Chris Hughton the bookies favourite for West Brom job

Chris Hughton was today swiftly named as the bookies’ favourite to replace Pepe Mel and be Albion’s next head coach.

The 55-year-old former Newcastle and Birmingham boss is rated 4-1 favourite by online bookmakers to take over from Mel ahead of former Cardiff chief Malky Mackay (9-2), current Tottenham head coach Tim Sherwood (5-1) and Aberdeen’s ex-Albion captain Derek McInnes (8-1).

Mel left The Hawthorns by mutual consent this afternoon winning just three of his 17 games in charge following Steve Clarke’s departure in January, losing eight.

The Spaniard’s record was enough to keep Albion in the Premier League as they avoided the drop by three points.

But it wasn’t enough to convince the board that he was the correct long-term appointment.

And ex-Tottenham defender Hughton, who was sacked by Norwich after a 1-0 defeat to the Baggies at Carrow Road last month, is now the leading candidate to replace Mel.

Hughton was in the running to be Albion head coach in June 2012 but agreeing compensation with Birmingham proved a stumbling block.

Who will replace Pepe Mel?

Odds via Chris Hughton 4-1, Malky Mackay 9/2, Tim Sherwood 5/1, Derek McInnes 8/1, Mike Phelan 10/1, Michael Laudrup 12/1, Gianfranco Zola 12/1, Dave Jones 16/1, Keith Downing 16/1, Sean Dyche 16/1, David Moyes 16/1 Alan Curbishley 20/1, Uwe Rosler 20/1, Sam Allardyce 20/1, Neil Warnock 20/1 Steve Round 25/1.

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Comments for: "Chris Hughton the bookies favourite for West Brom job"

The Exiled Baggie

Two candidates only for the job: Malky Mackay and Derek McInnes, imo McInnes should get the job, he has worked up to SPL level and taken Aberdeen to second place, the guy loves the Albion and knows what he is talking about and the fact he has played football before should at least pacify Gareth Macauley ffs.

If players dont like a coach or the way they want them to play then they should be shown the door, this whole sorry mess has shown how our club is badly run atm, I can only think that DA had a much wider control over the club than we thought and that Garlick is a poor substitute.


I like your thinking but McInnes was woeful at Bristol City and he will be in much the same position at our beloved club in that he will have to try and do the job on a shoestring and as much as I agree he has done a great job in Scotland it is only the SPL and how many managers in the past have come down with glowing SPL records to the EPL and experienced success (very few).

I have to agree with you on Garlick though he is a poor substitute for Ashworth.

I'd go with Malky but I'd prefer Sherwood or Moyes.


This is as i predicted this morning

I said he would be in charge before the world cup started i still believe that to be the case.

I have it on good authority Garlick and Hughton have already had discussions.

What's the worst that can happen !

Apparently Joe Kinnear has been seen in WB today.

Now he would be a good choice.

Alternatively, Andre Villas Boas has had his current job for a few weeks so he maybe looking for a change.

All a bit embarrassing isn't it !!


Is Bobby Gould Free ?


A good Championship manager but not good enough as a Premiership one. Norwich's goals scored and subsequent relegation doesn't look good on the old CV!

However, the chairman believes his club is a Championship one punching above its weight so you never know!! I bet he'll only pay Championship wages.

Baggie in Jersey

No no no no no no no no no. Couldn't do it at Norwich so no chance with us. Mackay and McInnes.


No Man!!!!!


Do you want a woman, then?


Would probably do a better job than Hughton


Well done peace

Please dont appoint a yes man

Sherwood or moyes for me

And please spend more than the usual 7million this time

Pathetic season


NO WE DO NOT want Chris Hughton, he is completely useless as a manager, I would rather have SC back.

Moyes IMO would be the manager that JP would go for, he did very well at everton, he might even sell Anichibe again :)

The Real Bully Hoo.

I voted other but have no idea who that other should be.

What about Clough Jnr if they miss out in the play offs?



that maybe a good shout



The Real Bully Hoo.

He could be a good shout although I have a feeling he may be that rare thing, a manager that honours his contract.


The nasty part of me would suggest neither do JP and Co. But I'll have faith.

CantelloRocket 78

I'm always prepared to give a guy a chance, and Chris Hughton has always struck me as a nice guy, but he's recently been sacked by a club who spent more money than us on new players, yet finished below us and were relegated-

all I can say - and I'm simply looking at it realistically - is I believe most Baggies fans would be unhappy if he's first choice for the job, and the Albion hierarchy would almost certainly receive a massive backlash to this decision after a recent run of controversy and unrest-

I'm always willing to support the club, but I can sense 'fan frustration' might be reaching breaking point.....



Take this season out of the equation (for both of us) and Hughtons record is good. Unlucky to go at Newcastle good job at Birmingham and last season at Norwich. Norwich play some good football just could not score.

Look at all the names above Sherwood aside all have been sacked in the last 18 months for bad results.


sorry Dyche wasn't sacked but trust me he just got lucky,

He is not the man for us

CantelloRocket 78

Me name's gone again....


I did think CH was treated badly by Newcastle, but after what's been happening recently, I just think many Albion fans are looking for news that with inspire and excite them this Summer, and I've already seen comments over the past few weeks that Hughton would just be a free, available option to pursue-

like I say, I'll support whoever's chosen, but I can't see him being a popular choice amongst the majority.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I have to admit that you've made me think again about Hughton. The board would be slaughtered on these boards though if we appointed him.

We Only Need One Half!

A couple of seasons ago Hughton would have been my favourite, but look at it like this.

When S.C. was appointed, I wanted Hughton, and a poster on here pointed out that we were both starting in the same position the next season, having both finished on 47 points in the 2012 seasons, then we could see who really was the best.

Well I waited, and indeed Clarke won out, finishing 8th on 49 points to Hughton's 11th on 44 points, this despite us spending just 3.5 mill that closed season to Norwich's 9 mill, and again this season they have spent 26 mill to our 12 mill for the pleasure of finishing one place and 3 points below us, so no, at this moment in time I wouldn't want Hughton.

Only two I would give a second glance from that list would by Laudrup or Sherwood, Laudrup because he has proven he can do it (they also finished on 47 points with us and Norwich in 2012) and even though he finished behind Clarke in 9th in 2013 (despite having spent 48 mill between then and now, just saying!) he did manage to win a Cup and get into Europe.

Sherwood on the other end, despite having a team of multi million pound buys (104 mill, yes, one hundred and four million this past window alone), still managed to find themselves 3 nil down to a Pepe side within 30 minutes, doesn't have a bad win rate at 50%, question is, could he do with it a more conservatively priced team like ours, I am not convinced.

As for Moyes, despite the myth so many buy in to, I dont think spending 176 million over 11 years to ensure relative obscurity and still not winning anything is something to be proud off, personally.

So there you are folks, cold hard facts, pretty grim in the light of day, now who amongst you are now thinking "you know what, when all is said and done, that Clarke wasn't that bad after all"

The Real Bully Hoo.

And the other burning question on those two is, why did Swansea sack Laudrup and why are Spurs about to sack Sherwood.

We Only Need One Half!

The thing is Bully, the question really is who hasn't been sacked thats likely to come?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Sorry WONOH. My point was about why they were sacked, especially Laudrup at a time when Swansea weren't doing to bad. My thinking was that he regarded them as not a big enough club for him.

The same may apply to Sherwood, after all he did turn us down as a player because we weren't big enough.

We Only Need One Half!

Received and understood Bully.


If David Moyes was available (I think he is!) and was willing - why would anyone else be in the frame?

He did with Everton what Peace is saying about the Albion (mid table punching above).

Moyes would relish the chance to build a club again, and I am sure it would be a long term tenure.



If Moyes stays in England he will go to Newcastle or Villa


But sorry should have said i think he would be a great manager for us



to be honest none of the names in the bookies list fill me with a cup overflowing feeling...and some are just the usual names banded around. In all honesty....the stand out names that we could realistically attract ...and that might come to us are.....well if Big Sams sacked that might work but he was ditched along with Brain Talbot (woking episode).and the football would be.......Chris Houghton is a good coach and was treated badly at Newcastle but.....the rest is a list of out of work (sacked or relegated or both ).....old hands (out of work for ages) ex players (McInnes wood be good but not yet and a no no no to Phelan!!)....and Tim Sherwood...who might be good but would he come??

The Nigel Clough shout could be good is Shef Utd bomb in the playoffs and he has got close to 1000 games as a manager...

I have absolutely no idea who the next man will be - he will get my support no matter who he (or she) is...but this appointment is the most important since we gave the post to Lord Megson and let him bring Bob back!!

And if lambert is sacked by Villa.....sorry but my heads spinning already..



Captain Mardon International

I like the guy tbh and feel sorry for his departure at Newcastle. However his record at Norwich was like that of Steve Clarkes here. Starts off bright but slowly fades away.

We need to be honest with ourselves, we won't get a big name due to our financial restrictions, which is fine with me as I adopt the same philosophy in life with "only spending what you have". Chris Houghton, Tim Sherwood, Derrick McIness are what we should expect. All three are charismatic, British and understand what the Premiership invloves, plus all of them have very limited spending budgets.

People forget that we relatively new comers to the Premiership, so to finish in the top half for three seasons (with a very modest budget) is an astonishing achievement. Look at Spurs, Villa, Everton, they have all had their very bad seasons at some point, and thats with a big well established Premier league club and a big outlay in players.

Be patient folks and keep the faith.


Should Wigan not get promoted, Uwe Rosler would be an interesting choice. His strong personality, style of player and determination to succeed would be most welcome.

Otherwise, I'd say opt for Derek McInnes

funny old world

Who's the cheapest.


id want derek mcinnes


This has made me so angry , mel wants his own back room staff and his own players to compete next season in his own style and no one elses , he inherited a bunch of players that refused to change styles and play the way he wants, so peace and garlick let him go all because it involves spending money!!

They have let him go to replace him with nuthing more than a puppet , that will come in and continue with the current bunch of players we have and not ask to spend money because hes just greatfull of the gig.

Our club has been a joke this season and its all because of peace and garlick i genuinly think garlick needs the sack and peace to sell us off before were driven back in to the championship.


Of all the name being mentioned the one i would like to see is David Moyes.

But who ever is appointed they need the time and sufficient funds to do a good job.

What would we be looking at as a succesful first season, mid table top six or scraping in by the skin of our pircks by 3 points on 36.


derek mcInnis, the sensible choice, what is astonishing is that 30% have voted for moyes!!!!

the man utd job was too big for him and everton have martinez so moyes will wait untill a club that have money come in for him.

west ham might stick with big sam

spurs will appoint from abroad

newcastle would be favourites for moyes

interesting summer ahead.

Tim Buzaglo

McInnes and Sherwood for me this could be a formidable partnership.


The only reason Chris Houghton is favourite for the job with the bookies,they have to start a book at some point he would be the cheapest available so they make him favourite,he will not be a West Bromwich Albion Manager for next season.Its so obvious with a few top managers out of work,just shows you what junk you lot talk about on this site

boy from the REAL black country

Laudrup for me. We're all a bit clueless as to who would do well, any appointment is a gamble to some degree, but i think Laudrup would at least create a bit of a buzz amongst supporters and would be seen as a positive appointment by the players, having had the career he's had he would have the players respect and he has knowledge of the european leagues and now first hand experience of managing in the Prem. Show me someone (realistic!) who has better credentials?

boy from the REAL black country

Oh, and i forgot to mention he would fit right into our "Head coach" set up!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I said to WONOH above, why did Swansea sack him. I'm asking because I don't know but I seem to recall he was supposedly not showing much interest in training or the day to day running of the club. Good as his record is, if that's true do we want him?

boy from the REAL black country

If i remember correctly (quick look on Wiki came up with nothing) it was something to do with Gary Monk joining the coaching staff. Can't be 100% sure but i think Swans wanted a place for Monk but Laudrup wasn't keen. IMO if you identify the "right" man, you appoint him and set up the back room team around him secondary. If your picking your backroom team first and then trying to fit your main man in with them, your going about it all the wrong way. Which is why we should get the man we want and not pussyfoot around trying to keep Downing & Keily happy, unless of course the new man is happy to work with them.

boy from the REAL black country

I hear Fulhams Michael Jackson statue may be available!

CantelloRocket 78


well, it might not be such a BAD choice, certainly hard to BEAT IT, and I guess might provide us with the occasional THRILLER......

CantelloRocket 78

Look, it's the Summer, I'm determined to be happy whatever they wanna chuck at us........

The Real Bully Hoo.

Thank goodness for a bit of humour, who cares how bad it is, it's in such short supply anything is welcome. Keep it up m ate.


or you might wanna be startin something

The Real Bully Hoo.

I'm definitely not believing what the man from the Mirror tells us.

CantelloRocket 78

Well I've heard JP's been round to Steve Clarke's home, got down on his knees, and pleaded-

'I Want You Back.....'

and Steve replied-

'Just call my name.......I'll Be There........'

( just bringin' Michael's Brothers in on this as well......:-)


Ryan Giggs might want a shot at it.


Played a bit of football, should please Gareth Macauly


Bring in Neil Clement's brother who has served with some of the best at Chelsea and Real Madrid.


One word on Chris Hughton being our new boss and its a long one so her we go !


There feel better now !


We've not given a good account of our selves,this season. the media has been on our cases. Who would want to work for JP , come on, 2 managers in one season, that's mad. They quickly need to sort this, but me I'd say no to Houghton, but who gets the job, I ain't got a clue. So watch this space. Boing boing

CantelloRocket 78

Well when SC was 'removed' from the job, we were linked with just about anyone available - or even unavailable, for that matter-

it seems the media are now claiming we're considering approaching Oscar Garcia, who's just left Brighton.

Another Spaniard to immediately jump in the hot seat? Do they really believe that.....??