West Brom greats in full swing

Albion heroes from different generations took to the golf course with keen fans to help raise funds for the club’s former players’ association.

Legends including Tony ‘Bomber’ Brown, Ally Robertson and Bob Taylor were among more than a dozen Baggies ‘old boys’ at Walsall Golf Club yesterday.

They played alongside fans in the West Bromwich Albion Former Players’ Association annual golf day. Supporters and local businessmen fielded three-men teams and were paired with a former players to complete fourballs.

Goalscoring legend Taylor said: “On days like this everybody comes together and you can have a game of golf, have a laugh and reminisce. The atmosphere is really friendly and everyone gets on. Us younger ones meet players from generations before us and just think ‘wow’. You can learn a lot. I can sit and listen to the likes of Tony Brown or Ally Robertson and you learn about the history of West Bromwich Albion.”

‘Bomber’ Brown, the club’s record appearance-maker and goalscorer, attended the event despite not playing golf.

He said: “The ex-players get together and reminisce about the old days – the good times and the bad times – and it’s good camaraderie. It is an important day for us.”

And ex-striker Don Goodman, who won last year’s event, said: “The former players’ association at Albion is one of the best in the country. The banter starts flying, the craic starts being had and it’s great fun, so credit to Geoff Snape and Norman Westbury, who run the association.”

“They do a great job and are the reason it’s such a success.”

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Lovely to see them and a great picture. PS: There's only one 'a' in Mayo.

PPS:. Sorry, I just can't help it !

The Real Bully Hoo.

And Collard not Colcard.


When I was checking that my memory wasn't playing tricks I came across this link, I'll put it up in case you want to have a read.



Bully, I saw the Collard/Colcard, possibility but surely OUR collard was Ian. Anyway, I'd never heard of Bruce Colcard or Collard. I'll look at that link in the morning, I'm off to bed. Tarra a bit.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Ian's brother Cyril, I don't think he made it to the first team.


Dingle Don - it would be nice, therefore, if you would stop "bad mouthing" us at every media opportunity you get!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hallo hallo.

Joey Mayo Joey Mayo.


The great Derek Monaghan( not Monoughan), Goalkeeper supreme Gordon Nisbitt(not Nesbitt) - saw his debut at Coventry as a young lad in 1969(also went in goal for a penalty for the injured John Osborne at Roker Park, Sunderland scored and Ossie went back in goal for a short period. Campbell Crawford(not Cawford) he was before my time. Surely it is Dave Butler and not Butcher.