West Brom's Youssouf Mulumbu: Swansea fightback set survival standard

Youssouf Mulumbu today claimed Albion must match their second-half display at Swansea if they are to win their Premier League survival scrap.

Youssouf Mulumbu scores the winner for West Brom against Swansea and says the fightback for survival has begun
Youssouf Mulumbu scores the winner for West Brom against Swansea

The midfield star, who scored the Baggies’ late winner at the Liberty Stadium, said Pepe Mel’s side set the standard they need to avoid the drop as they secured the Spaniard’s first win as boss.

Mel’s men recovered from a dismal first-half display to claim a 2-1 win with Mulumbu’s 85th-minute winner following an equaliser early in the second period from record signing Stephane Sessegnon.

And Mulumbu said: “We have to work hard as a team to stay up and on Saturday we saw a team fight to stay in the Premier League.

“The first half we were poor but in the second we were more aggressive, had the intention to get on the ball and scored two brilliant goals. I’m really confident.”

And Mulumbu insisted the players had not been distracted by the pre-match pressure on Mel and the furore surrounding Nicolas Anelka’s exit from the club following his controversial quenelle goal celebration.

“I’m pleased for the manager,” said Mulumbu. “We had troubles with Nicolas Anelka and the manager in the newspapers but the best way to reply is on the pitch. I hope the fans stay with us.”

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Comments for: "West Brom's Youssouf Mulumbu: Swansea fightback set survival standard"

The Real Bully Hoo.


"We had troubles with Nicolas Anelka and the manager in the newspapers but the best way to reply is on the pitch. I hope the fans stay with us.”

I proudly remember Albion fans giving Tony Mowbray and the team a standing ovation after losing the last game of the season 2-0 to Liverpool and being relegated.

The reason for this is that in the main we have a fair and knowledgeable crowd that could see that the result and subsequent relegation wasn't down to a lack of effort or application by the players but the fact that we simply weren't good enough.

Shame that Mowbray betrayed that support by walking out shortly after but that doesn't alter the fact that the real Albion fans will always stick with the team as long as they see them giving their all.

Real fans aren't just for Christmasl.

We Only Need One Half!

Like I said the other day IF we do go down, so long as it is like Lions and not Lambs you will get no complaints from me.


Wolves fan in peace here! Great win at the weekend especially considering the circumstances.

There was some great goals in the Premiership this weekend, Silva, Rosicky, Delph etc but the best goal for me was Mulumbu's, the way he skipped past the defender looked up and just passed it into the corner was just class.

If you beat Cardiff on Saturday I think you send them down and then effectively all you need to do is stay away from 18th.

The Real Bully Hoo.

A gentleman.


Wolf if we beat Cardiff on saturday we will deserve to stop up, as we are playing Hull Tigers away.

Good luck tonight.

Jack the Hat


These Dingles never get their facts right.



Thanks for that, I have never posted on any one else's pages, but if I did, I would try to do so in a complimentary manner, rather than any other also.

The report here started well, but do we really need the last two paragraphs, move on E&S he's not with us anymore, how about getting a comment from our other defender called Liam, 20 years old thrown it at the deep end and coping really well, that's our future, (unless he becomes another Izzy-ite)

Surely you've had your moneys worth from that other (no longer a WBA player), blokes photos by now, I'm surprised you didn't feel the need to insert one in the corner for good measure.

We Only Need One Half!

Lol, have a look at the next article, its almost as if they did that to spite you.


Yea I did see it mate, but chose to ignore it in the hope they might get the message.

TRBH - Said exactly the same kind of thing as the first comment on it, and I really don't feel the need to say anymore, when I would rather hear how injured players are progressing or Academy players are doing etc.

p.s - I hear one of the Stewards forgot his sandwiches the other day, do you think we should have A BIG DEBATE, as to his ability to do any official tasks for us.

We Only Need One Half!

Baggies, well, given we are in the Prem, yet there are 10 articles on Wolves today, and only two on Albion, one of which is recycled pap, I am beginning to wonder if the E&D have been given their marching orders down at The Shrine for peddling mischief?

Would explain why there is such an anti slant at the mo?

The Real Bully Hoo.


I had the same thought but because of his age I don't think the circumstances are the same. I wonder though if Izzy's looking over and thinking, 'I wonder when I'll get a go in the first team?' Probably be another couple of years when they release him because he isn't foreign.

We Only Need One Half!

Did the F.A. ever sort our compo over Izzy? Last I heard they were going to adjudicate, even though I believe the maximum we could get was 250,000, but the E&D haven't published anything since.

We Only Need One Half!

I got the figure wrong, apparently its 500,000, but only because of foresight on the Clubs part. This was the last article E&D published, 6 months ago.



Youssouf i think the fans have always stayed with you this season,i go to all home games and away when possible, i can`t really say that ive heard any of the boo boys,few moans n groans and the atmosphere been bit subdued and for the fans to get behind Pepe like they did saturday was amazing, if we can put the 2nd 45 mins at Swansea into 90 mins next to games we will be almost home.

The Real Bully Hoo.


The players have shown they can do it now so no excuses. The boost in confidence should be worth a lot.

I notice though that Cardiff put up a very good fight at Everton on Saturday and were unlucky to lose. Just shows, you can't take any game for granted in this league.


bully just like whe week before if we had bin playing anybody half decent we would have bin dead n buried at halftime

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hold on tight little alan, the fire brigade are on the way.

Kev in Mallorca


I have no reason to disbelieve you attend home and away mate but you either go down early at half time for a pint, leave before the end or you have a hearing problem.

I attend 10/12 games a season, watch every other game on TV or over the net and I can hear the booing from here.

Unbelievably some posters on here boast how proud they are to boo, thinking in their misguided madness it helps the situation.

We can only hope that after witnessing Saturdays, as you say, amazing support the penny will drop and there will be total support for the remainder of the season or failing that THEY KEEP THEIR BIG MOUTHS SHUT.



Kev i have heard a few booing but not heard enough to get excited about, and ive not heard any at all at the few away games, maybe i just do not choose to hear it Kev, but reading your post it seems you go to the games looking for negativity in the crowd,anyway away from that, im not sure if your over here easter but at the Man City game we are booked in the premmier inn Oldham £29 it only few mile from ground so if you or anyone else intrested could have get together.

We Only Need One Half!

I'm sure we have been here before with a certain minibus driver, but is it just me that finds it odd that they will meet anywhere in the Country but The Vine?

Strange that.


Wonoh you can always come and sail on the barge for Cardiff game.

i find it odd that you will not meet anywhere but the vine?

strange that.

We Only Need One Half!

Maninsider, what, you find it odd, I use a pub that nearly everyone uses, that is close to the ground, who you trying to kid?

Kev in Mallorca


For me any booing is out of order and if you knew me the last thing I could be accused of is looking for negativity, but when I hear it gets my back up so I do my utmost too highlight it at every opportunity in the forlorn hope that it shames the offenders into zipping it.

I was hoping to get back for the Cardiff game but it ain't guna happen but I have booked flights for the Spurs and Stoke games.


Captain Mardon International

It's good that Mulumbo has got some of his fight back in him, but let's not get carried away. We were shockingly bad in the first half, it was lucky that a poor Swansea side didn't manage to score many more. Ben Foster IMO was man of the match no doubt about it. Without him the game would have been out of reach.

I have a funny feeling Hull tigers strikers will run our defence ragid this saturday. It's pessimistic I know but I believe a shock will hit us this saturday.

Hope I'm wrong though.

CantelloRocket 78


thing to remember about the Swansea game is-

we were away from home, hadn't won for about 9 matches, hadn't beat the Swans at their place in living memory, were embroiled in Anelka's bust-up, were told by the media that Pepe was about to be sacked, had at least half the regular team out injured, was informed by Mulumbu that the team were low in confidence, were on the brink of falling into the bottom three, and went a goal down inside 2 minutes-

not sure about saying we were bad in the first half, it's a wonder the players managed to get off the Psychiatrist's couch in time to get to the ground for the kick off-

the fact that they DID lift themselves up and storm back in the second half was probably the greatest comeback since Elvis' 1968 TV Special-

and that's 'The Wonder of You (ssouf)'.

Now remember for yer Cardiff visit - Bathams YES, Carling fizzy pop NO!!!........yow'm livin' in London, but don't now become a soft Southerner, eh.....?? ;-)

Kev in Mallorca

Here, here, mar donkeys ssip betta.

Kev in Mallorca


Just remembered, I met up with 'im who's big in Japan at Fulham and gid him a very nice Jameson's and in return he threatens me with tasteless ssip.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Great post Rocket, although the Elvis joke was pushing it a bit.

CantelloRocket 78

Huh, huh.....?

Pardon me Sir, ahh've jus left the buildin'....

Captain Mardon International

Fair point, and perhaps you are right with all the negative headlines surrounding us. As I said I hope I'm wrong.

Bathams all the way mate at Cardiff, I've taken to the London Pride as it stands, you ever had the pleasure of trying it?

CantelloRocket 78

Captain Marmate,

Yes My Friend, Fuller's London Pride, Chiswick brewery near Fulham, nice enough drink, but here's a tip-

try Fuller's ESB ( Extra Special Bitter ), superb stuff, probably the best bottled ale in the country, about 6.5 vol., complex flavours, mek yer eyes roll round, get it draught in London, but about 4 quid a pint down the rip-off smoke-

Max's round for Cardiff game, he owes me a gallon........


"hadn't beat the Swans at their place in living memory"

Oy yow, Rocket. I am still alive. Ask your very pretty missus.

CantelloRocket 78


We're currently spending a couple of nights in an isolated part of the magnificent Peak District (aka ' Dolly Parton World ') - I told my Wife Cyril remembers beating the Swans - unfortunately she's an animal lover, so she's cross with you, I'll have to explain......;-)


Rocket, tell her I wasn't there mate, only at the Reserves match watching the score come up on the old Woodman scoreboard. Oh we were so 'at the front of technology' back then, we could hear the phone ring and got all excited as the score would change.

If she's good company in 'The Peek' District,

she can come and have a peek my blackbirds and robin soon. I suppose you could come as well, but only if you behave yourself !

The Real Bully Hoo.

Cyril and Rocket.

"unfortunately she's an animal lover,"

My first thought was "unfortunately," ????? Why would you complain about that? Then I read it again and realised Rocket simply meant she loved animals.

I think.


Mulumbu for me is a key playet in our cog for survival, all sturdy midfield have a player who can win the ball be calm collected and move the ball around, what mulumu also posseses is the ability to run with the ball which is strange for a holding midfielder only really seen de rossi do the same things

we have some very very good quality in our side but its nothing without confidence i hope the training ground is buzzing this week and we go to hull full of confidence because there back line isnt great keep huddlestone quiet we get something im sure of it

we need to give the lads the samd encouragrment ad last week the noise and atmosphere has to be if not better at hull as they can be loud too

Optimistic until the end

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think he also has the quality that is so important in modern day football in that he is able to win the ball without going to ground.

A gem of a player and I still can't believe no club has been in after him.


I believe liverpool made an enquiry at one time but was very quickly quashed by the club

your point in exactly true he seems to know what the player is going to do before they have decided what their going to do

Jack the Hat


Our players have proved they have the fight to stay up and shouldn't allow the side-swipes of the likes of E&D, Franksie, Reago and the boo-boys to affect their confidence. True BAGGIES were over the moon with the Swansea result and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. All the best to you and the lads against Hull, you can win this one.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



I've just compared the stats of hull and us, our stats still come out better.????? well they say stats don't lie, so come on u baggies up and at them, we've had a torrid season with lots of different issues rearing there ugly heads. If we can find the resolve Saturday, and win, then im sure we can set our stall out in the summer ready for next season still in the prem. But I keep saying it, I wont believe we r down until someone shows me it is mathematically impossible to stay up. Come on u baggies

We Only Need One Half!

Stokey, you tuned into this yet, whats happening!

CantelloRocket 78

Next up, Hull City..........er, Tigers.........??

It seems the Hull hierarchy - in other words Assem Allam - have issued a statement that the F.A. are 'prejudiced', after the Association's members recommended the full F.A. committee to reject Hull's - Assem Allam's - proposal to change the club's name-

meanwhile, it seems that most Hull fans want to keep the 'traditional' name, but Allam has said that if he can't get his own way, he'll walk away from the club, presumably as it's his club, his money, he'll do what he likes with it, regardless of what the fans think.

An F.A. that's prejudiced?

A club owner with a massive ego who doesn't give a stuff what the fans think?

Maybe they should become Hull 'Tiggers', because that's Winnie the Pooh's friend, and there seems to be a lot of Pooh involved in premiership football matters these days........

We Only Need One Half!

CR, Vincent Tan said more less the same thing about Cardiff, "I will do what I like, if you don't like it buy me out", and some people still think J.P. is bad for our club.

Talking of prejudiced, story on the front page about the train at Telford, is it me, or are they chanting "Wolves ay we" and one of the guys is in a Wolves colours tracky top, and another is who is actually applauding is wearing a Wolves shirt and scarf, yet the E&D stress "The announcement was met by loud cheers from 'Shrewsbury fans' on board the train"????

Like Bully says below about Trades Descriptions, where the E&D have stated "but it offended people preparing to disembark the train at their home town station." I have watched the clip several times now, and I cant see anyone who looks offended, quite the opposite, the whole atmos seems quite convivial actually, not racist at all.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Will we get a visit from Jackett and Eldervo today.

Their team that none of our players would get into were humbled by the mighty......... Crawley.

Du du du du du du du du. The Twilight Zone. It's all getting a bit creepy in Crawley

Can lightning strike twice?

That massive unassailable lead is starting to disappear as they drop 5 points in two games, who will be this year's Albion as the pack close in on them and their players lose their bottle again.

Hallo it's the 2002 show.

Jackett the Hat

Terrible, shocking referee.....blind linesman, never get any decisions, bad luck, worlds against us, southerners hate us.....

Gawd, I'm gettin as desperate as everyone else !

We Only Need One Half!

Well your right about the ref Jackett, game I was listening to, Crawley can count their selves very unlucky to still having to play 11 Wulfies come the end of the game

CantelloRocket 78

Jackett the p*at-

don't be so modest - you already WERE more desperate than everybody else!!

Remember that time you couldn't stop coming over here ( er......like now ) to throw jibes, and the Mods. obviously got wind of it, so they began removing your posts off the Baggies site?-

I then noticed posts that were identical to yours, but this time deliberately leaving off a username - so you could 'get under the radar' in your compulsion to get on here!!!

Not that you're jealous or obsessed with us, eh?....LOL!!!


problem is, they're so stupid coming on here, they just set themselves up-

It seems 'Jackett the Hat' is now claiming Wolves lost to Crawley because the 'bumpy pitch levelled the teams out'......LOL-

so with Wolves unable to score against near-bottom Shrewsbury at home last weekend, the Molineux pitch must resemble these fields where I'm visiting, along the Peak District.....

As for 'El Derv', he rubbished the Baggies players, saying he wouldn't swap any for the Wolves lot - obviously not, they're more than capable of struggling to beat other third division teams without our help.........:-)

CantelloRocket 78

Clint, Blondeee, or just the man with no name......

The Real Bully Hoo.

Crawley Town 2 Wolves 1 - Vote for your Star of the match

Headline from the dark side. Is the E&S not subject to The Trades Descriptions Act

Captain Mardon International

Rocket RE: comment above, I love ESB but it makes me drowsy after a couple so I normally leave that for an evening in. £4 a pint? you havin a loff try £4.85 in my local for ESB. The worst yet is £5.25 for a Peroni in the Fire station Waterloo.

Anyway beers (1 pint allocation) on me when I'm up!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Ahoy Captain.

All my life I've dreamt of having the drinking capacity to say, 'I can't afford to get drunk.' I think I've finally achieved it although not in the way I was hoping.

CantelloRocket 78

Captain Marmate,

yeah, I realised afterwards that 4 quid a pint is cheap in London, that's why I always try to find a Wetherspoon's pub down there, at least they usually peg it back a bit-

what's disturbing is paying £5.25 for a glass of water at the Fire Station - it must cost a fortune to put a blaze out in the Capital....

CantelloRocket 78

p.s.- as 'perrier' is french water, I class 'peroni' as the Italian equivalent.......


It was fantastic was it not? Tremendous 2nd half performance from the boys amongst all that off field activity and the threat of Mel losing his job.

PM's record, is he a failure? Joey Barton says so when compared to Pochetini at Southampton - has anyone compared Pochetini and Mels records in the first 8 games they oversaw?

I have! Mel's is P8 W1 D4 L3 7 points, Pochetini's is P8 W2 D3 L3 9 points.

I guess the point is - if comparing Mel to Pochetini, then you can only compare like for like - the first 8 games - and if you do that - there is not much difference.

We all need to give PM a chance and it was a delight to see all of the Spanish flags at Swansea in support, I just hope the board now hold their nerve.

I also hope Sess can score a couple more goals like that again! COYB!

The Real Bully Hoo.

It's all about confidence ain't it Royley, let's hope it's given all of our players the confidence to try a few more pots from outside the box.

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