Chris Brunt eyes quick return for West Brom

Captain Chris Brunt today set his sights on defying Albion’s medics and returning from his knee injury ahead of schedule.

Chris Brunt of West Bromwich Albion.
Chris Brunt of West Bromwich Albion.

The Baggies midfielder was ruled out eight days ago for up to six weeks after damaging a medial knee ligament in the club’s defeat to Manchester United.

But the skipper is determined to get back ahead of schedule to help Albion’s fight against Premier League relegation.

“Anytime I’ve been injured in the past I’ve always managed to get back before the initial timescale,” said Brunt.

“I was worried the injury was going to be worse than it is before the scans. At the time it was pretty painful.

“When the scan came back I was gutted to be missing the games, but in the back of my mind I was relieved because it could have been a lot worse.

“It was a pretty freak accident – Robin van Persie ran into Wayne Rooney and Rooney fell onto me.

“It was weird and I think it was a good job I got my foot out of the way just in time because if it had been planted it could have been worse. But at the time I was thinking my season was over.

“Everything is going pretty well so far. I’ve got a lot of gym work over the next few weeks.”

and the quicker I can get back outside the better.”

Albion won their first game without Brunt at Swansea on Saturday with Youssouf Mulumbu’s late goal sealing a 2-1 success and a first victory under boss Pepe Mel.

And Brunt insists he will be on hand to help his team-mates during his lay-off.

“To not be able to help turn draws into wins is disappointing but you get on with it and support the lads in what we’re trying to achieve,” he said.

“They made a good start of it on Saturday and if they can keep winning games it makes my rehab a lot easier to do.

“I was gutted when I got injured, especially with the nature of the games coming up against the teams around us.

“It was only a matter of time before we got a result and to not be involved in that on Saturday was gutting.

“But I was delighted for the lads and everyone else.”

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Comments for: "Chris Brunt eyes quick return for West Brom"

Jack the Hat


Time is the great healer, so don't abuse her by trying to rush back, although we can do with every available football-stud on duty.

Everyone is on about the danger of Shane Long; for me Hull's most dangerous player without doubt is Robert Koren, he makes their midfield tick and will always pop up on the score-sheet. Lets hope for a good set of officials who can spot a Gobber from fifty paces. Players who spit in any shape or form should see the red card. 2-1 to us.


Captain Mardon International

Have to agree on Robert Koren, quality player for us and believe Di matteo made a mistake getting rid of him. He was part of that best midfield in the world song to, which remains one of my favorites.


Good luck with that Chris, I remember shouting at the time that RVP should have been off, and had he have been, his contribution to your injury wouldn't have happened !!



playing on an injury that isnt 100 percent ready can only lead to further injury, the body needs time to heal in the 80s plays played through everything with painkilling injections and some of them can bearlu walk now, football is a crazy sport and doesnt last long although the wages are high being out on the sidelines will be the only thing you will be remembered for after your career had ended

if you feel feel fit fine be good to have an extra set of legs ready to play but playing on 80 percent os no good for the team

Bad wolf

Yeah good luck with that chris !!! The tesco boys are going to need all the luck they can get coming up against hull city !

Brunt or no brunt , can only see this match ending in one way , dead and buried by half time ! Hull 3 westbrom 0 ! Boing boing :)

Captain Mardon International

I would agree to a certain extent on that, however after the fightback against Swansea anything is possible. Just look at Crawley Town.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Ahoy there Captain. That's the way to do it. Draw them towards you on a lee shore and the hammer them with a broadside. Didn't even need to mention Shrewsbury to finish them off.

I'm surprised Bad Wilf rates Hull so highly as they're managed by that bloke that wasn't good enough for them.

CantelloRocket 78

Sad wolf-

yer see, here's the thing-

your own club's a third division outfit, that's just been outplayed for the second time this season by Crawley Town-

yet you decide to come over here with a lamentable 'opinion' of what will happen when two premiership clubs play each other-

a bit like Sid from the 'Fools and Horses' Cafe giving his expert assessment of a contest between Michelin-star rated Brothers Albert and Michel Roux.....LOL.


Badwolf, you've just set a club record with wins, we hear nothing from you. Then you get 1 point from the next 6 and you're on here

with your spiteful ways. Everybody loses sometime, even Chelski and Man.C. It's called SPORT. Grow some sonny !


No good rushing back if not 100% fit, Chris. It's not just old boys Shane and Robert; there's also old bigheads Davis and McShane at Hull, who thought they were too good for the Baggies!


don't rush back


Probably RVP kicked Rooney as he did everything that moved that match, then Rooney fell on Brunty, not something to welcome.

Jack, spitting on people is something nasty little kids did when I was one. We had our own ways of dealing with and very effective it was. But grown men ? Cowardly in the extreme. I hope he gets a 5 ban.


Nice to see E&S printing a positive story without trying to put a negative spin on it for a change!

Keep it up E&S.

Kev in Mallorca

I don't know what gym Chris is talking about but there has been a post thrown into the mix a couple of days ago from, shall we say, one of our more controversial "fans" that called into question Chris's preferred place, indeed country, of rehabilitation. Now me not being a lover of modern ways of, shall we say, so called communication methods, so if anybody is signed up too twitter could you do me a favour and contact Chris Brunt's site and ask him if indeed he preferred the expertise available in Dubai too the much talked about facilities available at WBAFC? It would really be enlightening to know the truth.


Kev in Mallorca

I'm just full of oooo's today, some may say I'm full of mierda but that's another story.



cheers wolf boy , u r a complete James Hunt, go to your own site

The Real Bully Hoo.

No comments board on Warren's blog so I'll reply on here.

Hi Warren.

On the relegation thing, none of us wants it to happen and you're right we really don't want to lose Mulumbu, Yacob etc. It would cause a black pall to fell over the club if we did go down. But cast your mind back to the mid 90's. If we go down now at least we'd have hope, first of all the hope that we'd bounce straight back. Yes we would lose good players but we would be able to bring in a lot of good young players as well.

I know some won't grasp this point but I'm not trying to sugar the pill of relegation, just pointing out that 20 years ago we had no excitement at the club and no hope for the future because we were massively in debt, every half decent player was sold to the first bid that came in and the football was dire.

Probably after recent seasons the Swansea win was more unexpected than the one over Man Ure, so you can't tell where the results will come from. I haven't even written off getting something at your favourite club City.

I'm still hopeful we'll stay up but I'll be in my seat at the Shrine next season if we don't.

Kev in Mallorca


I shouldn't think it would be decided that quick but if they allowed some safe standing would you think about moving?

I realize you are not, shall we say, as youthful as me which may be a factor which you may have too consider.



He will need danger money standing next to you Marmate .

CantelloRocket 78


d'yer think they'd mind if I asked to have a private box in this standing area?

Only I've got one that used to be full of oranges I'd like to stand on, seeing as everybody in front of me is usually well over 6 foot, or has big hair......??



You would know all about ' Big hair ' Marmate .

CantelloRocket 78

Ok then, 'bigger' hair-

if there's one person around with a 2 foot 'afro', you can guarantee they'll stand in front of me at a match or a gig, or even sit in front of me in the cinema....


I have worn me knees out praying we do not go down , sleepless nights i have endured.

Still it could be worse we could be about to blow automatic promotion from the third division . I mentioned the ' Ides of March ' at the start of the week then they lost to Crawley . I can see them ' You have lets us down again ' signs making a comeback at the Custard Bowl .

Hope to see ya soon Marmate.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Max.

I was saying to a Wolves fan last week, there's no way you can blow that sort of lead again,' he just gave me a resigned look. They really can't... can they?


Like I said before, I'd have to think long and hard. I love the idea of standing again but I've got some cracking blokes that sit by me. Anyway I'll worry about it if and when it happens.

Kev in Mallorca


O'are o'remember now, maybe it's me who's the elder!


Kev in Mallorca


Can you press the release button for the last 3/4 Baggies threads that enables fans too comment please?



I do hope Long strolls about the pitch chewing his gum and looking uninterested like he did for us since his first transfer to Hull fell through.


Scored two blinders against the Vile .

The Real Bully Hoo.


The one thing nobody can knock you for is the fact that you say it as you see it. Yes you do on occasions go a bit OTT with the criticism but you're just as likely to give Mulumbu, MaCauley or Foster a volley as Brunt, Ridgewell or Mozza. I only wish others could be as honest.


How about the halfhearted sitters that he missed.