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Let's hope Jeremy Peace and the Board get at least two decisions right this season, but I refuse to hold my breath ...


Thought this came out weeks ago?

What about the shirt!!



In view of the appalling mess he inherited and the struggle to get a home win, it's a miracle we may be looking at after the next 3 matches. I've seen enough to think that, assuming we stay up, he deserves a contract. It takes a special man to get players 'in from the cold' and return them to top form. If he gets his contract, I hope he starts talking about 'US' instead of 'West Brom'.


If he does leave i would'nt mind the tactical & straight talking Tim Sherwood? Then again Peacy would probably **** himself & not hire him!


I think he will cyril, I don't think many managers would have stuck at it week in, week out like he did, after some punishing and heart-breaking results. He still had the players and fans behind him, and that is testament to the man. Boing boing

CantelloRocket 78

I'd certainly like to see what Pepe could do for us next season - regardless of where we are - but a few things disturb me-

1) he seems to be very cautious and uncertain about his future, so the hierarchy probably haven't given him any hints of reassurance yet-

2) blogger Warren mentioned that if we commit to Pepe, it'd probably mean bringing in his previous backroom team, and putting into place a major re-vamp of both the current squad, and footballing philosophy - a complete change from JP's previously slowly built, steady, familiar foundations, and-

3) I've recently heard 'whispers' from what I would class as a very reliable source that those foundations of the club do not wish to be 'rocked' by a major change.

Much of it's just rumour and speculation, we'll have to see what actually develops, but whilst I really like the guy, and would instantly give him my support, I have this nagging anxiety about his future.


So Pepe might stay or he might go!!

Are those splinters causing you any discomfort?

CantelloRocket 78


I've said VERY clearly that I'd like Pepe to stay, but the decision's outside my power-

I've merely pointed out that his position looks very uncertain-

which part of that do you not understand.....??


Does it bug you lot, as it does me, that we went weeks without a match at times in this appalling season and yet we now have 3 matches in 7 days ? Breweries and big drinking sessions spring to mind. Yet here we are, hoping and praying we stay in this lop-sided, loaded League they call The Prem. Are we mad or are they who call the tune ?

CantelloRocket 78


in truth, it's all becoming something of a sick joke.

When Albion first reached the Premiership, one of our first away games was against tomorrow's opponents, Arsenal - an English club, located in London, and representing England in Europe-

early in the game, the home fans were sarcastically taunting the Baggies fans with shouts of 'you don't belong here....'

I recall looking at the Gunners team - and Manager - then realising not one of them was actually English, or even British.

Oh, the irony.........

The Real Bully Hoo.


Too right and I don't think if it had been Man Ure under Fergie they'd have told him he was playing important games closer together than they needed to be but it's only little old Albion isn't it?


They were right, as an honest well run club that's here on their own efforts rather than having fixed the PL and CL to suit a few clubs we don't belong here. We're on a much higher plane.


I would like to see PM stay next season to put his stamp on the team. I think the vast majority of fans are behind him. At times since he took over, you can see a change in the style of play, the reactions of the players towards him when we have won, the fans reactions, are all good. Initially when he took over, the players were confused as to how to play his pressing style, mainly because they weren't capable of doing it. But they voiced their concerns, and to his credit PM listened and changed the way we approached games. We've had 15 draws, IF we had converted 7 of those to wins, another 14 points, we would now have 50 points, and sitting pretty in the top half. We all know about last minute equalizers, last minute penalties, given or not given, and they can make or break a season. A bit more luck next season, a bit more killer instinct, a bit more concentration and we should have a good season next year. We don't need to up our performances much to get the results that we should have had this season. Lots of IF's and BUT's I know, but to be honest, I'm looking forward to next season already. COYB

Pepe Mel has earned the right to be in charge next season and should be given the backing of the board to rebuild the team.I'm glad that his ambitions for Albion are greater than finishing in the bottom six,as are the ambitions of the fans,J.Peace take note.As for the rumours concerning Tim Sherwood, I've seen his press conferences, he's headstrong and wouldn't be led by the nose by J.Peace or anybody else.I just don't see it.