender will make his emotional comeback on September 1 when he starts work as a professional development phase coach.

Moore has been away from The Hawthorns for more than 18 months after leaving to coach at Blackburn following a previous spell with the Baggies academy.

He will coach the under-18s and under-21s and work closely with young Albion players heading out on loan after giving up his most recent job with the PFA.

“I’m grateful to West Brom for inviting me back in – I feel like I’ve come back home,” said the former centre-back, known affectionately to fans as ‘Big Dave’.

“I’m a more experienced coach now and know what’s needed to make that transition from youth level to the first team.

“I had other good job offers but I’ve got a lot of passion for the club and it is almost like unfinished business for me.

“When I left as Under-18s coach to go to work with Michael Appleton at first-team level, at Blackburn, it was not an easy decision for me.

“But I feel like I’m a more rounded coach now, coming back into the Elite environment.

“I’m looking forward to challenging a group of players and getting them ready mentally for first-team level.

“It was a real wrench to leave the PFA but it was West Bromwich Albion calling – and they totally understand because of the links with the club.

“I want to thank Gordon Taylor and all the PFA staff.

“They’re a phenomenal organisation and I was overwhelmed by what they are doing in the game of football.

“My doors are wide open for anything I can help them with in the future.

“They will always get my backing and support.

“I can’t wait to fit into the West Bromwich Albion jigsaw again now and hopefully add to what is already a well-oiled machine.

“I can’t wait to get cracking.”

Moore’s return completes a summer reshuffle at Albion following the departure of under-21 senior professional development phase coach David Oldfield to MK Dons.

James Shan stepped up from the under-18s to replace him, while Aaron Danks was promoted to under-18 lead development phase coach.

Academy manager Mark Harrison said: “We’re delighted Darren is re-joining us.

“He did a fantastic job the last time he was with us.

“I would like to thank the PFA for their help and support in allowing Darren to come back and join us.

“He will have a real focus on the under-21s players who go out on loan.

“He’ll manage their loan programmes, liaise with the clubs and visit the players when they play and train.

“Ultimately, for young players that is the final step – it’s unusual now for players to jump straight from our Under-21s to our first team.

“Darren’s wealth of experience as a player and coach in the game and his contacts will no doubt help these players.

“On a day-to-day basis Darren will be coaching with the Under-21s and Under-18s.

“He will also have a very hands-on role assisting and supporting James and Aaron on matchdays when he is not away focusing on the loan players.

“Darren commands respect, he will be a good mentor to the players and brings positivity to whatever he does.”

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Comments for: "Darren Moore returning to coach at West Brom"

The Real Bully Hoo.

There's only one Big Dave.

Welcome back Darren, always a Baggie.

We Only Need One Half!

Just had a overwhelming urge for a Pot Noodle!

CantelloRocket 78


I don't know about a pot noodle, but looks like the dingle babbie wet the bed agen this morning 'cos he couldn't find his potty.....;-)

Jack the Hat


Not many of the Bomb Squad will return to the NETTO GHETTO after they have fleeced it.

Gorra loff ay ya?.

We welcome back Michael 'Appy' Appleton tonight, all the best to him after the match.


youngand hungry

as he been brought back to replace lescrock ?


welcome back BIG DAVE

Jack the Hat

Nice to see you back home Darren, can't keep away can you?. Another one of our own back in the flock.


Jack the Hat

Darren doesn't need his character analyzing he is as straight as a dye. His shoulders are broad enough to handle the multitask job that awaits him. Our kids have struck it lucky.


Jack the Hat

One big cheer for Jeremy Peace and the Board, they have worked their socks off to rebuild our club both on and off the park.

Forever grateful.


We Only Need One Half!

If he can instil anything like the passion and commitment he showed towards the club, cant see this as a bad thing at all.


Welcome back Darren'Big Dave'Moore.

Giant of a man, giant of a player. All the best mate.

Boing Boing. COYB.

CantelloRocket 78

The 'club legends' sign next to him just about sums it up-

you only have to look at the guy to instantly be inspired.

Where you belong Big Man, do yer stuff.......


The signing we have made this Summer are a vast improvement on the players we let go at the end of last season. The balance of the squad looks very good and we have cover in all positions as was shown last Saturday with Davidson coming on. We have achieved this with a moderate financial outlay in the way of transfers, good free transfers and now a quality loan signing. This has enabled the club to wisely use money to attract a better class of player with offering attractive salaries, something I feel we have struggled to do in the past.

I also think we have a first class backroom set up now led by JP and AI and the scouting staff and they have enabled us to bring in players before the deadline day and not been forced into panic buys.

Being a supporter for over 60 years I feel really excited at the prospects for this season, something I have not felt for many years going back to Regis/Cunningham era.

The Voice of Reason

Well I suppose the tea won't make itself.

CantelloRocket 78

Voice of a raisin-

actually, as Wolves have spent all Summer failing to attract anyone - even lower-division players prefer Bournemouth to molineux - I thought you'd now be so desperate, you'd ask Darren if he'd come out of retirement to join you lot-

but you're right, making tea for the Baggies would still be a more desirable option....

The Real Bully Hoo.

Are you any relation to Eldervo, the voice of treason?

Jack the Hat

The Voice of TReason,

You can't even afford tea at your ' Pauper ' like club, long gone are the ' Pie and a pint ' days.

Gorra loff ay ya?.

Have you begged anyone yet?. L☺Ls.

Keep a weather eye out for F.F.P., I bet they have a beady one on your club.



Welcome back Darren.

Decided to take a tour of the shrine today, and felt Alan Cleverly did a great job. His stories were steeped in positive history.

Great imagery of Laurie Cunningham et al, and had the pleasure of sitting in JPs chair. He gets a mean view of the game.

Though I couldn’t see his chequebook, I do feel he has been true to his word this season in renewing the squad.

One day, perhaps, that extension will be sanctioned.

Meanwhile, tomorrow night ought to be a very interesting team choice. Looking forward to it.


Biiiig Daaaaave, bring it on

Danish Baggie

Provisional squad for tomorow.: Foster, Myhill, Wisdom, Olsson, McAuley, Lescott, Dawson, Gamboa, Davidson, Yacob, Baird, Dorrans, Roofe, O'Neil, Mulumbu, Brunt, Sessegnon, Gardner, Ideye, Anichebe, Berahino.

Impressive, and add to that Valera, Samas and Morrisson.

Things are looking good :-)


It's always good to see players like Darren being involved in their clubs. He'll be a great asset I'm sure, there's no substitute for the sort of passion he'll bring. Wish him every success.


youngand hungry

but what is he going to say when the kids ask ` Darren, what was it like playing in the prem` ?



i'll echo the welcome home posts......if they announce all the new signings on and off the pitch before kick off tomorrow.....they'll have to put it back by 15mins!! Feeling positive about tomorrow.....is Appleton the Oxford manager?? It'll be a reunion all round with Dave back.....




Hi Andy

Yes Michael Appleton is the Oxford manager. My mate is an Oxford season ticket holder and he is already concerned about his tactics of playing one up front and losing by the odd goal every week. MA has got passion though and that icy stare.


The Real Bully Hoo.

I'll gladly give Appy a warm round of applause. Like Big Dave another player who never left anything in the dressing room.

Captain Mardon International

I remember shaking his hand after we won promotion, he almost ripped it off. What a geezer.


Well that's the end of the one touch football, most important that the young kids learn how to whack it out of the ground with their first touch. He may have passed all the theory tests but he could never trap a bag of cement.