Ex-West Brom defender Darren Moore tells fans to 'embrace' new kit

Darren Moore today urged Albion fans to embrace their new-look shirt.

WBA 3 PM 09
West Brom legend Darren Moore, centre, has urged fans to embrace the new kit

The club will play in a pinstripe strip next season – but just for the year after fans complained it was a break from tradition.

The Baggies have already ordered their colours for the 2015-16 campaign and will revert to a much more traditional blue and white stripe with kit suppliers Adidas.

In an online Express & Star poll, where more than 4,500 fans voted, 70 per cent were against the radical change the strip is expected to show.

But Baggies favourite Moore wants supporters to wait until the players are wearing the shirt before making their final judgement.

An artist's impression of what the new Albion kit might look like
An artist's impression of what the new Albion kit might look like

“It’ll be unique so they’re only going to do it for one season and that’s it. You have to embrace it,” said the former defender.

“The dynamics of the club remain and fans should wait until it comes out and they might like it. It’s nothing to be alarmed about.

“Look at Cardiff. Vincent Tan has come in and changed their entire kit from blue to red and changed 100 years of history. Albion are not going to go down that route.”

Southampton have recently made a change from traditional red and white strips to predominantly red while Arsenal wore a burgundy kit in 2005-06 to mark their final year at Highbury.

Moore was in the Albion team which beat them 2-1 at The Hawthorns in October 2005 and insisted kits can help create history.

He said: “If Albion get to the cup final it can be something fans can have to remember it by. Support can be passed from generation to generation and it comes with a lot of memories.

“Arsenal played in a one-off strip in their final season at Highbury and everyone identifies with that shirt.

“I remember when we beat them 2-1 and Darren Carter scored a screamer and it was Dennis Bergkamp’s 400th game for them.

“The teams swapped shirts and I said to the lads it’s a one-off so it’s quite a good souvenir. I still have Freddie Ljungberg’s shirt and remember that team when I see it.”

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Comments for: "Ex-West Brom defender Darren Moore tells fans to 'embrace' new kit"


Will you be buying one Darren?

do lallytap

4 x £60.....Think I will wait until the following season and buy the ones I WANT not the ones YOU want me to buy Moore.

I have no problem with anyone buying the top if they like it but it works both ways.

It's all down to ££££ at the end of the day, why buy something that has no meaning to WBA. FC what so ever, no matter what Adidas would like you to believe....You may as well go and buy a Orange & Black one

Limey Mike

Big Dave getting commission for saying this? I actually like the look of that shirt, but it will get ruined as soon as they splatter the sponsor's logos all over it.

Kev in Mallorca


As much as I admire you as an Albion player on this subject you're talking out ya harse, shirts may be just souvenirs to you but this is WBAFC and we play in Blue and White Stripes.



BTW I am boycotting the club shop anyway over the Claire Astle episode, still no one from the club as come forward and gave us an explanation.


On a serious note, the Astle family NEED and DESERVE all the backing they can get. Respect to the King of The Hawthorns.


Keep out of it Darren, you may be part of the club history but I've got 45 years on you mate and I think I know a tad more about it.


Oh dear Darren - you should not let yourself be used by the Club like this. Are you aware how the Club treat the rest of our heroes, at the moment?


Oh calamity! Won't see many of those being worn in Sandwell will we? Not unless people are really, really gullible? Errrrr wait a second ..................... :-)



Oh, and ours isn't the best I've seen either. £42 is outrageous for football shirts.

Tamworth Albion

What colour shorts are we wearng with this strip???

Captain Mardon International

White with blue Polka dots

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think you're getting into the realms of fantasy again there Jean Paul.


darren moore means well, but the club are using him, the club can admit they assumed supporters would buy it and then order a new design with input from supporters.

the owners could easily absorb the cost of this ill advised new strip.

and treat the former players and current supporters with dignity and respect, for what is a club without either? nothing.

Whitmore reans Baggie

I am still gonna wait and see what the actual strip looks like , not the" artist impression" then decide if i like it or not, rather than get upset about something i havent even clapped my eyes on yet, COYB


Its like likening our change of shirt to calling Big Dave "Little Claude!" ... no place for your comments here Darren.

Hit him on the tail

To be fair I'm more concerned about the players that will wear it next season. Hopefully not the same rubbish that wore the stripes this season.

Like i have said before,DO NOT BUY THE NEW STRIP.


Big Dave says go on buy it.

Has he been down the Albion like i have for 60 plus years?


Please also note re Astle family what a joke.What a way to treat someone who has done so much for the club.

Also on top of this what a way to run the club, with so many players coming to the end of their contracts etc.

I do think Mr Peace has done a good job up to now ,but i would hope he feels guilty the way it has turned out.

Perhaps a reply to the fans would be welcome.I shall wait and see.


Well, the ''shirt'' looks like last seasons Millwall away top with the Baggies badge stitched on it ! Most everything that has gone on since last xmas at the club seems to have been handled badly, the Odemwingie transfer fiasco, the Clarke dismissal, the Anelka/Zoopla farce, the Astle family , Pepe Mel, to mention just a few. While it is absolutely right to be financially sound (not go the way of Leeds, Pompey, Blues etc.) I'm left feeling a total lack of direction, leadership and ambition every time Ihear or read about the Albion. And what disaster is planned for the away shirt ? A nice black number with a thin old gold pinstripe or claret with blue piping ? Least they'll be cheap - 'cos they wont sell !


I have sent my txt, what has happened to it?

Jack the Hat


If we win a cup next season, then all the more reason we need proper broad Navy Blue stripes on our club shirt.



How are we going to win a cup ? We've got no manager , no players and they won't let us enter the Johnstones Paint or FA Trophy !!!!

I must try and find a card that says '' With deepest sympathy on your new job '' on it and send it to the next victim that gets appointed manager !


Come on Darren we can all have views on the way the club is run, hiring and firing of managers, transfer policy, team selection/tactics ect but doing away with stripes is not open for discussion. 3 clubs who don't have stripes in their kit ( Villa, Wolves and Everton ) have all played in the past using pinstripes. We should not be one of them!! This is our history, our culture our heritage.

Jackett the Hat

Think you got a complex with the gay community ain't ya Capey with all that kiddy name callin, did you get refused from one of they're clubs or summat ?

So which is it our kid, you got a problem with em or not.....you could always be a kiddy and try to dodge the question.


Jackett you can just imagine cape in the playground with his gang of mates picking on the little quite with nhs specs on, think that's all you need to know about him and his cowardly mates on here, such as 1 game a season jack, at the pc 24/7 bully, sad saft lad 78, I think kev and wonoh have left the gang.

Jack the Hat


( Euro bound dog head you must be the Ringleader, )

Jackett doesn't like you calling Euro the top dog, can you tell?.

Gorra loff ay ya?.


The Real Bully Hoo.

I think the club have missed a trick. If they'd have brought out a new first team top and made this a change strip they would probably have sold a lot of them because it's actually a nice looking shirt.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Lovin' it.


Euro right Pratt. U can't be serious, r we picking on u, u come on here as a netto inbred dingle , causing trouble, insulting Jeff astle and his family,... We should be nice to you. I'm sad I fought for this country for 20 odd years, for people like you. I ain't no coward , name your bin and I'll be there. Boing blue and white army 40 odd years. British army 20 odd boing, PS jacket u tnuC, I'll give u 2 hours, its not called complex, u bin dipping clowen .

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