Jason Davidson will fight for West Brom place

Jason Davidson was today eyeing a scrap with Sebastien Pocognoli for West Brom’s left-back position – once he finds match-fitness.

jason davidson

The 23-year-old Australian admits he is playing catch-up having missed out on most of pre-season after joining the Baggies this month from Dutch outfit Heracles Almelo.

Davidson was on the bench for Albion’s first Premier League game against Sunderland last weekend, but says he is still to reach peak condition.

“I have only been here for two weeks and I don’t think I am match fit. Obviously you can only get match fit by playing games and I played 90 minutes for the under-21s on Monday and I felt strong.

“I think with another couple of games under my belt I will be ready.”

Pocognoli showed signs of becoming a fans’ favourite with a no-holds-barred performance against the Black Cats, but Davidson has warned the Belgian he is ready to fight for his place.

“The ideal position would have to come straight in here for pre-season but having missed that I am behind the 8-ball a bit,” he said. “I’m just trying to work hard and obviously it is good to have a healthy relationship and have players pushing each other.

“Seb is the other left-back and we have a great relationship and are trying to push each other.

“But my first priority is to get match-fit and then fight for my place.”

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Comments for: "Jason Davidson will fight for West Brom place"

Music to my ears, lets hope every other player in our squad have the same attitude.


do lallytap

I like Poco, his tackles are immense and I thought his position at the club was untouchable...UNTIL.....I saw Davidson against the Wolves in the under 21s the other night and my god how good is he !!

His tackles are on par with Pocos but his speed at getting back and attacking play pipped him for me over Poco and the bit I liked about Davidson, he took a nasty knock towards the end in the 2nd half and after treatment he got up, waved off the sub who was going to come on for him and just got on with it even though you could see he was hurt....Sheer grit and determination and WANT to play was like a breath of fresh air.

When the match finished him and Mr Brown didn't go down the tunnel they went into the crowd for photos and autographs and I had a quick word with Davidson and he said he just can't wait to fight for his place, it's his dream to be here and you could tell he passionately wanted it, he was mobbed by the kids and he was nearly in tears, he was as proud as punch and what a genuinely nice guy.

It's a nice problem for Irvine to have and it will be interesting to see who commands that position but WHAT a difference these 2 left backs are compared to the rubbish we have had for the past few seasons


Afternoon Tap,

mate that's a top post.....I thought Poco was really good against Sunderland so if Davidson is as good (at least) then its win win for us. Nice info on Bobby and Jason going into the crowd and saying hello...never does any harm to talk to the fans....and it's nice to hear that Davidson seems to really care....thanks for that mate.....

Personally I think Poco will start Saturday but come the game in midweek.....Davidson??? Hope Bobby gets time in the middle as well...




That's such a delight to hear! I had heard he put in a decent shift, but that sounds as though he gave the full 100%. Hope to see him in action soon.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I'm sure you remember it, but there was one tackle in the first half that Poco made that was immense, it was almost perfection but it was hard. It made me think that if he slightly mistimes one of those that with modern day referees we'll lose him for the next three games. So perhaps it's a good job we've got two good LB's.

do lallytap

TRBH...Yes, spot on.

When I saw Poco at Shrewsbury I did say that he was as hard as nails and I also said that its going to be an interesting first season to see how he fares with our Prem Refs.

I would not like to make the call on who is picked, my guess is Poco will keep his place because Davidson "Isn't ready" yet due to lack of Pre-season but my oh my I just can't wait to see him in the first team and what you all think of him.

Samaras...Now, for me the jury is out with him at the Mo but it really is fitting together nicely

The Real Bully Hoo.

Interesting though that what you say about Jason is that he's a real club/team player, I'm sure you've watched the Samaras video on the other thread and the thing that really comes over is that he loves the club and wants to do well for the team These sort of team players can only be good for us.

Kev the Rev in LA


See yo can do it if ya try, but dow get runnin' away with yaself, just couldn't leave without a swipe could ya?


Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

Good post and gives insight, thanks.


We Only Need One Half!

I thought Pocognoli had a more than decent game Saturday, if these two can push each other to achieve more, can only be good for the team.


Its great to have competition for every position, we are obviously currently lacking wide players and I hope this gets sorted in the next week or so.

The Samaras rumour has it he is signing today or tomorrow as long as his medical is ok. I must admit it is rather underwhelming and having only spent circa net £5million so far I was hoping for more from us in terms of ambition, maybe we are holding back the big funds to splash on two exciting wingers??

I watch with interest.

Hope we see something of Brown Ideye tomorrow, and by something I mean him hitting the back of the net, I think tomorrow will be more of yardstick to where we are at the moment. I think Sunderland will be a bottom six side, and we may just look back at the opening day game and see it as a poor result against a side in and around us.

do lallytap

Take it from me bomber, Mr Brown ain't ready yet, nothing I saw the other night showed me £10m quids worth but I am 100% sure when he is match fit it will be a different game.

He is nowhere near ready, in fact he got cramp 10 mins from the end of the under 21s


I've been quite impressed by the attitude of this chap in reports and interviews, and he sounds as though he has an intelligent head on his shoulders. I think the flexibility of our defence is pretty decent this season, and it's great to have roles open to competition between players. Davidson looked decent in the U21s match by the sounds of it, so will be looking forward to him getting some game time when he's ready.

Early days, and who knows what the season holds, but at this stage I have been very pleased with our transfer activity so far. Get the feeling that it is not over yet, either.


Heard a lot of good reports about Jason, looking forward to seeing him in action.


If he is pushing Pocognoli for the position he has got a task I think he played very well on Saturday.

Good competition for the position though.


do lallytap

I tell you something else about Davidson and this will put you in the picture of how he works.

We were winning 1-0 against the Wolves the other night and then our number 6, Kyle Howkins, a young kid made a howler of a pass across the box which allowed the Wolves to score.

He was inconsolable, here was a young impressionable kid who made a mistake and he knew it....Davidson went straight over to him, he was the only one who went over, and put his arm around him and had a word in his ear for quite a long time.

Now, this was Davidsons first match, he probably didn't really know the kid but he reassured him for the rest of the match, geeing him on, driving him and supporting him for the rest of the match and the kid had a fantastic rest of the game to the point of Davidson driving him up the field for him to make amends to score the winner and Howkins went straight over to Davidson to thank him.

In my years of football, that was one of those moments I will never forget.

His experience, his drive and his consideration will go a long way here


Evening mate,

it would seem that, long term, he might have the makings of a captain the...??? Again, thanks for the insight....



Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

I can see our changing room being the happiest in the Premiership. Davidson has the making of a good Captain.


do lallytap

Ohh...And my Babbie got a photo with him also !!

Kev the Rev in LA


o'new if we kept at ya yowd break in the end, LOL



Cut the bull , just get on with it , simple, for those who do well, well done , for those who fall by the way side, better luck next time. Come on u baggies