Big Debate - Should West Brom give Graham Dorrans a new contract?

Should Albion give Graham Dorrans a new contract after another excellent display?

West Bromwich Albion's Graham Dorrans (centre) celebrates scoring his side's first goal of the game
West Bromwich Albion's Graham Dorrans (centre) has been given a new lease of life under Pepe Mel.

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Should West Brom give Graham Dorrans a new contract?"

Ronnie Allen

Does this paper employ journalists?? I mean qualified ones??

So funny.


That isn't fair. Express and Star is an equal opportunities employer therefore considers recruiting from the local community. Not it's fault that it's based in Wolverhampton.

But it is a stupid question nonetheless. Or maybe it's ironic ....


Yes he's a confidence player (most of them are). Under Mel he's been rejuvenated and getting back to his best.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah and Dozza is not the only one that looks to be improving under Pepe. The likes of Jonas and GMac will play well come what may but PM seems to have a very positive effect on the flair players.

Lee yates

Yes defiantly he is happy under mel and when he has regular football is a top player


Definitely one of the stand-out players in the past 5-6 games.

jon williams

Are we having a laugh, never mind a new contract, we should give him a knighthood


I don't think we will be spending mega bucks next season so I say yes

King Jeffs Left Boot

Yes, it's like signing a new player, one of our most gifted when he's on his game.

boy from the REAL black country

No brainer for me, absolutely a YES!


The question is, does he want one?

CantelloRocket 78

So what's the options - can they give him an old one......??


Can I get a hell yeah?


Absolutely, Graham has a great footballing brain and ticks all the boxes for a top class footballer, sign him up please.


Yes. Do you need help with any other questions?



Graham is a great player and we must keep him at the club. Pepe Mel is getting the best out of him and he has started scoring goals again so he is a must for the future.

Having said that, as a season ticket holder it is obvious to me that JP needs to invest a great deal of money in the playing squad particularly the defence. There is a lack of pace at the back and without naming names it is clear to me that lots of goals come from down both wings. If the opposition play with quick tricky wingers we are usually undone home and away.

I think that whoever is our manager next season he has a rebuilding task on his hands. My biggest worry is will JP put his hand deep enough in his pocket to give our manager some help or will it be same old same?

Come on JP if you want us to stay in the Premiership then you need to consider spending more on the right type of players!

Will I renew my season ticket next season well that's up to you JP, if you don't invest in our club then don't expect us the true loyal supporters to find the cash to buy our season tickets in advance.

I love the Albion but investment to bring in new players is vital for next season!


The Real Bully Hoo.


Without trying to sound smart, I don't think the true loyal supporters will be waiting to see how much we spend before buying a season ticket. Either you can afford it or you can't, if you can and choose not to then you're not doing what it says on the tin are you? .

Those that genuinely can't afford it I feel very sorry for but if we follow your logic then perhaps JP should have doubled the prices so that we can spend more.

It's not JP's pockets that are in question, he isn't a Vincent Tan or Roman Abramovich. The money that we spend is the club's money and the decision to be made is how much do we go into the red chasing what can be an impossible dream, see Leeds, Cardiff, Fulham etc.

Who have been our best players?

Mulumbu, Olsson, Yacob, Odemwingie, Jones, MaCauley, Dorrans, Morrison etc.

The most expensive of those cost £1.5 mill.

I know we can't guarantee finding gems like those but spending big isn't always the answer. Spending right is.

Jack the Hat


Even the big money clubs can't buy all the talent that is out there, so some will filter down to us, being in the Premiership. Like you say, we get our share.



When does his current contract end.If its the end of this season,judging him on current form I think we will have one hell of a job hanging on to him.We already lost Long to Hull and I can sense that all the clubs in the lower reaches of the Prem are having their squads scrutinized,particularly the clubs coming into the Prem who will need to invest heavily in new players with experience if they have ambitions to remain in the top echelon.At the end of the day a lot will depend on us staying in the Prem,it isnt over yet,although yesterdays win gives us a massive boost.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think we have a years option so we can hang on to him and I should imagine a new improved contract would be very tempting for him, especially if we keep this manager who obviously rates him highly.



it's a silly question really....just offer him an appropriate contract the last few games he's proved himself and has that swagger back......a good run of games has him flying again




Yes and he should have played right from the start of the season - perhaps we would be higher in the table if he had. He has great passion and desire as we'll as bags of ability.

All the best, Graham D


No, I think we should sell him to Wigan for £2 mill. What a stupid question!!

loyal baggie

I've always been a fan of dorrans he's a very smart player who can pick out passes and has that flare that can make a difference when play is going against us, with the right direction I'm sure we can get him back to his best. To answer the question YES give him a new contract provided he wants one I for one think he deserves one as he's a hard work that for me still has alot to offer us!


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