Terry Burton: West Brom have transfer hitlist

New technical director Terry Burton today insisted his arrival will not hamper Albion’s summer transfer plans as they prepared to step up their pursuit of Emmanuel Riviere.

Terry Burton linked with Albion role
Terry Burton

Burton says the Baggies’ transfer shortlist had been completed before he took over on June 1.

And he says his appointment to his new role will not change the plans for building a new Baggies squad for next season.

Albion have already snapped up Craig Gardner from Sunderland and Joleon Lescott from Manchester City on free transfers and are preparing to bid for Monaco striker Riviere, who has impressed Hawthorns scouts with his displays in France.

Burton said: “I came in on June 1 so any work on recruitment, really and truthfully, had been done already.

“Due diligence has been done by recruiters who were out there identifying players nine, 10 or 11 months ago that eventually should come to the top of the pyramid, where we get a group of players who ideally should be good enough to come and play in our first team.

“Then we have all the added things about whether we can get them, do they want to come here and can we afford them? But all the work has really been done.

“I have been in with the recruiters every day to try to bring together the information that’s out there, because I can’t retrospectively watch them now apart from on a video.

“You can see most games now but all you’re seeing is the clip that everybody sees.”

“You can’t watch what his positioning is when the ball is over the other side of the pitch.

“I am never going to put my hand up for somebody having only watched him on TV, but you have trust your recruiters and people like Richard Garlick, Stuart White, Tony Spearing, Jeff Baskerville and Johnny Gibson have worked extremely hard to get us to where we are today.

“Now we are just trying to break that down to see whether they fit the head coach’s requirements and I can cast my eye onto it and see if I think they could do a good job for us.

“It’s a team effort to try to get the best players in.”

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Comments for: "Terry Burton: West Brom have transfer hitlist"

The Real Bully Hoo.

Bad news and good news for Suarez, Bet 666 have cancelled his sponsorship but he's received offers from Colgate, Dentofix and Acme Bottle Openers

Max Wall Heath Baggie

LOL . It is beyond my comprehension how Liverpool can even consider complaining over this ban , imo it a'int severe enough.



I don't see how Liverpool are to blame in any way, shape or form. The incident happened on the world stage, not in the Premier League. Suarez should have received a life ban in all international football, whether it be a friendly match or proper international.

I wonder how we would feel if Ben Foster had committed the same offence in the game he played.

Would we all feel the same if Suarez was our player ?

If's and buts I know but I'm trying to put it into perspective. I don't think FIFA have got the punishment completely right.


The Real Bully Hoo.


Except this is his 3rd biting and they defended him on the 2nd as they did on his racism charges whereas BF has never put a foot out of line.

Although I could understand them suing FIFA for his earnings in that time as I'm sure they wouldn't want to release him.

At the end of the day it's a business isn't it? Liverpool are looking after their own interests. Morals went out of the window a long time ago.

I remember the full back we had (name on tip of tongue but gone) Shane Nicholson??that was done for drugs when we hadn't got two happennies to rub together but the club still got rid of him. Another club picked him up but we did the right thing. It doesn't happen any more.


I don't think Liverpool are to blame, but I don't think a international ban alone would have been sufficient punishment for Suarez, particularly when he has previous for this type of behaviour. Rough on the club, but sends a message out to players, I guess. Who knows what their thought process was when they dished it out - I imagined a slower process where a decision was made after the world cup, so the speed suprised me!

Max Wall Heath Baggie


We are going to have to disagree , i very much agree with Bully's response on this matter and if an Albion player had done what Suarez as done in the past i would still want him banned for good, cannot and will not condone such behaviour , it brings the game into disrepute.

All the best .


I think Liverpool are culpable in this. They defended him very publicly for his disgusting behaviour towards Evra, they defended him again when he bit Ivanovic, they even bought him when he was in the middle of his 7 mach ban for biting the PSV player in Holland! If they had not defended him quite so publicly and called foul whenever anyone in the media questioned his behaviour, he may, just may, have thought twice about the way he conducts himself.

He caused controversy in the last World cup and this one, and all the years inbetween.

A great talent he may be, but to me, he will never be anything other than a thoroughly nasty individual, who I would love to see sent off to another country for them to put up with.

Anyway - Terry Burton makes sense, but, if the works been done, and we tied up Lescott pretty quickly, why can't we get moving?


Greenman, I can't speak for others on this site but I would feel the same. The ban for me is nowhere near severe enough, its now the third time so what makes anyone think he won't do it again? Where is the deterrent?

The guy is just a specimen, pure and simple.

Jack the Hat


On line gambling firm 888poker have dropped their Suarez sponsorship as they couldn't gamble on his future behaviour. Dudley Zoo may take up the vacancy according to their spokesman Mr. Ali Ghaytor. L☺Ls.



What made me laugh the most was our ex defender Luguano saying "what problem, I don't know anything about it" I knew he was slow on the field, but he must be slow everywhere else if he really did'nt know about his own team player being involved in such a scandal.

He may well get to half time on Saturdays match and say

Hang on a minute, wheres Suarez, ban what ban !!

Jack the Hat


I read that, no wonder Albion got rid of him.


Jack the Hat


Thanks for putting us in the picture and taking away all the speculation. Always nice to know the way our cub works and the format used. Most of us BAGGIES are dead chuffed The way Jeremy Peace and the board are rebuilding on and off the park and I myself can't wait to see who comes in next. Thanks again for filling us in and all the best.

Onward and Upward with the BAGGIES.


Max Wall Heath Baggie

I have a feeling our transfer business will be handled in a more professional way this summer after the utter disaster of last summer.


Burton said 'i came in on June 1st so all the recruitment work had already been done'.

To me that looks like someone covering their derriere in case it doesnt work out.

I hope it does work out and we dont have any repeat of last year.



Keep looking up dingle


And point being.



I see you talk boll#cks on your own site as well !!

And even have a go at your own fans !! Oh dear...


The View From Baggy Bottom

I've no doubt that Garlick, White, Spearing, Baskerville and Gibson have all worked 'extremely hard', but I would rather hear that they have worked extremely effectively.

A bit harsh I know, but 'where we are now',as TB puts it, is not that great a situation and if they were responsible for last seasons recruits, they need to do far better this term.

To be fair, things are at least sounding more positive on the recruitment front this summer and I'm well happy with the first two through the door. Reviere seems a decent shout and if Rodwell hasn't become another Sinclair, he could be another good addition if we could get him.

My worry is that we seem to do everything in slow motion. I understand the complicated nature of the business involved but sometimes we seem to loose out just because we don't tie things up quickly enough and we get gazumped.

Good luck guys, work effectively and you might find your luck improves.


Max Wall Heath Baggie

Early days in the transfer market mate and it will not really speed up until the World Cup ends . Tranquillo I have faith in Burton and Irvine getting it right .

The View From Baggy Bottom

Hi Max,

I am fairly relaxed about it really. There's no sign of a repeat performance of last year, though I seem to remember that a few of us, me included were very positive about the Anelka coup, as it seemed to be at the time.

We can only hope that Burton and Irvine, with thier footballing brains, can have more influence this time around.

I don't really enjoy all of the summer transfer speculation. Sometimes you get the impression that everything is going wrong, when in fact it's all just paper talk and hearsay.





I'm quite happy we are looking in the right places for players, and that the calibre is looking better than before. Without wishing to sound a little negative, I too think we take a long time to get deals sorted in comparison with other clubs. However we have a list of targets to work through and that sounds very encouraging.


The Real Bully Hoo.


To be honest I bet if you asked Villa, Sunderland or Norwich fans they'd say the same thing about their own club. It's only the big hitters that can tie everything up... oh and the clubs that don't do their due diligence thoroughly enough, no names no pack drill but we aren't still paying any players money they're not worth are we?


Its all too slow. The hope is Burton can crack some heads together among those he is praising in this interview. The idea has to be to get the whole squad on the training pitch on day one of pre-season not wait for that idiot Scotsman to put his yellow tie on and take his seat at the Sky Sports News desk on deadline day.

Quinton Baggie

I hope this is not all hype from the papertalk...the signings at the moment are pleasing but need to strengthen the full back areas...I wait with baited breath


According to the transfer page we are linked to a young Dundee Utd LB for £1.75m Andrew Robertson.

A Robertson thats a good name to associate with the Baggies.


Max Wall Heath Baggie

OAP AAP ??????????????


Alistair Robertson.


The Real Bully Hoo.


You can get tablets for that now.

Medway Baggie


I did, but all that happened was I got an irresisitible urge to bay at the full moon. I admit that I got them from that dodgy pharmacy near the University of Wolverhampton main building.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

Jack the Hat


Is there a big needle medication for the ones who use coded messages, that would cure "Idlitis".



Glad to hear we've got a list that's been through some due diligence. If we are talking about potentially spending £s on players like Snodgrass and Riviere, then I'd like to see us make a bid for Cresswell. He should be in our price range and would be a long-term investment, as well as being someone that could hopefully make an immediate impact. If not, I'd hope we go for Robertson again (although the club disputes a bid was made) - looks like a few other clubs are taking notice of him, and he'd fit in nicely. We had problems with forwards scoring last season, but that may well be down to issues of tactical confusion and mixed messages and next season could well be different if there is some tactical clarity - for me, it's more important that we spend on defence than offence.

Thanks for explaining how we go about our recruitment for new players Terry.

I have every confidence in you and all your team to add some more quality players to our squad in the summer.

Onwards and up with the BAGGIES!


Terry Burton seems to be a bloke who knows what he is doing , he would not have worked for Arsenal if that was not the case.

With regard to Louis Boy I see that McDonald have just introduced a new chicken wrap and called it the Suarez wrap. It's only a light bite.

Elsewhere Liverpool are busily re-printing the name on the back on Louis's shirts to Dracula. It is rumoured that as his addiction to biting worsens he will only only be able to play night matches. For 3 o'clock kick offs in the winter he will only be able to play second halves when the floodlights come on . During pre-match talks and first halves he will be kept in a padlocked coffin in case he eats the rest of the team.


Brilliant mate!

Len of Bournville

This is reassuring in some ways, but it doesn't seem to address the urgency of the situation. OK the scouting and technical staff have been building up dossiers on potential targets for months, but things have been allowed to drift too far. We have NO full backs, unless you count Gardner playing right back and Lescott playing left back - which they have both done reluctantly in the past. Surely, it would be ridiculous to go off on a pre-season tour with this situation as it is.

Most supporters knew that we needed to bring in a left back in January, when Ridgewell had lost form and Popov was sent to Siberia. We had the Shane Long money - and still nothing happened. That situation almost got us relegated. So much for forward planning. It cannot be allowed to happen again.


According to the tranfer rumours we are linked with a left back at Dundee Utd.


I've heard that Real Madrid have offered 68m plus player and offering 280000 wages a week apparently Suarez will bite there hand off with that deal ,

glassboy baggy

I wonder if they are thinking of playing 3-5-2 or 3-6-1 in some matches . We did seem to get caught out a lot for height at the back last season .Chris Brunt isn't an out and out winger but he showed his defensive qualities last year and could become a good wing back. .Morgan Amalfitano showed the same qualities at right back last year, when he turned up that is . We seem to be getting a versatile squad together , pity we can't find a few Paul Madeleys about , we'd be laughing all the way to the Leeds . Boing Boing.

Dingle Dave

Liverpool getting hit is bang out of order, Yes Suarez is a animal but he was on international duty. Was Suarez banned playing for his country if they had a game when he was banned last time?

He clearly has issues but the "worldwide" ban has Blatters paws all over it with the mutual love there is between us (as in England FA) and him. This was just the oppurtunity for Blatter to smack us in the face again.

I hear this ban him for life!! Really? He won't get another club!!! Really? Some say that genius has flaws, yes hes mad as a box of frogs but boy can he play.

The logical step would have been to lenghten the ban for playing for hi country to say 2 yrs but let him play for his club and if Suarez was playing say in Spain im pretty sure that would have happened because the 4 month "worlwide" ban is just plain daft and i hope Liverpool take Blatter on and beat him.

Max Wall Heath Baggie

Misguided Ding

He was playing for Liverpool when he attacked Ivanovic and he was playing for Liverpool when he racially abused Evra . He is a fine player but on the Worlds biggest stage he has dragged Football into disrepute yet again and therefore should be banned from ALL Football. Of course if he played for Wolves no doubt he would be totally innocent of all charges . I hope he appeals , loses and gets an even bigger ban , frankly a lifetime ban would not be enough .

Medway Baggie

Wall Heath

I have to agree with you. It was an unprovoked attack. Some have said on this, and other threads, that it wasn't as bad as a two footed tackle. That's as maybe, but you are unlikely to catch a life threatening disease from a two footed tackle. And I'm not saying that Suarez has any sort of disease, life threatening or not, it's just that, again as others have pointed out, that they are very switched on when it comes to the transfer of bodily fluids and the prevention of it.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo



Yes Suarez was playing for Liverpool when he bit Ivanovic and for the Evra thing, but he did his time for those offences, but was allowed to play for his country. Liverpool gave him whatever help they could during the bans and after, but he is what he is -- a brilliant footballer but so unpredictable, it will probably end his career, without some major therapy. My opinion stands that it is unfair on Liverpool that he is banned for Premier games, and I still believe he should be banned for life from playing for his country. I know several people have posted against what I've said, so be it, that's what these pages are for. Each to his/her own opinion.

The View From Baggy Bottom


I'm no great fan of Liverpool, I think they are greedy and arrogant in the extreme, but I do have a little sympathy for your view about them being slightly unfairly treated in this instance. As you say, when he has sinned previously while playing for LFC he has been punished and the club has been punished for their part in it. LFC don't help themselves by closing ranks behind the player and blaming everybody else but him and the club, but thats beside the point here.

Suarez was playing for Uraguay and although I think FIFA are right to ban him from all football, including club football and a kick about in the park, perhaps Liverpool should be looking to FIFA for some financial reperation for loosing his services through, what they will claim, is no fault of their own. I suppose it comes down to whether FIFA believe that LFC should shoulder some of the blame for the bad behaviour of one of their players.

I don't think he was ever going to play for Liverpool again anyway to be honest. He was off to Spain before the season starts for certain and I think he will still go, but the price won't be so hot now and that is what LFC are concerned about. There are no moral judgements here.

When Anelka was proved guilty over his gesture, we sacked him, even though as a player we could have done with his services on the run in at the end of last season. Sometimes you have to do the right thing, rather than the financially prudent thing.



He's already been offered to us. We just said fangs but no fangs.

Brendan Rogers says Liverpool's Premier League hopes for this season bite the dust unless Uruguay's appeal is successful.

Uruguay say they are confident it will be successful on the basis that the Manager actually shouted play right on the shoulder of the defender and Louis misheard him.

CantelloRocket 78

'Liverpool getting hit is bang out of order - yes Suarez is an animal.....'-

and Liverpool KNOW this, yet have supported him in his previously disgusting actions, and rewarded him recently with a lengthy, mega-bucks contract-

in which case Liverpool have been made to look like mugs, because they've acted like mugs-

you help encourage a wild animal to play professional football because he'll score goals for you, but he'll also continue biting people-

no whinging, take a share of the responsibility, and live with it.........

Jack the Hat

Dingle Dave,

So if you were banned from driving you would say, that is unfair, I've been banned during the week and on weekends.

I arrest my case.



Mr Jay that is genius, I am going to put it on twitter later, so funny.


CR , got to agree , I have no sympathy for Liverpool, they should have sorted this when he bit Ivanovich. The mans out of control, he will re -offend, he cant help it, gets frustrated and then gnash. He was holding his teeth , he must have hit bone. I do find it funny though , he doesn't actually take a chunk out, he seems to like bite in but stops just enough to make an impression of his gnashers. It is done with total and utter precision, study all 3 incidents, and you will see his eyes on the target flesh area, then its head back, using them neck muscles, the forward thrust, sometimes with a jump (all the energy from the thighs) and then bang hes on target, it must hurt. The players he bites are in shock and then they try to repel him while his teeth are still in there, they realise, wait a nano second and then lash out at him. He don't give a damn who's watching or near him, its as if he's blanked everything out around him, and total concentration. When he bites the Chelsea player, he actually grabs the forearm with two hands, checks the target area is clear and then lunges, incredible, then feigns injury, what goes through his mind. Nah Liverpool deserve him, but what punishment do you give ???? beyond me, it is unbelievable to watch though.

Jack the Hat

From the dark side:

Jack the Hat

June 27, 2014 7:35 pm

Dingles lament.

What a quandary, where to begin,

Wolves have maverick players within.

How can we put this in our stride,

When they are taking us for a ride.


I'm not bothered what they say,

It's us that has to find their pay.

Why won't they go, leave us alone,

Hurry some-one pick up the phone.


Our club have had enough of this,

One was even on the beer.

If there's some-one high up above,

Get down here, give them a shove.


We always tell it as it is,

Come on Jezz and do the biz.

Right on lads, water that tree,

Shout as one, wolves ay we.

Tellitasitis hope this will suffice, I've even incorporated your nom de Gurre.



Nice one Jack, dont really know what its got to do with Terry Burton and our transfer system but it raised a smile.


Jack the Hat


True mate, but their mods sometimes throw a wobbly and ban my posts on the dark side, so I copy it over here knowing our mods are more lenient and plenty of Dingles will read the post. I know it goes against the grain of the topic and apologize. Hope this explains and all the best.


We Only Need One Half!

Just read Swansea have signed Bafetimbi Gomis on a free, apparently J.P. has stated he would have gone for the 22 goal a season striker, but he didn't want to upset the fans who keep banging on about not wanting anymore free or loan signings!

Is it me?

The Real Bully Hoo.

It's said that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit WONOH but nonethless satisfying for all that ay?


I'll try to make it for a drink even though I suppose it will mean having to sit through a friendly.

We Only Need One Half!

p.s. any one fancy a jolly up before the FC Porto friendly at home, August 9th?

CantelloRocket 78

Not too bothered about when it is mate, I ALWAYS fancy a jolly up......

( p.s. - Budapest airport tomorrow, I'll check out if they've got what you want in duty free.... ;-)

We Only Need One Half!

As Eddie once said to Ritchie "Rightey dokey matey bloke flap old salty seadog amigo skip-jack jockstrap piano tuner"

ta very much!

Jack the Hat

From the dark side:


June 28, 2014 12:15 am

Yet again you prove to the world that you do not know what you are talking about.

As an Albion fan, can I please take this opportunity to apologis(Z)e for the inbred that is Jack TT?

Many thanks.


Jack the Hat

June 28, 2014 8:45 am


Ode to a cows backside.

Sour are the grapes that you consume,

Now bend over and do your " Moon ".

Don't try emulate, a wise crack,

To me it's water, off a ducks back.


Now that you are having fun,

In that position, showing your bum.

If you want me to have a go,

Give me anything bar that Banjo.

Gorra loff ay ya.