Pepe Mel leaves West Bromwich Albion

Pepe Mel has left West Bromwich Albion by mutual consent.The Spaniard departed following a meeting with Baggies chairman Jeremy Peace this afternoon.

The 51-year-old oversaw three wins and eight defeats in 17 Premier League games.

And his tenure was beset by problems off the field including the sale of Shane Long, the Nicolas Anelka ‘quenelle’ saga, questions from senior players and the departure of close aide Dave McDonough.

Sporting and technical director Richard Garlick said: “We would like to thank Pepe for his efforts over the past four months in helping to keep the Club in the Premier League and wish him well for the future.

“Both Pepe and the club set out with the best intentions of making the appointment work. However, having reflected on events both on and off the field during our talks today, it became apparent that it was in the best interests of both parties for there to be an amicable parting.

“We are grateful for the manner in which the existing coaching staff and players have rallied behind Pepe to get the Club over the line in what has proved an extremely competitive division.”

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David Gomez has also left the Club following the completion of his coaching contract.

Assistant head coach Keith Downing and goalkeeper Coach Dean Kiely will remain in their current roles.

Garlick added: “Although we have managed to achieve a fifth successive season of Premier League football, it has been a very disappointing campaign and lessons have been learned.

“The search for a new head coach has now begun.

“We aim to find the most suitable candidate who, with the support of the structure we have had in place for six years and are presently strengthening, will enable the club to be more competitive next season.”

Watch Albion reporter Steve Madeley's reaction as the Pepe Mel announcement broke.

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Comments for: "Pepe Mel leaves West Bromwich Albion"

spanish ray

This seems like a case of what Peace wants and what Pepe Mel wanted are miles apart.Peace only thinks of peace not the club.Anyway why should

Captain Mardon International

Peace wanted wins.


Same old thing at this club.......Don't matter what the fans think.


Ray what ever you think of JP it's nailed on we would not be watching Prem football if it was not for him. Love him or hate him he's turned our club into an efficient well oiled premier league machine and when a part don't work or it just don't fit he chucks it out and gets another, and 3 wins in 17 suggests he's right this time again !

The Real Bully Hoo.


He's a Wolves fan and they don't like him on their site.

Jack the Hat

spanish ray,

Is there any more at home like you?.



Thank you, Pepe, for achieving the main objective, retaining Premier League status. Good luck for the future...

Time for the Club to dust itself down, take a good hard look at itself, and move on.

Up The Baggies!

Jackett the Hat

Get ready for Big Sam........

We Only Need One Half!

Ism't he the one your lot thought they could get? lol

spanish ray

Contd..Why should I care I am not a boing boing thank god.

funny old world

What a strange comment.


LOL he means hes a wolves fan why should he care about this news.


Rhys, he cared enough to comment that he didn't care ! Yampy !!!


someones gotta give us a good laugh. I am not a boing boing, priceless.

We Only Need One Half!

Well I wouldn't be laughing either if we were in The Championship Rhys

Jack the Hat


Another strange one non-commenting on here. Dinglehampton must be full of them. Must be their latest one-up-man-ship among themselves to be associated with us BAGGIES.



Spanish ray of sunshine. We're quite pleased about it too.


Well there's a surprise, NOT

Keith Downing and Dean Kiely kept in their current roles means there will be no way forward because any Head Coach worth his salt will want to work with his own men. STINKS.

Pepe - thanks and best wishes - you never had a chance. Hope you will take away the memories of the support you got from the people who really matter here - US the fans.


Hi mate,

as I said yesterday he had a 4 month head start on anyone else coming in...and I thought they'd give him ago but it was not to be. A decent bloke who may have got it right given time but now we'll never know....



The Voice of Reason

Good luck to whoever takes the poisoned chalice next.


Voice of Poison. You say that after your two previous years to this one ? To you 'Boing' meant down one and then 'Boing Boing' down another one. You've just won THE THIRD DIVISION sonny. Don't get too excited just yet.


I feel a bit sorry for Pepe as he came across as a nice guy. Having said that he was always up against it and his results are no better than those of Clarke. A new broom is required and I would also boot out Kiely and Downing as they have played their part in the fiasco that this season has been. Can we get Moyes in? Hope so

West Drayton Baggie

Travesty. Sorry got messed about by the JP machine. Good luck in Spain! Garlick please sack yourself.

So bitterly disappointed with this season.


In the context of events I think that this is the correct decision all round. The guy completed the job he was asked to do and that was to keep us in the premier league.

A marvellous achievement considering the crap he had to take on starting with the sale of your best striker for a record fee and replacing him with a young unknown French lad on loan with a poor scoring record.

I mentioned before on here after meeting the guy he was just too nice and an honourable gentleman as well, pity we don't have honourable sincere men running the club.


which idiot is daft enough to take them on with downing &kiley seam to be control

no matter who takes over what they are looking for is a yes man manager a little lap dog to control someone who won't upset them.


Give it to Dean Saunders!

David Moyes even he will steady the sinking ship with a great attractive hoofball style footy.


Actually neither would take the job at the circus.


Rhys, I thought you were keeping Kenny Jackett ? You've already flopped with Saunders and it's hardly likely Moyes would stoop that low as a Championship newcomer team after Man.U. Nah, you keep Kenny J. He'll stir you all up at the Moulinex !

The Real Bully Hoo.

Oh the irony of it.


I want kj to stay but I can see manu coming in for him, on a serious note, I hope you dont go for Hughton, he aint the man to take you forward.


Oh Rhys, Wolves to Man.U. is a backwards step surely ? Yow'm bigger thun anybody bay ya ?


Just ask spanish ray how big we am, you will be soon when you get the extra seats m8.

Jack the Hat


Not too many laughing in the graveyard then that is why you ended up with Ken Jackett when big Sam decided to go to a bigger club. He said he wouldn't be seen dead in a orange crush football shirt.


Captain Mardon International

Good, it's for the best. A mistake from the start in my opinion, regardless to the problems he had adopted. A good coach would have motivated his squad to be hungry again. That never happened.

I feel Richard Garlick needs his hand holding as his approach to business seems to "Black and white".

Onwards and upwards.


In total and utter agreement with you mate .


In the words of the Hives ' I hate to say i told you so ' .


In response to your post on another thread, I'm not too bad thanks. I hope you're well too. Do you remember when it was you and me against the world regarding Scott Carson? We upset a few during that debate as I remember. You call it as it is mate and I promise to try and back you up a bit more in the future.

Mistake after mistake after mistake, not Mel but those in charge. Changing manager so often does not help the club nor the fans but it does strengthen Peace's position at the helm. Very worrying times at the Albion, massive rebuilding ahead with players out of contract who may decide a settled club elsewhere promises better than staying at crisis ridden Albion.

Jack the Hat


Not so big as a DOUBLE-DROP crisis.

After all is said and done, we are Premiership, still, ay we.



OK, It all starts from now !!

Total rebuild, get your wallet out Jeremy its going to be an expensive time for you.

Sort the manager out first though,

Boing Boing.

funny old world

He will have to find it first.


A genuine nice bloke who had the misfortune to have to work under Peace and Garlick, the Chuckle brothers of the Premiership. To me.....!

Pepe deserves better and I hope he puts his tenure at West Brom down to experience and it doesn't taint his view of English football.


Why have you walked out on us daddy?


HSK: probably the strangest post I've seen!! Are you on the right web site??



Stokewolf. He's probably one of your crackpots. Sorry to have to put it so bluntly, present company excepted.

Jack the Hat


No pal, HSK is on the pot. L☺Ls.


Baggie in Jersey

Disgrace. The man deserved a chance to build his own team next season. Now we will never know what might have been.. Downing and Kiely out now and, all the dead wood that should not wear the shirt again. I just hope for a complete management team and some funds for new players. Supported this club for 50+ years but wont be doing so for much longer at this rate.

Captain Mardon International

Why on earth does he deserve a chance? what has he done to convince you that he does? I can't think of a comfortable win or performance under him. When winning we switch off and lose focus.

Baggie in Jersey

Because he has a strong management background in FOOTBALL. Pepe Mel knows what he is talking about but Albion couldn't see it for the one eyed tactics they are used to. I don't post here often because of all the back biting between yourselves and I am not surprised that CMI is the one to respond. One of the worst one eyed monsters on the site.

Captain Mardon International

A monster? now thats personal and quite inaccurate too. I will normally 95% of the time have my say and leave it at that. I know quite a few on here personally and count them as friends, but I don't always agree with them, and tell them so.

I take your point about Pepe mel knowing what he wants, but maybe that spells out the problem with him. His style just isn't suited to us, be it our lack of ambition or perhaps like many other failed foreign coaches in the Premiership.


dear mr peace/ mr garlick

i really do hope you know what your doing here, pepe mel is a good manager and someone who could have taken us forward, granted there are going to be more managers on the market but how many are going to come in with no money to spend and a an entire new team to manufacture?

seen houghton is odds on what a waste of time that is unless he brings snodgrass with him! moyes/sherwood and mckay are the only others i can think of atm who could take over

we need 8 new players at least next season we will have a completly different team and need a good solid preseason most of these players will be internationals too away at world cup so theres another stumbling block

who ever comes in needa money and it needs to be ready im not saying 150m but a new team in the premier league will need 40-50m at least

good luck whoever comes in


What a great shame that Pepe Mel has left the Albion. Mr Chairman you should be ashamed of yourself, how did you expect poor Pepe to his job with his hands tied behind his back and no financial support from you.

Who will want to come to manage us now? You have got to give whoever does eventually come in a massive amount of cash to bring in his own players in readiness for next season.

As far as I am concerned Mr Chairman, until you put your hand into your pocket and start spending the millions you get each season from Sky to strengthen our playing squad then I WILL NOT be renewing my family season tickets.

Very unhappy Albion Supporter.


The metin went like this. Jeremy I wil need to completely overall the squad. This is how much im gonna need. Peace - thank you mel for your efforts bye bye. Like I sed yesterday new manager comes in grateful for the job thenvis likely to give the players a chance to proof themselves. More time wasted and then happy to put up with free transfers and loan signings . Crap.

Jack the Hat

Adios Pepe Mel and thank you.

Can some-one patiently explain to me what Chris Hughton has ever done as a football Head-Coach?. Appoint him and it would be a retro step. I would rather bring in John Terry as player-coach or a good Championship one. Jeremy has soon started the ball rolling, good job he doesn't stand on the park or the grass would never grow.



Jack The Hat(The one eyed Jeremy can do no wrong FAN)

Your lack of response to everything going on today is so noticeable . Defend the undefendable after their appalling stance for the Astle family. The real supporters are showing their utter displeasure and the numbers are growing.

John Terry would be a great choice - Rude, arrogant, untouchable ,aloof. He would be right at home with tis employers.

Jack the Hat


What on earth are you on about, I made my point long before you got out of bed today, let me remind you.

May 10, 2014 9:51 am

There seems a lot of doubt coming from Pepe as to whether he has shown enough to get the job and Jeremy will pick up on this type of uncertainty. I have also said why the health and safety laws set by the F.A. have to be respected. I have a right to put forward a prospective name for a Head-Coach.

Pepe had a good idea what was going to happen even then.

If you think I am going to repeat myself like a parrot every day just to appease you, forget it and stop talking like a clot so that you can hold your head up high and say, that took a swipe at Jack, now you can return to bed.

Thank you.



Well side Streetlybaggie..........


Drunk again pricey ?


Well Well Jack and Cyril im sure i said we would lose with Stoke and that Pepe Mel would leave the club, but hay what do i know lolol. 4th from bottom well Cyril and Jack will be happy with that.... Lets get someone in who whats what the fans want a winning side and not what Cyril and Jack want......


Jack, have you got even the vaguest idea what pricey is rambling on about ? Not being a beer swiller I can't offer him advice on how to not talk rowlocks when he's had a few more than a few. Hold it there ! PLYMOUTH. Of course. RUM ! The sailor's best friend. Other than maybe another sailor. Whose turn is it in the barrel ?


Hi mate,

naughty...funny but'll be getting told off by the mods..



The Real Bully Hoo.


(To be read in Homer Simpson voice.)

Mmmmm Woods 100%.

Jack the Hat


I've detected an acute attack of the " Blue Devils ". He sees me and you as a threat that is why we are prominent in his sub conscious state. Now the worst drink one can consume to place one in this state is Cider. Plymouth is in the heart of cider country therefore my assessment is correct as you would agree. When he is in this state he assumes we run West Bromwich Albion football club. Hope this explanation helps you to comprehend his problems and he will be okay when he returns to sobriety. L☺Ls.

Reminds me when I used to holiday in Cornwall with relatives. The cider we used to drink besides Scrumpy ( Wonder if that was where the name " Scrumpy Jack " was coined?. ) we drank " Cripple Cock " cider. on the label was a Cockerel togged up like long John Silver, That would blow your socks off. Happy days those were mate.


Jack the Hat


What you know!, tell you what, if you had put money on a Stoke - Pepe double, you would now be owing the Turf Accountant a fist full.

Hey, what's all this about hay, enjoy your lunch.

Gorra loff ay ya.



If it is true about Jeff Astle's daughter the club should be ashamed.

As for Pepe Mel, thanks for the job you did with one arm tied behind your back and good luck for the future.

What is going on? The club appears to be alienating it's fans and walking from one PR disaster to another.

E1 Baggie

Seems scapegoat-y. Most of the problems weren't his fault.

CantelloRocket 78

I did mention last week a reliable 'source' had indicated to me that the 'boat no longer wished to be rocked', and the previous foundations at the club were now prefered to that of the 'experiment', in which case Pepe looked to be on very shaky ground - regardless of how the season finished - so it's sad news, but not really a surprise-

RG says 'lessons have been learned' this season - which is good to hear, but it must be remembered much of what went wrong was before Pepe came to the club, so a good man has now been sacrificed, but no doubt certain others must also reflect on their part in the events of recent times - if improvements aren't now made, Pepe can no longer be blamed......


Never mind last week Rocket, A very 'reliable source' told you months ago he was never going to cut it. Now be honest, didn't I ?


CantelloRocket 78


almost any Coach who's brought into such a situation without the opportunity to put his own stamp on things will have a mountain to climb, that's pretty obvious to everyone-

but if you still wanna pretend to be Marbella's Mystic Meg, go ahead, I doubt if anyone's really interested in yer crystal balls....

We Only Need One Half!

Don't worry Hyacinth, you may have noticed that 8th place in the Championship best finish ever manager you've got is not even in the running.


Jack the Hat


There was only one person who knew, all others guessed, so why are you counting coop?.


Jack the Hat


Agree mate, Jeremy and Co have now got the ball firmly in their half of the park. Can't Comprehend why the Astle girls were ejected from a milling area though, strange. On the other hand, I don't think fans would like to be pestered every match day with all sorts of fliers being pushed onto them on the way to the chuck wagon and that is why the club might have taken this action. Once a precedent is set.

All the best.



Personally I am saddened by this, I liked his intentions and desire to play the game in "Baggies tradition"

His replacement ?

Chris Hughton............Spent a fortune and still got relegated

Tim Sherwood...............Teflon finger pointer

David Moyes..............Probably wait for bigger fish, Newcastle, Villa.

Michael Laudrup...............Personal favourite from a football aspect

JP needs to get this right, and very quickly. There is a mountain of work to be done.


Well that's that then. Feel bad for Mel - the results were poor but given what he had to work with, I'm not sure what was expected. This season has been dire, and I wonder if the angle taken was that all links to it needed to be severed for the club to move on (Anelka, DMcD, Mel, hopefully several of the players) into a fresh start. We've got Burton coming in, and hopefully they already have a coach in mind. Typically, a lot of names being bandied about and resisted, but the selection is better than when Clarke was sacked. Mackay is now contractually free, and I'd like to see him be given an opportunity given what he did within a difficult regime in Cardiff. Less sure about Hughton, although he did have an excellent season at Birmingham with a meagre budget and small team - getting them to the playoffs while competing in Europe, which does say something. I'd even welcome Sherwood - His stats are good (although short-lived so far) and I liked the go-for-broke energy that he injected into Spurs. God knows, we need some of that after the season we have had. Point is, there will always be divided opinions on whoever is being shortlisted/appointed - as long as it brings unity, drive and development then I'll be a happy fan. [SurreyBaggie]

The Real Bully Hoo.

Thank you Pepe for your dignity and good humour. Sorry to see you go, good luck in the new job.

Now for the mad house.

I assume we're looking for a head coach and not a manager so that would seem to rule out Malky McKay and a few others.

Chris Hughton doesn't exactly make my toes curl with excitement.

Tim Sherwood, not much of a track record and would be off at the first job offer in London.

The one that does seem an exciting prospect might be Paul Clement. I must admit I have no idea if he'd be any good but he might bring some new ideas which I think we need.

Wake me up when it's done, I don't think I can face all of the nightmare candidates that will be put forward.

Ronnie Allen

Interesting. No managerial experience whatsoever. A bit like Steve Clarke really. I am doing a Real Bully Hoo here acting like a judge, and just what makes you think he will leave a team like Real to come to Albion?? To do a Steve Clarke??

Funny old world eh??

The Real Bully Hoo.

I actually said I have no idea if he'll be any good.

Where did I say that he would come to us?

I was just saying that it's not easy picking a replacement unless you have the money to pick and choose.

Don't worry, I doub we'll be coming for Kenny Jackett.


Bully, I think Kenny Jackett will turn out to be a good manager so he won't be there long anyway.

Santas a baggie

Thank you Pepe Mel,you were on a hiding to nothing from very start.To much going on at WBA for any =body to make much difference. I fully expect another season with the same old clientele in the team,Whoever is unfortunate to get the job is bu**ered from the start.Mel said we needded 9-11 new players in the summer,well if we were to buy 9 average players & say £5ml each,.............45 mill can't see Peace ever spending that sort of dough. So thanks Pepe for what you tried to achieve,it was never going to be easy.Good luck where ever you end up.

Muchas gracias Pepe!

A class act who was dropped into the "meat grinder" full of Albion politics, drama, and some calamitous performances (Cardiff, Villa, Spurs!).

I actually think that the wrong bloke has lost his job here, and there are a few people on and around the board that need to take a long hard look at their actions this year?

By some miracle we get to live another day in the premiership, so providing we make a good appointment soon, the new man will have the summer to assemble his own squad?

Anyway, I truly hope Pepe goes on to bigger and better things?

PS Cant believe how few people stayed to see the players at the end of the game yesterday? I know its been a joke season for us, but players like Foster, McAuley, Olllson and Mulumbu deserved better?

Ronnie Allen

Dear Anon

Mulumbu when subbed yesterday did 360 clapping. That was goodbye. He is gone. A great player, but why should he stay??

Everyone get the rose tinted glasses off. We are a small club with no ambition and a small stadium. That is the blunt reality. An extra 300 seats for next year. Whoopee doo.

All Albion fans should focus their attention on the Chairman. The big cheese. History and the past success is tomorrow's chip paper. I cannot see much change on last summers position, no doubt after Steve Clarke asked him to strengthen the squad and JP said no cash. What sort of manager is that going to attract? Fair play to Pepe as well, as today he would have wanted to know what sort of funds are available to him.

Jack the Hat

Ronnie Allen,

Mulumbu gone!, your lot have never arrived especially in the Premiership. The Highest they got was the fingernail one and that broke out into DOUBLE-DROP fungi.

Gorra loff ay ya.



A genuinely decent man who was the ONLY one at the club trying to create a sense of community and bridge the growing gap between the club and fans. The only one who is honest in his interviews - and not reading some pre-prepared, legal team vetted statement.

It needs to be sorted out quickly - otherwise the "football department" will be in big trouble again next year.

With the search for a new coach and the World Cup (during which no one moves clubs or signs deals) I fear we will be playing catch up again.


“We aim to find the most suitable candidate who, with the support of the structure we have had in place for six years and are presently strengthening, will enable the club to be more competitive next season." Richard Garlick said

So vampires and decent coaches need not apply. If the structures are so good, why are we in such a mess? Monty Python could re-write the dead parrot sketch based on this clown. Living in denial, Mr Peace - middle of Championship Chairman would've been a more accurate description last summer, don't you think? Panic buys and panic appointments - truth is, Hodgson and Ashworth dismantled the structures before closing the doors behind them! What a farce we've become; it's heart breaking.


Did I hear David Jones name mentioned in connection with the Albion; well, if you pay peanuts you're bound to attract the Monkeys .... sorry.


Unfortunately based on Pepe wanting to try it his way with our chairman this was always going to be the outcome.

By the skin of our teeth we have managed to retain our premiership status, and i just hope that this season a lesson has been learned that you cannot compete in the premier league on a shoestring and also this season with bad management.

However if lessons have been learned hopefully we wont have a repeat next season.

For me the important thing now is to make an appointment quickly and allow the new manager/coach to start building a squad that will be in place ready for the pre season training, this way everyone knows where they stand from the begining rather than the slap dash way it was handled this season with last minute signings and appointments.

Personally i would love to see David Moyes but feel there is little chance of that and if rumours that were circulating on Friday are to be believed the job is Malkay Mackays already.


I really do hope the players are happy with themselves, player power as cost him his job.


They say Mr Peace that in life you reap as you sow so I think you have a few poor harvests to come.

I wish Pepe Mel well he was a man who demonstrated more passion for the team than than some of those who represented the club on the pitch. I do not think it was a case of him not being able to motivate the team but it was always going to be difficult for him due to problems with the language.

I fail to understand the management's pre-occupation with keeping Downing and Kiely in place and surely the new man must be allowed to appoint his own staff.



thanks Pepe.....mission accomplished and I'd have liked you to stay but it wasn't to be - good luck in your future ventures. Now....we've reached the point when we could put loads of names on a dart board - close our eyes and see what happens. I'm guessing that JP know his man and it will be a quick appointment but if this one goes wrong the club could put itself back 10 years or more......and with everything else that has gone on in the last week it's all a little worrying to be honest.

This summer may not be as peaceful as we all wanted




Disappointed but not surprised, especially after the Sunderland game when it seemed like he had "thrown in the towel"!

The Club need to act VERY quickly now as it seems that we may have only a few players left - a lot are out of contract and it does seem that Foster and Mulumbu, amongst others, seem to be on their way out.

At least we can get George Thorne back, as he seems to have done the business at Derby.


Thank you Pepe and good luck and best wishes whatever you do next?

My comments regarding the Board are well known and I shall not repeat again but please can our chairman and Board make a decision and have a plan, any other board would have been removed by now based upon their decision making and lack of ability.

Also I am personally fed up with mr Downing in the technical area during games appearing to be in charge and with no respect for the manager! He and Kiely need to go.


I hate to say it but I told ya so, Jp loves this so he doesn't have to spend nothing cus he has to give to new manager time to settle in.

Personally I would won't David moyes but no to mm and the rest of the names that papers say. Time to chill and relax and watch the World Cup and forget about Jp and the clowns that run the club.


Jack the Hat

January 17, 2014 9:48 am


You are right, we can't talk about some-one we know nothing about, but the Betis fans chanted volumes.

yes jth they want him back

Jack the Hat


Wouldn't surprise me in the least that is assuming Pepe wanted to return, Betis would want him back. He did state he would go else where though, so what is exactly your point as I find Dinglish very obscure.

Thank you.




Why are Downing and Kiely considered so blameless?

Santas a baggie

We must get rid of Downing,any manager worth his salt would insist on bringing in his own people.Don't know about Kiely qwe need a keeper coach no matter who comes in. Do it quick Albion and appoint someone. Moyes maybe,if not Clement from Real Madrid.

Blue & white forever

JA makes the comment about "hands tied behind his back" the same can be said of Steve Clarke, Keith Downing, Dean Kiely. No-one has been able to do the job properly since Roy left, he was a strong character that stood up to Peace and worked closely with an experienced Dan Ashworth. No point in blaming the Management & Players if the right support is not given, Pepe Guardiola could not do the job let alone Pep Mel. I know we are a "small" club but we have to make proper football decisions and sometimes that means spending a bit more than we would like, such as giving Chelsea the money to loan Lukaku. We would have covered that by being 4-5 places higher at least with his goals and the point is he wanted to come back to West Brom. If you read Gareth Mac's peice he praises Keith & Dean for basically keeping us in this division so it would be cruel and pointless in them going, they are the backbone who need to work with another Hodgson style Manager. If attitudes at the top do not change then no-one will do any good & it will be the trap door opening next May. Really cannot see Hughton & Sherwood, we need experience and someone who is strong & has had some recent success.


Question is WHEN?

I would have thought that after the debacle of the 28 days it took to appoint Pepe Mel, that the work would have been going on behind the scenes and we need to make an immediate appointment cos there is one heck of a rebuilding and sorting out job to do.

I will wait with great anticipation :-)


I take it PM was not in charge ever since the spat then, so what was the point of him being there. The bloke couldn't wait for the final whistle. JP please explain as to wat the f, u are doing, and why do u take £40 grand a week out of the club. It is my trainset won't cut it. So please explain.


Not sure on my season ticket renewal what are other peoples thoughts on that ? Michael Landrup would be a good call.


Wheres Cyril gone...


Have you missed me sailor ? I've been busy all day studying page 3 in The Sun.


Get Steve Clarke back and give him some money.....


This is a quote from RG,

"The search for a new head coach has now begun. We aim to find the most suitable candidate who, with the support of the structure we have had in place for six years and are presently strengthening, will enable the club to be more competitive next season."

What he should of said was, "we have had in place for six years and have destroyed this season."

Sort it out !!!!!


I hope to God the bookies are wrong! Hughton??? Why would Peace (or anyone) want him? He got sacked for being useless at Norwich for Christ's sake! It's got to be Moyes (if he'd come) or Laudrup for me.

We Only Need One Half!

Well I feel for the guy, but truth be told he was no better than Clarke, the record shows it, despite what the ones who screamed for Clarke's head whilst supporting Mel (I think hypocrite is the best way to describe them) might try and say, interesting reading the comments about job done etc, I wonder how many of those posters wanted Clarke out?

So now its page1, day 1, and we have some interesting paradoxes, we need someone in quickly to give them the best possible chance to gel, but we also need to take the time to get it right, and we need to spend money to bolster the team, but we also need to keep our heads and not become one of the many who have to rely on handouts, are just some of the more pressing concerns.

Frankly we need a Charles Blondin in as Chairman now, because it seems the one we have cant do right for doing wrong at the moment.

So lets move forward 'together' from now on, what's past is prologue, and no amount of recriminations will change that.

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Winston Churchill

The Real Bully Hoo.


It's a bit toxic on here today, a bit like the Dad's Army episode where they dressed as 5th columnists and went out to maraud the streets stirring up panic.

We have the undercover Wulfies, the ex-undercover Wulfies that have summoned the courage to wear their colours, the anti-JP faction, the anti-everything brigade. I suppose you could say they're a committee but we couldn't possibly do that could we?

The ex-sack Steve Clarke movement (the artists formerly know as 'Get rid of boring Hodgson') will now join forces with the ex-sack Pepe Mel group (soon to be known as the 'Chris Hughton out set) and they will all form a super group to be known as the 'What Am I Doing Here Experience.'

I'm off now to get some abuse for being too positive.


Evening mate,

that made me smile a little (dad loves dad's army)...but to be honest I'd not have sacked SC nor Pepe appears to me that the board are in a proper spat and are jumping into decisions without taking the time to think a little....the amount of head coaches / managers that have been mentioned already is can I be the first to suggest that lady from France....just to tick a box at least (I can hear former sky commentators coughing as I type)..

in all seriousness...if the club bets this one wrong we could be in a proper pickle.....and after reading Jake's post below I'd not even thought about Lennon....the list is almost endless....if they'd come..

it's a little worrying..



The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Andy.

From what you've mentioned about him, your Dad sounds like a man of taste and class.

Woodman Corner Jake

I'm in danger of developing Repitive Strain Injury through continuously typing the same message! I know that some contributors on this site feel that Saint Jeremy and his motley crew on the board can do no wrong. However, those of us who, whilst recognising the good work they have done with the finances over many years, feel that many of the decisions taken this past 12 months have bordered on the incredulous.

So, we're back to pendulum strategy.....first this way, then that with the Board increasingly resembling the Grand Old Duke of a York.

I'm sorry for Pepe Mel, a decent man, and wish him every success in the future. However, he was the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hopefully we'll now take the opportunity to bring in a coach who can motivate and educate the players - and who will be given time and money to do the job.

There are some exciting names being bandied about - Sherwood, Laudrup, Moyes, McInnes, MacKay, Lennon - each with their own strength of character and distinctive personality. A professional recruitment process and the correct due diligence on both sides should help identify the best man.

A case can be made out for each of these.....whose ambition would be a top-8 finish for a club with our resources. This would rehabilitate those whose career needs it and provide a good testimonial to all.

But, can the Saint tolerate another ego at the club - other than his own? We all recall the fate of Steve Clarke who had the temerity to question our transfer policy at the start of last season.

My worry is that we'll finish up with second raters like Jones, Hughton, MacDermott. Good honest workers who have done well in the Championship but lacking that 'X' factor that distinguishes the exceptional from the average.


Wo.Cor.Jake I would be more than interested to know whose bright idea it was to sign Anelka ? The mad scramble to sign players days or even hours before the season opened is another question I'd like answered. I'd also like to know why Odemwhinger was allowed by the FA to Twitter criticisms of our club, the players and even telling a kid to get out while he still could. This as a serving, contracted player to a local rival. Surely none of that is legal ?

Aldridge Baggie

When is Peace himself going to apologise for this -it is always others never him! We are supposed to be the model for other clubs to be run on? Oh boy the other clubs must be really run poorly. Off/on the pitch the club is a complete shambles.He has the cheek to pay himself in excess of 1 million pounds for this but makes no real money available for transfers-our poor little rich man.To cap it all he is now doing away with the traditional shirt-personally the image leaked doesn't look to bad but do you get rid of 100 years of history just like that-of course you don't-this sums up what he thinks of the club.

PS ,Sessegnon and Mulumbu should be fined two weeks wages for blacking the parade yesterday-most of the crowd left because they thought the players hadn't bothered so why should they?But the true supporters like me did stop!


PM was on a hiding to nothing as soon as he joined. He's quite right, we do need 9 or 10 new players, and a lot of old stagers should be shown the door. With PM going Peace has made his position quite clear, he's not going to spend any money on this team. As a business, Peace has managed it extremely well, as a football club, pretty poor in my opinion, with no ambition whatsoever, and this looks set to continue. Some terrible decisions, all typified most recently with the decision by the club not to support the Justice for Jeff campaign, and on the horizon, changing the strip all white & pinstripes. These two decisions just goes to show how much out of touch they are with the fans. Good luck to PM and whatever he does next, and the best of luck to the next Baggies manager. Here we go again Baggies fans, a tough season ahead methinks. BOING BOING

Jack the Hat

There was more going on behind the scenes with Pepe and the players than met the eye, that is why he had to go. the Stoke match spoke volumes too. Richard Garlick's words " However, having reflected on events both on and off the field during our talks today, " says it all really. Jeremy Peace has worked wonders for our club since he took over and may he long continue. He has taken action to redress our situation, he can't do right from doing wrong in some eyes yet he is a shrewd businessman. Can't believe some of the waffle I am reading on here from so called BAGGIES, although a lot is coming from the football starved Dingles from the lower reaches of the football pyramid. They have been away from proper football for so long their heads have become like rusty buckets and unable to carry water anymore. About time we all got behind our Board and club, give them our support instead of whinging like spoiled kids in a sweet shop.


Quinton Baggie

It just cannot get any worse could it? The only good point is that we stayed up and i'd have to agree with the clayheads that we was lucky...just one embarrassment after another...At the moment I am ashamed to be an Albion fan, the club I love...As a family club we are self combusting with shocking decisions, disgusting behaviour regarding Jeff Astle's family, setting up Pepe Mel after a lot of deliberation to make him head coach and as a stool pigeon then sacking him...the mass exodus after the final game....the rumoured change of home strip...Le sulk Nikolas Anelka and his Quennell...And last of all Albion fans infighting over comments made by supporters of other clubs on these pages....There must be more but I am exhausted...Mr Peace has done well and put us on the Premiership map but lets be honest he runs a business and wants to make money and run the club on a has worked but this to me is a make or break time for us...If Mr Peace cannot take us to the next level by actively maintaining a mid table level at least and the potential to win a cup then he should do the right thing and put the club up for sale...If Portsmouth, Wigan and Hull can reach the cup final then so can we...I would like to say sorry to Lorraine Astle and her family, Pepe Mel and even Steve Clarke for the way you have been treated by our beloved club who at the moment is being dragged through the gutter.

Quinton Baggie

Well done Ben Foster for your call up to the England World Cup squad...John Ruddy on Talk Sport is cheesed off you made it in front of him...Wel you are a better Keeper and may be Ruddy should have being No3 instead of Frazer Forster.

boy from the REAL black country

Was always going to be sacked regardless of weather we stayed up or not. The problem was, although we learned a little of Pepe Mel the man (a likable character) we learned nothing of Pepe Mel the football manager. From the start he was handicapped by the language barrier (although to his credit he learned some English and was able to do some interviews in English, unlike Pottachino who still conducts his through an interrupter after 2 seasons in England) He never had his own staff around him, he didn't play to his preferred style of play, as the players were unable to adapt in such a short amount of time available and arriving after the transfer window meant he never worked with his own players. While all this was going on, he saw Long sold before his arrival and then had to deal with the Anelka situation. It would be grossly unfair to judge his tenure either way in such difficult circumstances! JP has made some poor decisions this season but he's no mug and the 6 month "get out" clause in Mels contract has given him plenty of time to consider his options...


This coming season will be crunch time for the baggies if they couldn't match up to Pepe Mel's ambition for the club what message does this send out to the ambitious prospective managers they should be looking to appoint?

Albion are very well run financially but it is so frustrating that they will not back managers judgement more than they do. In fact lack of ambition could see them do a Wolves if they are not careful.

I wish them well but I can't see them doing anything but struggle next season - this time next year they will be fighting clubs off to sign their best young players who will be questioning if the clubs ambitions also match their own.

Good luck Pepe I hope you find a chairman who gives you the time you deserve to build a team that can do you justice.

We Only Need One Half!

I would say we are better than Bradford City, Barnsley, Oldham Athletic, Portsmouth and Swindon Town who all fall out the Prem, yet none of those managed the double dip, so to be bad enough to do a Wolves you really do need to be in a crap league of your own.


I agree that at the moment Baggies have a better pool of players than those team you have mentioned and if they can attract a good manager/players despite the apparent lack of ambition they should be fine.

It is JP's backing of their managers that is questionable here and if he will allow them enough funds to get the players they would like to improve the team.

If your boss asked you what you needed to improve your performance at work and you asked for a new computer. Then he gave you an old one from 1998 it would not improve your performance much or give you confidence that you were going to do the job they ask of you.


Pepe Mell seemed like a great guy and obviously was liked by the fans but his performance was horrible! Worse than three or four other managers who were sacked. Why would we want to keep him? Steve Clarke based on results was far more successful and I'm guessing if he had been at the Albion for the remainder of the season we would not have to wait till the last day of the season for survival.

Honestly Pepe Mell, great guy but not the man for that job. Statistics prove it.

Danish Baggie

Exciting times ahead, for all the wrong reasons. Sad to see Pepe go, but I guess there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Very disapointed that the players wasent motivated for the last two games, but hey, mayby that wasent Pepe's fault ?

To all of you saying Pepe failed, well I guess you'll never know, cos maybe he got the maximum out of the hand he was dealt ? Had we keept Clarke or got someone else in, would we have been midtable or would we have gone down ? We'll never know will we ?

And to all of you saying " I told you so " Well, most of you told us that we were going down, and we did'nt.

Time to move on, we are still in the P L, and next season we are gonna play for the points yet again, contrary to what some of you think. I think with the right mann in charge, and 4-6 new players we will be fine. And WHO is that mann ? Havent got a clue to be honest.

Ps. hope QPR gets promoted, so Thorne for sure are comming back.

Have a nice summer everyone.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Good points about more to it than meets the eye Danish. Also the fact that if people predict everything will go wrong they are bound to be right some of the time.

I hope QPR don't get promoted as Dodgy 'Arry played a major part in disrupting our club by setting the Odemwingie affair in motion.

It doesn't matter if Derby get up because George Thorne is our player anyway.


Sadly there is no one in the decent managers/head coaches category available at this time. Wolves got the best deal last year with fantastic KJ. No one of his calibre aroubd presently.

The View From Baggy Bottom


That's really very funny. Well done!! It's good to start the day with a laugh. Irony can be such a blunt weapon sometimes, but you used it to good effect here.

Boing Boing!!

CantelloRocket 78

Rob and Bert-

well 'king Kenny' ( snigger ) must be excited that he can now aim at a managerial career 'high' of breaking into the top half of the Chumpionship-

if it happens, watch out for serious nose bleeding.......

The Real Bully Hoo.

Credit where it's due lads. He did manage to get Wolves up with only PL parachute money to depend on compared to Russell Slade at Brentford who had a transfer budget of 2 bottles of snot and a bag of elephant's toenail clippings.


I'm really gonna miss Pepe, top bloke and looked like the right man to lead the team forward, shamee JP is such a tight arse and wouldn't fund Pepe with the money needed to turn the club around, Richard Garlick and Jeremy Peace, hold your heads in shame to what you've turned this club into and how you've cost such a nice guy his job because of it, if anything you should leave, not Pepe

The View From Baggy Bottom

Busy day on here yesterday. I spent so long reading the posts that I didn't get chance to post a comment myself.

I think everyone said everthing that was of relevence, pro and anti, and obviously, with feelings running high, we had the usual swarm of biting insects from the dark side to contend with.

Day two will no doubt bring another E&D pole along with speculation reporting of who will take over the hotseat at the crisis torn Hawthorns. It's all speculation. Sometimes, it's hard to remember that. Very few people know what's really going on and they are not going to let on.

It's painful. It's frustrating. But it will sort itself out in the end.

With the 'Manager Go Round' at The Albion spinning so fast, it will be interesting to see who has the nerve to try and jump on. My choice would be Moyes, for all sorts of reasons. Many of you scoff at the idea saying he will go to a bigger club, and you may be right. He is certainly a top manager. But having suffered the United experience I think he might think twice about jumping into the Newcastle hot seat, where the fans would turn on him very quickly if things went wrong and the chairman is hated by the fans. As for Villa, they are too proud, too high minded and sniffy to take a United cast off. It wouldn't look good for them to be seen sniffing around a manager who in their eyes failed at a smaller club,lol.

Where's he going to end up? If he wants Premier League, the options are limited. Another failure at a big club could spell the end of his managerial career.

That said, we'll probably end up giving Paul Clement his first shot as a head coach. Trouble with him is, if it worked and he was any good, he'd be off to a bigger club asap.

Meanwhile, The Magic Hawthorns Roundabout keeps spinning, faster and faster!!!

Boing, said Zebadee. Boing Boing, I replied.


The Real Bully Hoo.


There's also the fact that Moyes is a manager and unless we do an about turn in our head coach policy he might not be willing to work under that set up.

The View From Baggy Bottom


I know, but if I see a straw, I'm gonna clutch at it.

Moyes might be feeling battered enough to settle for suggesting and influencing signings while leaving the club to sort out the mucky details of the fees and contracts. He could then concentrate on football matters.

A lot depends on how these things are presented.

I'm probably way off the mark, as usual, but it's fun to join in anyway.

Boing Boing!!


I was going to post my congratulations to Ben on one of the many threads the paper have put on about his inclusion in the world cup squad but...........

CantelloRocket 78


I think the E&S are publishing a 16 page pull-out on the subject of local players and the World Cup-

focusing on all the Wolves players who only JUST missed out on being there...............

The Real Netherton Baggie


Russell Slade at Brentford?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Go on TRNB you might as well go the whole hog and do a Sun and shout GOTCHA!

I've made an amalgamation of Wolves two main rivals haven't I. The mighty Brentford and the immense Orient.

It's me age yer know. Well spotted, good knowledge.

CantelloRocket 78

I once saw Slade at Basingstoke if that's of any use......??

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