Newcastle United linked with move for West Brom target Emmanuel Riveire

Albion’s plans to sign Emmanuel Riviere could be derailed by Newcastle.


The Baggies have been in talks with Monaco for some time over a £6m deal but the player could be heading to Tyneside according to French media.

Albion were trying to negotiate a fee for the striker but reports claim that Newcastle are confident of landing him.

The 24-year-old forward has also been subject of interest from Stoke City, according to sources.

Riviere has told his agent that he does not wish to commit to any transfer until he knows whether or not Arsenal will follow through on reported interest.

But there have been no signs yet of the Gunners making a definite move for the France Under-21 international.

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Comments for: "Newcastle United linked with move for West Brom target Emmanuel Riveire"


If he's been living in Monaco he won't fancy living in in Newcastle.

Just send him a copy of the weather records in the North East.



True Robin, its a bit warmer in Smethick!

No good crying, on to the next one.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Best one yet. Just posted a comment to be told it's a duplicate, then neither of them appear on here.


I bet we could get Luke Moore on a bosman now.

CantelloRocket 78

Well he's so famous, the E&S have spelt his name wrong ( they'll probably change it now )-

I blame Steve Madly............

The View From Baggy Bottom

How long is it till he reaches 32?

We'll get him in the end, wow we.



The Brum Mail are running a story about us possibly signing a Belgian International LB Sebastian Pocognoli. He is from Hannover96 and played against us last year in the summer. Will cost us about £1 million. Hope it is true so it will shut one or two moaners up.



We are nothing more than a joke at times, every player that we seem to want we have to negotiate the price for such a long period we finish up losing him. I have a lot of time for JP I don't think we would be were we are now without him but at times like this when so many others are interested he needs to move. 6m for a player 5 premiership clubs are interested in and he won't take the plunge yet he spent 12m last year on two players no one else wanted. Its annoying at times !

Woodman Corner Jake

So, we miss-out on Creswell, Richardson and now Rivière...'nicht gut' as we say here in Stuttgart.

Let's move on and secure some signings who can improve the squad....Redmond and Olson from Norwich must be gettable, likewise Moses from Chelsea....and then push the boat out for a striker.

Problem is, we seem to be portrayed already as relegation fodder whilst some of our direct competitors give-off vibes of ambition.

Boing boing Barry

If you were a player we were linked with would you fancy signing for us our so called fans moan about everything from


Head coach

Our new shirt

Length of time to sign players

Age of players

Not. Spending big transfer fees

Ticket office

Car parking

I think if I was being targeted by the baggies I would take some convincing it was the right move

So let's stop the moaning and do what we surpose to do surport our team

Boing boing Barry

Come on get behind the team we are acting like we are already relegated most of the posts on here are so negative I can't believe there from albion surpporters

The Real Bully Hoo.

Two great posts Barry. Even though I've had a slight moan about the new kit.


Its just speculation, TB hasn't said , nowt about him, its just rumours, he's probably talked to every club bar the top 4, boing boing, but we have signed the Sebastion from Belgium, seems a good signing and he's 26. We must be close to signing striker me thinks