Big Debate - Should West Brom sign Morgan Amalfitano?

Should Albion go all out to sign match-winner Morgan Amalfitano permanently or has he been too inconsistent?

Morgan Amalfitano of West Bromwich Albion.
Morgan Amalfitano

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Should West Brom sign Morgan Amalfitano?"

Kev in Mallorca

I still have reservations, as I did with Saido and look how that "all out" pursuit is progressing?


CantelloRocket 78


well I remember you watching Scott Sinclair earlier in the season, and you saying to me then that he 'looked' busy, but didn't actually beat a player or do anything effective, yet he's valued at 5 million-

I'd say by premiership standards 2.5 million's chicken feed for Amalfitano, he runs about a bit, sticks the ball in the net, I'm sure he's more than worth havin' in our 25 man squad.

Apparently Pepe was asked again last week about Ruben Castro at Real Betis - still scoring 1 goal every 2 games in Spain- he said he'd love to sign him, but it's just 'fantasy' to think we could get him-

have yow got any Spanish connections, or spare euros towards signing him.......??


Kev in Mallorca

I ay saying don't sign him but I question his temperament, he goes down feigning injury a little too easy and tends to sulk and disappear at times but as we know he can pop up with a goal or two.

So for me the decision rests on the last 6 games.

Another good signing would be the 2000 and 2500 fans that attended the last two away matches, JP could sign 'em up for the rest of this season and next, pay over the top for all the season tickets of those who sit with their arms folded in the East and Halford's, split 'em between the two stands and then we could really make some noise.


PS. See ya 12pm on Sat

Lee yates

Yes he hasn't been that inconsistent in an under performing side has he?he has scored some brilliant goals and is very good on the ball and also puts in a decent shift can play anywhere on the right and would be very productive behind the striker I think he is a quality premier league player 2.5 million is a bargain,I wouldn't like him playing for another premier league side against us.if we stay up sign him.


Good viewpoint, I would sign him if we stay up or not, can't believe anyone would say no at that price, and the way he ran to Pepe to celbrate must mean he feels something for the manager and club.

Had to smile at Reid, giving him a kiss, the look on his face shows it meant a lot to him also.


You got to remember that Marseille might ask for a little more now that we've missed the deadline to sign him on the prespecified price.

We Only Need One Half!

I'm not buying that story, we all know how tight J.P. is, can you honestly believe he never had the date circled with a big red marker pen on his calender?


I would sign him. He is a footballer and can make things happen.


He has scored some cracker goals and has some nice touches, but he can also fade and be a bit lightweight. Overall in terms of the current squad he is probably worth a contract, especially if he keeps it up for the remaining matches, and keeps Albion up in the process!

Medway Baggie

Since we have an option to buy him I hope that we will take up that option. As I've said on other threads, he has something of the great Willie Johnson about him and I think he could be a good player for us.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo


Most definitely if we stay up


If we go down we should still give it a shot, he would definitely help us in either division



morgan is something that we dont have at the minute an out and out winger, someone with good pace, a good cross and can get a goal, granted he does go missing in some games but watching the lad he makes intelligent runs and has that little wow factor that we require

he is also a good balance player able to defend and attack could easily slot in at right back and is good with the team, so for me we should sign him because a team around us will!

another one for me im undecided on is vydra giving him another year in the premier league may be good the kids still 20 but his pace is blistering and linked up very well with sessegnon, yet he doesnt have the strengh or gile to play against your john terry's so im undecided but i probably would sign him on yesterdays performance

our loans this year have been very hit and miss but amal has done really well and is i believe 2nd leading scorer behind berahino, so for me yes get him in


Yes, If his form can be consistent yes but he has been disappointing in a lot of games. Could it be the the problem of first season in the prem tho.

John B

Looked good the last couple of matches but inconsistent over the season. Would wait and see how he performs over the last 6 games. Does he want to sign anyway?

Quinton Baggie

Yes I would sign him. He has scored 3 very important goals, he does add that bit of flair when he is playing well.

Captain Mardon International

Who thinks of these both technical and difficult debates? I would never have thought of that one.

Yep sign him up (if he wants too that is).

Woodman Corner Jake

Yes we should sign him. Assuming we stay up we also need to strengthen the defence but the real priority is a proven goal-scoring striker of Premiership quality.

PS hope Gera's injury isn't the last time we'll see him in the shirt.


yes, but he needs to show more effort, he burst on the scene but been very quite of late, try another season.


he is the best of the loan bunch, and i would send the rest back and probably sign him especially as we need to completely overhaul this squad.

Players to go - all the loanees, Reid, Ridgewell, Lugano, Gera,to start with

Baggie Big T

I was very surprised that we did npt take up our option on him this week. I can only presume it was because J.P. did not know what Division we will be in next season (that bodes well for his Summer Transfer Policy, if Heaven Forbid we do go down).

The way Morgan was with the other lads on the pitch and they with him, plus how he ran over to the bench and there reaction to him after he had scored another amazing goal tells us all how much he loves the club and his teamates and coaches and they him.

That counts for an awful lot, he is without doubt a gifted player and the type of player we have loved at The Albion over many years and as (baggiebornandbred) said if we don't sign him someone around us will (Hull are reportedly after him already).

We have a Awful Lot of work to do transfer wise in the Summer (no matter what Division we are in). We have a lot of players coming up to End Of Contract or 1 Year Option and presuming that we are still where we should be and the money we will get from the Premier Leauge J.P. has to eithet get his Cheque Book out properly for once or Sell The Club to Someone who will.

We cannont have another Season like this one.

Pepe MUST also be given time to rebuild and moild this team, as I am sure that given it, he will give us an Exciting and Successful team to be proud of.

So Yes we must sign Morgan, but the Bigger Picture is FAR MORE IMPORTANT, one gifted player will not improve us to the level we need.

To finish if Arsenal, United or anyone else comesvin for Berahino waving a sizeable cheque we should Rip Their Hand Off, he is another Odemwinge waiting to happen.

'We Are Staying Up, SayWe Are Staying Up'


The Real Bully Hoo.

Big T.

This might be nothing to do with JP or RG. What everybody is forgetting is that Morgan may not want to sign for us if we should go down. And the thing is we can't make him, the agreement is with club not player.

As for JP selling the club to somebody that will get their cheque book out. WHO would that be then and where do you find them???????

With apologies to all who are tired of this old potato.

Jack the Hat

Not voted but sign him if possible, fits in with Pepe's format and lets not forget his defensive qualities.


boy from the REAL black country

If we are to stay up i would sign him up ASAP. He's made an impact in games despite being in and out of an under performing side, not forgetting many foreign players take longer to adapt to the premier league, so his best yet to come? We maybe made the mistake of an early judgement with Valero, although to be fair, we did'nt have the luxury of time and sureness of Premier football at the time, hope we don't make a rash decision with Morgan as i'm sure there will be no shortage of rival admirers. We also need to be bullish in transfer market this summer, with Long gone for £7M, we should go out on a limb for Jordan Rhodes - won't come cheap, but what price on staying in the PL these days? Despite a difficult season, theres actually not a great deal wrong with this squad that a decent striker wouldn't put right. Pepe will, i'm sure, add a few names of his own to the scouts list.


Yep. Makes prudent financial sense if we don't renew Zollys contract. Love Geras enthusiasm but time to move on. One piece of the hopefully summer puzzle solved.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I wouldn't be surprised if Zoltan and Reidy decide to call it a day themselves at the end of the season. Two smashing players and good blokes that have given us excellent service.

John B

Could not agree more, 2 good players who have always given 100%


A big YES.

We must try to build for the future.

I and my family have been very pleased with the attitude of the players.

Despite it being a strange season so far.

So carry on boys,come out fighting against the opposition ,this time.

We Only Need One Half!

I already said yes the other day when someone else asked, whats to debate?

Its not every day you will get offered players this good for £2.5mill (and I'm a cheapskate when it comes to players prices, but even I think thats value!)

p.s. apologies for that first line, I am still stuck in Do Lal mode!

Jack the Hat

One Half,

Agree with your cheapskate bit. Look what Hughton bought with his war chest and a fat lot of good that did him.

Hughton spent a reported £8.5million to sign Ricky van Wolfswinkel from Sporting Lisbon and £5million to bring Gary Hooper from Celtic,

All the best, our load is getting lighter.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



Yes and we will stay up - Norwich Cardiff and Sunderland look doomed


I agree with the majority on here and say yes he has an ability to change a game, although he does seem obscure on some occasions at the price he is a bargain.

Wouldnt like him coming back to haunt us one day if he goes to another club.

We shall overcome.



Yes - cant understand why we have not already done the business.

We Only Need One Half!

Blimey!, another scalp took, and we weren't even playing at Home, Hughton just be given the push, feel for the guy, thats twice we've done him now! he must really hate the sight of us Baggies by now.

p.s. Do Lal, make that 7 bottom clubs have now changed manager, not 6 has previously stated. Bet Lambert 8th from bottom is looking over is shoulder!

The Real Bully Hoo.


While feeling sorry for Chris Hughton, I can't help feeling a bit of schadenfreude that it's stuffed it to the pundits again. For the last few weeks it's been shoved down our throats that Norwich have held their nerve with a British manager and it's paid dividends while little old West Brom have panicked and brought in a foreigner who doesn't understand the PL and speaks no English.

We're not safe yet but suddenly these so called experts have stopped mentioning us so much. And why is it that it's so sinful for us to dare appoint a foreign manager or sign "second rate" overseas mercenaries. We didn't start either trend but while it's fine for Chelsea, Arsenal et al, little old Albion should know there place and quietly get relegated.

I mentioned it last night on a previous thread about Leicester. I've just heard somebody else on the radio say, well done Leicester, a well run club with good support and their own stadium.

A WELL RUN CLUB???????????

They were in a dire straits until foreign billionaires came in and bailed them out of their debts, bought their ground for them and invested money for players.

If Leicester are an example of a well run club then we must be due for the Queens Award tor Industry, an Oscar and a Blankety Blank cheque book and pen.

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, yep, see we you are coming from, but I still think Pearson's achievement should be acknowledged, yes he was given the resources, but how many managers have and still failed? 'Arry, AVB, O'Neill, Moyes comparatively, etc etc.

Your 2nd to last paragraph, whilst not foreign, but look how Wolves have been bailed out, had their ground improved for them, had money made available to bring players in, etc, and look where they are?

Its akin to trying to compare boxers from different weight Divisions to decide who's the best, whist they use pound for pound to try and work it out, we go £ for £, on that basis, we would be the Undisputed!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Sorry WONOH, that wasn't aimed in any way at Pearson. I think he's done well sticking at it despite the media trying to sack him every week a while back.

It was totally about the way clubs as you pointed out like Wolves (not picking on them as they're not the only ones) are constantly pointed out as shining examples of a well run club, while we are given pitying comments (sometimes even from our own fans) despite being the BEST run club in the league for quite a few years.


Ivan the old one .he as scored the better goals. Get him on the books as know

Jack the Hat

The curse of the sacked Managers after playing West Bromwich Albion strikes again.

1/ Chris Hughton - Newcastle United : 6th, Dec, 2011.

2/ Mick MacCarthy - Wolvrhampton Wanderers : 13, Feb, 2012.

3/ Andre Villas-Boaz - Chelsea : 4th, Mar, 2012.

4/ Paolo Di Canio - Sunderland : 22nd, Sept, 2013.

5/ Chris Hughton - Norwich : 6th, Apr, 2014.

Chris has an unfortunate double whammy and both on the 6th of the month.

Just a bit of useless information.



Yes and we have got Spurs Arsenal and Sunderland to play.

We Only Need One Half!

I wouldn't be totally surprised to see Poyet go before end of the season, but, and this is not just because of how I supported S.C., I still think its madness to be swapping horses mid race.

Put yourself in a Fulham supporters shoes this morning, would you rather be facing Norwich with Hughton in charge, or this Adams fella? who upon until 3 years ago was a football summariser, doing a show on Radio Norwich called Canary Call, thats right, they have effectively sacked Hughton and employed Alan Partridge! A-ha!

What next, Tom Ross to take over from Pepe, (although I'm sure Franksy would feel he could do a better job he's that far up himself)

To be honest, I wouldn't mind this job Adams has got, he cant lose, 5 games left, all of which they never took a single point from in the reverse legs, if he keeps them up, he is a hero, if he takes them down, it will all be Hughton's fault, win win.

The Real Bully Hoo.

A ha, the mirror league strikes again.

We Only Need One Half!

Funny you should mention that Bully, because its looking decidedly a lot brighter today then it was four weeks ago, four weeks ago we were gone!


Jack, we are getting quite a reputation for sacking managers, but let's look from a different angle for a minute: "WHAT ! You can't even beat the Baggies ? Out you go ".

It made me feel ill posting that but it's a thought. Yow gorra loff ert ya ?

Jack the Hat


I though that then noticed only one club could say that and mean it mate, Chelsea.

So om still loffin bay I. Spurs ut wum nex ay et, thay ul be moower worret thun we woh um?.

Jolly well done chaps, lets do a Rorkes Drift and fire at will, that will teach the blighters, so it will.


Jack the Hat

The West Ham v Liverpool match again proves how urgent full video camera technology is needed to help match officials with major decisions as it does in other sports. How on earth was Carroll allowed to get away with his so called goal, I arrest my case.

Fairness in Football.


We Only Need One Half!

Did you see that 'goal' at Villa Park Jack? thats what used to be known in Black Country Engineering terms of measurement as a Gnats cock, its true I tell you!


Just see MOTD2 Amalfitano contender goal of the month.

The Real Bully Hoo.

And I'm sure that's as close as he'll get.


On your other post. I'd put my house on Sherwood going if we beat them.

Jack the Hat


Not if his name had been Rooney, mate.


Moscow Albion

Sign him up!


Yes of course sign him he's a match winner

Will JP cough up the money...?

Jack the Hat


Will JP cough up the money...?

Burnley, Yes if you slap him on his back.

Gorra loff ay ya.


OK, I am going to take some stick from you Long lovers, but less than half of what we got for Long,(who didn't want to play for us) and in my view twice the player. Sign Morgan as soon as possible, lets continue to watch his exciting brand of football. Boing Boing.


I would sign him but with what has been going on around him these past few months does he want to?

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