West Brom reject George Thorne transfer request

West Brom today rejected a formal transfer request from wantaway midfielder George Thorne.

West Brom want to keep a hold of George Thorne, left.
West Brom want to keep a hold of George Thorne, left.

The Baggies have dismissed Thorne’s request to leave just days after they turned down an opening offer of £950,000 from Derby County for the 21-year-old.

Albion insist they have no plans to sell Thorne, who signed a new three-and-a-half-year Hawthorns contract before starting a successful five-month loan stint with the Rams in January.

But the midfielder’s decision to make official his desire to leave guarantees an ugly summer-long saga.

Rams boss Steve McClaren is determined to land Thorne on a permanent deal and the Albion academy graduate gave an outspoken interview earlier this month in which he claimed he did not feel wanted by the Baggies and would not return to the club to be a substitute.

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Comments for: "West Brom reject George Thorne transfer request"


One thinks that Mr Thorne should go and take a jolly and chill out a bit...

Seems stupid to ask for a transfer when a new Head Coach may come in and tell him he is integral to his plans.

Agents, eh?


How can he not feel wanted? By who?

We haven't got a head coach yet, and if Sherwood comes in surely Thorne will get his chance to impress, especially with Sherwoods reputation for putting faith in younger players.

Albion will no doubt tell Thorne (and Derby) that we hold all the cards, Thorne will leave only if our new head coach doesn't want him and only if a deal suits us. Derby have probably shot themselves in the foot and scuppered any chance of another loan deal for next season.

I suspect there may well be one of those nasty little agents behind this, smelling commission from either a transfer or an improved contract offer.


He will be gone , don't worry bout that.


So if Chelsea or Man City came in for him he wouldn`t go. Sorry George, most players in most clubs are "squad players"


Methinks GT has had his ego stroked .... people telling him he his the real deal now. If he can't see that he has the ideal opportunity to get into the first team as we only have about 12 squad players left then he lacks self belief.


You silly silly boy I can see some one sitting with the kids for a while


So WBA nurture him from an early age, give him his first team chance in the Prem - he actually started 5 games from 7 before he got injured -pay his wages for the best part of a year whilst he recovers and give him a 3.5 year contract in January this year and he doesn't feel wanted !! Either he is selfish beyond belief or he is not man enough to speak his own mind and stand up to his agent (who just happens to be the same one as Berahino's) - sounds pretty thick to me. One day a club owner is going to have the b***s to let players like Thorne rot in the reserves for 3 years.

funny old world

Put him on the naughty step.


Well it certainly looks like 'that story' about him wanting away was the truth. Why on Earth did he sign a new contract recently ? The next best thing to do is stick a price on his head and put him open to offers. He may or may not then end up at Derby. After all, a transfer request is just that and any club can bid. We do not want unsettled players for whatever reason.



He's obviously been got at, either by his agent or someone at Derby, who has told him to force a move by putting in a transfer request. The club should stand fast and call a meeting with him and his agent and lay it on the line that he goes nowhere. I'm assuming by then that the new coach will be in place to say his peace --- to Mr Peace , if you see what I mean.

Quinton Baggie

TGM - I like to agree and we need to get the new man in quick to at least quell the issue...but if his head is not at the Albion then let him go...many player have thought they are going on to pastures new only for their careers to flounder...at 21 he has a long career ahead of him and could do well with us...

Quinton Baggie

Sounds like his head has turned...get rid...only want players who want to wear the shirt and play with passion for the club.

Back from injury

Unreal attitude. Not sure what George expects. Get fit in the Baggies first team while a relegation battle is going on?

Think I would put a bid in for the young lad getting rave reviews from Derby (potential target for Utd & Liverpool) for £100k plus Thorne ;-))


Loads of indecision by Peace - again.


And you know Robert as you sat in on all negotiations. JP isn't appointing a man to clean the dressing rooms. The immediate future of the club is at stake.


If he sees morrison and brunt in the team you cant blame him for wanting to go.


Why on earth would anyone want to leave a Premiership club to play in the Championship? Especially someone with talent and potentially a great future in the game. Surely he must be "deluded" or "obsessed", to think that it would be a better option. After all it doesn't matter what state the club's in, all that matters is it's in the premier next season, he should be desperate to stay, I'm sure any/all of our players would walk out tomorrow if they had the chance.

So come on you silly, silly, boy, they'm premier don't y'know, you must be mad.

cape hill

get rid. he don't want to stay, then what is the point



George, the grass is not always greener....yes you MIGHT have more of a chance of walking straight into the Derby first 11 BUT at Albion you're at a prem club with a new coach coming in who might take one look at you and think crikey....straight into the starting 11 it is for you fella.

If it's his agent or Derby tapping him up.....we'll never know for certain but he signed a contract and if the club don't want to sell what's he going to do??? Refuse to play?? Then it's a breach of contract and we hold onto his player registration and fine him every 2 weeks.

Seems like he just needs his wings clipping a bit and reminding that the club have done quite a lot for him really....

the grass is not greener George....ask Izzy



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