Mervyn Day named head of recruitment at West Bromwich Albion

Albion this afternoon unveiled Mervyn Day as their new head of recruitment – with his role to ‘de-risk’ new signings.

The 59-year-old former West Ham, Leeds and Villa keeper arrives having left his role as head of scouting and recruitment at Brighton at the end of last season.

He also has coaching experience in the Premier League, having worked as Alan Curbishley’s assistant manager at Charlton and West Ham.

Day will work closely with new technical director Terry Burton and new head coach Alan Irvine.

“I’m delighted we’ve been able to appoint Mervyn,” said Burton.

“He’s well-respected in the game and scouts who have worked under him speak highly of him as a man of integrity and trust.

“He comes here with a wealth of experience and knowledge and will undoubtedly help us identify players and improve our recruitment processes.

“Our aim is to de-risk the signing of new players.

“We’ve got some good people in the recruitment department who have worked tirelessly to identify players but we’ll be constantly reviewing how we operate.”

Day has also worked as FA senior scout, and chief scout at Leeds and Fulham, and coached in the top flight and the Championship during his time at The Valley and Upton Park.

Day said: “This is a magnificent opportunity for me and I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’ve known Terry and Alan for a number of years from coaching courses and being in opposition dugouts.

“There is a nice feel to the club, it’s an exciting challenge and the infrastructure is here to go onto bigger and better things.”

Chelmsford-born Day started his goalkeeping career with the Hammers in February 1973 and won the FA Cup in 1975 – when he was the youngest keeper to have appeared in a final and was named PFA Young Player of the Year - before appearing in the European Cup Winners’ Cup final the following season.

Spells at Leyton Orient, Villa, Leeds and Carlisle followed before retiring from playing in 1994, having made more than 750 appearances.

His first steps into management saw him promoted to the third tier and lift the Football League Trophy with Carlisle during the 1996-97 season.

Day worked under Alan Curbishley at Charlton for eight years between 1998 and 2006, helping the club stabilise in the Premier League.

And in December 2006 he followed Curbishley as his No.2 to West Ham, where the duo spent almost two years.

His return to Leeds followed before joining Brighton in November 2012.

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Comments for: "Mervyn Day named head of recruitment at West Bromwich Albion"

Mad Shaver

What does de-risk new signings mean?

CantelloRocket 78

Before they sign, he checks and removes any teeth from players that resemble those of Suarez.....

The Real Bully Hoo.

Or big time Charlie attitude like messr's Johnson and O'Hara.



That is so funny, lol

Jack the Hat


Day will look into the character of players wanted and make sure there is no risk from Quenelle gestures, insubordinate's and the like mate, as far as humanly possible that is. Scouting and coaching is also in his repertoire. Brilliant addition to our backroom army, like I implied yesterday.


do lallytap

Is this why they are after a keeper from Italy who had fisti-cuffs with his own players on the coach coming home after a match ?

Boing boing Barry

So there not such a risk

Another good member of staff now let's get recruiting


I remember him at West Am, does he still have nice hair?


OH dear, oh dear, itb gets worse by the minute with more "no hopers" climbing on to the bandwagon

Where is it all going to end??

"The Championship" looks a good bet


Freddie the Frog is a wonderful fellow,

His bum is jet black and his top is bright yellow.

He spends all his time giving Baggies the hump,

Because he's a Wulfie and plays in the Chump !

Jack the Hat


Okay, now you can hop it back down the A41.


Jack the Hat


I can comprehend why a lot of you Dog Heads like to use the word BAGGIE in your nom de Guerre, it gives you a moment of Premiership Power, being attached to my club. Because it certainly does not deceive us BAGGIES.

Gorra loff ay ya.


The Real Bully Hoo.

My given name is frog

But my head's more like a dog

We've run out of saviours

We're jealous of our neighbours

And our football's just slog and clog


Lol, well they never kept us informed about that one

Welcome Mervyn, no doubt some will ridicule you before you've got out your car

Think JP is building a little monster from scratch here

A few weeks of surprises to come I reckon

It's gonna be awesome towards the end of that two penny cup thing that's going on

As I said before not much will happen till that's over and someone starts the merry go round up

But our foundations are already being laid, ready for the structure to be put in place

I think there could be exciting times ahead and JP will make some eat humble pie

The Real Bully Hoo.

Thank God for that BHOB. Along with Cyril, Rocket and one or two others, somebody with a bit of guts and enthusiasm among the trolls and doomsayers.

It's like a meeting of Depressives Anonymous on here some days.

"My name's Percy and I'm an Albion fan.

I'm hoping for relegation and financial meltdown this season.

Come on you Baggies"

Kev in Mallorca


Bin away fu'a bit, still the same old parc, think o'll goo away agen!!!



froggy that's the Championship yow lot ave just climbed back into aye it

cosy baggie

sorry everybody, I'm not a half empty glass man usually, but cant help thinking we are filling the back room with has beens, i really and truthfully hope i am wrong.

Jack the Hat


My glass is running over; change " Has beens " for " Experience " mate, Always remember an army front line is only as good as those who back them up. Wouldn't want our players without ammo and isolated would we?.



I ain't sure, me self. With Day working withTB,AI, RG , Kd, and DK, isn't that a lot of people on the pay roll, I understand its the euro model we are trying to follow, but there will be more coaching, and scouting staff than additions to our playing staff. Imagine 2 or 3 injurys, the coaching staff will have 1 player for a trg session Lol , boing boing


cosy we don't know anything or who works behind the scenes at other clubs around the country

But all these recruits are highly respected with what they've done and what they do so chin up and wait till it's taken hold before deciding if it's right or wrong

CantelloRocket 78

I mentioned on here yesterday how some 'new recruits' at Albion turn up completely unexpectedly - so as if by magic.....!!

Welcome to the Baggies, Mervyn-

you say there's ' a nice feel to the club ' - of course there is, what's not to like.....??

Actually, I've met many really nice, dedicated fans off this site, but funnily enough, the constant snipers and forever whinging doom-and-gloomers will never show their faces to anyone - what a surprise that

Hit him on the tail

Our new left back....or right back...or centre forward. ..or left winger.....or right to give it to Peace. We appointed a nobody then sign a quality player and then back to normal. Good agent peace has...look worse than the Villa at the moment. COYB......FFS!

Jack the Hat

Patience mate, patience, we don't want to end up like last season do we.

Slow hand, no sand.


Jack the Hat

Hit him on the tail,


Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

well another new signing on the backroom staff, can we finally get things moving with the signing of these new players we want to bring in lets face it they report back next week and we need to get new blood into the side otherwise we will have no choice left. we always seem to leave things to the last minute and we need to fill the roles as other clubs seem to be making signings we have made 2 both on free come on Mr J P make the money available to attract the right type of players we need.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Nah really can't be bothered again...

CantelloRocket 78


you mean the REAL transfer activity started just 2 days ago, when most players reached the end of their current contracts.....??

There's plenty of average has-beens and poor players out there begging for a deal, let's just grab a bunch, and get stuck with a sub-standard squad - then people can stop moaning that we haven't signed anybody yet, but start whinging about the players being rubbish instead, eh......??

The Real Bully Hoo.


Yeah, that and the fact that you can't just MAKE players sign for you, the players are the ones that will leave it til the last minute in order to try for the best deal.

And the mythical war chest raises it's head again. We have a limited amount of money and that's what will have already been made available for the recruitment staff and the manager to make the best use they can of.


If Terry Burton is assumed to be filling some sort of advisory/media role, Mervyn Day is sifting through the data brought in from the scouts and the pair of them are involved in some of the negotiation processes in terms of recruitment, then what on earth is Richard Garlick's job nowadays? Has he been relegated to an admin role? Tea boy maybe? Is there something that binds them all together that I'm missing completely?

I guess we have to trust JP to get it right, particularly after acknowledging the problems from last season but it seemed from the outside that Dave McDonough began treading on the toes of those around him, I hope there's more clarity between the roles this time.

Jack the Hat


Don't underestimate Richard Garlick, his forte is law and is very useful when it comes to players contracts and how they are worded and the like, he is also Jeremy Peace' lieutenant.




Richard Garlick was originally the club Legal Director-Secretary prior to taking over from Dan Ashworth. I would presume he will have just reverted back to that role, which is very important in it's own right. My own view is that he never relinquished that role, but took on Ashworth's duties as well, which were far too much for him, but I could be wrong.


CantelloRocket 78

What did I say about names outta the blue?

It's claimed the Baggies are in talks about signing.....wait for it........

Prejuce Nakoulma, the Burkina Faso International Winger/Striker!!!

You might have heard it here first - but makes no difference, because you've probably already forgotten what I

( By the way, he's currently playing in Poland........ )

CantelloRocket 78

It seems this guy's available on a 'free', and clubs such as Fulham and Porto have watched him-

from what I've seen, he's a bit like Anichebe's kid Brother - a double battering ram next season.....??!!!

Rumour or reality......??


There seems to be a bit of empire building going on. We need players not backroom boys.

Web Storm Baloni

De- risking - sounds like PUT PEOPLE OFF... is that a fair assessment....? Surely the new guy Melvyn Day ought to be sweet talking players into the Hawthornes...? Yes...? No...? That's the single most strange reason I ever heard for hiring somebody...

Do your best lads, good luck...



If you read the report in it's entirety you wouldn't have asked such a ridiculous question. Did you not read ''well respected in the game'', ''wealth of experience and knowledge'', ''ability to identify players and improve our processes''. The de-risk comment, in my opinion, is to avoid situations like the signing of Anichebe at the last minute, for a fee far in excess of his worth.

At least you wished us good luck.


Web Storm Baloni


Yes, you're right, we don't need more pathetic signings like Anelka.. ( I always had rated him as arrogant throughout his career but hoped he had mellowed a little...) more fool me...

Sorry to take you to one side, I am relying on Alan Irvine and his backroom lads to make our coming season a wonderful rollercoaster ride... I'm looking forward to exciting times... I unfortunately can't go to the games anymore, due to circumstances...

The media, the tv and radio is about as close as I'll get to the game... it's sometimes frustrating to see so many local clubs getting players in... even walsall have strengthened their team..

I know jp has held the club together, He's our real hero. we should all stand with him... I remember the good old days when Blues, Villa, and yes those Wolves all had good stalwart die-hard club owners... Coombs Ellis someone Jack was it Tramiel - my memory fails me with wolves

All those club owners stood by their clubs through thick and thin, just like JP does with us Baggies... through good times and bad... But then, the clubs sold out to well, for want of a better word Businessmen... Now some of those clubs have lost stability, not to mention millions of big quids...

Anyway, hey- wake up, you...! Don't just fall asleep

Can't wait for the new season... should be good...

Do your best, lads... Good luck...


Say his salary is 100K per annum. Then say we don't borrow any more Scott Sinclair

types at fat fees and high wages. Got the idea ?


Or even ONE Anelka ?


Good appointment, a man with vast experience of coaching and has worked in a similar role at other clubs, welcome on board Melvyn.

Web Storm Baloni

What is de-risking though...? It sounds like somebody at express and star made that word up...!

Maybe cantello was right: de-risking means they check for sharp teeth (oiy wulfies - out) and handbags and dodgy studs and toilet rolls which could all be seen as offensive weapons and a major risk to some players...

Come on then ... any more more suggestions for de-risking ... I reckon MD is gonna be one real busy guy...

Do your best lads... good luck...