Give Graham Dorrans a new West Brom deal, urges Pepe Mel

Boss Pepe Mel today urged West Bromwich Albion to hand Graham Dorrans a new contract after the Spaniard brought the midfield man in from the cold.

West Bromwich Albion's Graham Dorrans battles for the ball with Manchester City's David Silva
West Bromwich Albion's Graham Dorrans battles for the ball with Manchester City's David Silva

Dorrans has returned to favour in recent weeks after struggling for a place in the first-team squad earlier this season.

And Mel is ready to press the club to open negotiations with the 26-year-old over a new deal.

His current contract expires this summer but the Baggies have an option to extend it by another year.

Mel said: “If Albion were to ask me I would advise them to try to retain Graham Dorrans.

“He is a very good player and has an awful lot to give, so this would be my advice looking forward into the future.”

Dorrans had made just six appearances for the Baggies by the start of February and his Hawthorns days looked to be numbered with several Championship clubs expressing an interest.

But the Scotland man been a regular starter since mid-March and capped his return to form with a superb goal in Monday’s 3-1 defeat at Manchester City.

“When I arrived here for the first game against Everton he was actually going to start the game but he fell ill and was ill for two weeks after that,” said Mel.

“That’s why it’s been so difficult for him to get back in but I’ve spoken to him and it is clear that he understands what I want from him.

“He’s a player who distributes the ball very well and is technically very strong and also has a good work-rate and has goals in him.

“There are players who, before I arrived here, weren’t playing all that much and Graham Dorrans is one of those players.

“He’s a player in whom I have an awful lot of trust and he brings together all of the qualities needed to be a really top player. His goal was excellent.

“Because we stole position of the ball and four or five players were involved in that phase of play it was a very good counter and a really great finish, and also because it was scored against a goalkeeper (Joe Hart) who this summer is going to be in Brazil.”

Meanwhile, Albion will be backed by another bumper following in their penultimate away game of the season at Arsenal on May 4.

The Baggies took up their full allocation of 2,900 for the clash at the Emirates Stadium and have sold out of tickets in the wake of big followings in recent games at Norwich, Hull and Swansea.

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Comments for: "Give Graham Dorrans a new West Brom deal, urges Pepe Mel"

CantelloRocket 78

The lad done good - sign him up, pronto!!!


Morning mate,

totally agree here. Since coming back into the team he's done nothing wrong and just looks better than he did a few months ago. maybe he just needed a run of games to find his feet again. Mind you, this is the player who, before he went through injury and off field stuff, West 'aaammm were rumoured to offer over 5 million he's not exactly a poor player.



p.s. if this post actually makes it through the mods I'm sitting east stand....row f seat 8 today..

cheers mate

CantelloRocket 78


come off it, it's just that you Scots like sticking!!

Only jokin' mate, I've got a few people to 'visit' in the East Stand, but it looks like you're sitting around the Woodman Corner, and I go over there to chat to WONOH at half-time, so I'll be in touch.

All fingers crossed mate, now I'm off for a beer and to meet a few 'ammers fans....... (>8-0) !!!


we playing musical chairs today are we.

John B

Does he want to stop hear the way he has been treated


Good point John B, in fact he may well be playing for a move.


very impressed by dorrans,amalfitano and billy against man city.

do lallytap

We need to give Dorrans a new contract NOW and the same for Pepe.....we MUST keep these 2

do lallytap

Sorry ManInsider, we must keep Pepe.

We can't start next season under a new manager, new ways.

Pepe MUST stay with his own staff, Downing & Co must leave and Pepe should bring in his backroom staff and I think this is where the problem will be in the summer and I hope I am wrong but I can see Pepe walking


Sorry Lally nothing against the bloke personally in fact he comes across as a very nice guy, but the players have over ruled him which makes me think he is not strong enough, but time will tell.

Keep the saying it as it is post coming mate.

do lallytap

No worries ManInsider....It's refreshing to read posts off someone who isn't trying to score points off others to stay in "The Circle" if you get my drift !!


Do lallytap

Agree with you that to keep him he must be allowed a fresh start with his own staff, I would add also that must also include his own selection of players.

I personally still feel that the team is struggling to adapt to his style and some may not be suited, the big problem then comes is will JP give him funds to do so and so I think if the guy is given no funds for players or his own staff then we are in for more of the same next season and he would be sacked by Christmas.

This one for me all lies in our chairmans hands either full support and give him a chance or if no backing let him go at the end of this season.

Based on jps recent form I'm not over confident

Here's hoping for those three valuable points today


Andy that is what im saying, the players refused to adapt to his style and that's why I think he is not strong enough, the players have over ruled him, as for giving him funds, well we all know the answer to that.

my lift here now will report back later.


What I like about Pepe Mel is, he doesn't seem to 'freeze out' certain players. He tells them they're great, what he wants them to do and several have already responded to that style. If he is staying, maybe Graham Dorrans will emerge once again as the top class footballer. If Rooney had scored that goal last week...etc.


He has certainly made a good impression of late. Wasn't one the problems that he wanted to moved closer to Scotland? I would like him to stay and so a new contract should be made available for him.