West Brom boss Alan Irvine happy with point

West Brom boss Alan Irvine praised his team after seeing them pick up a point at Southampton.

SOCCER : Barclays Permier League - Southampton v West Bromwich Albion
Alan Irvine head coach / manager of West Bromwich Albion

It was the second draw in two Premier League games under Irvine and the head coach was delighted with the first clean sheet of his reign.

“I’m very, very pleased with that defensive display,” said Irvine. "I thought we were really solid. I saw Southampton play at Anfield last week and they looked a real threat going forward.

“But we were able to make sure they weren’t able to cut us open today. I was pleased about that and pleased with how we passed the ball at times.

“At other times I was a bit disappointed because we gave it away to cheaply. But overall I was happy with the performance. It is a difficult place to come.

“I’m not unhappy with a point – that’s for sure. There were times when we passed the ball well and I said to the boys afterwards when we did that we were able to move up the pitch really well and got into some really good positions.

“We just let ourselves down at different times. We made some wrong choices and I’m delighted with where the team are at this moment in time.

“It’s a team that’s only been together for the last two weeks. Prior to that we had ten to 11 players who were working on a daily basis with young players.

“So our meaningful work has only really happened in the last couple of weeks. I was disappointed with just a point last week.

“I wasn’t disappointed today coming here and getting a point – I expected this to be a really difficult game.

“We’re looking to bring in another couple of players before the window closes.

“And they will be creative players at the top end of the pitch.”

Baggies fans got their first glimpse of £10m club-record signing Brown Ideye, who was denied a debut goal as a second-half substitute by a fine Fraser Forster save.

Irvine said: “Full marks to him because he’s only just in the country. He’s done very little training, he hasn’t had a pre-season and Jason Davidson is the same.

“We’ve got players sitting on our bench at the moment that aren’t ready yet. They’re two of them – but they did really well when they came on and I was delighted with them.

“Brown’s a good finisher. I expected him to score having done really well to create the chance. It was a good save so we can’t take that away from Fraser Forster.

“That’s his biggest thing; he’s a good finisher, he’s got good movement to get in behind defences.

“He’s different to Victor, Victor plays more with his back to goal, but Brown can make those runs in behind people.

“You saw just a little glimpse of the kind of things he might be able to bring us.”

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Comments for: "West Brom boss Alan Irvine happy with point"

Jack the Hat

Good to here of a couple of wide midfielders will come in hopefully. When our new boys have been here long enough to taste ' Faggits un Paes ' they will start going to town in the matches.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Adam H

Alright Mr Hat, it's been a while!

I'd like to see Rodriguez or assaidi down that left hand side. Maybe Redmond down the right?

I'm sure we will get the ones we need before deadline day.

Jack the Hat

Adam H,

Okay mate, self, I hope my ban is now over and can get back to normal. My sentiments are as yours, all the best.


Adam H

Lmao you had a ban? Whatever for? Silly question I suppose....

Take care mucker


just got back from St Marys after the game and a pub-crawl, a dross encounter, but I will definitely take the away point, Saints fans very quite. The first half we cancelled each other out, however second half we, had the bragging rights, B Brown very bright when he came on, Davidson looked good, poco, very solid in the tackle, Wisdom, send back to scouse land ASAP, Berahinio looking sharp, Mulumbu, colossal as usual, Brunt get a grip with them corners, over hit and under hit, come on you train all week , sort it out. get Gamboa on soonest. A most enjoyable day out, Boing boing


A great away point and a clean sheat happy with that, more the same next week against Swansea hopefully one better with how they have started.

COYB Boing Boing.

youngand hungry

colin colin colin what have I told you about your spelling .


i douby this one is ever going to make it too football gold on sky 1, obviously both sides still getting too terms after pre season, as a lot of mangers have said our season starts way to early and doesnt really allow players to get up too full speed after international cups.

the game lacked one player that really stood head and shoulders above the rest mulumbu probably the best player on the park but that was because of cancelling southampton out rather than moving forward, as a lot of people are saying we still need two wingers, hopefully that will be sorted by next saturday,

but for me we have a player on the bench who i think unlocks games in sessegnon i dont know if hes unfit or still not up to speed but its certainly a player id be looking at putting behind two strikers,

the two players i am concerned about are anichebe and brunt, anichebe never looks like scoring ever, we have given him the no.10 shirt which for me indicates hes a x11 player, other than holding the ball up and being strong what does he actually do? i cant see a great deal that he does right as a striker back is always to goal,

the second in brunt i dont know what to say anymore, not a leader, not a very good wide player, not a very good corner taker, in general just a not very good player at the moment, i dont see because the lads captain he has to start,

id like to see us play 4 1 3 2 again its a formation i really like as it allows players to move around well and suits our players

still not a bad start

do lallytap

Should have been 3 points.

If he picked the RIGHT team we would have easily beat them and by the RIGHT team I mean drop Brunt and start with Sess.

Brunty needs to go out to graze to some dark outback,,,,like the Orange and Black lit down the road in Dinglehampton.

Thanks for your "great" service everyone keeps on about but shut the door behind you.

TA Ra !

Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

That is not the right way to treat a guy who has been good for Albion even if he is waning some.



i agree with you dolally at currsnt he is more of a burden than a servant but as you say cant jusy throw him, id give him a bit of a wake up call the same way we should of gave ridgewell a wake up call last year by dropping him and making him work his way back into the squad, if fit ideye and sess have to start the next game

do lallytap

I couldn't care less Jack, we have been good to him never mind him good for us.

We have to live in the present not the past otherwise we would still have Paddy Mulligan playing for us.

Look, it's not doing us any favours keep picking him and it certainly isn't doing him any


Considering this is nowhere near our best 11 this Is a good result.

Still got maca, Lescott, Sess, Gamboa, morrison, to come into the fold + Ideye looks sharp the futures bright its blue and white.

Also really pleased AI had gone for in swinging dead balls it is a constant annoyence to me when Brunt takes outswingers, also Brunt still over hits many dead balls this needs to stop.

youngand hungry

oh yeah you got Morrison to come back , look out pl .


Jack /bbab and do.

It is sad to see when a player is struggling to make the impact he used to make a few seasons ago. With the players we have signed, and others on the way, the pressure is on for ALL the squad to perform, and if the pressure is too much for some they will either up their game, or get left by the wayside. It looks like Brunt is in this category, as he was last season to a certain extent, when in a team with several other under performers.

He has been a good servant to the club, but unless he ups his game AI will have to replace him with someone else. That's what the squad system is for, and these early games will determine what our best set up is.



DOLALL, the thing I found frustrating yesterday was , Olsson, he didn't hoof it as such, but tried to get it up the pitch, down the left hand channel, every time, Poco was no where near, but I assume he was doing what he was told, now , player or no player if it fails for the first 5 times, do something different, for Christ's sake. Brunt played ok, just one point, his corners where actually very good, however the last delivery was awful but came back to him, he hashed it again. Am I going to slag him off , no chance, but I hope with a little chat he will be fine, incidentally we got a good point. If any body was gonna score it was us, in the second half. The bookies have got us down, but away to Southampton, no chance , we played quite well. How ever the most annoying thing I find when im watching is, you will always get one know it all , and yep right behind me in me ear. Browns header went wide, He shouts "A £10,000,000 pound player , a 10 p finish, he then said , when Brown turns the defender, and shot is saved 1 "A 10,000,000 pound player , a 10 p finish, The fat man, himself couldn't have done better.boing boing

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