Manchester City 3 West Bromwich Albion 1 - match report and pictures

Three goals before half-time for Manchester City condemned Albion to a routine defeat at the Etihad Stadium.

Graham Dorrans scored a superb goal for the Baggies on 15 minutes to halve the hosts’ lead to 2-1 and give Pepe Mel’s side a glimmer of hope.

But a Martin Demichelis goal before the interval sealed the City win after Pablo Zabaleta and Sergio Aguero had fired them 2-0 ahead inside 10 minutes.

Albion went behind in just the third minute when keeper Ben Foster parried a shot from Sergio Aguero and Zabaleta headed home the rebound.

And, after missing a fine chance to score from a Nasri cross, Aguero doubled the lead in the 10th minute when he side-stepped Morgan Amalfitano’s challenge and curled a fabulous shot past Foster.

Albion had a goal dubiously disallowed for offside against Billy Jones, with Matej Vydra’s neat finished rendered irrelevant.

But they got back in the game on 15 minutes as Liam Ridgewell and Stephane Sessegnon set up an counter-attack and Vydra squared for Dorrans, who beat Gael Clichy superbly with a chip and then scored past a helpless Joe Hart.

But it was 3-1 nine minutes before half-time when a corner from Samir Nasri was flicked on by Vincent Kompany and, with Liam Ridgewell and Jonas Olsson caught ball-watching, Demichelis stole in at the far post for the simplest of finishes.

The Baggies might have grabbed another goal on the stroke of half-time when Billy crossed for Sessegnon, but Komany did enough to divert his shot over the bar for a corner with a fine last-ditch challenge.

Early in the second half City threatened again down their right flank through Zabaleta, who delivered a dangerous cross towards Edin Dzeko, forcing Foster into a crucial intervention with his feet.

At the other end, Amalfitano was less precise with his centre after finding space on the Baggies right, with Hart making a comfortable catch.

And Albion had another let-off just before the hour-mark when Zabaleta found room on the overlap for City and crossed to the near post, when Craig Dawson made a vital interception to prevent Dzeko turning the ball past Foster.

Albion did their best to find another lifeline but their efforts were limp.

Amalfitano, who had struggled to impose himself on the game, was closest to forcing a breakthrough, first with a low shot that looked to be testing Hart until it was blocked in the area by Javi Garcia, then with a curling effort from outside the area that was parried to safety by the home keeper.

Substitutes Saido Berahino and Victor Anichebe almost combined with 10 minutes to go when Berahino fired a neat ball towards the feet of his fellow substitute, but Anichebe lost his footing and the chance petered out.

And in the closing stages Ridgewell cut in from the left and curled in a right-footed effort which Hart had to scramble away as Berahino closed in.

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Comments for: "Manchester City 3 West Bromwich Albion 1 - match report and pictures"

Hit him on the tail

Poor second half. Had a couple of chances but it's down to West Ham and Stoke at home now. There wasn't any passion tonight. I thought we gave possession away too easy. Brunt to left back Saturday?


Stoney Lane

The real stars of the show were our 300 fans who paid £56 a seat and could be heard for much of the match. To wildly misquote Tennyson, All in the valley of death drove the 300.

Fantastic support and well done to every one of you who made the trip.

Jack the Hat

Stoney Lane,

I thought the the fans who wouldn't pay the exorbitant ticket prices did more to try and keep match prices in check, also attempting to make football affordable for most fans to attend games, myself . How can the fans that went to that game back Jeremy Peace in his quest to bring ticket costs down, mate?. Just my opinion.


do lallytap

Pathetic comment Jack.

Those fans that went, including me went to support the team not to go on some crusade.

do lallytap

Do you refuse to watch it on Sky Jack because of the price.

Do you refuse to watch it on Sky if its a Sunday kick of or a 5.30 kick of on a Saturday because it's against tradition of a 3pm Saturday kick off.

If that match last night attracted no Albion fans whatsoever do you honestly think it would make one jot of difference to the greed of clubs....NAH !!!!

Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

Are you saying that if Jeremy raised ticket prices sky high you would be well pleased?. Better still write to ALBION and volunteer to pay £56 for every home match. I applaud your stance.


Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

I wish I could be at the game rather than see it on-com, But I must be grateful for small mercies.



Best advice is to ignore J the H. He thinks quantity of blogs equals quality. Errrrrrrr, no Jack. It's mostly tripe and drivel

We Only Need One Half!

JtH, no problem my friend, let me know when you feel up to it and I will see what I can do.


I watched the game and was amazed there was no pressing Man City. V little fight or enthusiasm. Made me wonder what the instructions were? Weird

Kev in Mallorca

Sounds like yowm talking about the Stevenage game!


This game was never goin to b the game that will define our premiership status

Captain Mardon International

I think the Sunderland game will.

Jack the Hat

Seventy minutes before we began to press their defence, while ours had stood around like people in a dole queue. My heart went out to Ben Foster with that redundant like defence in front of him, they hadn't a clue how a forward should be marked and gave them acres of room to go calmly about their business of tapping the ball into our net. I don't remember one decent ball coming into their box from off our left hand side. Thank heaven for the class of Dorrans, Sessignon and Amalfitano, also Victor did the business when he came on or we may as well have all gone home. The shining light is that our goal difference is still respectable, they could walk the ball around our traffic cones every time they got into our box. Dorrans goal was the best on show. The lino disallowed a perfectly good goal of ours for offside, from then on I knew we were up against it.Tomorrow our squad should be made to run their guts out to compensate for their night off. Bleeding angry, you bet I am.


We Only Need One Half!

Jack the Hat

One Half,

That is how I feel mate, bumb struck. I thought at least we would have given it a go instead of sitting back for no good reason. Look how we did when we started to press up-field after the seventieth minute. We are still in a favorable position but our tactics have to change as we are too unbalanced and just can't defend in front of Ben.

Come on you BAGGIES and I mean come on and you know who you are.


We Only Need One Half!

Jack, can you make use of this ticket for West Ham or not mate, I've got two people off these boards who want it, but I would rather offer it to some one on here first?

Jackett the Hat

Goo on Jacko, tek it, yo can tell all them folk around ya how you used to be a bouncer and how much yo know about F.F.P.F.P.M.F.I or whatever it is.......don't get bumb struck,lol,....give WONOH an answer.

Let me answer for him Halfy, give it somebody who will enjoy the game, he'll only let you down, you know it.

We Only Need One Half!

Jackett, you do know JtH suffers with ill health dont you?

Did you Momma never teach you its not big or clever to take the mick out of people like that?

Could be you one day.

Jack the Hat

One Half,

I have answered your post twice and for reasons only known to E&D you haven't seen them, so for the third time mate.

Thank you for even thinking about me, but I couldn't risk not being able to go and wasting the ticket some-one else could use. one day I hope to make it to another home match just to see you all. When I can you will all know on here. Thanks again for the chance of a wonderful offer. All the best mate.



Good point 1 half. Let's lay off JtH



I posted last week after the Spurs game that we needed a minimum of 6 points from 4 games as we were never going to get anything off City.

What concerns me is that the likes of Norwich, Sunderland, Fulham and Swansea are giving it a good go every match and showing real die hard passion and commitment. Sadly that was missing from us again last night.

Jackett the Hat

Thanks for that copy of Pepe's half time team talk !

We Only Need One Half!

That's how I'm left when I see poor deluded Wolves fans on here honestly believing they can hold a candle to their betters.



Funny 1 half. Cheap shot not worth typing :-)


The first half they could not pass the ball and it is not the first time. They are playing at division one level, got to be honest. I would love to know what PM is trying to do. Nothing seems organised, it is just chaos.

Danish Baggie

Nothing changed realy. Still a game in hand to 3 of ´the 4 below us, still a superior goaldifference. I think two draws could be enough, provided the one i v Sunderland. Beat West Ham and we will be ok.

Ridgewell and Brunt to blame for there first and 3rd goal. poor header from R, and no marking from B. 2nd. B lost his marking on the guy who headed it to Demichelis, and R lost the latter.

Have to say City is an awesome team though.

Bring on the Hammers.

Kev in Mallorca


I don't go in for jumping on the bandwagon of continually picking out mistakes players make in the course of a game but don't you think their 3rd goal had a little to do with Jonas Olsson?


Danish Baggie

Hi Kev.

Agree, it could look like Olsson looked the guilty one, but I think Ridgewell was the one supposed to mark Demichelis, but hey, who knows.

Untill we find out, lets blame it all on Ridgewell and Brunt :-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think we were beaten by a team of very fine football players who were determined to put a couple of recent slip ups behind them.

Some of our passing was made to look poor because players of this quality are a step ahead in their thinking. Had we been playing a team like Norwich most of those passes would have found their mark.

Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say, 'yes they are better than us.' Against teams like this you need to be at the top of your game, hope that they're at the bottom of theirs and that you get a bit of luck.


Couldn't agree more.

It's about balance and people have said Albion upped their game after Victor came on and who am I to disagree; all I'd question is the motives. I doubt Pepe thought we'd claw back two goals and gain a point, but snatching a goal might've made the boys feel better ahead of Saturday.

We were beaten by a team of quality who misfired against Sunderland; I see no point in playing an individual 'blame game' for the reasons you've outlined regarding our passing. Top players read the game better and quicker generally speaking.

do lallytap

For the love of god can not the powers that be see that Ridgwell has cost us AGAIN ?

Sitting there last nigh, listening to the fans, there was not one....NOT ONE fan who had a good thing to say about Ridgwell, in fact we all thought that the stick he took was the reason why it looked like he just waked off, we could not see what injury he sustained, it was an innocuous tackle.

His header for that first goal was powder puff and a complete waste of time and his marking of Demichelis was just appalling, he may as well not be on the pitch, his man marking, his distribution, his overall play but most of all his concentration is lacking, if he concentrated as much on the game as he does on putting his hair right he maybe a tad better.

Now, thats that out of the way !

First half, they came out all guns blazing and I honestly thought it was going to be a bloodbath after 10 mins but we started to come into it and we caused them problems, I haven't seen the disallowed goal but from where we were sitting it was tight but that Dorrans goal was just fantastic and even at 3-1 down I honestly think if we pushed it we could have made a game of it.

Is it only me who thought that AGAIN in the second half we just sat back and absorbed it, damage limitations ?

If we had taken it to them they would have wobbled I think, but thats all over now.

Albion fans....My god how loyal were they, we outsung the VERY quiet and subdued's a pity those stewards wouldn't allow those banners protesting about the price in, this extortion affects us all and well done Albion Fans for not rising to retaliation from heavy handed fat stewards.

Thats Man City out of the way, lets re-group and get ourselves organised for the West Ham game, a game which will not be easy, especially when they have the likes of Carol and Nolan, but with Ridgwell out it will seem like an extra player when his replacement is picked

Kev in Mallorca


I think we all know by now your opinion of Ridgewell and I'm not saying that some of the criticism isn't warranted but it ain't guna help the situation to bring it up week after week is it?

Earlier in the season you banged on that Popov should be in the side and look where that led?

He does contribute in his attacking play, for instance he won the ball and started the move for Dorrans goal, I'm not saying he doesn't need replacing but your witch hunt is counterproductive IMO.

Your opinion of the tackle is way of the mark as well, obviously swayed by your opinion of the player and you couldn't leave it at that without leaving another snide remark with your final comment, I understand your dedication and support for WBA but IMO your continual "saying as it is" as you put it isn't helping anybody.

You continue your criticism with your opinion of us sitting back,

this is against a team who cost £???????? and showed what they could do when they want too in the first 10mins, if we had really gone for it and lost 6-1 I'm sure you would have had something to say about that as well and probably mentioning "not protecting our goal difference" to boot.

So they're damned if they do etc ay they?

This isn't a dig and I'm not trying to start another War and Peace but 99% of your posts don't not help the situation IMO.


By the way the donkey dead.

Medway Baggie

Can we please get a grip. This was a game we were never going to win, especially after Sunderland got a draw. City can't afford to lose or draw games and I'm sure their players got a right rollocking after the Sunderland game. City have got better players than most teams and I think we did well only to lose three one. Dorrens goal was sublime and I am looking forward to the West Ham game.

Well done guys I, for one, think you played well.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

Gabbys Elbow

No mention from any of the above posters about Dorrnas great goal? Great feet, great move and a wonderful finish.

We look much better going forward when Sess is on the pitch (even though he goes missing), and i thought we looked better when Vic came on? Id start with those 2 against the hamers?

A very predictable result, but as Pepe said, our cup final is against West Ham on saturday - do or die boys!

Bring on the liquidator!

Medway Baggie


I mentioned it. I said it was sublime ie great, brilliant, superb.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

Gabbys Elbow

Sorry mate, I was hasty with the post as I couldn't see it mentioned anywhere..........

Was Ollson injured last night, he looked "out of sorts"?

Kev in Mallorca


You should know by now the can wait to tell the world what's wrong.


do lallytap

QUOTE...."Dorrans goal was just fantastic" ???

Which posts are you reading Gabby ??

Gabbys Elbow

They weren't there when i read the posts earlier - sorry DLT.

I'm pleased for Dorrans, he deserves a break after the turmoil that hes been through in his private life

do lallytap

Could have done with you and yer donkey last night Kev


Have you not read WONHO's earlier post do lallytap. Hat man is poorly!!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


That comment is way beneath contempt.

CantelloRocket 78

500 B.C.-

considering you've been caught out more than once gettin' yer facts mixed up on here, acting like a silly teenager, yet claiming to be a similar age to Cyril - over 80? - I imagine you probably have yer own full-time Nurse to help you out........??

Gabbys Elbow

I worried about sunderland - after beating chelski and drawing at Man city, they have to play Cardiff, Us and Swansea.............

What's the betting on a last match great escape?

Anyway, if they go down we should try and get Gardner (he wants to live in the midlands) as a replacement for Brunt?

John B

Agree Gabbys, we should pray for a draw sunderland v cardiff, I think cardiff and norwich are already down so its sunderland, fulham or us for the 3rd spot

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

Having watched on sky TV you must say we did well to keep the score down to Three -One, Its going to be hard over these last few games but we need to pick up a win quickly and all the players must be up for it on Saturday against West Ham.

What a great goal from Graham Dorrens, who I thought played well. This was a game last night we lost before we walked out on the pitch with City being fired up to win this match having not played so good lately. West Brom have to fight hard now till the end of the season, lets hope we have a fully fit team and McCauley is back alongside Olson. Come on you Baggies you can do it

Medway Baggie


Thanks. At least you realise that we were never going to win last night. I reckon the City players got an almighty rollocking after Sunderland since they now have to hope for Liverpool to lose at least one, before Liverpool could draw one and lose the title. Glad that game is out of the way, would have hated to have to play either City or Liverpool or both last two games of the season.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo


We played like we did not believe we could get anything. When we went forward they looked shaky,Sunderland went for it and got there rewards we didn't and got ours.

John B

This was damage limitation, we were never going to get anything there but we have kept the goal difference in our favor. Now to the west ham match, it is not must win but not loose. A win and we will be safe, a draw and we will need something from sunderland and stoke. A defeat unthinkable. What worries me we have not won at home under pep

Moyes has been sacked by Man U.

Does anyone think he could be a good call for us because i do

We Only Need One Half!

More chance of Steve Clarke taking over at Old Trafford!


Martinez to United. Moyes to Everton.

We Only Need One Half!

Mboy, Martinez is probably the best candidate, amongst Premier League managers, but, after seeing how the job as destroyed Moyes (despite getting a 10 mill pay off to soften the blow) he would wise to be more than a little wary.

I just hope Giggs gets the new manager bounce that has eluded every team that has part ex'd their managers this season (Pulis aside) because with Norwich, Hull, and Sunderland still to play, this move by Man Utd could have bigger repercussions on us than it would first appear.


Ha ha. For 1 minute I thought you were being serious about Moyes managing the Albion. I'd wear an Albion shirt and walk around West Brom all day if he did.


Lads our problem yesterday was our left hand side its was weak i know i said on previous post play brunt on the left but he was god awful ridgewell had a stinker and will someone please let vydra on the bench press he could hold off a floating back of crisps

our performance last night wasnt horrendous there was some good passing and jones looked solid along with mulumbu who i am beginning to get concerned about for the summer, amal did a lot of running and big vic did well when he came on but against those teams you give them an inch they take a mile

man.c was never going to be a game they circled at the start of year as a must win but its a crucial time in our bid for survival with other teams winning we have to find something against west ham next week


Think Vydra's goal would have stood at the other end!!! Damage limited, let's move on.


No point in being hyper critical we got what we expected. When Silva and Aguero are on top form any team will have problems.

Having said that Vydra was given a thankless task and the team improved when Anachobe came on. I also cannot understand how Yacob is left on the bench unless he was saving him for the West Ham game.

CantelloRocket 78

Obviously the two early goals were the killer, realistically the players must've then had thoughts that it suddenly became an even steeper uphill challenge than the one facing them at kick-off, and the possibility that a fired-up City might now rack up a cricket score - so despite attempts to catch them on the break, there was extra caution than we didn't want to collapse at the back, which tilted the game even further from us.

There were one or two half-decent chances, a disallowed 'goal', and GD's effort would've been hailed world-class had it been a more 'fashionable' player who netted, but on paper it was always down as a game we'd have been happy to grab anything from, the Bookies had us as clear underdogs, so we can only now put it behind us, and give full attention to that crucial final run-in.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Alan Brazil has been raving about Dozza's goal all morning.

No complaints about Phil Dowd last night he had a good game but that linesman that flagged the legitimate goal as being offside missed a City chance in the second half when the City player was a yard and a half offside, fortunately they didn't score.

We Only Need One Half!

Well, I didn't expect to get much out of last nights game, they had only lost once at home all season, and that was to Chelsea, so why some of our fans were so surprised at the defeat is a bit mystifying, which was why I suggested putting out a second eleven and saving and resting our players for the four winnable Cup finals coming up.

Thankfully we have managed to come through it largely unscathed, Ridgewell aside, who for those that were there, he indicated it was a problem with his knee, just one of the advantages of watching from home, I suppose. Olsson looked like he could have done with sitting this one out too, but these things have to be expected when players are rushed back.

On the plus side, 4 games left against teams we have already taken points off this season, at least 4 point head start (effectively) on the three teams that matter, the ones we need to beat or better, at this point of the season, nothing else really matters, I'm still positive.

Keep the faith.


It was a game wich we were not going to win without a minor miracle.

But the movement in the Dorrans goal what a brilliant counter attack, gave a little encouragement.

We can only go into the remaining games with some hope we will survive.

A win on Saturday two away draws last game home win.

We shall overcome.




The glass is half full.


No thanks Moyes is a Everton man, lets have Steve Clarke back we would not be where we are now if he was here..


Correct - we'd already be down!!


Blimey Mboy, I'm with you again !

We Only Need One Half!

and you'd both be wrong, we would have been in at least the position we find our selves in now, possibly better, dont forget, he was averaging a point a game too, plus, he took 5 points of the 3 teams we have left to play that he managed against in the reverse legs.

do lallytap

Mboy...I agree !

We Only Need One Half!

make that three would be wrong!


Then if you think that we are down, give me SC anytime after all we beat Man Utd..Arsenal.. Liverpool and others with SC so what do you both know...Cyril what land you on are you a wolves fan lol and Mboy you just hope that SC never ends up at Wolves.


Half the comments have vanished since I signed in ! Mboy said Vydra's goal would have counted for Man City. Definitely Sir. I got a super picture on the computer luckily, having tried most sites with 20,000 noddies on them. Why do they advertise the match and then stop you watching it ? Would not have dared take this cough and snot round the pub, so it was Home-Sweet-Home.

(Bit like Man.City telling you you're welcome and then making damn sure you cannot afford it). There is something decidedly sick-making about that club. I don't care much for the toothy cheat at Liddypol, but I do hope they win the title because Rodgers deserves it. Suarez may well be at ManCity next year. Why ? Because they want to buy him. £200million ? No problem. And you want £2million a week ? Are you sure that's enough ? OK, OK I was only asking.

Now I'll upset everybody. That tippy-tappy football may require ball control on a scale we cannot afford, but it tended to bore me saft ! I thought back to Man Utd 3- Baggies 5 and thought, THAT'S real football. How much of last night can you remember ? There were some highlights, the rest was wallpaper.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I've said it before but as a club whether it be the players or the managers we're just too nice.

After the goal that was disallowed on a very dodgy offside flag, none of our players even questioned it. Had this been most other clubs in the Prem they would have been giving the linesman dog's abuse and the Chelsea players would have been erecting a gallows as Terry dragged him over. There was also what appeared a hand ball before the corner when they got the third, again one player appealed but when the ref didn't give it there wasn't a murmur of criticism from our players.

I know this comes under gamesmanship and don't particularly want our players 'cheating' but as long as we don't do it we're giving the officials an easy ride and playing with one hand behind our backs.

We Only Need One Half!

I'm not sure whether its a case of us being too nice, or just that our players are resigned to the fact they would be wasting their breath.

Where's my brother from another today?

Danish Baggie

Its reported that Gigss, at the first training session was asking for everyones tlf nr's and also the nr's of wifes and girlfriends just in case.


Danish, one thing's sure, none of them will be in a hurry to pick the ball up.


Soooooooooooooooooooooooo ...................... which 3 are going down? If Albion aren't, then where are the necessary points coming from?? Then I will make a note of the replies and see who are closest. Fair enough? Even though I hate to say it I believe Albion will be 4th from bottom and survive.

CantelloRocket 78

Johnee Boy-

you suggested earlier we should ignore JtH's comments-

Well Baggies fans tend to make their own minds up on the Baggies site, not follow instructions from dingles who insultingly call us 'Sandwell'-

so for now, we'll just concentrate on ignoring you-

run along now..........


Ha ha. Cantello that's a pretty poor sub standard response. 2/10. And Sandwell is apt so Sandwell it shall stay

CantelloRocket 78

Johnee Boy-

talking about 'sub standard', it seems we have a little lower division fan running around on a Premiership site in the middle of the night, no doubt looking enviously at the things he'd love to have-

as for 2/10, next time we DO play the dingles, another 5-1 to us will make that the 'double' score........LOL.......

The Real Bully Hoo.

Predicting results is the most pointless of occupations. How many people predicted Sunderland beating Chelsea on their own ground? I'll tell you how many, none. So it's a pointless occupation.


That's a fairly accurate estimation of how many points Albion will pick up ... pointless. Many thanks Bully

CantelloRocket 78

Johnee Boy-

so how can 'pointless' be classed as a 'fairly accurate estimation'??

Looks like we've found the Village idiot of Whitmore Reans.......

The Real Bully Hoo.

Oh dear oh dear.

I didn't realise I was up against Oscar Wilde.

Defeated in a battle of wits by a man armed with a very blunt instrument.

The shame the shame.

We Only Need One Half!

Just think Johne, if you had given us our annual 6 points we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

Please, hurry up back, we need the points!

Woodman Corner Jake

Poor defensive display - all 3 City goals were preventable if players were doing their jobs. We seem to be back in the bad old days of Mowbray........everything we learned under Hodgson and Clarke has been tossed away. God knows who coaches defence these days......Saint Jeremy, Boy-wonder Garlick or the Invisible Man Jenkins - perhaps you know, but just like on everything else you stay schtum!

After 3 months of El Pep I'm still not sure what he's asking the team to achieve or whether he can motivate the players. We are in a relegation dog- fight which if we lose could have severe consequences for the club ( and us poor sops, the fans). Yet, last night we played like a team in mid- table looking forward to going on our holidays. I didn't expect a result at the Etihad ( nor do I at the Emirates) but we seemed to lack resolve.

We need at least 5 points from the games against the Hammers, the Potters and the Makems to stay-up. My concern is that defensive frailties ( I feel this is more about organisation than players' skills) will make it difficult against sides who will be quite direct.

The season has already been one to forget......resulting from the crass decisions of the 3 'Wise' Men who run the club. Hopefully we'll still be in the Prem next season........we, the supporters, deserve nothing less. Perhaps after the last game the Board will feel a moral obligation to show a degree of accountability.; but then again..........!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Manchester City paid £38 mill for Aguero, £27 mill for Dzeko, Silva £26 mill, Nasri £25 mill. Not because they're nice blokes or for their good looks.

The reason they pay these exhorbitant fees is because they are amongst the world's very best footballers.

I saw our team put in a good honest effort but being outclassed by a team who could hold their own with the very best in the world.

I find it hard to believe you are seriously suggesting we strolled through the second half unless you are being deliberately provocative. We could have run around chasing the ball like headless chickens and they'd have made us look silly and possibly put a cricket score past us. How would that have helped our cause?

Sometimes we need to exercise a bit of reality. Our Chairman is an accountant who is rich by our standards but the people that own Man City probably make in a day what he's earned in the last 10 years and that's no exaggeration.

Of course your 3 wise men are going to make mistakes because they are accountable for what they do and can't rely on hindsight. I must admit that I find your constant carping about the way the club's run a bit unreal. If it's as easy as you make it sound then how come club's with richer owners, bigger grounds and bigger fan bases like Forest, Leeds, Wednesday etc aren't where we are. Especially as you seem to think we have morons running our club.

Honest I'd really like to know.

Woodman Corner Jake

To paraphrase Voltaire......I may not agree with your views but I will defend your right to express them.

You may not care for my opinion but I feel there is merit in healthy adversarial's an indication of maturity.

I accept that some clubs are poorly run compared to ours......but that doesn't mean the way ours is run is faultless. I happen to feel that there have been too-many mistakes made this season by the club's hierarchy, the result of which leaves us way-below where we finished last season and facing the prospect of relegation.

Go to North Korea if you don't want to hear dissenting voices about leadership qualities..

Kev in Mallorca

Little Jake Horner

Another motivational speech from the man in the corner.

Absolutely unbelievable, indeed disrespectful comment of "a team looking forward to their holidays".It's obvious your knowledge of football is very limited as it was obvious to many others that it was a case of a difference in class with the later making sure they didn't repeat their previous mistakes against Sunderland.

Another typical comment from uneducated fans such as yourself is your quote from Voltaire followed by your advice on emigrating, typical bellyaching in response to a considered reply from a fan with different views.

I suggest you need a wake up call in order for you to understand the game of football so yo know that digit yo pulled the plum out with? shove it up the part of yowa anatomy meets the seat yo sit on in yowa corner, if that dow work ??is off

The Real Bully Hoo.


Nowhere in that post did I say you didn't have a right to an opinion, I just asked you to explain it and justify it.

The offer is still there.

I took the trouble to explain what I didn't agree with about your post. You have merely attacked me for disagreeing with you. Ask yourself which of us Kim Jong Un would let in first.

Kev in Mallorca


It's amazing ay it? After all this time "fans" of the like of Little Jake Horner still act out the exact behavior of those who they misguidedly

accuse, please forgive them cause they know not what they do?

Adeu my son

Thought that was pretty apt for the time of year, me costume must be affecting me.

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