World Cup bonus for West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster

Ben Foster will today become the first Albion player since Jeff Astle in 1970 to play for England in a World Cup.

The Baggies keeper was named as one of nine changes made by boss Roy Hodgson in the dead rubber against Costa Rica tonight in Belo Horizonte.

Foster, who is 31 and only came out of international retirement in February 2013, replaces first choice Joe Hart to become the first Baggies player to represent England in the tournament since Astle in Mexico in 1970.

With little to play for apart from pride, Hodgson took the unusual step of naming his entire starting line-up for this afternoon’s game, with Gary Cahill and Daniel Sturridge the only survivors from last week’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay.

Foster, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Luke Shaw, James Milner, Frank Lampard, Jack Wilshere, Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana will replace Hart, Glen Johnson, Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Raheem Sterling, while Lampard will be captain.

Albion goalkeeping coach Dean Kiely welcomed Foster’s selection and insisted he wouldn’t let anyone down.

“He thoroughly deserves it – he made a really big contribution to our season and was a really big player for us,” said Kiely. “He will be fine. I see him every day in training and he’s a player of vast Premier League experience and one who doesn’t let anything faze him, so he’ll take it in his stride.”

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Comments for: "World Cup bonus for West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster"

do lallytap

Well done Ben !

Really proud to say he is one of ours....for the time being !!

Met him loads of times and he really is a genuine, nice, respectable bloke, chuffed to bits for him and the kids are as well

Personally, I though Hart didn't command the area very well against Uruguay and England shouldn't have tinkered and revolved the team around Rooney

Jack the Hat

...for the time being !!

do lallytap,

Do you know something everybody else does not?.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Good luck Ben. With that defence in front of you you'll need it although you should get plenty of chance to shine. If he plays well prepare for loads of stories throughout the summer of whoever he'll be leaving us for.

I see Roy is being roundly condemned in the media. Sack him and get good old 'Arry in, probably with Sherwood as his number two and Ray Wilkins, Steve McLaren, Joe Jordan, Steve Cotterill, Kevin Bond, Uncle Tom Cobley and all as his assistants.

Jack the Hat

Foster deserves this accolade for what he has done for Albion since he has been at our club. For the uninitiated it might not seem a such a honour as England have already been eliminated but it is another cap and a world cup one at that. Well done Ben.

Now can anyone explain to me the reason why Lampard should deprive a young player from an England experience and make it a good one. Two of our old stage players let us down as their passing rate was abysmal and they were much too slow, step forward Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard. England are in transition and that means youngsters Roy.


The Real Bully Hoo.

I agree about Lampard, surely he could have come on in place of Wilshere after 75 minutes.


Have you ever thought it might just be his last game for England ( lampard ) and in my eyes deserves his last hoorar. Roy has brought a lot off the kids in for this game. I personally think you are bein a little harsh in Rooney yes he was poor against Italy but was out off position and he played quite well in the second game. Gerard was very poor but Henderson was shocking


Good move Roy Hodgson. At least Ben gets a game he deserves. I haven't entered 'The Blame Game' simply because we are just NOT good enough at International level. And there is only one reason for that. THE PREMIERSHIP ! While it's awash with money nothing will change either. I'll be cynical. If YOU were at the top in the FA, the committees, Sky, etc., and money was sticking to you at every move, would you try to impress all the other rogues that they were being naughty and it was time for some honesty. You Would ???? LIAR.

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril, is it the Prem thats the problem? or is it UEFA/Europe? look how many European teams are about to exit at the first stage, us, Spain, Croatia, and likely Switzerland, Bosnia, Portugal (who, but for a injury time goal were heading out the other night) and Russia, and even Germany, Italy and France aren't guaranteed to go through yet with one game left, only Belgium and Netherlands have qualified outright.

After two games I would have thought it reasonable to expect more than two out of the 12 European teams to have guaranteed to have gone through.

I think someone needs to start making Blatter's mini-me, Platini, a bit uncomfortable by asking the difficult questions, because you just know he will be looking to continue the mess Seb leaves behind if ever he gets his mitts on FIFA.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I just think it's a reflection of the way this country is going. Everybody wants something for doing as little as possible in return and our homegrown players are no exception to this.

I still cite Beckham as the ideal example. He made himself world class by dedication, by staying behind and practicing when his mates had rushed off to the golf course.

In this country you often read of footballers being done for motoring offences at 3 o'clock on a Friday morning. Being up at that time during the season is not the behaviour of a professional sportsman and the excuse that he's a young man doesn't wash. That's the reason teams bring in foreign players not because they're cheaper, They earn their money by being professional.

Until this changes it doesn't matter who the manager is, we'll win nothing.

We Only Need One Half!

add Italy to that list.

We Only Need One Half!

Jammy Greeks! talk about cutting it fine.

Thought Ben had a good game for us the few times he was challenged.

AndyH, what about them Columbian's then? fast, fresh, and fun, just like your ideal woman, whether Hannibal the Cannibal plays or not, cant see Uruguay beating these, and what a nice touch the Mondragon substitution was.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Perhaps we ought to sign Samaras WONOH, I know we'd never have got that penalty even though it was one.

I wouldn't bet against Blatter coming out and saying that biting is just part of the game, like diving and feigning injury.

do lallytap

Blimey, rambling ranting aye ya Sybil


Do , any need for that, clam down, I thought Bens performance was what you both needed, boing boing


cape, he can't help himself. Anything that takes thought passes him by and he turns to insults. After he threatened WONOH I decided to give him total bypass.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I agree Capey, he's being a bit shellfish there.

Web Storm Baloni

Way to go, Ben Way to go...

We Only Need One Half!

p.s. Nice one Ben!

Dingle Dave


The reason Lampard will play is because it's his last game as he will retire, As the world cup has gone Hodgson will tinker but won't forget the players that have been regulars for years, it's called respect. Something you know very little about which is a shame.

Lampards ability/form isn't an issue, After this game Lamps,Gerrard will retire from international duty so the "kids" will get their chance to shine then but just to drop Lampard and play a kid it his last game is not on. Let the olds uns play then wipe the slate clean and bring in the kids to build a squad over the next few years that can compete.

As for Foster the jury is out as he is prone to the odd blooper. Is that because he looks boz eyed? just joking Jack just joking. Relax and enjoy the game.

Jack the Hat

Dingle Dave,

Your reason is not good enough. You are not tough enough for the beautiful game, which is sad. Lampard has had his day as an international footballer and nobody know that better than he does. Forget the respect jibe and toughen up, cissy.

Have a good day.



It would be wrong to blame Roy Hodgson for the England debacle. The players are just not good enough and you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Most pundits keep on about what a great world cup this has been but I cant see it myself. Some of the games may have been exciting but there is a distinct lack of quality. I think if all of the four Champions League semi finalists had been able to play their usual teams and entered the World Cup one of them would have won it. I know that cant happen but club football at it's highest level is now better than international football.

King Jeffs Left Boot

Just watched the first half and I must say Ben looks more assured than hart did between the sticks, England's England's No 1 .

King Jeffs Left Boot

Ben looks more assured than Hart, England's No1 in my book, if he had played in the first 2 games, who knows coz I tell ya, it wasn't all the defences fault, look at his positioning on 2 of the goals..

Quinton Baggie

Well done Ben, richly deserved

Jack the Hat

Bostin goalkeeping from Ben, never put a hand wrong apart from when he was banged in the back. Good clean sheet from our keeper and he is every bit as good as Hart if not better.Thought England might win the game until we brought on the geriatrics.


glassboy baggy

I see a certain Villa reject has been slagging off Ben Foster over his England sabattical ( see the Birmingham Mail ) . Doesn't he realise Ben was only worried about his children's safety from Cannock Chase perverts . Boing Boing .ps you played well today Ben .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Giving him dog(ging)'s abuse I see. Still from his high horse of knocking women about he can look down on others can't he?

What a hypocrite.


Chaps if this post gets on , I will be mildly, surprised, the best rant about England was, Chris Waddle, its on BBC I player , listen to it, its brilliant. The Greed league under scrutiny, however, The thing that really grips me is that PM and SC, had it right , the high press, we are years behind Spain and Europe. Man URE, is everything Dutch. The high press , what PM tried to explain on MOTD, many a time, was the way forward. Look at this world cup, The Dutch for example against Spain, 30% possession, tika taka, all u want. But the high press

High press , win the ball, counter , long ball forward, bang , GOOOAAAAL. Look at us against Villa , Spurs, etc, I will thank PM and SC for that, but our ageing back line could not cope , and went whinging. Sorry that's just the way I see it, I will welcome any feed back boing boing.



well that was an average game....but Ben did what he needed to do well and, dare I say it, looked a damn sight more assured than Hart did....I know I'm biased but....he just looked better imo.

Now then...Louis Suarez.....ban him for life!! 3 times is 3 too many in my book.....add in his ban for being racist and he should never grace a pitch again. The Italians should make the claim to the assault and have the little blighter arrested as well. It would have been nice if the entire Italian team had walked off in protest at the incident.....

and why was a south American ref doing this game???? was it too make sure that a European side did not get's all very distasteful at least...

welcome to Blatter land



The Real Bully Hoo.

At least make him where a muzzle, all of the time.

Jack the Hat

Bully, AndyH, Cyril,

Suarez should have his teeth wired together, fined heavily and banned from any form of football for life. Three bites and out rule applies.


The Real Bully Hoo.

'Where' a muzzle???????


Andy and Bully. You are being unfair to Goofey, whoops, sorry, Suarez. It's inevitable that his teeth will stick in arms, necks, faces.

How he ever manages to cover them is a miracle.

God gave him the gift of sublime skill at football, then felt a touch embarrassed packing all that into one man, so he then balanced the books a bit. I could argue a similar case for Ludwig van Beethoven, musical skills of a God. So how to bring him to Earth.

Easy....stone deaf at 30.

The Real Bully Hoo.



Bully - Cyril -

I was just thinking...if he's given a lengthy bad then I'm sure Sky and / or the BBC will do a wonderful video montage of all his great goals...sublime skills.....absolute quality football.....all set to a classic soundtrack...."fangs for the memory's"...

I'm sorry...



AndyH, that is BRILLIANT !

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Andy.

How about Vampires by It Bites?


They could even use some soft imagery software that makes the pictures look a little fuzzy and use Def Leppard's "Love Bites".....

again....I'm sorry


Now i'm lost. I know 'Fangs For The Memory'

especially Fred Astaire version, but all this modern stuff, ert gorra clue.


Well done Ben only playing for pride, but a clean sheets a cleen sheet. Englands number one a Baggies player and a gentleman.


Jack the Hat

Stan Colleymore said on sky that Ben Foster shouldn't play for England as he has not earned his place. He claimed third choice keeper Fraser Forster should have started the game instead as he is a better goalkeeper and earned the right.

Now if Collimore wants to muckrake I suggest he goes dogging over Cannock Chase.


We Only Need One Half!

I ve been waiting for this to happen since he took the job, although my money would have been on The Mirror to have wrote it. Don't suppose they would have even mentioned us at all if we hadn't gone out in the first round, they hadn't made the connection when things looked to be going steady these past couple of years. Journo's, what can you do?

CantelloRocket 78


that piece was written by Martin Samuel, who, if I'm not mistaken, is a massive fan of Harry Redknapp, and cried to high heaven when Roy got the England job, slamming his appointment and asking why the 'natural' choice - his beloved 'arry - was overlooked-

the truth is England have no players even close to world-class ability, we're currently just not good enough, pure and simple - but arrogant, patronising London-based journalists will just remind us that West Ham won the World Cup, but West Brom are just a little club in that dirty coal-mining community somewhere 'ap norff' that's not been seen since Victorian times - sickening.


Hi Rocket,

it's the same Martin Samuel who during the Anelka saga couldn't wait to stick the knife into us.....he can be a cracking journalist and some of his writing is superb with real insight...however on this occasion he's just beating up on us to try and make Roy look bad...but forgets that Roy has been coaching at the top level for over 30 years and has a track record of success.

He does seem to favour 'arry over anyone....but always forgets that 'arrys record isn't as great as is made out and he does have a habit of leaving clubs in a financial pickle...fortunately 'arry is a manager that JP would never employ as he'd endanger the clubs existence....just as popmey!

I did find it funny however when the point was made on itv that the last englnd manager to win a game at a world cup was Glenda......16 years ago.....and I wonder now what the percentage of foreign players in the prem was then compared to now.

Hope you're well mate


Medway Baggie


I know that they were having a dig at little old WBA, no ambition indeed, but in there "rubbishing" of our team they have inadvertantly proved what a lot of us know, and what some commenters said on the story. Let me explain

We haven't got a lot of money so have to shop in "Waitrose or M & S" whilst the top five can shop in "Harrods and Selfridges". Teams in the Championship have to shop in "Tesco and Asda", League 1 in "Aldi and Lidl" and League 2 in "Poundland". This analogy is to show that if you are on a tight budget you have to shop where you get more for your money and where the quality isn't as good.

Let's now swap to football, if what is available to you is limited because most of the top clubs are buying foreign players then it means that there is less players with top class experience to pick from. This means, to go back to my supermarket analogy, that some foreign countries can shop in "Harrods" and we have to shop mainly in "Waitrose and Asda".

I realise that I haven't explained myself well, but I hope you get the gist.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

The Real Bully Hoo.

"Martin Samuel, who, if I'm not mistaken, is a massive fan of Harry Redknapp,"

Hate to correct you Rocket but that should read.

"Martin Samuel, who, if I'm not mistaken, is a massive tw*t" and that asterisk isn't an i.

Samuels dismisses anything that doesn't fit in with his view of how the world of football should be. We don't fit into that world and neither does Roy Hodgson. I notice he's already laying the ground rules for the Euro's by saying that qualifying is a given therefore if we don't he can crucify Roy.

The fans that went to Brazil applauded the players after the games, so they could see that the players were trying and weren't disappointed with the performances.

The players are wholesome in their praise for Roy's coaching and general management as are the FA.

So who does that leave? The media. What a surprise. Why haven't they backed Steven Gerrard in his call for good old 'Arry to name and shame the players that dodge friendlies by feigning injury?

A pathetic attempt by Redknapp to knock Roy as soon as the results went against him yet not a word of criticism from the press.

And then Rebekah Brooks gets off scot free.


looked very dodgy to me just look at the photo lol


Ah but JWS you wouldn't know a good keeper if one bit your smelly saddle. I remember when you had the best in the World in Bert Williams. Who since ??? No idea.


Must say I have not seen to much of Mr foster but heard good reports, didn`t have to much to do last night but what he did he did well, very impressive, I would not be at all surprised if he isn`t much sort after in the very near future.

The Real Bully Hoo.

hi alan.

capital f in foster, it's a name. i won't point out the other errors that give you away every time.

sorry i'll start calling you mr jones as you seem to have taken up this new way of addressing people. i'll use mr eurobaggie and mr van driver and mr insiderman and mr brunts left peg as well. okay?


Mr Bully its a wonderful day the sun is shining, try and locate your front door, it should be by the living room somewhere, open it and go get some fresh air and try to stop thinking about this fixation you have with me, for the last time, you really are not my type, you know what I am saying..

The Real Bully Hoo.

mrs alan.

not being a snob but i don't live in a two up two down so my front door isn't in the living room. i'd always presumed you were male so it's come as a shock that you're not.


don't worry i'm happily married.


Actually Mr Bully, not knowing were the front door is I do worry for you, what floor you on ?

The Real Bully Hoo.

A much higher level than you.


Bully, he's (she's) no match for you. Poor little flintoff, aka all the others you mention.

(aka stands for 'also known as' flinty). Now write it down and memorise it for future.

You'll impress on all those other sites you visit

The Real Bully Hoo.


I take note of your comment and will be using every fibre of my restraint to resist any future urge to get involved in his pathetic little games. Whatever names he resorts to.

Dingle Dave


I'm not tough enough for beautiful game? makes no sense at all. The difference between me and you i won't resort to insulting someone behind a keyboard, If i have something to say in a negative way i will look them in the eye. That what being in the army does Jack, It teaches about respect and acting in the correct way.

Maybe you should sign up and we will see how tough you are?

Even fellow WBA fans are embarrassed about you.


According to The Sun, Foster looked a more reliable keeper than Hart. They even said it several times so we understood. And they've decided Roy has never done anything of note except fail. Funny how we were going to struggle to even qualify, then Roy performs some magic and we do qualify, then the magic becomes pure luck anyway. They haven't pushed 'Arry's case just yet for the Euro, but give 'em time. How many of our World Cup squad would have got in Alf Ramsey's team of 1966 ? Ramsey stood up to the Press, did what he wanted. But they waited and waited, patiently.