Jeremy Peace - I'm responsible for West Brom's wretched season

Jeremy Peace today broke his silence on Albion’s year of turmoil and insisted: “The buck stops with me”.

Jeremy Peace

The Baggies chairman blamed poor recruitment for the club’s horrendous Premier League season but insisted they have learned lessons from the nightmare campaign.

The Baggies escaped relegation by just three points in a season that included crises surrounding Nicolas Anelka and Saido Berahino, the sackings of head coach Steve Clarke and scouting supremo Dave McDonough and players questioning the methods of Clarke’s replacement Pepe Mel.

“For a club of our resources, it was always going to be difficult to repeat our highest Premier League finish of eighth in the previous season,” said Peace.

“However, it was not the campaign we hoped for or expected and, as chairman of the football club, the buck stops with me.

“The squad we assembled during the summer transfer window – regarded in some outside quarters at the time as our strongest for more than three decades – has not performed as consistently or as well as we would have hoped.

“We have been taking a long, hard look as to why this has proved to be the case, especially in terms of our player recruitment.”

Albion last week released five players while five season-long loanees have also left the club, meaning only cash signings Victor Anichebe and Stephane Sessegnon remain from the players recruited last summer.

They have now appointed Terry Burton as the club’s new technical director.

Peace said: “Terry will provide more footballing knowledge at the highest level of the club.

“The structure we have had in place has generally worked well and we are certainly not going to rip it up and start from scratch after one poor season.”

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Comments for: "Jeremy Peace - I'm responsible for West Brom's wretched season"


There is a more in-depth article on this across at the Birmingham Mail, and I like the honesty from JP. I think WBA got a lot of things wrong over the last 18m, and have been quite vocal about them, but I respect nothing more than someone who can hold their hands up and say that they got it wrong. I'm hopeful that lessons have been learnt, and that the next season will be a more respectable and enjoyable one.

Stoney Lane

Agree, Surrey. Jeremy Peace - and Paul Thompson directly before him - have moved West Bromwich Albion in to the 21st Century. Up until the late 1990's the structure at the club was exactly as it had been since 1891.

It remains a hugely difficult task in this wretched, money-driven Premier League, (which has indebted or broken so many clubs!) but I sense most fans at WBA would sooner have a West Bromwich-born chairman, than Russian and Chinese billionaires, Middle Eastern syndicates and mysterious consortiums.

Mr Peace says he's going to try and put right the wrongs of the last 18 months. It won't cost much to build better relationships with the well-run Supporter's Club, S4A, some key loyal followers and the splendid Former Player's Association. Some of the sourness and bad relationships which have been allowed to fester are not entirely down to him. Although, as chairman, he has rightly taken the blame.

But to start a 5th consecutive season in the Premier League is a remarkable achievement in itself for a small-town club. I hope we see a far more aggressive defence of what WBA stands for, with our splendid history, traditions and knowledgeable supporters. We can still put much of this mostly shady and sometimes corrupt Premier League to shame.


Nice one Stoney Lane.

The Real Bully Hoo.

A well balanced statement of what our club is and why we should be proud of it. Excellent work SL.


Couldn't agree more. As fans, we have a right to be critical of decisions/poor seasons, but this should always be done in consideration of what the chairman/board have brought to the club over the years. Too many fans of too many clubs seem to forget this fact. I am fiercely proud of WBA, and would hate to see us become another club used as dalliances for wealthy business-types. If this means we have seasons like the one we've had, because we aren't always in a position to throw money at a problem, then so be it.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Surrey.

I think Rocket put it best when he said. 'he's took the blame for last year but he should also take the credit for dragging us to where we are over the previous 11 years.' Or words to that effect.

CantelloRocket 78


inbetween the attempted humour, I try to drop in a little food for thought, so if Chairman Peace takes the flak, he should also be credited with deserved praise - as you say ,fair's fair mate...

p.s. - the Captain says hello.....


Excellent, well balanced post in which you've argued your points well.

Brilliant post.


He couldn`t say anything else really could he SB ?


Ciderman, that is SO perceptive a comment. How long did it take to think up ? I see one of your club's targets has decided Rotherham are a bigger club and gone there instead.

Jack the Hat

ManInsider 1877,

Jeremy could say something else such as " Both you are a clot ".

I've noticed when you are on here the other half of you stays absent. Do you have a chat with him within when you have finished and argue about the post?.

Gorra loff ay ya.

CantelloRocket 78

Fair play JP, you've come forward and taken full responsibility for Albion having such a poor season-

I'm now demanding you must also take responsibility for several excellent seasons that we'd had in recent years.........

now I'm in central London, and off to find Captain Mardon, who works near Big Ben.

And little Keith.........

Captain Mardon International

Alrite mate, I work in Shoreditch which is a bit swanky you know. You have me number, so give us a shout if yams about.


Cap'n Mardon. Shoreditch is now 'swanky' you say. Wow !

When I read 'Froggie's Little Brother' back in about 1938, (it was an attendance prize from Great Bridge Methodist Chapel in spite of wagging off when the sun shone), the place was all slums. I suppose the Luftwaffe could claim the credit ? Is Big Ben that Rocket mentions a Baggies supporter ?


Obviously you haven't read 'Froggie's Little Brother' or the tears would still be flowing.

Froggie was tough little boy with a very poorly brother and a drunken father and no Mom and the little brother died halfway through the book and....I can't go on, SOB.

Medway Baggie

Hey CR78, you got a visa to be down in Captain's and my neck of the woods?

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

CantelloRocket 78


I'm just a poor northerner mate, visiting the new Yuppie kingdom of Shoreditch to have a beer at the Albion pub with the Captain.

Then it's back home the other side of Watford, I know me place.....

Captain Mardon International

Looking forward to a Carling Prem mate.


Honesty is the best policy. At least he can acknowledge the failings, which is always the first step to putting things right.

On the head coach position, I have seen a great deal of WBA fans bemoaning the possibility of Lennon being offered the position. Personally I see him as an ideal candidate, we have a dressing room of strong characters (or voices) or whatever you want to term them, and I am sure he would not be the type to allow the tail to wag the dog.

All I keep hearing is that the SPL is a poor league and he has no pedigree to be a PL manager. Not sure I agree, yes the SPL is a poorer league than in years gone by, however he has managed on a shoestring budget often having to recruit Championship cast offs, and led his team well in Europe against teams with much more money.

I personally would not be displeased if he ends up at the Hawthorns.


Anyone on the bookies list of candidates for the Albion job would secure the SPL title at Celtic. The gap in resources between Celtic and the rest is huge. I don't want Albion becoming the Neil Lennon show next season (as we were the Anelka show for most of this). He's a controversial character and would be a distraction.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Jarrod.

Whenever we're linked with a name, two things come to my mind.

1. Does it excite me.

2. Does it worry me.

Moyes would score 2/10 on the 1st and 8/10 on the second. I'd feel very safe in his hands but not very excited because of the football he favours.

Lennon would score about 5/10 on both because I think he could take us places or he could be a total disaster.

The two Andy's who probably have a far greater knowledge of Scottish football than most of us both rate him. I always think he sounds like an intelligent if not very likeable bloke.

The main thing that makes me think he could be good for us though is that we've had a long run of managers that are to varying degrees, nice, quiet, considered, reasonable and gentlemen. They will mention a dodgy decision but never question a referee. They wouldn't dream of kicking up a fuss with the FA or the PL.

I think this bloke would say whatever he thought and the devil take the hindmost. It could be just what we need to stop being thought of as little old poor West Brom.



I read an excellent article on the BBC website (might have been Phil MacNulty), when Lennon was at Celtic he worked under very similar constraints that he would have to at Albion and became frustrated that he couldn't have more of a free reign, on that basis I'm really not sure he would be a good fit.

The View From Baggy Bottom

Well, he hasn't said a lot here, but the fact that he has said anything at all speaks volumes.

Any Baggie will recognise the importance of this brief statement and welcome it with open arms. Things are going to change and lessons, it seems, have indeed been learned.

The futures brighter!! Now, go get Moyes,(the man with the Moves).


Boing Boing!!!



Im A wolves fans and in fairness both wba and wolves are run well long may that continue.just look at villa they spent now they cant.bham in serious trouble.we would all love to sign the messi etc but wolves and wba are run well.will wolves or wba be like portsmouth never well done all least even tho we wont meet next season and have the banter at least we arent worried that our clubs wont exist next week or next season or in yrs to come.we can all support with confidence,we are all quick to mock but we arent going to the me that makes me far more happy than the cheque book charlie managers and chairman

Some people will read this and say we hate wba we hate wolves but if one if us went to the wall ....what would happen we hate walsall we hate aston villa or bham .... it wouldnt be the same

The View From Baggy Bottom

I think you mean well and I think I get your drift, so I won't take advantage by commenting further.


Boing Boing!!

Captain Mardon International

Excellent and very accurate post.

Much respect sir.

Jack the Hat


I do enjoy my banter with you lot and I have said many times on the dark side, when the three Ms were being murdered by you Dingles, that your club, like ours is well run and you lot should be grateful your club will be there for you to support next season. Now the tide has turned and my words are bearing fruition.

All the best, at least until I have another go at you, L☺Ls.


P.S. By the way, have your big earners returned yet.


beachbanjo, the word 'hate' is horrible and should be reserved only for enemies at war. We need each other very much or who the heck have we got to take the pee out of ? You are quite right, it just wouldn't be the same.

"I don't like spies Michael". "Who does ?" 'There is no point of contact between the extended and the unextended. (Spot the Braincell. Monty Python).


Its good to see a Wolves fan come on here as himself, not try pathetic oneupmanship or disguise himself as one of us. On that basis well done mate.

Hope you can get yourselves in the Prem where you belong, get them BCD's back, wouldn't want it any other way.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I agree Shroppy and beachbanjo is right. If they'd gone on falling and gone out of the league we'd have had a great laugh for a bit but we'd miss them and the same would be the case if the positions were reversed.

Banjo will understand me saying that for us Wolves are the gift that goes on giving.


Well said JP.

He obviously realises that mistakes have been made and is striving to put things in place for next season. Good luck with your recruitment of both players and head coach.

Now let's all get behind the club and look forward to the new campaign.

Len of Bournville

JP's sudden outbreak of candour and acceptance of responsibility can only be welcomed. Hopefully, he will now recruit a strong, experienced head coach and give him the resources to re-build the team.

One of the problems of this season has been JP's lack of communication. For example, we heard not a word from him over the Anelka affair, when poor old Keith Downing was left to mumble ignorant platitudes. Maybe this new openness is a sign that things might change. What would we give for a serious interview with him on local radio? Or, heaven forbid, his appearance at a fans' forum? He would get a fair hearing because most of us appreciate all that he has done for WBA - even if sometimes he has a strange way of demonstrating his commitment.


Well done Jeremy Peace for coming out and admitting what we already new. But at least he has taken the responsibility for a poor season. Yet another positive step forward.

Wednesbury Baggie

Finally, he's acknowledged his own faults! Hopefully his recognition of his faults is the start of a new chapter in rebuilding the club, although one suspects that apart from a new head coach and new players, not much will change.


Here's another one of 'em ! Wednesbury is a nice town with a long history and an Ethelfreda built in. Why does it have to house modern-day loonies ?

The Real Bully Hoo.


"one suspects that apart from a new head coach and new players, not much will change."

No let's hope our PL status doesn't change.

Or that our crop of promising youngsters coming through doesn't change.

Or our healthy bank balance doesn't change.

In fact the only other thing we want to change is our luck with refs.

Captain Mardon International

Thats correct Mr Peace, you are responsible as you are the leader. However you have acknowledged that and have almost apologised which is the right thing to do, so fairplay to you as it takes a man to stand up and be counted.

It will be interesting to see what action will be taken next. Terry Burton is a positive move IMO as Richard Garlick it seems is out of his depth at this stage in his career. Experience is priceless, knowledge even more so....

I still feel that Anichebe should be sold as I have yet to see what he brings to us? Berahino? well that depends on what coach is appointed, and wheather they can guide him and get him to nurture his natural talent. It's clear we need two strikers, and at least another fullback. Will we be trying our acadamy players or will we be buying new players? that will be interesting.

Albion til I die!

Wall Heath Baggie

One Full back ? , we a'int got any on the books currently indeed there are only three defenders altogether ( Olsson, Dawson and Gmac ) . While we are at it there is only one striker Berahino , i refuse to count Anichebe as a player cos he a'int ever fit .

We need 10 plus to come in to replenish what we have lost .

Gardner is a good start but more need to follow.

All the best.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Max.

Who has Billy Jones signed for then?

Wall Heath Baggie

Not us yet , which is slightly different to Maninsiders response.

I guess i should have put not on the books for next season , i will try harder in future .


No Ciderman, he wouldn't sign for Wolves. If he can't agree with Albion he'll probably sign for Rotherham, like that other bloke has.

The Real Bully Hoo.

little alan jones..

until july 1st he's still our player and therefore on our books.

Captain Mardon International

Max, clean yer bins our kid. I said at least another fullback.

Wall Heath Baggie

Well JP is a man of few words but he has said what needs to be said and although lessons need to be learned from last season we really need to look forward .

Get a good Manager in and get the squad up to strength with hopefully some real quality coming in . Gardner a'int a bad start in my opinion.

As ever COYB.

Captain Mardon International

Perhaps it's like the scrooge scenario where he's had 3 ghosts visit him.

1 - Football past

2 - Football future

3 - Football transfer window

Jack the Hat

Jeremy Peace has stood up and accepted blame, all that went wrong wasn't meant to happen but for various reasons our season took us backwards. Albion have managed to stay up in spite of this horror term and as long as we have learned from it the experience isn't all bad.

Massive changes have come about although our season has only just ended so Jeremy and Co have dismantled the problems and the and the repair work has already began, both on and off the park.

We can now look forward with confidence to the future with West Bromwich Albion.

Enjoy your Summer.



Let us hope that JP really means it and that he takes on board the obvious lessons to be learned for last season's dreadful fiasco

Personally I have my doubts - - - - - but hope I am proved wrong


Well done Mr Chairman.........its history now so lets get on and put things right. Good start with Gardner. With him Dorrens Mulumbu and Yacob, Thorne and the new lads coming through the midfield is well on its way to being sorted. We need a young Central Defender to go with Dawson and some forwards (3) who can score goals and at least three full backs. Its not much to ask for.

Baggie 68

It is good to see that Jeremy Peace has admitted that he cocked up, although I had noticed that he didn't mention selling Shane Long to Hull.

I just hope that he makes the right decision in getting a decent established Premier League Coach such as David Moyes. Jeremy will also need to invest in some quality players who want to play for the Albion. As far as salaries I believe that you would get a better performance from them if they were paid a decent wage "not crazy money that the club cannot afford" but received a performance related bonus per games played and goals scored. Scott Sinclair was one of those useless waste of a wage that we could have done without.


I still stick by my first judgement selling long was probably wrong on the run we were on but getting 7m for a striker that has scored 1 goal every 4 games is a great bit of business,

peace being peace im certain city would of being paying quite a bit of scott sinclairs wages for us we could of been the breakthrough season to get him back on the barge but obviously the kid has lost his head

Completly agree on the wages same as what they do in the nfl you have a basic wage not hasty and certain targets to hit to earn extra bonuses

The Real Bully Hoo.


True and there weren't too many on here at the time saying we shouldn't sign Sinclair. On paper it looked like a great signing.

As for the wages and bonus thing, unless it was compulsory across the league the players would just sign for another club that weren't implementing a bonus system.

It's all Catch 22.


and i was one of them i thought sinclair could be the difference last season but i dont know why hos head is in the clouds

i know where your coming from on the wages, having a guarenteed wage or playing for a bonus id take the former but with the amount of bench warmers earning four times what most of us on here earn in a year in a week it creates a huge divide between footballers and reallife folk and something thats happened over the last few years less of a working mans game


You can't say more than that, not many chairmen would have the guts to admit this so well done JP.

Your a clever man i'm sure you will sort it out.


Fair play to you Jeremy as it is common knowledge with people in the know that you have sat back and left the running of the club to Jenkins & Garlick and Ashworth when he was here.

Now please keep up the communication with us all and unite everybody within the club and the supporters as we have another chance now to get back on track.

John B

Good to see JP taking some responsibility and blame. Hopefully last season was a blip and we can go back to our tried and tested method of improving every season

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

Its good for the chairman to take responsibility for the decisions he reached last season as they have truly dragged us down to the very edge and almost with our club being relegated. As Mr Peace said hopefully he and the board have learnt enough from last season to sort things out and find the right Head Coach, and staff together with the right additional players to take us forward to give us a much better time next season.

Baggie 68

Just read that Neil Lennon is not in the running for the Coaches job, but that Keith Downing is popular, that would be a disaster for us to go down that route. We need an established PL Coach or it will be a repeat of last season.

The Real Bully Hoo.

The burning question there is.

Where did you read it?

The reason that the media loves our 'Arry is that he tells them everything.

The reason they hate JP is that he tells them nothing (that matters.)

Until we hear anything definite the rest is all guesswork.


I know its being said before but is that a picture of Stan Laurel above!


Streetly, I've never seen it on here and that remark is totally uncalled for. I'll bet you look like an Alsatian.


To all the fantasist baggies out there, this is why the more realist among us on here support the man.

You've identified the problem JP now sort it!


Well said Baggiedaddy. And I'm sure it will be.


I echo what Baggie 68 has written about Keith Downing. He may well have been a stabilizing influence when disruption took over last season but we need the profile and image of the club to improve and the head coach has a vital role to play in those areas.

The major role of a head coach must be to impart his ideas onto the players and to create a successful team but we need someone with a personality as well. I think the last really big personality we had at the club was Ron Atkinson . Pepe Mel also had a strong personality but was hampered by the language difficulties.

Lets get someone the media want to talk to and gets the cameras back to the Hawthorns on a more frequent basis.

JP now has the ideal opportunity to put right his failings last season by appointing the right man and by doing this improving the revenue from the TV companies.


Oh dear Cyril what are you on?

Wasn't an insult at all, I just think he looks like him in the above picture.

Stan Laurel was a very funny man and come to think of it Jeremy has acted like him in the last 12 months.

Wall Heath Baggie

Woof , Woof .


Streetly, I have been hammering the Schloer as usual, but it helps me see real Baggies from sad Wulfie spies. We've even had Dolly Allen calling me an idiot even though I'm me and he's, er, whoever.

Now we have the Ciderman back. ALL CRACKED as old chipped urns. I've probably seen every Laurel and Hardy film ever made. We fed on them when I was young. JP doesn't look even slightly like him. That was just your cheap crack.

Now be honest, what sort of a kick do you get pretending to be what you're not ?


Well done JP for coming out and accepting some responsibility .... I say some, because all though you say the buck rightfully stops with you you weren't playing in the starting XI and the players / coaches etc must shoulder their fair share also. I only hope that you will learn from the harsh lessons afforded to us last season. Knowing your track record I believe you will do everything to rectify this one seasonal blip. The only changes I would welcome is a little more adventure in getting the right man and backing him to give us a real fighting chance of progress. And soon please.

Wall Heath Baggie

Well said Brother Simmo .



Very well put,that says it all.

Strange decision by Norwich to pick Adams as 1st team coach. Seems like a cheap option to me and his lack of experience puts lots of pressure on him in the hardest division to get out of.I wouldn't like to see us choose an inexperienced coach like Norwich have.


Well I will eat my Baggie hat. where as he sprung from ?

Quinton Baggie

It takes a big man to admit to their mistakes...lets hope we push forward...over on the dark side the Dingles have missed out on a player who has decided on the mighty Rotherham.


Yes and the mighty tesco have been turned down by?? Lennon.

Lol, imagine all the people.......


Its right that JP has taken responsibility for our poor season, as the man at the top and as he says, the buck stops with him. The appointment of Richard Garlick to head up player recruitment with no experience in footballing matters was an error and I believe, though I'll probably get shouted down for this, that we were wrong to get rid of Steve Clarke.

However, that's in the past now, we really need to move forward. Its good to see one new player in already, however other reinforcements are required, however they must be better than what we already have, not signings for signings sake.

All in all, its easy for those that simply don't like JP to come on here and have a go at him, but the system he put in place had worked well until last season, delivering 3 mid table finishes, we shouldn't change the system after one poor season.

Wall Heath Baggie

Why was Steve clarke incorrectly sacked ?

Why can you not wait for the season to start?

Why do Wolves belong in the Premiership ?

No pressure but i cor wait for the answers .



I’m sure I don’t understand the point of your post but I’ll answer each of your questions in turn.

1. We were 16th when Steve Clarke was sacked, we’d had some rotten decisions go against and we’d suffered injury problems. I firmly believe that he’d have kept us up, we were on a bad run of which many other teams were experiencing. I’ve spoken to many Albion fans in Shropshire where I live, I can hand on heart say I’ve spoken to at least 20 people, some Albion fans and some fans of other teams. All have said the same thing, that we should never have sacked Steve Clarke, so I’m not alone. However that’s just my opinion.

2. For the same reason that fans of all other clubs look forward the football season kicking off, I’m a football fan and an Albion fan, when I started supporting Albion we were struggling in the second tier, so being in the top flight was just a pipe dream. For that reason alone, I love being an Albion fan at the moment, fans of every club in the Championship down would swap with us in a heartbeat. Have we really got it that bad? I don’t think so.

3. Wolves have spent many years prior to the mid eighties skirting between the top flight and the second tier, but I believe they belong in the top flight. You only have to look at their fan base and their facilities to see that, and the black country derby should be played in the top flight.

All that’s my opinion, I’m sure you disagree but don’t expect me to mope around in a permanent state of despair, life is too short


SB if you come on here again with your own opinion I shall report you, your not allowed an opinion, ok.


good on mr.peace for coming out and saying it was his fault, owning any business that hasnt come up successful the blame goes straight on the person at the top and i admire his honesty,

the best way to get over a poor season is to progress the next starting with a well chosen manager/head coach, with 50 applicants im guessing it would be as easy to a good candidate as it would be to chose a bad one so i hope were switched on enough to see last years problems and sort them out

next big decision is players, we have some very good quality and have chopped off the deadwood, imo we need to harvest this current crop of talent we have and get them training with the first team throughout the pre season months, 3 full backs are essential, another striker is a definate my guess it will be campbell (frazier that is not the imaginary one), 2 pacey wingers and a centre half all can be easily found and hopefully the new manager can make it stick

for me lads i would go with moyes/sherwood/mcclaren if it was up to me, id love to sign snodgrass, olsson and redmond maybe dejagogh and caulker if possible from the teams gone down, thats if any of them want to come to the baggies

feeling optimistic though


I for one, is pleased that JP has had the broad shoulders , to say , whoa, I hold my hands up. Im not the biggest fan of the bloke, the silence from the club was killing me. It takes a big heart, morale courage and character to do what he has done, and maybe I like him just that little bit more. The board have acknowledged the disgruntlement of the fans (not the mutiny, or protests, because that serves no purpose). Im positive in the fact that if they are on the board and running the club, why on earth would they want to destroy it, and fail. They wouldn't, they want to flourish, but they have quota's , restraints and targets, along with budgets, wages, maintenance, employees etc., (it is the greed league after all) So its a massive learning curve, even for them as well as us, everyday is a learning day.

I think now, the board appreciate the fans and support, that in itself is a massive, brilliant gesture by coming on here, they prove they want the Albion to succeed as much as we. If not there would be no point them being there. I read a excellent article about the Chairman of Crystal palace, Mr Jordan, as a fan he became the youngest chairman of a football club, he explained that it was a massive gamble and that it actually broke him moneywise and mentally, the cost, the losses every month, he quotes, " 'Okay, a large part of my wealth has been lost in this football club. In the end I got done over to the tune of £30,000,000.

So for me supporting Albion, im chuffed, 5th year in the best league in the world coming up, we don't know how good we got it, hopefully get a new coach soon, Some new players, and bang , the roller coaster kicks off again. Plenty to moan about in the coming months, but proud to be Albion.

The Real Bully Hoo.

That's a good point Capey. Some of the people that criticise JP for his running of the club should read a few of the things Simon Jordan, Darren MacAnthony the Peterbororough chairman and Steve Gibson the 'Boro chairman have to say about being chairman of a football club. It's not great fun and you don't go into it to make money.

I know some won't agree but we should be thanking our lucky stars that JP came along when he did.


Boing boing, just cannot find on any list a striker called Campbell, and I fear that the unknown phenomenum the ”ghost coach,” " Moves " , only known to eurodoggie, has bin approached by real.


Jeremy, can you also tell us why Claire Astle was manhandled from the east stand car park just for giving justice for Jeff posters out?

The Real Bully Hoo.

that wasn't Claire Astle it was Claire Campbell and apparently that never happened, she wasn't Moyed on.


Bully, we used to tap out 'FB' in Morse and were told it meant 'Fine Business' to all Radio Hams. Why then did an ex RAF man tell me it meant 'FFFFlamin' Brilliant ?'


Oh god here we go again,eurobounder has got his teeth into something again, albeit a couple of weeks after the so called incident didn't occur. Aren't you on bin cleaning duty this weekend or are all your alter egos doing it for you ? Thought you would have spent the Bank Holiday thinking up a new name. I'm sure all the genuine posters on here could help you if you have problems with spelling etc.


greeny, are you calling Claire a liar then?


M - Eurodoggie it wasn't Claire, it was Mike Yarwood, man handling Moves, for allegedly lashing out at the Cambell brothers for fighting in the East Stand Car park. Naughty doggie, back in your kennel, go.


No eurobounder, just pointing out you are howling up the wrong tree as usual. Haven't you got any current scraps ( out of your newly cleaned bin) of news for us to discuss?????. You are getting so boringly predictable.


Well now JP as admitted its all his fault ( like I have been telling you all season) we can now stop blaming the Mirror, the Sun, the Metro, the I, the other managers, the other players, the ref, and anyone else who you say as got it in for little ole Albion, and the same mistakes will be made again, but JP as sweet talked you gullible lot into believing him, WHERE`S THE MONEY GOING?

The Real Bully Hoo.


The only gullible ones on here are the ones that believed you were genuine.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Answer to your last question.


CantelloRocket 78

euro trolly boy-

'Like you've been telling us all season'....?

'europrat' didn't turn up 'til a couple of months back, so you must've been posting under another name before then-

Surely it could only have been Richard Head.....???



How is it you can spell words like ''gullible'' ( which I imagine is your middle name) yet you fall down on words like has ?. It's obvious to normal people, like the true West Brom fans on here, that JP wouldn't admit to mistakes unless he intended to put them right. He has already started by putting a proper football man in as Technical Director---- TB has more football knowledge than your lot put together. We made our first new signing early this week. We had lot's of U21's extending contracts and we got rid of a lot of players who can no longer do a job for us. I refuse to say we got rid of ''dead wood'' because during their stay at the club they all played their part in keeping us in the glorious Premier League. Yes we only finished 17th,at least we are still there.

You weren't the only person blaming JP last season,lot's of true West Brom fans were saying it before you. As usual you just jump on the bandwagon and stir the s**te.


I love how jezza gives answers without actually saying what he means !!!

“We have been taking a long, hard look as to why this has proved to be the case, especially in terms of our player recruitment.”

Right then what exactly is meant by that?

We know that to get the players we need we must pay the going rate and recruit proven premier players ?


We will not make the mistake of paying decent transfer money again as sessenon and anichibe cost this club a lot of money and was only offset by the sale of shane long.

We feel a couple of loan players would have been just as fruitful.

I am glad you held your hands up and rightly so.

When it comes to money i'm sorry but you do really prove that the (buck stops with you) and it probably will again this season! In your back pocket.


Clemsfoot, how dare you!!!!

You do know that the , punishment for treachery is , working in a anti-ukip , take away 13 hours a day and not going to football matches on soho road.

What's that you didn't know?

Oh dear......"lol. For god sake don't tell jock the cap.

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