Tim Sherwood: Why I turned down the West Brom job

Tim Sherwood today claimed he turned down the chance to become Albion boss because of “missing ingredients”.

The Baggies claim new boss Alan Irvine was chosen ahead of Sherwood after impressing in a second interview.

But the former Tottenham boss claimed today that he was offered the chance to succeed Pepe Mel but rejected the opportunity after opening contract talks last week.

The discussions are thought to have hit a snag over terms for Sherwood’s preferred coaches Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey, although the 45-year-old was unclear today over whether the presence of assistant boss Keith Downing and goalkeeping coach Dean Kiely had put him off.

“I went to speak to the chairman and the board there a couple of times and was happy with how the discussions were going,” said Sherwood. “I was offered the job before we started to negotiate but it just wasn’t right for me in the end so I decided to give it a miss.

“It (the coaching issue) wasn’t a problem.

“I don’t know Keith or Dean very well and I have nothing against them but I think it’s important that you take your own men in and I was looking to take in a couple of guys who I trust.

“I haven’t got the time when I go into a club to train somebody into my own thinking.

“There were just a couple of ingredients missing that made me decide I wouldn’t take the gamble on it.”

Sherwood was the leading contender after a first round of interviews and appeared to have won the race when the Baggies opened contract talks with him at the end of last week.

The former midfielder, who captained Blackburn to the Premier League title during his playing career, was 1/10 with some bookmakers to land the job after emerging as the Baggies No.1 choice.

The club claim a second round of interviews then persuaded them to change their mind and offer the post to Irvine.

But Sherwood insists he turned down the chance to succeed Mel, who left at the end of the season.

Listen to the radio interview here.

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Comments for: "Tim Sherwood: Why I turned down the West Brom job"

Captain Mardon International

I can see what you are saying Tim, gutted you won't be with us!

Albion til I die!


I have to say that I do like Tim Sherwood's openness although whether the Chairman would like laundry aired in the public domain we will never know but probably not.




A bit more fuel on the fire...

do lallytap

And there you have it....as I said last week....DOWNING !!!

Here is the most important part of the interview....

"I think it’s important that you take your own men in and I was looking to take in a couple of guys who I trust"....Note the word TRUST.

Downing is the snake in the grass I have said it all along and for anyone to succeed at the Albion Downing MUST go

I know I am going to get pulled apart for this comment but take it from me Downing is too much in JP's pocket.

You get this in any work place, you always get a trouble maker, tittle tattle brown nose and Downing is the one


Do lally,

You could have a great point there about snake in the grass.

It was reported by Albion people that JP wanted Gary Megson's secretary to report back everything he was doing and when it was refused she was dismissed.

Apparently she won her tribunal case.

Kev in Mallorca

Let's put that little fire out shall we.

I would imagine the reason for this was that when Gary Megson used to discuss club matters with the board, things were agreed on or not then Megson would talk too the Press and tell a COMPLETELY different account of the board meeting, how do I know this? cause a good friend and business associate was on the board at the time.

He was a long time associated with WBA and was not in the habit of telling lies, at the time Megson was God but JP wanted to sack him, my friend and others pointed out that the fans would lynch the board if they tried.

That's why later Megson's position became untenable,




Lets relight that fire because the very person we are on about is now employed at WWFC and her Father was associated with our club for 50 years.

From an ex employee at the club!!!!!!

do lallytap

Relight my fire....TAKE THAT KEV !!

Kev in Mallorca


I'm not disagreeing with your fact of the secretary being sacked, I'm trying too show that not all facts are in the public domain and no one on here knows the right and wrongs behind every decision made at the club.

Another reason I jumped in is whenever Megson is used to prove a point I think it's right for everyone too know, yes he did a fantastic job for the club football wise but behind the scenes was a different story.



Who a yo Tonto to Streetly's Lone Ranger?


You're only saying that cos he's a former WWFC player.

Maybe it could be just could be Kiely who's the arse licker!!!

Kev in Mallorca


So you choose Sherwood account to be gospel?


do lallytap


Why shouldn't I ?

Kev in Mallorca

Maybe cause that one is the more controversial?


do lallytap

Well if it isn't true I am sure we will get Albions version, I have looked for it Kev but I cor see it ?

Kev in Mallorca


Look agen!



DoLal you've drunk all your beer ! I've gone right off you again.

TOTAL CRAP you're talking now. You are guessing and trying to make it sound as if you know. That is completely dishonest and you should be ashamed.

The View From Baggy Bottom

Too many threads to follow today E&S.

What Sherwood say's now is of little interest unless he is able to give us the whole truth about what went on in the interviews. I doub't very much that he would risk taking on JP in the courts, if he did.

Whether he didn't get the job, or he turned it down, doesn't matter anymore. He won't be leading us next season, end of.

Alan Irvine is our new Head Coach and he,(and JP and all the staff at Albion), will be judged by results on the pitch.

Moving on!!


Martacus Redd

Well the old adage there's no one bigger than the club doesn't seem to apply to the Baggies with regard to Keith or Dean.

Why forsake the chance of getting Sherwood to keep a couple of 2 a penny coaches who would at the first opportunity leave to go elsewhere. See Oldfield who jumped ship last week & in the past the likes of Appleton. Why the loyalty here, where it doesn't appear elsewhere?

After the brief respite with Mel we have to learn Scottish again. I p;refer not knowing what our Coach thinks & says.


There will be claim and counter claim.

I think Sherwood`s version of events is probably the true one...............BUT, it is utterly immaterial, he is not the coach, Irvine is, it`s the ONLY important thing.

Personally, my lack of interest in who didn`t get the job, is complete !!


We all know what the missing ingredient was. Money. The club is showing too much loyalty to Downing and Kiely too. Should have sacked them when Mel went and allowed someone to bring in their own team. Terry Burton said in the end it was down to two outstanding candidates. What he neglected to add was that one was much cheaper and simpler to appoint than the other. Peace out. Pathetic appointment has made us a laughing stock.


If Sherwood was really offered the job I guess Pearce got a very early taste of what was to follow if, as reported, he then started demanding excess wages for his buddies. A great escape in my opinion.

Why were so many fans so keen on Sherwood? With a set of Spurs players (the Baggies will never be in a position to afford) he had an excellent honeymoon period before going downhill then started slagging off his players.

Had he been appointed last year everyone would be saying, why him, no experience, assistants assistant etc Baggies got no ambition etc etc yet npw its like we have just missed out on Jose himself.

Irvine may not be a household name but neither was Mowbray.

Dont Lallytap

I think everyone knows that Tim Sherwood was the odds on favourite for the job. And as is the case, Irvine was plan 'B' I think the missing ingredients, that should have been (missing) are KD & DK. We need to start afresh, and that means shipping out the deadwood. God only knows why they are still there?

However, JP, as always, will have to live or die by his decisions, and albeit I'm not a supporter of this appointment, it is what it is, and we will have to hope it works out. Ultimately, what matters at the end of the day, is? That we try and retain our status as a Premier league football club, hopefully playing some decent football in the process.

All the best Mr. Irvine, and I genuinely wish you a successful stay at our club.

Up the Baggies


If KD really loves albion he should resign his post, there is no doubt that he is the reason we can`t attract a top manager.

We Only Need One Half!

So who do you believe now Cyril? seems this is the same scenario that we had with Anelka, he publicly resigned several hours before the Club said he was sacked, and to this day, media etc still refer to him being sacked.

Now we have the Club insisting they never offered Sherwood the job where he says they did.

Only difference being we knew Anelka had resigned before the Club publicly claimed he had been sacked because he did it in Public, with this one, you will just have to make your own minds up, but at best someone is confused, at worst its a downright lie on someone's part.

I know who I believe, and its not the chairman.



We knew this was going to happen, forget it mate lets move on



I guess in conversation Sherwood was told we would like to offer him the job as long as wages and staff could be agreed, This to Sherwood is being offered the job.

WBA would argue that until a contract was placed in front of Sherwood to sign because everything has been agreed the job is not officially being offered to him.

We Only Need One Half!

stemic & BB, its all semantics at the end of the day, only this time I am inclined to believe the Club, only for the reason that I can not recall J.P. offering the job to anyone till he was certain of getting them, anyone?

p.s. where's Max? I have got my skid kid ready waiting for the fireworks, you gone into meltdown mate?


WONOH, sounds like Sherwood wanted the job mate but with his own Team around him, and with little time to prepare for the season who could blame him!

IMO the 16,000 who have already purchased their season tickets deserve a few factual comments from Mr Peace (not " The Club") not least to Sherwood's claims that he was offered the job.

From the posts to the Manager related articles, and the Poll, the vast majority wanted Sherwood.



I staunchly believe the club Wonoh. As I said somewhere else, Sherwood is hardly likely to say he wasn't offered the job, it would damage his image. He WAS offered the job SUBJECT to certain provisos. Those terms were not met so both sides pulled out ! Nothing was signed. SO THE JOB WAS NEVER HIS !

As for Anelka, the worst mistake this club ever made was signing him. Him and his quenelle and he's still at it ! I shall watch how it affects Mulumbu when he returns for training. You and I will never agree on Anelka. To me a hateful man. Could have destroyed the club. We are still repairing the damage he caused.

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril & Stokey, Well according to reports else where (I can give you links if you have not already seen them) Sherwood is claiming he was offered the job 'before' they had begun negotiations??? this just does not ring true to me at all.

We all know how J.P. and the club operate, and I would imagine it would have been easier to get information out of the former U.S.S.R. than The Hawthorns going on our past record.

I only mentioned the Anelka scenario because it was in the public domain several hours before that he had resigned before the Club said he was sacked, I do not want to reopen the debate. I only mention it because that was a unusual situation that caught the Club on the hop (we ever had a player publicly resign before?) where as this situation we have been thru many times, and its standard not to offer the job till the guy is about to put a full stop after his signature.

Its J.P.s way, and perhaps we should rename his office the Kremlin, nothing comes out unless he wants it to.


Wonoh, what Sherwood is saying, (if true and we ARE getting it 2nd hand), fits his outbursts while at Spurs. And they wouldn't stand for it either ! The Southampton job has gone to a Dutch Coach by the way.

It would be great if we were privy to the recordings taken at his interview, but we aren't. so we guess and take sides.

I can remember a couple of job interviews where I had misgivings and pulled out, one where I wanted the job TOO much and overdid my sales pitch and ones where I fitted their criteria and mine. Those are the nicest.


Truth coming out now


superWulf, not from you it ain't !


Well Well Well the poor relations from the boggy mudflats of Sandwell Town

have been well and truly shafted !!

I wonder if Peace and you know who are doing the same thing ???????????

Yo've Just Gorra Loff Ay Ya !!!!

I wonder if that's the reason Peace won't get rid of lol !!!!!


You have to let it go and move on lads .

The Real Bully Hoo.

I've tried to keep it quiet but somehow it slipped out at a press conference that somebody sprung on me. I also turned down the West Brom job.

We spoke a number of times and I agreed personal terms for myself but my demands of 2 Page 3 girls to pander to my first team coach Cyril Randle and 1 virgin, 3 chickens and a chainsaw to sacrifice them with for my motivational trainer Max Wall were turned down and therefore it had to be a no.



Your demands were everything that is wrong with the modern game greed obviously got in the way of negotiations and JP was right to blow you out.

One page three girl would have been more than enough.


Burnley, you couldn't expect Bully and me to SHARE ???

Whatever next ?

Jim Baggie of Bromham

And where exactly did you expect to find a virgin?


JimBaggie, apparently there are lots in Heaven, 72 per terrorist but how they got there isn't known.

As long as the girls are clean and fresh, who cares whether they're virgins ?

The Real Bully Hoo.

I hear that Max is open to negotiation. Although only on the chicken question.


Kev's got Max's chainsaw so he is totally disarmed even if not disarming.

Jack the Hat

said Sherwood. “I was offered the job before we started to negotiate


Knowing Jeremy Peace and his hard ball I have this to say " I believe you but thousands wouldn't.

“I haven’t got the time when I go into a club to train somebody into my own thinking.


Before you finished that sentence I bet Jeremy was standing with the office door open saying " Good day Mr. Sherwood ".

How on earth are you going to train players if you haven't got the time to tell them what you think they ought to be doing?.


You are a pure bred green horn no wonder Spurs gave you the bums rush.



I think that if Albion were a supermarket they would be Poundland on sales day!Irvine not considered good enough for Everton but lands up here with no Premiership experience.Championship here we come.Still at least Peace has looked after his finances

The Real Bully Hoo.

Everton employ a manager rather than a head coach.

Jack the Hat

Oh dear Sherwood, Koeman is Southampton's new boss, where now?.



There is going to be a very poisonous atmosphere next season down the Albion. Tried to get my cash back today for my season ticket only to be told I need to put a refund request in writing explaining why I want my money back. Errrrr basically because our follicle challenged chairman spun us a yarn about righting all his wrongs from last season. And then goes and gives the job to AFI. I'm done now till he decides to sell up. I can't justify paying anymore of my very hard end cash going in JP's private pension fund only to be treated with utter contempt by the powers that be at our club.

Mr Peace you are merely a custodian of our famous club. We all know you'll disappear like a trump in the wind once a reasonable offer comes in. Then I can resume my love affair with the club I have followed for a very long time.


Who cares, he didn't come, now we got AI, and that is the bottom line, however Do lally I don't know if the squad actually like KD, maybe they thought he was a goner at the end of the season, I just don't know, I hope AI does a good job because, if he doesn't then JP will get the wrath of an already deflated Fan base (according to the media.) Me I say just suck it and see. boing boing