Neil Lennon not in the running for West Brom hotseat as search continues

Albion today ruled Neil Lennon out of the race to be their new boss after his Celtic exit sparked rumours of a move to The Hawthorns.

The Baggies are drawing up a seven-man shortlist of candidates to succeed Pepe Mel ahead of interviews in the next 10 days.

But the list will not include Lennon, whose odds of taking over at The Hawthorns were slashed by bookmakers yesterday after he quit his job following four years in charge at Parkhead.

The Baggies have opted not to pursue the 42-year-old, who was quoted at as short as 3/1 with some bookies last night.

Lennon is keen on a move to England but another potential avenue closed last night when Norwich handed the permanent managerial job to Neil Adams.

Keith Downing remains the popular choice for the Hawthorns hot seat among staff within the Baggies’ training ground.

The new boss will take his side to Shrewsbury, Cheltenham, Nottingham Forest and Port Vale as part of their preparations for next season. The Baggies have confirmed most of their domestic pre-season schedule.

They start with a behind-closed-doors friendly against Bury at Albion’s Great Barr training base, on July 12 (noon), then the squad will split in two for away games against Cheltenham and Shrewsbury on July 15 (both 7.45pm).

Two games on an overseas training camp follow, details of which are still to be confirmed.

They will visit Forest on August 2 (kick-off to be confirmed) before taking on Port Vale at Vale Park on August 5 (7.45pm), with a  final friendly on August 16 (details to be confirmed).

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Comments for: "Neil Lennon not in the running for West Brom hotseat as search continues"

E1 Baggie

Please not Hughton...


Yesterday you said he was and i asked how do you know, Now you say he isn't and again i ask how do you know.

Unless you have the list in your possession and it was given to you by JP or RG personally then don't comment because you make yourselves look very silly over and over again.

John B

Thats good news but please not Hughton

Jack the Hat

Our Head-Coach situation is hotting up nicely, looks as if the list has now been whittled to seven candidates and the next stage is ready to be put under the knife, then come the interviews.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



Aye, its hitting up very nicely. Lots of candidates who have managed bigger clubs.

Dave Jones - Wolves, Sheff Weds

Chris Hughton - Newcastle, Norwich

Brian Mc Dermott - Leeds

Glenn Hoddle - Wolves and Spurs

Lennon would be the perfect fit. Someone strong enough to stop the punch ups, players wiping their backsides with their own fans cash, players slating the club in the media, players trying to fight their own fans, quenelle gestures and the stuff that's kept 'in house' ???

Jack the Hat


...... and, No drunks showing up for training, no players saying they are not motivated to play for Albion in the Premiership resulting in a Double-Drop. No goalkeeper punching a training board and putting himself on the box because he didn't want to play for us either. No Albion players having their shirts thrown back at them by fans because they are hated, No Albion players afraid to pass the BAGGIES fans for fear of their safety. Now do you want to talk about the way you treated Sir Jack Hayward?.

Gorra off ay ya.


CantelloRocket 78


Last I heard, wolves were being managed by Benny Jackett, who'll have a nose bleed if he gets 'em above halfway up the second division, it'll be a new experience for him-

I also heard players are preferring to sign for Rotherham rather than playing in the Custard Bowl-

I guess little neighbours with an inferiority complex like '1877' have to keep squealing at us to get noticed, eh?

Yep, yer really gorra loff at 'em.......

CantelloRocket 78


Yet agen, posting on here at half 3 in the morning, saying it's 'hitting up nicely'??

What do we have here- a drunken insomniac who still has nightmares about the Premiership Baggies handing out regular BCD thrashing to their lower league neighbours??

The jealousy's overpowering - enjoy the chumpionship, chumps!!!


The Real Bully Hoo.

Stop Press News.

Just spotted in skip in Molineaux car park.

Two birthday cakes with happy birthday to Jamie and Roger on.

Eggbound on his way there as we speak.

CantelloRocket 78


Still in London, I just mentioned we're talking about Wolves-

8 million people all said in unison-

'Whhhooooooooooooooo......?????' ;-)


Rocket & Bully. Was the moon shining at 3.19am last night ? In which case it would be : Howooooooooooooooooool jaws wide open, ears flat back and a very sad expression as he's 'in season' out of season with no lady friend.

tax haven tony

Not lennon please


Thanks Jeremy, blimey I am beginning to like the new Jeremy!

E1 Baggie, I don't wish to worry you but last weekend I was told that Hughton was the favourite and then the following day a guy I know went and put £2,000 on Hughton at 6-1!

Wall Heath Baggie

Fools and their money are easily parted .


Good. I for one would not have wanted Neil Lennon at Albion.

Len of Bournville

I suspect that Lennon is a bit too stroppy for JP's liking - and he left Celtic because the board would not make enough money available for the players he wanted.

And Hughton is probably too easy-going.

And Moyes probably wouldn't come.

Where does that leave us?

Please not Dave Jones......

The Exiled Baggie

ABH at the moment, Anyone but Hughton. Most over rated manager out there and only his ability to do a fair job with bugger all money would have him on any list.

Get a boss in with ability and knowledge something Hughton lacks massively.

The Real Netherton Baggie

Hughton no no no. David Moyes full stop. I rest my case.


I was with you Netherton on Moyes, but apparently he's been pub brawling. The story breaking is a gang of drunks insulted him but he chose the wrong one to deal with. See front page in The Stun.


Think it was 23 year old cry baby, cyril

Pembrokeshire Baggie

Ahhh Thank God for that. Claudio Ranierie are free I'm told


is there more than 1 of them then.?

Baggie in Jersey

Unfortunately, all the names being mentioned are either unsuitable (Lennon, Hughton), or just will not come (Moyes). I think JP will surprise everyone but I hope he does not choose Downing as the easy option.

Pembrokeshire Baggie

Claudio Ranieri please, Tim Sherwood if not

Many Thanks Mr Peace


IF--- it is fact that Lennon is not in the running that is great news. No matter how much we speculate, until the final 3 are announced, we will hear nothing from the club officially. We will just get the E&D coach-a-day scoops that they are famous for.


Hope you have got this one right E & S. Not Lennon or Hughton but either Moyes or Malky.


Not MM , please simmo, he was terrible with transfers and dosh , took Cardiff down, no experience in the EPL but then again I just don't know, aaarrrgh.


Capehill: Mackay didn't take Cardiff down, they weren't even in the bottom 3 when he was sacked..

I personally think he would be a good call for Albion.


The View From Baggy Bottom

Neil Lennon? Round peg in a JP shaped hole. Never gonna fit was it.

Boing Boing!!


I hope this is true ; Terry Connor could have secured 3 titles for Celtic; he was a huge risk and would have been a divisive distraction for the club.

There are some seriously worrying candidates out there, I hope none of these make the shortlist: Dave Jones, Chris Hughton, Brian McDermott, Keith Downing, Alan Pardew.

Woodman Corner Jake

So, it's the hokey-cokey time yet again as candidates enter and leave the contest. Maybe it's just me, but I'm concerned about the procrastination surrounding this appointment. We must have known for some time before Pepe's departure that he would not be around next season, so what has changed over the last few weeks........It was common knowledge that Lennon would not be at Celtic and Sherwood, Moyes, Hughton and Mackay were already available.

OK, so bringing in Burton - someone who know the game - is important, but I guess in common with most people and pundits connected with the game, he already knows the relative strengths and weaknesses of the potential candidates and could draw-up his 1-2-3 easily.

And then, this morning, we get Jeremy's 'mea culpa'. Thanks Jeremy, until you issued this press release It appeared that it was all Clarke's, Downing's and Mel's fault that we had such a crap season and had nothing whatsoever to do with the utterly crass decisions you and your colleagues had taken right from the get-go.

Hopefully we can now turn the corner and make progress with the appointment of the new head coach.

Of the candidates on the bookies' slate, hopefully we can discount Hughton, Jones, McDermott, Slade; in my opinion none of these are up to the job. A good case can be made out for other of the most talked about names....Hoddle, Lennon, Mackay, McInnes, Moyes, Sherwood. Let's hope Jeremy quickly secures the best man. There is a big recruitment job to be done : full-backs, cover in the centre of defence, pace and flair out wide and a couple of proven strikers. We don't want to be doing our business again at last.minute dot com!

PS......I hope SC gets the Celtic job


Reference SC , so do I , m8



CantelloRocket 78

euro trolly boy-

nine years old?


no life?

Choose any or all.......


Go and do your homework!!! I know you've got half term to do it but the sooner it's done the sooner you can go out and play..





It will not be Lennon, he`s not a yes man.

The View From Baggy Bottom

Can't wait to see how many of your alter ego's you can muster to back you up!!

Wall Heath Baggie

yes , Ronnie Allen , Brunts left peg , 1877 , Farmer Ted , Pete Nuts, Ye olde North bank etc will be on very soon.


And you, Ciderman, aren't a 'yes' or 'no' man. More a snowman. Melts away when the heat is on him.


You are a bin man

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well done Capey, Jack, VFBB, TGM, Cyril, Simmo and the Grand Wizard Rocket, even Max has come out of hibernation to join in, like a flock of angry Throstles mobbing a sad old buzzard that is attacking the nest.

After calling the most respected (by genuine Wulfies as well) poster on here an idiot yesterday, Ronnie Gaylad has been put into moth balls.

Likewise Eggbound who's dropped more clangers than Jez Moxey.

Insida Man has been brought back from his early retirement and taken a real kicking.

Further up this thread 1877 has had to use his own name like a latter day Mike Yarwood saying, "and this is me."

Perhaps that will be the new name, there has to be one in the pipeline. Mike Yarwood, the troll of a thousand names.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Thanks for that Mike. Do your Frank Spencer for us.


O O? , Euro mike yarwood doggie, Shut the F** up and answer the question, where is Campbell , and where is Moves, Are they In dingleyampton , I've looked I cant find them at the Albion, but you insist they are, but where?

Also I've had to copy this comment of yours it is so sincere, I love it , the menace in it. Brill you eurodoggie bin dippin clown, lol lol.


May 22, 2014 9:13 pm

Oh there will be Colin, mark my words, there will be.


Hey Euro,

you finished your homework already...?? I think your parents to complain about the amount set!! I can set you a research project if you like.....Albion players called Campbell........

on you go......



The Real Bully Hoo.

I've just been on the club website and there's nothing on there to say we've ruled out Lennon.

There's nothing in the story to say where it has emanated from.

So where or who does this story come from E&S?


All Lennon has said m8 is” I've got nothing at the minute", and that was in the Sun. He also insists he had nothing lined up or spoken to nobody. Please not Houghton.


One of their ''reporters'' has a book called 1001 Football News Fantasies.

CantelloRocket 78

I've just been to Shepherds Bush, and 'Arry said put a wad on him becoming Baggies Coach, because eventually it's a certainty he'll get to every club......



I've got to admit this is becoming confusing now.....Lennon might be a good choice or might not be but that could be said of everyone on the bookies list....and with Moyes (moves to you euro trash)..being in a be honest at this point I just hope that the club and JP get it right. The person coming in will know how JP operates and that he / she won't have a massive budget BUT will have the advantage of Burton's knowledge, a club actively recruiting all know the rest of the positives.....lets just get this one right and get the players in that we need....

and I also hope that SC gets a shout of the Celtic job....a decent man imo.

Mind you, if Lennon is off the list that only leaves about 150 people on it......

mind boggling




Andy did you say SHE , I was joking the other day when I mentioned Hope Powell.


Hi mate,

yep I said she....what with that lady in France.....stranger things have happened..



boy from the REAL black country

I don't care too much who the new man will be, just how the E&D reckon he will take his new team to the Cheltenham & Shrewsbury friendlies when they both KO at the same time on the same night! If he pulls it off, i'll be well impressed.

Woodman Corner Jake

Having a few beers with some mates this evening, our thoughts turned to the next head coach.

We listed some key criteria the selection panel should consider :

* Good knowledge of the Premier league

* Proven track record as a coach at clubs at a higher level than us

* Comes with good references from the elite of the game such as Mourinho, Dalglish, Rogers etc

* capable of organising a side of our stature and playing to the strengths of the squad

* calm under pressure and treating triumph and adversity in the same way (as Kipling advocated)

* respected within the game

* immediately available and with something to prove

Hmmmmm! Tough one!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Ya Ya Toure said he wanted to become a coach at Man City.

Putting two and two together in true E&S style and your mention of Kipling, how about we buy him a packet of fruit fancies and offer Ya Ya the player coach role, Happy Birthday dear Ya Ya...


Jake. You forgot the most important thing - and wants to manage the Albion.


Johnny, (very appropriate name), if we offered the job to one Kenny Jackett, he'd be over here like a shot. But we'll wait to see whether he succeeds with a LOWER LEAGUE local club first, hey ?

Jack the Hat

Jose Mourinho is on his way out of Stamford Bridge, if sensational claims from France are to be believed.

Chelsea have allegedly lined up Diego Simeone as his replacement.


Oh no, not another one after the BAGGIES job?.


Jack the Hat

LEICESTER are plotting a £2m move for West Brom defender Craig Dawson

They are having a laugh.



Yes they are jack, he not worth no where near that?


eurobog, your 'double negative' becomes a positive in grammar, so he IS worth that. PLEASE try reading, it will help you enormously and then you'll also realise that people are play-acting in books. NO, COMICS do NOT count as books. Not even Beano and Dandy.


HOMEWORK BOY!!!!!!! Up stairs and do it NOW!!!!!!



boy from the REAL black country

£2M? They certainly seem to have plenty of cash to chuck about! How long do they want to loan him for? ;-)


Leicester have also offered £1m for Frasier Campbell according to the Daily Mirror. Whether this is the Campbell at Cardiff or the Campbell we already have I don't know. Maybe we should ask eurobounder.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well spotted TGM but can we afford to lose another striker and what will happen to our dream team of the Campbell twin strikers. Oh dear, worrying times.

Jack the Hat


Cracker, mate.




Excellent. We will cope because we are now focussed. We won't get all the players we want,but, as long as the ones we do get are the best fit for the club that will be great.


3 teams promoted will struggle next season so 37 points will keep yow lot up again


Hi Fella,

Staying up is not one of your specialist subjects its it

really........dropping like stones is but...double dip and all..


so glad you care....


CantelloRocket 78


didn't wolves get 37 points in the prem?

spread over three seasons......??


Rocket, which season did they get 13 points and was that a club record ?



You don't need to worry about us we will still be there --- but will your lot be with us ??? Not for many a year !!!



You're just trying to show off your command of the English language now aren't you ???

Now let me see. N N. It must be something to do with yourself.

Could it be NO NAME ----- because you can't have one as you come on here using several different names.

Could it be that you have a stammer and can't get the rest of it out ??

Could it be NAPPY NEEDS changing ??

I know what it is --- NO NUTS. It just has to be really.Suits you perfectly.

Are we going to get more of these little teasers, because they are better than the inane ramblings you usually come out with !!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Could be he's trying to say NNNNicky Campbell.

CantelloRocket 78


it's like I said the other day, just his original name-

Nobby No-mates........


OY YES HE IS IN THE RUNNING, that's all we need some clown from a micky mouse league.



N N N N N No understand moron talk.!!