Big Debate - Did Shane Long cheat to win Hull City a penalty against West Brom?

Shane Long played a vital role in helping his new side Hull City clinch a 2-0 win over Albion.

Hull City's Shane Long (left) has a muted celebration in front of the West Bromwich Albion supporters
Hull City's Shane Long (left) has a muted celebration in front of the West Bromwich Albion supporters

Did Shane Long cheat, and would Albion fans have accepted similar when he was their player?

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Did Shane Long cheat to win Hull City a penalty against West Brom?"


Really really disappointed in SL, thought he was one of a few but how wrong i was, been a season ticket holder for a few years now and i'm starting to ask myself why when the game is rife with players like this, i work hard, long hours and to be cheated like this sticks in the throat so thanks SL and all the others who blatantly cheat , i'm really losing my love for the game.......

do lallytap

I will keep it plain and simple...




no matter how longy tries to dress it up it was a dive or stumble,there is no contact.the real villain of the piece is foy who bought many times this season have we been robbed by poor reffing?itll be no consolation when we are relegated because of it


Me and my son sAid it was a dive


Was there today very dissapointed with long but this is a bad thing in football that is getting worse we had a lot of the ball but never looked like scoreing we missed Olsen good support today I will be there next week against Cardiff if we don't win that one I fear we my be going down at least a had a short journey home tonight



He cheated!!


Never a penalty in the reign of pig's pudding ! I'm not sure whether he claimed it to be, but Foy needs to take his exams again, along with that other clown Marriner.

I don't think we would have scored in 190 minutes to be honest, but climbing uphill with a depleted side is soul destroying. I hate the Prem from every possible angle. I hope it implodes soon, starting with Ambrovich being deported.


Cyril: for what it's worth, I agree with every comment..


Kev in Mallorca

Of cause he did and it's "vile" he did it in front of his child!!!


do lallytap

Kev....Thats the most sense yow have said in years !

Those blokes in safari suits sat in front of me with tiger....very strange folk as were those dressed as nuns !

Nearly as funny as the Rev Kev


Let's be honest here ! Yes I agree that the contact was minimal but why did the defender even go for any challenge ? The ref gave it and if I'm honest Long stumbled but got straight up to carry on regardless .....

It's right to say that it was a poor game and regardless of the penalty you never looked a threat in front of goal ! I hope you stay up as I do like. Pepe and WBA and I believe that the likes of Sunderland , Fulham and Cardiff are more deserving of the drop ....


Yes what a pointless question though

The Real Bully Hoo.


Have a look at my poll on the match thread. At least it needs a bit of thinking about.


It was never a penalty & Long stumbled over his own feet. The issue with the decision was the useless tool Chris Foy not even a single hull fan/player appealed and long himself got up and carried on. Foy really is a useless little dwarf once the penalty was given our heads dropped. Saying that it was a top save by foster but not a single one of our players reacted to the follow up save.


Well its up to the referee he has to award the penalty Shane Long was just doing what all good strikers do (one we should never have sold) and yes he stumbled etc but down to the referee to give it so for me no blame on Shane, its down to the clown that is Chris Foy


Baldie, you could be saying that a good striker should dive and win a penalty if possible. Surely you don't mean that ?

Jack the Hat


What a misguided clown you are, good strikers do not have to stoop that low, just ask the superb Lionel Messi and he scores hat tricks against the worlds best club sides, plus. Watched his super show last night against Real Madrid.

The German Captain who refused a penalty is head, shoulders and feet above the likes of the cheating reprobate Shane long.



Watch the replay Jack, Long didn't dive, didn't go down, and in fact tried to carry on and score when he stumbled, what's more he didn't appeal.. Credit to him, he is not a cheat in my book.

The problem was another bad decision by the Ref against you!!

I can understand your backlash against Long, but he was always going to give you problems and probably score, which he did.. You could do with him now!!

Even your Keeper has now spoken out..



I dont think it was, his legs got twisted up and he fell to the floor then tried to get up, watching replays back shane looked embarrsed he had given it. The reality of it if you team wins a pen you dont tell the ref i wasnt so what he do just very very poor referreing

Jack the Hat


Fair minded Germans do tell cheating Officials, mate.


Woodman Corner Jake

No. He tripped and got straight up without appealing. Foy was at fault in awarding the penalty.

We have been on the wrong end of too-many poor refereeing decisions this season. These decisions do not even themselves out for clubs such as ours......smaller clubs always come off worst than our more illustrious competitors.

Notwithstanding this, it was still an utterly crass decision to sell him.

Jack the Hat

Woodman Corner Jake,

No!, it wasn't a crass decision to sell Long, he wanted away so as to collect the big signing on fee, so did his lying wife.



Its the referee that awards the penalty - It was clear that Dawson made little to no contact with Long,and in his defense Long got straight back up and made no appeal for the decision.

Why do the authorities go to such lengths to protect the referees.They are human and just as capable of making a poor decision as

a good one.In this age where so much money and prestige is at stake,why are the FA and FIFA so afraid to allow technology come

to the aid of officials at crucial times during a match.If they will accept using technology to decide when a ball has crossed the line then why not use it for disputed penalties,or for Mr Marriner - which player was the offender.

The standard of refrees has got to improve and it could if the FA and FIFA moved the game into the 21st Century and took advantage of all the help that is out there.


I don't think Long dived - there was a slight coming together with legs and he made no attempt to stay down poleaxed or appeal.

However, it is in his (and most footballers these days) make up that if he felt some contact to automatically go down - he may well have been in this mode and suddenly realising it was against his old club and got straight back up - perhaps I am being too kind in his defence here.

It was the ref who got it wrong and then missed the more blatant one in the same position against Morrison.


Of course he cheated, how he has the nerve to pretend he cares about the baggies by not celebrating after a dive like that makes me sick. Even worse yet again an inept performance by that troll in the black ! I am getting very dispondent with football, until they try and punish these cheats and improve the idiots in black I won't waste another penny at a football game, I'm done.

do lallytap

I find it mighty strange that a few of the jellyfish who berated me, ridiculed me, called me all sorts, even a dingle when I said, weeks before Tom Daley left our club, that he spends more time on the ground, moaning, groaning and diving when he played for us and that he was a diver....where are those jellyfish now ?

A diver, is a diver, is a diver no matter who he plays for, it's in his psyche and I said at the time that I hate that kind of play no matter if he does play for our club but, according to a certain few, I was talking rubbish....check back you will see who those certain few are and EXACTLY what I said about Long....well it's come back and bit you lot in the backside.

Given time, Hull City will find out what Long is all about and they will get rid of him in a couple or 3 seasons.

As for those "Fans" who abused him in front of his kids, there really was no need for it but Long must be held to blame for some of it, after all if he didn't DIVE in front of his kids then he wouldn't have got the abuse.

When Longs name was called out in the line up he got a huge round of applause from ALL Albion fans and if he had scored that goal he scored before the penalty debacle then a few would have still applauded THAT is how strong we all knew he dived


do lally... I'm sure you have watched the replay a number of times, so not sure how you can't see that Long didn't dive, didn't go down, and in fact tried to carry on and score when he stumbled, what's more he didn't appeal for a penalty!! More credit to him,

It was just poor refereeing again..

As I commented to Jack, I can understand your backlash against Long, but he was always going to give you problems and probably score, which he did.. You could do with him now!!

Even Foster has now spoken out in his defence..



Of course he cheated, that`s what he does, CHEATS, that`s one of the reasons he never got a penalty for us because every time he got the ball in the box he went over.

Titch the Tiger

Danish Baggie you are a disgrace. You think it is ok to abuse Long's wife and daughter (not son you idiot)??? What did you think to Morrison's dive to try and get a penalty, or is it acceptable if it's a West Brom player? Hypocrite!!! Long went down, looked like he tripped himself up, got straight back up and tried to play on. It was the ref who gave the penalty not Long. I have a lot of time for Baggies fans from my time as an away supporter so I will not tar every baggie with the same brush and just class you as a bad egg. Unfortunately every club has a moron like Danish Baggie. Good luck for the rest of the season true Baggies and I hope you stay up. From a Hull City fan.