Pepe Mel: I’m capable of more

Pepe Mel today claimed Albion fans will never see what he is capable of if tomorrow is his final day as manager.

West Brom head coach Pepe Mel
Pepe Mel: The right man at the wrong time

The Spaniard takes charge of the club for the last game of the Premier League season against Stoke amid increasing signs that he could leave The Hawthorns next week.

The 51-year-old, who has admitted his future is in doubt, said: “I will go from here with two feelings – pride, at achieving the objective, and the feeling of people in England not really knowing the head coach I am.”

Mel, who revealed he last spoke to chairman Jeremy Peace last Friday, added: “It’s been very difficult. The two strikers we had (Shane Long and Nicolas Anelka) left and there have been lots of other problems, not least the issue with the language.

“But we have managed to achieve our objective. I learned a lot of things so I have no regrets.”

Mel is set to meet Peace next week to discuss his future after a troubled four months at the helm. The 18-month contract he signed in January included a summer get-out clause.

Meanwhile, young defender Cameron Gayle has left The Hawthorns after being released. He tweeted: “Thank you to all the staff and players that have helped me throughout my 7 years at the club.”

n Peter Odemwingie was today backed to beat the Albion boo boys on his first Hawthorns return since leaving the club last September when he lines up for Stoke tomorrow.

The Nigeria striker is braced for a stormy welcome from Baggies fans still angry at his messy exit.

Stoke boss Mark Hughes said: “It ended in acrimony but it won’t affect Peter.At away grounds you get grief on a lot of occasions so it’s not something that will faze him. It’s just another away ground.”

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Comments for: "Pepe Mel: I’m capable of more"

Jack the Hat

There seems a lot of doubt coming from Pepe as to whether he has shown enough to get the job and Jeremy will pick up on this type of uncertainty.

Cameron Gale, surely there are Championship clubs that will offer you a chance, sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

All the best.

I am not bothered what Odemthingy or his boss think.


We Only Need One Half!

JtH, I've read another three articles this morning about Hughes saying Odem will not be affected by his reception, it really does smack of the Lady doth protest to much. One quote from Hughes was worth noting though "Hopefully our highlight of the campaign will come at the weekend. It would be our first time in the top 10 and we can finish ninth, which would be an incredible achievement for us."

Yes, 8th last season for us was some achievement and worth celebrating wasn't it, just feel sorry for those who never appreciated it.

We Only Need One Half!

p.s. JtH will be in The Vine tomorrow before k.o., will get there about 1300 and usually leave at 1400hrs, if you come will be near rear fire door, just look for big bloke with a stick and a hat, odds on that will be me, other wise, meet you by the pitch where Woodman meets East Stand at half time, hopefully Simmo, Kev the Rev, Medway and CR will be there too, and anyone else who fancies putting names to faces, come on down.

Maninsider offered to bring his camera to take Kev's picture behind the goal the other day, so, we will all get to meet him at last too, which is nice.

The Real Bully Hoo.


And I'll get to apologise for calling him an imposter, which I will certainly do if he's there.

We Only Need One Half!

Me too Bully, latest betting odds

Club sent ticket for wrong stand, 2-1

Minibus broke down on way to match, 3-1

Needed toilet at half time, Evens

Couldn't see us, and were we really there? Odds on favourite

Talking of betting, got a feeling Ukraine worth a sneaky bet for a top 3 finish in Eurovision tonight, nothing to do with the music, but then, Eurovision voting rarely has had these past few years.


WONOH, I reckon there is more chance of Norwich putting 17 up Arsenal than there is of that particular picture being taken!!

Anyway, hope you put one over Joke City tomorrow. All the best..


We Only Need One Half!

Cheers Stokey, I am miffed we wont be finishing above them as per usual, but, giving them a good drubbing tomorrow would at least alleviate the disappointment some what.

Jack the Hat

I coin a new war-cry for us, " Onward and upward with the Baggies ".

What was blazed across the back of Dinglehampton Chronic_le referring to wolves?. You've guessed it, only they have added a couple of these sssssss. Just another case of wolves following us BAGGIES by copying our every move.

Gorra loff ay ya.


We Only Need One Half!

To be fair, its been mooted he would be leaving since day one, I recall posting something along the lines of he couldn't lose, keep us up and he'd be a hero, if we went down he could blame it on not having his own backroom staff, and, with the incidents that have transpired since he joined, Anelka, Long, that he keeps alluding too, he was always going to walk away a winner.

Personally, I would like him to stay for another season, but only if he is backed, otherwise there is no point, and we will be in exactly the same situation as we are now, or worse, 12 months down the line, and exactly the same excuses will be used.

This closed season is one of the most important I can recall in a long time, where in the recent past we have merely had to trim and tinker with a few players, not requiring the massive overhauls seen at other teams at this time of year, and lets be honest, that way has worked well for us in recent history, with under performing players, and a mass of contracts ending or loaners returning, this year there is very little room for error in the window, its a one shot deal and we need to get it right or suffer the consequences.

Over to J.P. and Garlick.


Hi mate,

I think lots of us would like him to stay as we've only seen a snap shot of what he has to offer. Some of our attacking play has been great so he will have an idea on who to bring in and who to ship out. The squad does need adjusting somewhat , but as I posted on another thread if it shows up (sort it please E & S!!) at least he has a head start on any new bloke (or lady) coming in.

If he can also bring in his back room staff to work along side Downing and Keily I'd be happy.

In the East stand tomorrow....row c seats 7 and 8 - by the woodman corner....




I think we should give him at least untill christmas,thats if he decides to stay of course.

John B

Unless we see some determination, fight, togetherness and will to win on sunday i fear pep will be down the road. It is to big a risk for JP unless the players show that they want to play for pep and have a fresh start next season



Give him next season to completely re-build and re-vamp the team and playing style. (We've been playing too many aimless long balls this season).

Any big time player not wanting to adapt. . . . Let them go.

What's all this media crap that Albion fans haven't taken to Mel ???? Ignorant reporting, every Baggie I know wants him to stay.

Captain Mardon International

Perhaps you are Pepe, sadly the language barrier and the difficult situation you adopted was a hinderence on your reign.

To be a successful manager in any type of business requires respect from your employees, the mothods and philosophy that you believe in also need to be delegated correctly, so they can be nurtured to a maximum capacity.

From the outside in based on what the media have told me, it looked as though you failed to achieve any of these core objectives.

I applaud you for your efforts and belief, but sadly it's not enough in my opinion. I won't wish you good ridance, I will wish you good luck.


I'm sure he is capable of more and I'd like to see it. What I cannot remove from my memory is the 'couldn't give a toss' of several players in last week's 1st half against Sunderland. That was a reality check for any supporter. I shall watch very closely tomorrow to see whether we have a bit of fight left in the team. Even more important than Odemdingdong.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Are you blaming the manager for the player's attitude the other night. Somebody else on here said something similar the other day but surely it's certain players we ought to be looking at rather than the manager. And after all, who is in the best position to judge which ones have turned up for him (Dorrans etc) and which ones haven't (Amalfitano etc.)

I also think that a football man like him is better placed to judge the difference between off form or not fully fit and not trying.


No Sir I bain't blaming Mel, my first line says that. I was trying to read between the lines. He puts out a team to rest one or two 'dependables with pride' such as Jonas.

Then we see a first half that, had I been on the line as Coach, would have had me screaming foul-mothed abuse at the display I was getting. Some played like they'd spent the night on the fizzy stuff and a few suspect roll-ups. He made some changes and we looked better but toothless. Will we score today ?


A couple of things here, Mel must be given next season with his own staff and a big hand in who comes and goes.

Also lets get our new signings in early and hopefully before the world cup, a full preseason and time to bond and to buy into how the manager wants to play.

The View From Baggy Bottom

You get the impression that he is resigned to leaving. He doesn't sound like a man confident of having the backing of his employer, despite the recent contact from JP.

If he goes it will be a real shame and perhaps an opportunity missed. Like Pepe says himself, will will never know what could have been.

If Pepe is not to be given his chance, I hope that its not the signal for another lengthy, drawn out summer of speculation without a head coach in place to assist recruitment. The last thing we need is more turmoil and wasted time. A continuation of the present shamles would be very costly.

Personally, I expect the shock announcement that David Moyes will take over Head Coach duties from Tuesday, having agreed a four year contract.

JP moves in mysterious ways!!

Boing Boing!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Agreed on both points.

I'd love to see him stay and take us in a more exciting direction but it seems that all of the signs say that he's resigned to leaving.

Also I don't want a summer of will he won't he appointments and I always hate waiting to see who the next manager will be because it's very unsettling.

All we can do is to get behind whoever is in the chair next season although some are easier to get behind than others.


Hmmmm , Cyril the attitude of the players was awful as you say, im not condoning it, however I reckon they thought we are safe , so as you say "Who cares" crept in, or could it have been a little more sincere , in that the players didn't want to play for PM as some have suggested. I don't think it was the latter because we actually came out brighter in the second half. Its been a weird season, and I just don't know what to make of it all. But I will be most interested to see everything unfold to see where it leads us, from manager to chairman and players. As for Odemwhinger I seriously believe he wont be safe tomorrow, don't ask me why but it is unsettling to see , that he doesn't understand the feelings towards him, he is a strange one.


Cape, it wasn't ALL the players though. Some were trying to make up for the few who were coasting. Mel obviously woke them up for the second half, so I am as puzzled as you.


here we go again looks like another change of manager y y y do we have this stupid situation almost every year pepe should be given another year that's if he wants to stay what was he supposed to do in a shambles of a season I for one will wait to see before renewing my ticket and who is there about to replace him if he goes if the players are uncertain about his style of play then get rid of them lets for once back a very popular manager and see what he can do

I.for one,would like Pepe Mel to stay but if the board won't back him then what's the point?If Albion look for a new head coach J.Peace is not prepared to pay compensation so any up and coming progressive,ambitious new manager is immediately ruled out leaving Albion only able to pick from managers that have failed elsewhere.Chris Hughton has been mentioned in the press.Hasn't he just got Norwich relegated?Give me strength.J.Peace needs to start acting more like a chairman and less like the dictator he's turning into.


Chris Houghton ?

Wouldn't surprise me, that would please all the politically correct media following their witch hunt against our club for not sacking Anelka after the West Ham game.

David Moyes manager at west brom?you're having a laugh he's way too ambitious for J.Peace.He'll turn up at Newcastle or Villa although I do think he would be brilliant for us.Maybe if we could replace J.Peace with Bill Kenwright.Now there's a Chairman who knows how to support his Manager.

We Only Need One Half!

Why do you think he would be brilliant for us exactly? being such a fan of Kenwright, perhaps you can tell me what Moyes and Kenwright won in 11 years of trying, despite all the millions spent?

Let him go to Newcastle or Villa, they are used to managers who flatter to deceive, like O'Neil, Lambert etc, they certainly have you fooled by the sound of it.


I remember watching Pepe's first game in charge against Everton on the TV when the camera focused on JP in the stands looking rather bemused & mouthing the words "what's his game plan?" Wether those thoughts have change we'll find out shortly!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I couldn't see JP from where I was in the ground but the manager's game plan got us a draw against an Everton side who were on a great winning run at the time.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I had the season ticket reminder come this morning. Strangely there were no players on it or anything to indicate that we play in stripes.


WOW ! Now MY reminder was a 4 page (8 sides) thin cardboard display with a whole Droitwich street draped in navy blue and white stripes inviting Season Ticket holders to join, and I quote,

"The Blue And White Army".

Inside we have two head and shoulder male supporters with blue and white shirts, one collared, one round neck. Add to that 4 youngsters I'm worried. Could be the new shirt.

Covering a whole side it starts, "We're BLUE and WHITE FOREVER,


The emphasis is on Blue and White all through.


What they forget, though, is that nothing on the internet is anonymous. They – GCHQ, the police, Google – know where you live.

Saw this earlier, hope everyone takes note.


The crux of mel staying or going is obvious. If he has sed to peace we need significant funding to rebuild the squad then he wil not be our manager .peace doesnt like or wont spend. A new manager wil come in grate ful to be in ajob and for awhile he will be happy to meke do with freebies and loans. And then the whole process starts again . Only this time where we have just avoided relegation our luck will surely run out and we will be back in the championship.


Also posted same article on wolves page.


Don't forget that there's 12 players to sort out as well, loanees , new contracts etc. If the club dithers on the new manager, the players contracts and signings then yes we will be in trouble, before we know it, its the 1st game tomorrow. Pre season gone, squad unsettled, manager unsure etc. etc.

What I hope is that everything is sorted out quickly and quietly, with the minimum of fuss, delay and bad press from the media. We need a smooth transition, which im sure will happen, then the club from top to bottom can get on with our business to show that we are still a good well run club, who want to compete at the highest level, and in stripes of course. boing boing


If we do release Mel then I think David Moyes would be a good replacement. A similar situation to when we got Hodgson - a manager not perceived by his previous club to be big/good enough for them but a perfect fit for us.


Looking forward to Stoke match,will be interesting to see players response to their slagging over Sunderland display and the Mel situation.Do they want and support him?Do they have pride as Premier League Baggies players or will it be "Oh well I wont be here next season anyway".If Mel really wants to be here next season this match,possibly more than any other will define it.

Odemwingie is getting the headlines but for me the real danger man for Stoke is Arnautovich.He is playing really well for Stoke and will be a real handfull for our defence so it will be interesting to see how Mel sets us up to deal with his pace and good ball control.COME ON YOU BAGGIES lets finish on a high.

CantelloRocket 78

What's sad is if Pepe goes, he'll have a stain on his CV, due to the club terminating his contract, the fans will never get to know what he might have achieved with his own choice of players, and Albion will be accused of taking forever to choose a Head Coach, then getting it wrong - so everyone loses, especially if a replacement Coach also struggles-

give Pepe at least half a dozen decent new players, plus 3 months 'trial' at the start of next season, then review his progress-

if not - then release him this Monday morning, and instantly display to us a strong alternative plan of action-

because as the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.............


I also believe if Mel goes at the end of the season it will further call into question the stewardship of the club. The idea that someone like Moyes or Sherwood could swing into town and start to overall the squad and backroom is sheer folly. Mel has worked with the players and has made an assessment of their capabilities; some newbie is going to rely too much on hearsay and that would be fatal.

Money is always a sticky issue, but with so many out of contract all at the same time there will never be a better time to make drastic changes.


Great reading & A Happy Last Day of The Seaon……..A season that has seen our Club take a turn for the worst and left us fighting relegation instead of consolidation in the greed league.

Re Pepe, I like him too but if he stays, he must clear out the deadwood, be given cash in May for quality players, be allowed to bring his backroom team in, and put some stability back on the playing front! The first half at Sunderland was a disgrace for me! I have always been proud of my Club but Wednesday night was not what I want to see. It was clear there was a 'couldn't give a toss' approach from certain quarters & that is never to be repeated. I hear a WBA fan rang Talksport & apologised to Norwich City FC for letting them to go down by a 'no-show' by us!

So PO likely to get a run out today. Should we boo him which he'll probably thrive on, or 'en masse' turn our back on him just like he did to us. When his name is read out, or God forbid if he scores. about turn and face the back of the stands in total silence.

2103/14 almost done! What will next season bring? We aren't top 4 or top 6, but I'd like to think our aim will be footballing our way to 8th/9th/10th with some pride and a rekindled energy throughout the club.

Bring on the Liquidator, The Lord's my Shepherd, Allez Allez Oh et al and all 4 stands give our Club a send off, hopefully with 3 points against the 'Oatcake Brigade'



Dunno whether I'll dare wear a blue and white striped shirt today. The weather is cold, wet and 'Orrible. Too 'orrible maybe for an old git to risk as I'm still coughing a bit from that chest infection doing the rounds. About 5 weeks ago I was boasting rather loudly to a captive mob that the last time I had flu was January 1953 and a bad cough in 1988. Tough old git, me. Then Him-Up-There whispered to Gabriel,

"Show him who's Gaffer please Gabby" and he struck me down. Death seemed the better option at one stage. But we weren't safe from relegation right then so that option was never on. And it isn't now either as I'm nearly 'all better'. But, will it be too cold for a shirt ?


Hey Cyril I hope you feel better. Us olduns have got to stick together.

No big name manager is going to come to the Baggies. We have a reputation of not wanting to spend money and they are used to lashing out money for players.

As an aside how about this for promoting the game. All 10 games Sunday are on different major TV channels over here in the USA. Never been known before.

Come on you Baggies.

The View From Baggy Bottom


Sorry to hear you've been ill, but good to hear you're on the mend. I live down in Pembrokeshire these days and tend to forget just how cold it can get up around the Yew Tree, where I used to live myself, back in the fifties and sixties. We used to get frost on the inside of the windows back then, before we all got soft an got central heating and double glazing. Me Moms still living there, but in a nice cosy flat these days.

If you've got a big enough shirt, simply wrap up well with a couple of layers underneath and wear your shirt over the top mate. Wear a coat that you can tek off in the ground and wear your B&W broad stripes with pride. Once you've made your point, stick your coat back on and keep yourself warm.

Have a crackin day mate, I'll be thinking of you and the rest of the lads.

Please, God, just this once, let us stuff Stoke for a change.

Boing Boing!!!


Hey Cyril I agree with TVFBB, just do what the kids do nowadays, put a few layers on, then your shirt. Or just go mental and jump around singing, (im sure you will), or even dare I say it think of the picture of PO (the one you really like) im sure that will make your blood boil, lol, have a good day and hope we beat stoke , boing boing