Joleon Lescott backed by West Brom old-boys

Albion new-boy Joleon Lescott was today tipped to make a success of crossing the Black Country divide – by two men who did the same.


Ally Robertson and Don Goodman, who both played successfully for the Baggies and Wolves, believe ex-Molineux favourite Lescott can become a Hawthorns hero after making a free-transfer switch from Manchester City.

Lescott, who made 235 appearances for Wolves, will meet his new Albion team-mates for the first time next Monday and will compete with Gareth McAuley and Jonas Olsson for places at the heart of Alan Irvine’s defence.

Robertson, who played more than 600 times for Albion before captaining Wolves to back-to-back promotions, said: “When I started at Wolves I got a lot of stick, but you get on with your game and, once you start winning, all that is gone.

“If we (Albion) have a bad start and don’t win games he will get a bit of stick. But as long as things go well and people can see he’s trying, he’ll be fine.

“He’s a great signing for us and you can only hope we will sign three, four or five other players of that standard.”

Lescott opted for Albion over Hull and Stoke and has attracted some criticism from Wolves fans, but has been largely welcomed by Baggies supporters. Goodman was criticised by some Albion fans when he moved to Molineux from Sunderland in 1994 after previously playing more than 175 times and scoring 63 goals for the Hawthorns club.

He said: “I get stick from a very, very small percentage of West Brom fans who will always resent me for pulling on the gold shirt.

“I don’t think I could have contemplated moving straight from one to the other but I went there as a career move to get to the Premier League and I’m sure most West Brom fans would understand it, even if they don’t like it.

“Maybe there would have been a possibility of Joleon going back to Wolves if they were in the Premier League but they’re not at this moment in time and West Brom are.”

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Comments for: "Joleon Lescott backed by West Brom old-boys"


DD - I haven't got a problem with the fact that you played for the Wolves. What I do have a problem with is that you seem to "bad mouth" the Albion whenever you appear on Sky!!!

Jack the Hat


Did you have a go at your wife for having former boyfriends?. L☺Ls.


Jack the Hat

“Maybe there would have been a possibility of Joleon going back to Wolves if they were in the Premier League, Albion are.” Says it all really.

Can't comprehend all this talk of crossing the eight mile great divide, Joleon Lescott will stand or fall by his performances not by what colour his strip was in the dim and distant past.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Captain Mardon International

"Progression" simple as that


A few have made a success of going to Molinuex from Albion Bully,Andy Thompson,Robbie Dennison, Danny Hegan spring to mind and one or two ended their careers at Wolves on a high note after previously playing for Albion (Cyrille,Ally Rob). But I cannot recall anybody making a total success of moving the other way. Andy Gray and Bobby Gould weren't complete disasters but if Lescott becomes any sort of Albion legend having previously donned the old gold he will be in a minority of one,certainly post WW2.


The club you start to support as a child stays with you forever, but if you become a professional footballer that allegiance sometimes has to be put to one side for a short while. Look at Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen both Everton fans, poor old Dennis Law with the back heel

I tell you now there isn't an Albion fan on this site who wouldn't put on a Wolves, Villa, or B'ham top for 20K a week and do your best for that club even if you play against Albion. Players are mercenaries and they will sign for the club that best suits the salary and ambition of that player. Joleon will always be a Dingle and when he retires he will start to watch them again but right now he is paid to be a Baggie and that is what being a professional footballer is all about.


"But right now he's paid to be a baggie" you'd have to be really ;-)

That was too easy I couldn't resist sorry.


FYI - it's on record that Joleon is a Villa fan, not Wolves.



A Villa fan playing for Wolves and Albion wow that's a real mercenary.

Seriously it doesn't matter as long as he does his best for us, That's all we can ask of him



I'm not nit picking but Lescott was born in Birmingham and supported Aston Villa as a kid.

'Joleon will always be a Dingle'

...except he's a Villa supporter...


OK Everyone i get it


I think it is small-minded to hate someone just because they play or have played for a rival club. Football is a NOW business and always has been. Our heroes don't lessen their stature by moving on. Ronnie Allen was one of mine, but when he was Wolves' Manager I wanted him to win, except when they played us. He would have fully understood that.


But he's not a Dingle. He's a Villa fan.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I've not heard a single Baggie even mention that Joleon Lescott played for the Wolves. If Steve Bull had come back to us and scored goals we'd all have cheered him to high heaven. Players come and players go, the fans and the club are the only constants. (unless obviously the owner moves the club like Pete Winkleman or your name's Eldervo.)

Jack the Hat

Ben Foster has proved without doubt, his family come first and that is the same throughout football.



Oh well, he's Albion player now, and that's it. Boing boing

CantelloRocket 78

To be absolutely honest, when we signed Joleon, it did briefly cross my mind that he'd played for Wolves, but it carried little importance to me personally because over the last 8 years - his 'peak' years - he's been with Everton, Man.City, and become an England International - this is surely the main focus, and the real reason the Baggies wanted to sign him.

All that really matters now is how he performs on the pitch, the rest is little more than past history.



He played for Wolves......played...past tense.....history...moved on......changed clubs......end. He's a Villa fan (nobody's perfect - and he's at the Albion now!).....he's a damn good centre half who could have a major impact on our season. And I don't think he'd have signed if he thought we were going to have a dogs breakfast of one either - he'd got other offers.

I'm looking forward to seeing who he lines up alongside.....and I'd really like to see us try in preseason playing with 3 centre backs and 2 flying wing backs (depending on who signs as full / wing backs)....because 1) I never think we look comfortable unless we have numbers in midfield and 2) no one seems to play it anymore.....Holland have tried it at the world cup and they look like an above average football side (tongue......cheek....planted)....I think Wigan played it in the cup final they won.....

just a thought



The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Andy.

It does seem to be the fashion in the World Cup although it's mostly played with three smaller more mobile CH's than we have.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I was going to add before it decided to publish my post. I'm sure this will be the FA's next good idea for the future of English football.


Bully. Andy ,Does that include us? We got 3 decent CH , it would be good to try it pre season. However most EPL coaches seem to go 4231, wonder what s AI 's favoured formation, what ever it is it will be interesting to see who we can get, I see the French striker story for 4 mill has dissapeared , boing boing


A Villa fan playing for the Baggies so what. A Villa fan playing for the Wolves so what. A villa fan playing for the Blues?


Let's all cheer him on for becoming a Baggie. Welcome Joleon and hope you do a proper job for us!

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