Chris Brunt: A shambles of a season for West Brom

Captain Chris Brunt today branded Albion’s season a “shambles” and warned they must learn lessons despite avoiding relegation from the Premier League.

West Brom captain Chris Brunt
West Brom captain Chris Brunt

The Baggies’ top-flight status was effectively confirmed when Norwich failed to beat Chelsea despite Pepe Mel’s side losing 1-0 at Arsenal.

But skipper Brunt admitted the campaign has been shambolic and admitted the players will be “bitterly disappointed” despite managing to survive.

The season has brought controversies involving Nicolas Anelka and Saido Berahino, the unpopular sale of Shane Long, the sacking of Steve Clarke, a protracted search for his successor, concerns from players about Mel’s methods and the sacking of his key ally Dave McDonough.

And Brunt said: “We will be bitterly disappointed with a poor season for various reasons.

“On and off the field it’s been a bit of a shambles from all sorts of angles.

“It’s difficult to put your finger on what has gone wrong for us this season.

“But we’ve been under pressure for a long time and if we do stay up we’ve got to take it as a positive achievement because when you’re down there and things aren’t going for you it’s difficult to get out of that rut but over the last few weeks we’ve done that.

“You only have to look at the standard of the teams coming up from the Championship and how long it’s taken Leicester to get themselves back up.

“I have played there (the Championship) and I know how tough a league it is. You get a lot of teams who go down and you don’t see them again for a long time so that’s definitely something we don’t want to toy with again.

“We’ve been pretty close this year and if we don’t learn from that we won’t learn from anything.”

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Comments for: "Chris Brunt: A shambles of a season for West Brom"


Well done Brunty - summed the season up in one word - SHAMBLES.

When all the loanees and out of contract players have gone we need to recruit players who have passion, desire and work rate. You rarely get this from loan players (Lukaku is the exception but he was probably a Dan Ashworth signing)

The Real Bully Hoo.

The other day Warren listed a number of failed players that were also Dan Ashworth signings. I don't say this to knock Dan's achievements but you're cherry picking the best ones to use as a blunt instrument to attack Richard Garlick which is as unfair as it's inaccurate. I'm not sure of your motives in doing this so I won't speculate.


Bully, it's a spiteful Wulfie playing silly sods. Probably one of the usuals with yet another new name.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I've had my doubts having seen a few of his post and the fact he's always critical of pretty much everything but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Having said that I've just seen his post about upsetting the clique, so that conforms it's Schhh you know who.

Jack the Hat


Two posts I've read of yours and both knock my cub. Being a newby, you don't know Maninsider-1988 by any chance do you as 1988 seems to have gone A.W.O.L., be honest. Just to educate you, Lukaku was just looking after his own soul, now Everton haven't finished in the top four what's the odds of him staying with them.



See I've upset the clique.

JtH - do you mean club?

CantelloRocket 78

Chris, you've been grafting hard, and probably been one of our best players in recent weeks, so fair play to you.

Now as Club Captain, I'd suggest you talk to the other players and say the problems of this season should inspire and motivate them to push upwards next term, as way of avoiding any repeat, also have a nose around and tell us if Pepe looks like staying, then have a wander though the offices and casually drop it out that the vast majority of fans want us wearing a 'proper' shirt next season, and won't tolerate anything less-

after you've completed this mission, report back to us..............



Another very amusing post. It made me smile anyway.

CantelloRocket 78


thanks for that, laughs have been thin on the ground lately, but a bit of humour got us through WWII ( according to Spike Milligan ), and this season's felt like a long, major battle, so....

I was feelin' quite positive, but I've just seen 'reports' from Spain that Malaga have been talking to Pepe's representatives about his availability, and it's claimed they've also fixed up a deal to sign Ruben Castro-

if there's any truth in that, bugger it.....

The Real Bully Hoo.


I guess that will be tomorrow's good news about us for the media then.

On the positive side if it's true perhaps it might make JP's mind up that he needs to act now.

CantelloRocket 78


It seems Malaga are not too happy with their current Coach Bernd Schuster, with certain Spanish sports papers claiming over the past few days that he could be departing from the club next month, with Pepe a strong target as replacement-

Ruben Castro's also been linked to Malaga, but I've only seen one claim that a deal's been struck-

if their media's anything like ours........well, you know........

The Real Bully Hoo.

Old saying that we must embrace, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' Learn the lessons and move on.

Stoney Lane

Well said, Chris. Your performance at left back yesterday was one of the highlights. Excellent away support from 2,900 was another.

So was a great new song, delivered by a few of the fans, which I hope will resound long and loud around the Hawthorns next weekend. To the tune of Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, it was:'HEY - PEACE - LEAVE OUR STRIPES ALONE!'


Stoney, he had a beauty did he not ? Chris looked like he always played there. Amalfitano was not at his best though, leaving Sess to do too much up front. But, we could have had a point with a bit more fire early on and a bit more thrust late on.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I noticed as well that a number of times Amal gave up on chasing balls he might have got and decided not to challenge for a 50/50 ball and if you don't challenge for those against Arsenal you really are wimping out. I'm guessing he's made his mind up and is running the clock down

Kev in Mallorca


I'm practicing the song as I type!




As you are on a song fetish at the mo

Can you remember the Brummie Road singing Goodbye Horse - or I am that ancient and only I can remember it?

Kev in Mallorca


The variation of songs at the Hawthorns is crap so anything is a welcome addition.


The Real Bully Hoo.


'And as he was saying goodbye to his horse he was saying goodbye to his horse.'

They don't write 'em like that any more.



Fantastic - glad someone else remembers.

I never understood where that came fro or why LOL

Kev in Mallorca


Tonight's atmosphere at Selhurst Park is the reason for my fetish mar mate, now that's a twelfth man.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I couldn't even find much by googling it. There's a clip on Youtube of 3 posh lads singing it although they haven't got the tune right. Then there are (predictably) fans of different clubs claiming that it's their song, I'm sure we'll have Jackett saying it's a Wolves song as well.

I haven't got a clue what it's all about.


Are Liverpool the new West Brom?

do lallytap

It's a shambles because there is too many big time charlies at the club and we need a captain who has the gonads to sort them out and unfortunately Brunty it ain't you


Another gloriously positive post from you doLall. Give it a rest please. You are predictable and BORING !

Brunt was my Mo'Match yesterday so were you there as you claim or did your TV only show Old Gold ?

do lallytap

Of course I was there Cyril, I was close to those lads with the Spanish wigs on and very close to Adrian Chiles, in fact at the end everyone thought Ben Foster came over to blow kisses at me where it was really towards his young son who was behind me with "Daddy" on the back of his shirt.

Now, Cyril, it may well be boring to you but it's my OPINION....yes OPINION but it's not half as boring as Brunty is with his square passes all of the time....I was there and I saw it and I am at every match but saying that he played well at left back, saying that a one legged mule would be better at left back than Ridgwell....but AGAIN....thats an OPINION


this season has been a write off it has been a shambles for on and off the field problems, when your on field performances arent great your off field matters are scrutanised even more,

albion have always relied on the loan system but i perosnally dont think it works not knowing who will be in your team one year to the next the only player id keep is amalfitano, and we havent tied him down yet!

a big one for me and many may not agree we need to cut our losses upfront big vic is good at holding the ball up but three goals always injured not for me, vydra needs to get on the mass gainers as soon as possible, thievy i dont know about as he hasnt played that much, id perosnally let all these go or sell vic, we need three/four strikers who are battling to be on the pitch. berahino needs a good pre season and a good talking too but probably the only striker that knows where the target is

the midfield needs some serious injection, bar dorrans, mulumbu and yacob i couldnt see a lot else doing anything brunt isnt the player he was nor is morrison, amal we should sign, what a waste sinclair was maybe two new wide players would be good which ill explain at the end

in defence we dont look too bad in terms of talent but i think mcauley and olsson might only have 2 or 3 seasons left so a new centre half would be good dawson will eventually drop into that position a new right back and let reid go some competition for billy and a new left back for competition for ridgewell every position should have at least two people who can play there,

there are certain players who in my opinion i would love to sign,




martin olsson

a young british defender for a british back line


rebuen castro

carlos vela

i know some are more realistic than others but that new life could be the reason we need to be top 10 or what we have had this season i hope we can sort it out and progress forward but we are still a premier league team and still have chance to finish the highest of the midland teamd again this year i am looking forward to next year just hope we get more decisions right than wrong


A good honest prognosis of our season, and he is right, given our recent successes this has been a shambles.

We need realists like this in the side, especially after a season chasing Europe, SC leaving, Saido playing the prima-dona, Nico bringing down the wrath of the media on us, now Baggies....AS YOU WERE!


Sammy, I could put a case that we MUST have had a good team overall or this season would have sunk us without trace. Not many middle-table teams would have carried this load and survived.

It also shows the great importance of examining a players attitude to life besides his football ability when making a signing.

Would we want either another Anelka or another Odemwingie in our squad ? No way for me. Confidence in his ability, YES, arrogance and conceit on that scale, NO.

Hi TRBH, im up for a debate, but RG has been a bit like a fish out of water in his job, he hasn't been very good to say the least, im up for giving any man a chance, but I think hes had his.

Jack the Hat

Brunt is right, so many knocks this season, there aren't many clubs that would be able to take that lot and remain in the Premiership. Has Pepe unearthed a new left back as Brunt has been immense the last two games and that cultured left foot means the distribution from that area is meaningful. Maybe it would help him if he could go on a course for assertiveness.

Now we wait for Jeremy Peace to see what he has as a way forward for us BAGGIES and his club, bring on Summer.

Fifth consecutive year in the Premiership, The BAGGY boys have done it unless Norwich win there remaining two matches by twenty goals and we don't score again in our last two. There are not many gamblers who would put a bent nickle on Norwich.



who does that leave then Cyril. lol

astle bridge

Shambles or not it doesn't really matter its history now ,so lets look forward to next season with all the optimism of diehard fans that know that next season is the one we'v been waiting for cos this is the year .To pinch a line from python Always look on the bright side of life COYB

The Real Bully Hoo.


With you all the way.


Blimey my song I made going to chanted around the hawthorns. Better get it copyrighted. Lol

Kev in Mallorca


If yowm genuine it's a good'un, I've got one of those shirts from a few seasons back with the big blue patch on the back which I'm guna get printed with HEY! PEACE LEAVE OUR STRIPES ALONE.

Are there any more words?




John Lennon's "Give Peace a chance" LOL

Lone wolf

Alright Kev, how about...........

"We dont know who we are,,

we dont know who we are are are,,,,,,,,,,

we are Albion,,,,,

we dont know who we are."

Seriously kev, folks should put a stop to this slow americanisation/strip changing/name changing rubbish.

It wouldnt feel the same if we got beat at soccer-ball by the" Birmingham bullits"

If JP wont reconsider and you refuse to enter the place ever again, ill be right behind you!

Good luck with it.


You are right Chris. The lesson that our owner and chairman must learn is if you want quality players then you have to pay the going rate for both transfer fees and wages! Too many loan players that were just not good enough!

Give Pepe the opportunity to rebuild the Albion, he will need a fair Premiership budget and he will need to bring his own staff in to support him next season. I think that Pepe will sign some exciting players that he has worked with in the past. It would also be a good idea to cherry pick the best players from the teams being relegated, as they have the experience of playing in the Premiership and together with Pepe's Spanish signings it would be a team that could compete in the best league in the world.

Over to you Mr Chairman! I will wait for you to put your hand in your pocket before I renew my family season tickets x 3 for next season.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I'll be renewing if we don't sign any new players.

I want Pepe as manager but I'll be renewing if he isn't.

I don't really want Moyes or Sherwood but I'll be renewing if either is made manager.

Part of this is because I trust JP to run the club properly but it's mostly because it's what supporters do.


A fair summing up by Brunty , BUT WE ARE STILL IN PREM and now we can move on from this and learn some very hard lessons.


Lets hope we don't sign any over the top has beens just for the name as we have done many times in the past. Hungry players and less loan signings please.

Blue & white forever

Shambles is an understatement, caused by yes you know who - Jeremy Peace. Let us go back to last summer Clarke told only Loans & Freebies, then he had his outburst in the press resulting as Pat Murphy said a "Trolley Shopping Dash" to bring in players not good enough. He did not back Steve with Lukaku when he was keen to come back. He tried to ship out Long, failed but finally did so in January. He got rid of Clarke - crazy decision because it was basically poor ref decisions that put us in a poor position come December. He takes weeks to bring in Mel on the advise of McDonought, who wants to change a style half way through a season with Players who do not play that way. Mel might have been better to come in in June rather than January, mind you he might now be gone in May. We wore blue shorts and ran out of socks half way through the season, now after a century in blue & white he & his board ignore history and change to white with blue pinstripe, be ok as an away strip but not your first choice strip. Who makes every decision at WBA - the Chairman. This summer it needs a total re-think, otherwise we will have a similar season next. It needs some bold investment in the playing squad but you know what it will no doubt be "Loans & Freebies" again!

Do lally think you need to go to Specsavers mate, Brunty has been 100% WBA, played left midfield, left back, central midfield, defensive midfield, yes like every footballer has the odd bad game but this season he has shown committment and ability including a couple of breathtaking goals.

The Real Bully Hoo.

And of course JP confides in Pat Murphy doesn't he so you would believe him.

We couldn't afford to outbid Everton who have years of PL money behind them.

Your trolley dash is down to circumstances and the fact that we aren't rich enough to go out and take control of the transfer market. We have to rely on smarft deals and feeding off the scraps. Again not JP's fault unless you have some revolutionary scheme to make more money available.

I agree that the sacking Clarke and employing McDonough were probably mistakes but mistakes made in good faith. JP wants success for the club as much as we do.

We haven't actually seen the new strip yet but if it's like the one portrayed I agree with you again. But I suggest that if we have a good season in wearing it then all will be forgiven and forgotten.

The sock story was a deliberate tabloid misrepresentation of what happened in order to ridicule our club yet people chose to believe it.

People moan about the loans but they're usually done to try a player before signing him. I think if Scott Sinclair hasn't convinced you this is a good policy nothing ever will

Who are the Freebies that have been flops? Gareth MaCauley Billy Jones? Claudio Yacob? I'm sure they'd all have played better if we'd paid for them.

I look forward to your answers to these questions.

Blue & white forever

You obviously did not hear Pat on Radio 5 when he analysed the Albion. I think all newsboys, reporters have been singing from same hymn sheet recently - are they all wrong? We gave Everton £5 mill for Anichbe & they paid same for Lukaku, to my thinking if we had matched the offer we would have got that back by finishing between 8-10th and at 10.00pm on transfer day he wanted to come back to us. Proper planning & you can get good value players, nothing on 31st August is good value & we stunk of desperation. Why try to offload Long? You cannot build success or stability on loans & freebies - Amaltifano & Sinclair prove that but it is not a "let us try & see if they are any good policy", it is save cash policy. However, I have not said any or all freebies have been flops. Decisions are made around finance not football and I am not sure JP wants football success like the 20,000 who turn up on Saturdays, money success yes. If you make the decisions then you stand or fall by them and this season his decisions have very nearly proved costly. However, I doubt if you will ever agree!

Jack the Hat

Blue & yampy,

Two points:

1/ Lukaku wanted to go to Everton because he wanted European football.

2/ Long wanted to go to Hull that is why he kept refusing improved contracts we offered him and dragged it out to get his transfer cut.


The Real Bully Hoo.

I didn't hear Pat Murphy and my interest in him and his fellow hacks is around the same level as their interest in the Albion which is zero unless it's bad news and yes I'll agree they're all on the same hymn sheet on that one.

When was the last time a journalist wrote an encouraging article about us? and I don't just mean this season. So yes they probably are all wrong, in some part due to the fact that JP doesn't pander to them, they don't like him.

If we'd have matched Everton's offer for Lukaku they would have increased it. It's the reason they got Naismith and Jelavic when we were interested. Do I like it? no but it's a fact of life, they are a richer club than us. I've heard all of this 'he wanted to come back to us.' Did he really or was he just doing what all footballers do and saying what the fans want to hear in case he did end up back with us.

I didn't want to let Long go and I didn't agree with it. Having said that I could see the reasoning behind it. It was financial. And as like other fans you like the idea of splashing the cash then you have to accept that to do it we have to balance the books. If we'd kept him we stood to lose £7 mill.

Rather than proving your point, Amal and Sinclair surely prove mine, we could have bought them outright and be looking forward to another 2 years of them and around £11 mill in fees invested and circa £8 mill in wages. You didn't reply to the freebie point other than repeating it with no evidence to back it up, who are these freebies that have let us down?

Unfortunately the PL is about finance as much as football and us crying about it won't change that. We have a choice, either get on with it or nestle down in the Championship. What do you want to do? an answer on this one would be appreciated.

I'm sure that as you say JP doesn't want success and looks forward to his investment in our club dropping like a stone. Do you really believe that?

It's JP that has got us where we are. Paul Thompson started it but he had no intention and indeed little interest in staying. JP's decisions which have been constantly criticised in some quarters have allowed a medium size provincial club to punch above their weight. It's continuity and good management that has got us where we are and that is our only chance of remaining here.

The alternative is being like Portsmouth and shooting up the league like a Bonfire Night rocket before fizzling out after a couple of seasons and dropping back to earth as we struggle to stay in the league and I mean Div 2 not the PL.

I don't like any of this that the club I started supporting as a major if waning power are reduced to poor relations but it's a fact and it's a lot better than the year 15 BP (before Peace) when we would have been pleased to be regarded as poor relations.

Sorry to those I've bored.

Kev in Mallorca


The ony thing boring is yo've stated the obvious., to some anyway!



The word shambolic often means chaotic or mismanaged; in my opinion the latter is nearer the truth. In the final analysis Albion will remain in the Premier League, the books will balance and a new sponsor found. For me, this season has been sickening, not so much the dismal capitulations on the pitch, but the pathetic spineless leadership at the top. Our club's reputation has been tarnished by poor decision making - big issues such as Odemwingie and Anelka. However there has been foolish behind the scenes going on that aren't public knowledge, for example, forgetting to order a supply of socks and banning individuals because of their family association! This is not the way to run a professional business.

Albion will survive this season, but next can't be left to the whims of an individual who has a cold calculated approach to managing a business.


Hang on i have been told now 5 years on the trot that we are going down ??

What keeps happening??

Let me guess next year again gotta loff

The Real Bully Hoo.

Fantastic post, ain't life great in the Blue Square Premier League?


Great post WBA, I say the same every close season and the usual suspects keep coming on here say we're doomed, just like one in particular saying, 'Yes we ARE going down'.

I also said earlier on in the season that 35 points would be enough to keep us up, can anyone see Norwich getting to that total?


A shambles and we are safe with 2 x games to go .... shows just how far we have come in the last 5 years ......

Danish Baggie

Everyone -players, staf and supporters are dissapointed with the season.

Says a lot about how far we have come, when this is the reaction to being safe with 2 games to play.

Danish Baggie

simmo54 you beat me on that one

CantelloRocket 78

Simmo and Danish,

yep, I've seen photos this week of both Wolves and Blues fans absolutely ecstatic that they're playing in the Championship next season-

so should Baggies fans be miserable as sin that we'll be playing in a higher division than both of 'em.......?????

( I think I've just given the E&S an idea for a new poll...... ;-)


And us having street party`s because we beat west ham.

The Real Bully Hoo.

In your dreams 1877.

You need to be in the same league to beat them.


Well, you've all got strong opinions so, here's mine. Steve Clarke would have had us in the bottom 3 and staying there. (I accidentally typed 2 instead of 3 and almost left it). The signing of Anelka after the big-headed tw*t Odemwingie was a huge mistake and we've never been told for sure who wanted him. Between them, they destroyed team spirit and were unmanageable. Brunt is our captain. A fine player and he does TRY to be a good captain too. My choice would have always been Jonas Olsson, but he IS vice Captain and I'll settle for that. Now, can you imagine Odem or Anelka responding positively to a rollocking on the field ? No, nor can I. Undermining team spirit is unforgiveable and I won't forgive either. There have been APPALLING decisions given against us and I'm trying to think of ONE given FOR us. I can't. For that I blame refs and the Prem. (I thought the ref against Arsenal was excellent, just for the record).

JP and the Board acted in what they thought would save the club from relegation. It worked ! I think they will have learned a big, fat lesson.

Now think B'ham City. They bawled non-stop at the Golds and that other fat lump who owned them. Bet they wish they hadn't. Can any of you see a multi-billionaire buying Albion ? Me neither. So how about we acceopt the situation and pull together ? I feel better for that.

CantelloRocket 78


your 'Hero' - Jonas - gave an interview over the weekend that spoke about us needing a 'reality check', that some will agree with, and some will no doubt grumble about-

it hasn't appeared here yet, but it probably will soon......

Kev in Mallorca


You'll never get us anywhere coming on here talking sense, you should know better at your age.

Talking of all pulling together and accepting we ain't never guna set the Premiership alight, there cannot be a better example than the fans of Crystal Palace, did you see and hear them last night?

Nothing to play for but they were bouncing from the off, as Pulis said afterwards "they draw the goals in with there support"

I know your views on singing but you have too admit the emotions stirred up inside at the two games where they played The Liquidator when the crowd was really buzzing makes the 90mins more enjoyable and if it does it for the fans just think what it does for the players.



Kev and Rocket. I try to see it as it is, not some cloud cuckoo land of splash the cash until we go bust. I have been retired for over 18 years but we live on our well-earned pensions and each month show a small profit by 'balancing the books'. Other than a mortgage years ago, I've never owed anyone a penny, nor will I.

Boring, oh Kroist ar ! But nice and SMUG too !

Singing Kev. I LOVE to hear the crowds sing. It's a natural sound, warm and with togetherness.

What I HATE ferociously is NOISE on the scale we get from the PA system. It is NOT healthy, nor is it a sociable activity. You WILL listen to what I like is what he's saying and if you don't like it, TOUGH !

Repetitive, tuneless, mindless CRAP !

PS: Just been to get The Stun and had the pleasure of standing near TWO beautiful ladies.


Cyril: "What I HATE ferociously is NOISE on the scale we get from the PA system."

I second your sentiments wholeheartedly. The PA - and the announcer - at the Molineux are appallingly loud. You can hardly talk to people next to you without lip reading. And what you are forced to hear from the PA is mindless club drivel.


I am just glad we didn`t bring that useless Tony Pulis in, I mean who would want him as manager.

CantelloRocket 78

Interesting to see an interview given by P.O. about next weekend-

he said 'I expect a mixed reaction, some ( Albion fans ) will be grateful for the 30 goals I scored, some will be offended, you can't please everyone.....I had to leave for my life....' (?).

funnily enough, no mention of the fact that he started kicking up a fuss about wanting to talk to other clubs at least a year before he finally left us, nothing about Twitter rants, nothing about suggesting Berahino should leave Albion, nothing about saying the Albion dressing room was the worst he's ever known, nothing about him upsetting Roy Hodgson, Steve Clarke, even Nigerian Coaches whilst he was with us, etc., etc........-

you get the impression any Baggies fan that doesn't give him a very warm, loving reception simply doesn't understand what a great guy he is, they probably don't have the mental capacity to see how he never did anything wrong, and was always misunderstood and unfairly judged.......

yeah, right Peter - when Albion rescued you from the abuse you were getting in Russia, brought you to the premiership, and Baggies fans tried to protect you, it's a good job you didn't bring any self-centredness or arrogance with you in yer luggage, eh.....??


Where was this interview?


Well said Rocket. Odem has left a trail of bad smells whereever he has been but even if I were a dog, I wouldn't greet him in the normal way !

Quinton Baggie

Rocket: This guy is deluded...if he really thinks he will get a mixed reception then he is kidding himself...Yes he scored 30 goals and a hattrick versus Wolves, but his shennanigans over leaving when we plucked him from obscurity and racial abuse was nothing short of disgraceful and won't be forgotten...I am sure he will be booed profusely every time he touches the ball unless he don't thing is for sure he wont be sending us down...The only team talk Pepe should do is put a picture of him on the dressing room door and get Steven Reid, GMac and Olssen to kick him up in the air...The I will be happy.

The Real Netherton Baggie

May I suggest,that instead of moaning to a newspaper about the proposed new strip.that the fans write to either Jeremy Peace or Mark Jenkins.

Changing the subject, and despite the fact that he has been praised by some fans,the jury is no longer out on Amalfitano,don the black cap your honour.

PS back to my first point the Hawthorns postcode is B71 4LF

Kev in Mallorca

The Real

I did exactly that after my initial disbelief and dismay even informing the club of my intention of sending them my boarding passes for the return flights and my season ticket, circumstances have changed since then so I'm returning on Thursday and will be attending on Sunday, but I'm working on some sort of floral statement of protest at the match.

I'm still waiting for a reply from the club.


Quinton Baggie

Its been a most intersting season and shambles is a word I have used.