Hull City 2 West Bromwich Albion 0 - match report and pictures

Shane Long triggered a ‘dive’ storm then scored as he returned to haunt Albion on a day of controversy at the KC Stadium.

The Ireland international, who was sold by the Baggies in January, won Hull a penalty just after the half-hour when he appeared to throw himself down in the box after no contact from defender Craig Dawson.

Liam Rosenior headed Hull ahead from the rebound after Ben Foster had saved the spot-kick from Nikica Jelavic, then Long rubbed salt into Albion’s wounds six minutes later by making it 2-0.

The striker netted from close-range after poor Baggies defending and then refused to celebrate his goal.

But he had already damaged his reputation with travelling Albion fans, who booed him throughout, and with supporters on social media who accused him of diving.

Albion’s day got worse when their already-depleted squad suffered two more injuries in the second half.

Albion made a bright start and in the opening moments they went close through Stephane Sessegnon, who bent a 25-yard shot just past the angle of post and bar.

The hosts applied some pressure, first when Ben Foster punched clear a dangerous Tom Huddlestone corner and then when Youssouf Mulumbu made a crucial block in the penalty area to keep out a goalbound shot from Albion old-boy Curtis Davies.

Davies was called upon at the other end to make a timely tackle on Victor Anichebe in the Hull box after some neat Albion play.

And goalkeeper Allan McGregor then made a smart save to keep out a long-range Graham Dorrans effort after another clever Baggies move.

But the game turned just after the half-hour when Long went down under pressure from Dawson.

The striker appeared to fall after tripping over his own feet and, while he did not appeal for a penalty, Foy awarded a spot-kick to the fury of the Baggies.

Foster made a fine save from Nikica Jelavic’s penalty but Rosenior converted the rebound with a diving header.

Foster excelled himself again when he flew instinctively to tip a long-range drive from Huddlestone over the bar.

But he could do nothing seven minutes from half-time to prevent Long netting a second.

The striker pounced from close range after a Jelavic cross dropped kindly in the six-yard box thanks to some dismal Baggies defending.

The resentment continued to simmer with Baggies fans booing Long and the striker almost coming to blows with former team-mate Youssouf Mulumbu moments later after an off-the-ball clash.

Hull had a chance early in the second half when Sone Aluku’s cross found Jelavic at the near post but his effort flew into the side-netting.

And Long almost added insult to injury with a fantastic 30-yard effort that beat Foster and rattled the woodwork.

Albion’s best second half chance fell to Victor Anichebe, whose far-post header from a Dorrans corner was saved by McGregor.

But despite the Baggies pressing hard, they rarely threatened McGregor’s goal and Mel’s injury worries deepened as both Gareth McAuley and Anichebe pulled up in the closing stages with what looked like muscle problems.

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Comments for: "Hull City 2 West Bromwich Albion 0 - match report and pictures"

Danish Baggie

Well,these penalty desicions in both ends could very well cost us. How many is it now? Luckely other results went our way.


Whats the price on Odemwingie sending us down on the last day!!!..


shocking dive by long

Longer games is nil nil always got a chance

Next weeks game is vital is must win

The Real Bully Hoo.

Most important news nowadays isn't who's playing, it's who's the ref.

Jack the Hat


Should be renamed, match fixer would be appropriate.



Time for a reality check.

I watched the Swansea match in Egypt last week - we should have been beaten by half time against a very poor Swansea side. Obviously, we showed some character to come back and win it and it cheered me up no end. However, what I am afraid of is we don't look like a side. We don't have balance, don't look solid, always going to concede goals and look impotent up front and just to add one more point - we lack creativity.

We always seem to lose these matches against teams like Hull and we have Cardiff next week and travels to Sunderland and Norwich. We have defeats already lined up away to arsenal and Man City - so it is looking bleak.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Reality check.

We had half of the first team missing yesterday against a pretty much full strength Hull team that have a good home record.

We had more possession and the same amounts of shots on and off target as well as corners. They went ahead to an extremely dodgy penalty and we were later denied a definite penalty (not my words on either but the MOTD commentator.)

There are two sides to every story.

I have a bad feeling about this season but more from the way the fates seem to be turning against us than any other reason.

Jack the Hat


Nothing like the truth mate.



Totally agree with you Jack for once, it is indeed NOTHING like the truth. lol



Questions I am asking myself -

Why play Thievy and not Vydra?

Can we regain the bottle and confidence and start to play together as a team?

How many poor decisions (penalties) are we going to have to continually suffer?

Shouldn't the bad decisions even themselves out over a season?


Normal service has been resumed :-(

We can bemoan all the dreadful decisions given against us but if we scored a couple of goals and took the game by the scruff of the neck we might have more influence.

It seems like a long time since we scored first and then won :-(

Time is running out....... I can't see us winning against Cardiff next week - cos we just don't win this type of 6 pointer and we will get relegated. I hate to say it, but that's how I feel and no matter how much stick I get for being pessimistic - I am a realist. And its not being disloyal but looking it at pragmatically.

I hope I am wrong and will be cheering us on in the last for games of my season ticket.

So if we beat Cardiff then I will post on here and hold my hands up and you Baggie fans can remind me accordingly.


it was against Newcastle Simmo in January! yes does seem a long time ago.

Captain Mardon International

Naturally I can't comment as I didn't go, my theory of a true striker in Shane Long sold to Hull was a mistake.

Luckily all the results went our way. We all know that these games are big opportunities to stay in the Premiership. It looks like it could go down to the last game.

The good thing was that,apart from Norwich,the other teams around us also lost.It's important now that we all stick together and leave the blame game until the end of the season when,hopefully Peace will resign and Garlick will be sacked.This sorry double act is the real reason we are in this mess.

Jack the Hat,

Worrow little Alan.



Ironic!! Shane Long throws himself to the ground playing for us, no penalty. As soon as he does it against us, penalty given! Refs have been a disgrace to us all season!!

Jackett the Hat

G-Mac blatant hand ball last week......silence, or don't decisions that go for you count.

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

Only a fool would say the G-mac hand ball was intentional, it was fired at him from close range.

Hello fool.



That "handball" last week was 50/50 at best. Didn't hear much moaning from Swansea, which is always a good indicator.

Now jog on!!


yeah ball hit at 300mph towards hand that was 3 inches away....end off

CantelloRocket 78

Jackett the obsessed-

like I've said many times before, you're a 40 year old man, acting like a jealous 14 year old kid who can't keep away from this site, making pathetic jibes on here EVERY day-

you can't stand Jack the Hat, but whatever you think of him at least - unlike you - he never hides - you change names, sometimes using two at a time, then sneak away when you're regularly embarrassed - such as when you compared Baggies fans to a terminally ill TV character - clearly the 'keyboard koward' that you are-

time you grew a pair and got yerself a life, wimpo.....!!!


Cantelll, you speak to jack like a mate, ( cause of the wba link ) but you speak to jackett hat like you hate him, go on our page, and read what the REAL obessive jack hat is like on EVERY ARTICLE we have!

CantelloRocket 78


Referee Chris Foy is a walking disaster, an incompetent, bumbling idiot-

back in the 2010-11 season, he gave Stoke TWO very soft penalties against us, first Kenwyne Jones 'threw' himself over Scott Carson's arm, then Dean Whitehead crashed to the ground after a 'shoulder charge' from Simon Cox, and Foy fell for both-

ever since that day, I've dreaded him taking charge of our games.

Last month, he gave Palace a penalty against us when Ben Foster did nothing wrong, and last week, Jose Mourinho went ballistic about him, saying he never wanted him to Referee another Chelsea game - which brings us to today, and I was horrified to see he was taking charge of us yet again, so I'd have bet good money he'd yet again be caught up in controversy.

Meanwhile, earlier today, the guy who robbed us at Chelsea, Andre Marriner, sent off the WRONG player in a top premiership game-

amateurs running the F.A., and amateurs officiating top flight games, an absolute joke, disgraceful.

Jack the Hat


Football needs to be revamped as referees are no longer reliable in their judgment, this also applies to their assistants. They should be replaced by Camera technology and two video operators to check any adversities during a match. No referee or assistant is needed, The Captain of a team listens to his players on any controversy, then signals to the officials governing the video for their view which is accompanied by showing a close-up on the video walls. The fourth Official becomes the park-side law and order for the use of. Before anyone screams about delays please note, Cricket can be played over five days, American Grid Iron Football is like having a day out. So what is the gripe of a game taking an extra hour as long as fairness is the outcome?. The Rugby referee signals for a camera reply, so too could a team captain. Hawk-eye shows the incident on the video wall, Hey presto. Now don't tell me two grown men can't toss a coin at the games outset. Okay this idea needs a bit of defining, so shout up, after all we invented the Great Escape did we not?.

Sota de Sombrero.


Jackett the Hat

'So what is the gripe of a game taking an extra hour as long as fairness is the outcome'

No gripe is there Jack if your watching via computer in the comfort of your front room.

Try asking a Baggy who has gone to Palace, Newcastle or any other distant club in midweek. God forbid if he or she is on an early shift........with your extra hour or so they'd have to go to work straight from the match.

Your post is a selfish opinion from somebody who is totally out of touch.

CantelloRocket 78

Jackett the obsessed-

and this is exactly WHY I say what I say about you-

Regardless of all else, Jack is an ALBION fan expressing an opinion on the ALBION site-

1) you don't HAVE to read it, as you don't support us, and it doesn't mention you-

2) you don't HAVE to respond to it, he was addressing his post to ME-

basically, you're completely OBSESSED with us, if they put you in a 'straightjackett', you'd break out of it and crawl to your laptop to get to our site, because you're ADDICTED-

you have to attack Jack or Albion at EVERY opportunity, and you know what's the worst?-

after all the nasty things you've said about Baggies fans, you now cry 'crocodile tears' about 'poor, hard-working Albion fans', to get you sympathetically accepted on here, and turn it against Jack-

just like a slimy doorstep Salesman who thinks people are too stupid to see through their soft-soap bull-

absolutely, utterly repulsive, patronising trash!!!

Just go away, and get yerself a REAL life!!!

Jackett the Hat

My apologies Mr Rocket, in future I will try my very best to adhere to your North Korean rules and regulations.

Trust me to fall into your free speech trap, doh!!!

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

Good job you aren't a Grid Iron or Cricket fan then isn't it whinger. I bet you moan about the length of time a match takes even at the NETTO-GHETTO. Many a time I have dashed to a home match, most times foregoing lunch as I worked Saturday mornings and had to catch two buses.

Oh! and I hope you are able to attend matches longer than I have managed.



I am worried! Since we drew with West Ham, I have watched every minute of every match and it's not the 'football' that worries me (even though it's mostly rubbish). it's the players' body language that concerns me most. Some players just don't seem interested. I think a lot have been in touch with their agents already and if we manage to survive (by luck only), quite frankly, I would contact them too! Mark Lawerson (who rarely talks any sense) thinks we'll survive because their are three worse teams than us - Well at the moment I can't see any!

Putza Shiftin

I've never been happier to see a team beat the Baggies! I'm not one to comment or engage in anything but friendly banter usually but after seeing WBA fans on a minibus giving my four year old son foul gestures as they drove past our Wolves coach today, I'm absolutely delighted you went all that way just to lose!

PS you were so fat and unfit, I think even he would kick your saggy a*#%s all the way back to Sandwell without the help of his a Dad!

Jackett the Hat

Don't worry mate, it's only Dingles who have the anti-social behavior gene......Baggies would never abuse a player who was holding his kid, no not them, never ever, wim angels we am.

The double standards are staggering.

CantelloRocket 78

Jackett the obsessed-

so tell me, when exactly did we say ALL Albion fans are Angels??

I've spoke to other Wolves fans on here - the intelligent, fair-minded, occasional visitors like Cornish, Stoke, OW, Nik, etc., not bitter, twisted, obsessives like yourself who come here every day for years looking for the slightest opportunity to throw jibes in this direction - and I've mentioned more than once that all clubs have a certain element of so-called 'fans' that we'd rather not have-

maybe it's the 'dumbing down' of modern society, perhaps what some have termed the result of 'Broken Britain', and the movement away from 'higher' moral standards and politeness, to self-centred ignorance and boorishness-

these individuals - whoever they are - make the rest of us feel ashamed of them, and their actions are completely unacceptable, although in the case of O'Hara, Sir Jack, etc, it was actually some of your fans attacking and abusing those still within your own club - fair-play that Sir Jack still loves Wolves even after being abused and spat at whilst still contributing so much of his time and money in helping them.

Coming here yet again as quickly as you can type to try scoring cheap Brownie points and twist things is nothing short of repulsive - but it's now a very common thing with you, isn't it.......??

Jack the Hat


Bet our fans didn't brick a coach-full of of elderly ladies either.



I've spoke to other Wolves fans on here - the intelligent, fair-minded, occasional visitors like Cornish, Stoke, OW, Nik, etc., not bitter, twisted, obsessives like yourself who come here every day for years looking for the slightest opportunity to throw jibes in this direction - and I've mentioned more than once that all clubs have a certain element of so-called 'fans' that we'd rather not have-

You reading this boing boing JH?

Bitter..twisted...obsessive, ahaha sounds like your own fans hate you, at least we like JackettTheHat, who started this because of you!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this the same person the other day that was accusing you of not having a life because you post on the Albion site while on holiday?

And yet he's on this website at twenty past one in the morning. You must really envy him his jet set life style.

CantelloRocket 78


I'm neither defending or attacking 'Jack The Hat', because he was on the site from the very beginning, probably the best part of 10 years ago ( I've been here about 6 ) and from what I've been told it was a complete 'free-for-all' in those days with Albion and Wolves fans at each other's throats, and no moderating - I think Jack's still a bit in the same mode, he's a 'one-off' character, so the rest of us just leave him to do 'his own thing', I doubt if he'd take much notice of us anyway, I guess it's down to the mods-

as for 'Jackett the Hat', he started coming here as 'Solbakken', 'Saunders Foot', etc., even using two names at a time, and when the mods started removing his posts, he tried without a username at all to get around it!!

He's also had unneccessary strops about us on the Wolves site, and made some completely unacceptable personal insults about us-

I honestly don't believe he's just winding Jack up, it's obviouly deeper than that, and if you find Jack distastful, then 'Jackett' is really no better, throwing jibes in the middle of the night really says it all - he's just childish and obsessive, and even if Jack left the site, I believe Jackett would still be here every week-

as I said, we all have a certain few that can try spoiling it for others, it'd be interesting to see and hear them out there in the 'real' world - but I have a feeling they'd all look a bit lost and pathetic in the flesh.....

Jack the Hat

Rhys.wwfc, Jackett the Hat, ELDERVO,

I see my banter grinds on you lot just as your club being in Divi 3 whilst my club is in the Premiership does. Your posts are more s--- than wit but that is expected coming from down the A41. Just keep believing that clubs at the top of the nether region will make it to the premiership but probably not in your lifetimes. Meanwhile I will carry on flying my Premiership flag and believe in what my club are trying to do despite the match fixers.

Sorry you are trastornado lobos.



CR - great response from a true supporter, all the best mate.

We Only Need One Half!

Jackett & Putza, are you for real? you should be thankful it was only insults they were throwing, unlike the bricks your lot threw at the Notts County Pensioners coach, and has for talking about a 4 year old fighting, where do you think you are from, Sparta? or are you just training him to grow up in the great Wolves tradition of being a proper little thug, just like daddy?

Jackett, I have not seen any where it says he was holding his kid? but then again being one of the 80k'ers, your not adverse to just lying when it suits are you, you are taking at face value what Mrs Long has said, even though though she wasn't actually there! its also interesting Shane Long has not said anything about this incident, and the only papers reporting it are the E&D and Birmingham (Trinity Mirror) Mail, no other news agency has picked it up, not even one in Hull. Long would probably be thinking if it is true, thank God it was Albion fans and not Wolves ones, or I would have been physically assaulted like O'Hara (and he was holding his kid) and thats indisputable by the way.

I'm not condoning any of those incidents, if they are true, but ffs, DO NOT come over here trying to claim some sort of moral high ground with your fans track record, that really is staggering.

p.s. Putza, I know you cant remember the last time Wolves were above West Brom, in any league table, so there you go, treat yourself, on me.

Captain Mardon International

As a father myself I agree with what you are saying. Every team has to have a fair amount of morons. Im sorry on behalf of us normal fans. I would have lambasted him if I witnessed that.

Jack the Hat

Well and truly stitched up by the so called match officials yet again, anyone else getting cheesed off of me saying this because I am. Thievy was my man of the match as every time he jinked his way through ( apart from the times he was clobbered ) he looked as though he could fashion something, why was he substituted. Our main fault was the inability of our players not being able to weight the ball, every free kick, corner or centre was blasted high over the heads of our players G-Mac and Dawson plus strikers. Hull must have thought it was their birthday. We must be really short of playing staff when we have to rely on Sinclair. How is G-Mac as he didn't look too good when he hobbled off. I wish the remnants of our squad all the best over the coming weeks.

Come on you BAGGIES.



There's no point moaning, we know Chris Foy's track record, the guy is simply third rate. The decision to sell Long was a financial one, and you all know JP is a smart businessman, so why question the motives when they're blindingly obvious? The last twelve months demonstrate why he sees us as a 'mid-table Championship team punching above our weight'; the successful juggling days of Dan the Man have disappeared and we're left with a Pound Shop mentality. Next week's game is against a team we hardly beat, so start praying for a miracle or two ...

Jack the Hat


I agree Long's sale was a financial one, ALBION offered him a new contract and over long, drawn out months of debate ALBION moved the goalposts twice in his favour, still he didn't want to know. With time now running out ALBION had to push the want-away through the door as he wanted to pick up his lump sum ( signing on fee ), nobody will change my view, if he had wanted to stay he could have overruled his agents. Long isn't all he is painted up to be and he proved it by cheating the fans he purported to love. A honest guy doesn't do that.



personally i hope wba stay up, after last weeks morale boosting 3 points at swansea, i hoped at least for a point at hull, but i cannot see fulham,palace,cardiff,sunderland finishing above wba.

Captain Mardon International

That's what I keep telling myself.


Where are all the posts E&S ? This site gets worse by the day.

I'll asume that Jack's come out of hiding by now (did Pep have much to say in the bogs Jack, apart from Que? of course) following his little faux pas.

Re your comment about us and whether we could match your win in 'The Battle of Bramall Lane' ....... What battle? No fight in em, can't understand why you thought it was such a triumph to beat them up there. We just blew them away like we will your lot next season.

On a more positive note for you guys though, the cunning plan by pep to get the goalkeeper coach to give the half time "what are we gonna do now" chat was a master stroke. No more goals let in !

Did Shane cheat? Obviously he must have done, how else could you have possibly lost if the ref, linesmen and their players hadn't cheated again. Next time try scoring more goals than the opposition

it works for us. lol


The Real Bully Hoo.

They weren't a struggling third division team back then and likewise bullying a few little third division teams doesn't really give you any bragging rights over a club in the PL league does it?

Pathetic. LOL.

CantelloRocket 78


'El Derv' said he 'saw the light', and became a Wolves fan, rather than remain a Baggie-

judging by the fact that he boasts about where he lives, deeply insults other people's home towns, then throws arrogant, sarcastic, deluded and bitter insults about clubs two divisions higher than his-

I believe he made the right choice, he finally seems to have found his natural place..........

The Real Bully Hoo.


I never trust any bloke that changes his team. Can't be done.

do lallytap

Yep, Dive all day long !

We were in direct line of this debacle and it was such a blatant dive, he went down with over 6 foot of space between him and an Albion player and it completely changed the game.

We were matching Hull with some great attacking moves until this cheat and YES he is a CHEAT done that and in an age where technology can be used after a game, I would love to see a 6 match ban, that would go a long way towards stopping this crap.

It knocked the stuffing out of the fans who were quite vociferous before this charade and it knocked the stuffing out of the team, especially Mulumbu who made it known in no uncertain terms to Diver exactly what he thought of him.

It has been mentioned on here that he used to do it at the Albion and I have also said on here that I HATE this type of play, Albion player or not, the only difference is that we never got much out of it when he was playing in Blue & White.

All in all, a good display but a poor, poor result made even more bitter by a diving cheat.

Strange substitutions I thought, Jedward was playing well with Sess both were a pain in the Hull backside all day and Morrison was making too many passing mistakes for me yet he took Jedward off ?

Anichibe hasn't the hunger and as for Ridgwell,,, why oh why is he still in our team ?

Move on and NEXT !

Titch the Tiger

What did you think to Morrison's dive to try and get a penalty, or is it acceptable if it's a West Brom player? Hypocrite!!! Long went down, looked like he tripped himself up, got straight back up and tried to play on. It was the ref who gave the penalty not Long.

jon williams

I am probably in the minority here but I blame the management and Shane Long for us being in the position we are in at the moment. He was played every week and it was obvious to me that he did not want to play for us. It was like playing with 10 men every time his name was on the team sheet. It is no point in complaining about the blatent dive that gave Hull the first goal, let us not forget the dives he made for us, lets face it, he is the best diver on the planet, forget Suirez. It was the best move Peace made when he got 7 mill for him, let us move on, we will make it.

Woodman Corner Jake

Shane long was the difference today. JP and Boy Wonder got £7m for him. Dropping out of the Premiership will cost us at least £30m next season and more for each season we do not get the largesse on offer from Sky and BT. Smart business? I think not!

Maybe our illustrious Chairman has taken a leaf out of the A&R head of Decca records' book who infamously told the Beatles manager Brain Epstein, before they became somewhat famous, that guitar bands were yesterday's news! Some decisions can be viewed, in hindsight, as being utterly wrong-headed.

As supporters we are stakeholders in the club - both emotionally and,for many of us, financially; we deserve explanations from the Board regarding the crass and incompetent decisions they have taken this season.

I know there are worst owners - but there are also better ones. Bill Kenwright at Everton, for example, is renowned for his willingness to communicate with the fans. We, however, have someone who does a passable impression of Marcelle Marceu - whilst taking several hundred thousand pounds out of the club each year in 'remuneration'!

Today was not a must-win game but arguably it was a must-not-lose one. I was so disappointed at the absence of ingenuity and a cutting-edge. We simply lack a threat up-front. Hull had a player who was a constant menace to our defence. Mr Chairman......why was that?


WCJ totally agree with your post buddy, I have said many time and to the annoyance of some that our Chairman and Board are responsible for the position of the club.

Your Marcelle Marceu comment is brilliant, and unfortunately accurate.

I said some months ago that it will probably go to the last game of the season and our superior goal difference is vitally important.

I do sense that the team are pulling together and effort is not an issue just a little quality and a sprinkling of lady luck.

Cardiff I would say is a must win.

Boing! Boing!

CantelloRocket 78

I think this point about 'to the annoyance of some' needs to be clarified-

I doubt if anyone really believes Jeremy Peace is in any way perfect, and several of us have said on this site that mistakes have been made at the club, and some degree of reponsibility for this must be taken by those at the top-

what does tend to 'annoy', is-

1) when someone repeatedly posts on here to attack and criticise the Chairman without balancing the issue by pointing out the progress and achievements the guy has ALSO made in various ways over the years, and

2) when we get posters shout 'JP out!', and 'Peace must go!', yet offer no viable alternative - exactly who should take his place, and can you vouch that whoever you choose - if you can think of anyone, that is - will do a better job, and be more successful than the current holder of that position?

I doubt very much if anyone within the club wants defeat or failure, but we're all human, and we all go through life making mistakes that we can then try to learn from - criticise others if you wish, but if you can't guarantee you have all the answers, then those criticisms can become very hollow indeed.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Like you, I was against selling Shane Long but to say the board must explain every action to the supporters is also wrong. You just couldn't operate like that and besides we don't know what was going on at the time behind the scenes.

Bill Kenwright has been frequently villified by Everton fans when it seems that the worse offence he is guilty of is not being rich enough to match their aspirations. In other words by good management of the club he's taken them to a level many other clubs would envy but supporters always want more. A few seasons ago Everton were bouncing around the bottom of the league and Bill was roundly castigated by the fans along with Moyes. Does this scenario ring any bells?

We haven't been as successful as Everton but we have a smaller fan base and less years on PL money but what has been achieved has been under this chairman and like in a marriage if you accept enjoy the good times you have to endure the bad as well. Selling Shane Long was undoubtedly a bad bit of business but does it outweigh the good that's been done?


He doesn't "take several hundred thousand pounds," he earns it. It's not a ridiculous amount for the position he holds and he stands to lose more than any of us if our club fail

Jack the Hat

Woodman Corner Jake,

Why was that mate.

Answer: because Long wanted away to grab a big signing on fee. Couldn't forego that so he got his wife to say she also wanted to stay in the area. Yes he stitched us up good and proper. I Have this thing about people who chew gum.



Putza shift in, they wernt doin it to your nipper, idiot, they were doin it 2 your dingle coach, u just put your nipper there .clown. I suppose they could have bought an ice cream for him. Don't ever put your kids in that posn, I wouldn't.

Captain Mardon International

I strongly disagree with that. What you are saying is young children have no place at football matches right? We at West brom pride ourselves on being a family club. The kids are the future of every club.

I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to go to the game.

Kev in Mallorca


bet she's already dreading it, being force fed larger!


We Only Need One Half!

Capt, Cape does make a good point though, I am not saying its right that unfortunately the atmos is not conducive to kids at games, but, this bloke chose to take his 4 year old on a away coach, I am guessing from abuse between two moving vehicles he means two fingered salutes and the middle finger, for they surely would not have been able to hear what was actually being said in that situation.

Yet he is sitting in a vehicle, going to the away section of a ground, with his own fans, where I would wager the language was a bit more colorful than pass the cucumber sandwiches and would you care for another ginger beer old bean!

Unfortunately, now days you have to make a choice.


I cannot get my head around the signing of Anichebe and Sesse for the best part of 10/11 million and letting Long go.

Also. Other clubs insert a clause in the contract which stops the player playing against his former team for that season.

As it it written in the start of the universe..every ex Albion player scores against us when we play them next.

Villa did it this year with Ireland.

Danish Baggie

Sorry Kayleah Long.What did you expect ?

Either teach your hubby not to cheat, or dont bring your son.

Old Gold

Haven't seen so much of Jack the Hat on our site recently, look forward to reading his banter. Could do without the crap between both sets of fans but a bit of banter is good. Plenty of it at work as I work in West Brom. UTW

The Real Bully Hoo.

On the abuse of Shane Long. If it's true and he did have his kids with him there is no excuse for the morons that do this sort of thing. I've no sympathy for Long being abused but it shouldn't affect his family. I'd ban the excuses for human beings for life if they can be identified.

We Only Need One Half!

If its true, I agree, but I would want to hear what Long himself has to say about it first, not just a Lady who wasn't even there and reported by two newspapers who we all know how they feel about Albion.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I know where you're coming from. On the Evening Mail report Chris Lepkowski said, "a colleague had mentioned it to him," yet the headline is there boldly proclaiming it as if it's fact, hence my 'if it's true.' There are lies, there are damned lies and then there's our wonderful media.'

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, well, we have only ever heard of this Lady once, when she stated categorically, Long would not be leaving the club, not saying she tells untruths, but, she has a track record of getting things wildly wrong. Wasn't that via twotter as well?

We Only Need One Half!

Disappointing game, didn't think Hull were all that, but they took there chance, we didn't.

Surprised at people blaming Long for penalty decision, he may have been looking for it through instinct, but he didn't make a meal of it, or even appeal for it, the blame lies squarely with Foy.

Although I was not against the sale of Long, I did question at the time the sense of selling him to a potential relegation rival, I just hope that decision does not come back to haunt us.

Keep saying it, another week gone, and still in our hands, but Lord knows how. It seems these prayers to the Patron Saint of Wolves, St Jude, really are working.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Funny isn't it that he never seemed to get a penalty decision go his way with us and all of a sudden..........

John B

They say these penalty decisions work themselves out over a season. I hope so as we should get at least 4 in the remaining 8 games. 8 or 9 points will still be enough to keep us up and we still have 5 games against teams in the bottom half. A win against cardiff next week is a must. Bookies still dont think we are going down but that will change if we loose to cardiff. This is now our biggest game of the season

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think if we'd have drawn both games everybody would be saying it was a good result but because we've lost a game people are down about it, yet we've got three points instead of two.

John B

Spot on Bully Hoo. In my calculations i had got zero at swansea and one at hull so are 2 points better off. However i have got us to beat cardiff and stoke and draws with norwich, west ham and sunderland. lets hope i am right, i got 7 out of 8 results right yesterday

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi there E&S.

We all know you love a debate and especially if a vote can be tagged onto it. How about a vote on which referee has done us most harm this season?

Runners and riders.

Kevin Friend.

For getting our season off to a flier by awarding Southampton what I thought at the time would be the softest and latest penalty all season in the last minute.

Lee Mason.

For bottling out of giving a penalty for Koscelny barging Long from under the ball that would have given us a 2-1 win and a great morale booster.

Howard Webb.

For not seeing Adams' first attempt to barge Mulumbu in the area and not recognising that kicking his heels from under him may just have been a penalty as well that would have given us another 2-1 win.

Andre Marriner.

For inventing a penalty and thereby avoiding the ire of Mourinho in allowing him to lose his unbeaten record at Stamford Bridge and robbing us of another morale boosting 2-1 win.

Chris Foy.

For not being able to tell that Ben Foster kicked the ball against Palace and giving a penalty that stopped our fightback in its tracks. People at the top of the London Eye later said they saw it clearly.

Foy then follows this up yesterday by seeing contact with Long where there was none and then deciding that a definite trip on Morrison was a figment of our imagination.

In voting I beg you to consider that Marriner and Mason were merely doing what PL referees do best and looking after the big club. Howard Webb apologised but that didn't make the decision any more easy to take. My vote goes to Chris Foy on two different technicalities.

1. Consistency of lousy decisions against us over the years.

2. I admire the artistic symmetry involved in crapping on us in both penalty boxes in one game.

boy from the REAL black country

Top post that Bully, might also add that most of those names are largely responsible for costing Steve Clarke his job and may well contribute to our club losing its place in the Premiership!

Jack the Hat


We won't have to talk to Victor that's for sure.



Why do people keep moaning that we "shouldn't have sold Shane Long"? People on here and the MOTD "pundits" need to look at the FACTS.

He would NOT sign a new contract, so could/would have left the Club for NOTHING at the end of next season. JP got £7 million for him - good business sense whether you like it or not!!

Apart from 45 minutes against the Villa, he'd been RUBBISH for us for over 12 months - people have very short memories.

To be fair to him, he didn't claim a pen yesterday as he knew he just fell over - the blame for that atrocious decision once again falls on the shoulders of an inept referee.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Yes and Marriner will be punished for his inept efforts yesterday but nothing was said after his game with us. The whole corrupt refereeing system in the PL stinks to high heaven.


TRBH - to be honest, Marriner's mistake in our game was a far worse one. I don't know why all the fuss about yesterday - he sent an Arsenal player off and it did not affect the result. His mistake was not particularly sending off the wrong person, but a deliberate handball is a yellow card offence, unless it prevents a goal scoring opportunity. Hazard's shot was going well wide, so no-one should have been sent off!!

boy from the REAL black country

Mboy, if we had really wanted to have kept SL, we could have done, i don't buy all this "he didn't want to play for us" business. Suarez made it quite clear he no longer wanted to stay at Liverpool, but ended up signing a new improved contract....wonder what happened there?!!

We should've made him an offer he could'nt refuse, he would have signed, make no mistake. If it was Barcelona trying to lure him away, fair enough, we would have been flogging a dead horse, but it was Hull for gods sake, a team newly promoted - his current club having just finished 8th in the prem! Are some out there really so naive?


We offered hinm what we thought he was worth and what we could afford. HE turned it down to join a Club with a "sugar daddy" Chairman.

This happens all the time in ANY industry - people move for more money.

He's gone, we should move on!!


The thing is boys we didnt put the ball in the net simple. We tried hard and did some good things but we didnt look really cut throat either did hull by the same accord but they put two goals in the net and we didnt

I see we have a lot of players out injured and this could of been a factor but we had some real good quality on that pitch and didnt make much out it we never seem to see the flying overlaping runs, nor the intricate through ball passes its very square and tight

for me in the summer we need to look at the identity of the team, we dont have a great deal of pace or seem to start a great deal of pace, and we dont seem to score many headers or 1 on 1s lets look at us as a unit and decide whats best for the team i personally think we need a finisher striker and a creative midfield player but thats me



This is down to JP & goes back to the summer of 2013 .

We finished eighth in the premier , i admit the team at times were in relegation form under SC , we all could see we needed to strengthen the squad but he was

given no money ,he should have been given the opportunity to strengthen the

side & add depth in case of injuries ,to keep us a established Premier side .

SC was given money on the last day of the transfer window & he panicked

i think it was quite obvious, why was he not given funds in the summer ?

It is clearly a lack of ambition by JP.

Free transfers & Loans help out for a while but in the end you need experiance & quality.

We are now paying for it JP, we lack quality, players injured no replacements ,no depth.

I honestly believe SC would have kept us in the premiership in out of the relegation zone.

When SC was sacked should of appointed a experienced manager a lot sooner

but as useal JP had to get somebody in on the cheap.

Please JP if we stay up or go down please resign or sell the club we need a chairman who has ambition for the club and not to line their own pockets.

Boing Boing.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Everything you say has been said many times before but whenever any of it is challenged the person saying it goes very quiet.

1. We have as good a squad as similar size clubs in the Division, Norwich, Swansea, Stoke etc. although many of these clubs are financially better off than us.

2. Again for clubs our size much of the transfer business is done on the last day of the transfer window. Not through panic but because of clubs, agents and players hanging on til the last minute for the best deal they can get.

3. Which experienced manager? And if he's out of work it means another club has sacked him.

4. He can't resign, he more or less owns the club.

5. To sell it you have to have a buyer. Who do you think he should sell to? the first dodgy foreigner that comes along with a few quid? Is that what you really want. Carsen Yeung, Vincent Tan, Steve Morgan? I know there are some decent owners out there but if they don't want to buy us you can't make them.

I await your answers in hope rather than expectation. Nothing personal just experience.


Steve Morgan is not a foreigner but your obsession with Wolves is funny.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I could just have easily used Peter Ridsdale but Steve Morgan is more contempory I am aware that neither of them are foreign but I was casting around for another poor foreign chairman and none came to mind but SM did.

He has overseen a club scrape it's way to last day survival followed by falling two divisions in consecutive seasons.

If you think I picked him out for his Wolves connections then re-read what I've just written.

Your persecution complex is funny.


I come off here last and complimented Albion on their win and Mulumbu's goal. However, I am starting to get a little tired of Albion fans constantly blaming Refereeing decisions. Many, many clubs (especially not the big boys) have felt aggrieved at the decisions against them this season and as a Wolves fan I was shocked at the bias and poor Refereeing in the Prem but you have to acknowledge that you're down there because you deserve to be.

The Shane Long thing was always going to happen but fair play to the lad he didn't play for the penalty and he didn't celebrate. If you do go down its because you deserved to after 38 games not because you suffered a few bad decisions because the other clubs would have suffered the same over the course of a season.

Beat Cardiff and you have a massive chance, lose or draw you're still in deep trouble but I think you'll survive.

The Real Bully Hoo.


If you watch the games on MOTD each week they tend to show most of the bad decisions especially penalties.

I remember Wolves suffering a spate of bad decisions a few seasons back and we did one season under Gary Megson. There have also been one or two other clubs that I've noticed to suffer very bad seasons.

I've been following Albion since 1961 and I try to be objective but I honestly can't remember as many stone cold wrong penalty decisions go against a club (maybe Wolves in that season I mentioned earlier.)

If this had happened to Chelsea etc we would never hear the last of it.

Orlando Wolves

Sorry 1877wolf, I can`t agree with " fair play to the lad he didn't play for the penalty and he didn't celebrate." Shane Long is a cheat and the result of his cheating should have been a booking and not a penalty.

Baggie fans have a point when they refer to the points they have lost to dubious refereeing decisions this season. Now injuries are also taking their toll on the team.

Personally, I hope that Wolves and Albion are again playing each other in the Premier League in 2015-16 season. That is where both our clubs should be.

Good luck in the relegation battle.





It seems I'm in the doghouse again. 3 posts, no results.


Trying to get the Chelsea owner deported may have gone against ya Marmate .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah, should have gone for the firing squad option and relied on public support.


Will you stop sitting on the fence .


I agreed with you Cyril, including deporting Abramamoney..



Stokewolf. They've left your reply floating in mid-air mate as mine have nearly all been removed from all the topics. There's someone at E&S hates me for sure.

Maybe time to move on as it's one where all the dice are loaded in the bad man's favour.


Shane Long did what is known in the trade as ' Match Management ' , normal bloke's in the street call it cheating . If the Long being abused in the car park incident happened then the so called ' fans' concerned should be deeply ashamed .

I expected the ' we should not have sold Long ' comments well for most of the last two seasons he has been very average imo and i cannot understand Fosters comments on an article today.

The comments about Jez Peace are way of beam , we have spent more on wages etc this season than any other , that we have invested on the wrong players in the wrong positions is NOT the chairmans fault . The main culprit it would appear has already paid the price ie Dave Mcdonough .

I see we have the usual Wulfie visitors giving it the ' Big one ' and telling us what will happen next season , if i had a tenner for every time i have had to endure these comments i could retire , of course most of the time these boasts back fire spectacularly but there again some people never ever learn .

Jack the Hat

Has anyone else picked up on E&D not doing photo shots last week owing to ALBION winning and wolves losing?. This week is as different as the fortunes of both clubs are.

Gorra loff ay ya.



Looks like a case for ' Mulder and Scully ' .

Jack the Hat


Looks like delving into the X-files mate.



Bigger club syndrome

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