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Thank you God...... and Pepe.... and the team. :-)))))


Great win today, some second half - - - - if we can string two halves of that quality together, we should be safe

We Only Need One Half!

nah, WONOH, (so long as its a good un ;-))


Just goes to show what you can do if you get the trouble makers out the club,it lifts everybody, the players, the true fans, and the manager, well done Pepe and the lads.same again next week and we will be almost home and dry.

We Only Need One Half!

Unbelievable, you really think that result was due to Anelka resigning a few hours before?

Perhaps you would like to explain why it never happened after Odem left then, I am interested in your logic?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Simple case of maths really WONOH, two and two always make five.


I will copy an paste my statement from the NA post earlier

We have a game of vital importance his afternoon, along with (possibly) all the others after it this season, everything else should be ignored - COYB

Nothings changed in my opinion, lets do the same in all the remaining games this season result wise, and I will be more than happy.


Well done baggies on what could be a very crucial 3 points come the end of the season, I reckon youl be safe.

Jack the Hat


True, another tree wins out of the remaining nine games and we won't be playing your lot next season.



Computer pictures on the pub screen, oh dear. The worst performance for a long time 1st half. So off I toddled home to either listen or watch if I could get it. I got most of it and although all 3 goals were good, ours were better. Yet another one out in Jonas. But we have breathing space now. The commentator was on about how long it had been since we beat Swansea and mentioned the 1946 win I posted earlier. Now, what was that bloke's name just been sacked ?

We Only Need One Half!

Resigned Cyril, resigned.


No Sir, SACKED ! Read the club's statement. He 'resigned' in his view on a Social Network. The club said he was UNPROFESSIONAL and sacked him. The FA are now demanding he serve his 5 match suspension whereever he ends up AND pays the fine they gave him.

Now back to Monty Python}

"We have in the studio Ann Elka who has a theory".

"This theory which is mine, is mine"

"Yes, but what is your theory ?"

"It is mine".

"A brontosaurus is thin at one end, much, much thicker in the middle and thin again at thr far end"

Thank you and goodnight Ann Elka.

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, I read it Cyril, several hours after he said he wouldn't play for the club again, in other words, he resigned, the club said he was sacked, because he couldn't resign and it was unprofessional.

"West Brom are sacking Nicolas Anelka for gross misconduct after the striker announced he was quitting the club." BBC

So in other words, the club sacked him for doing something they said he couldn't do anyway????

Is it me? lol, he resigned Cyril,

p.s. whats this resigned in 'his' view business? is he not allowed to resign like anyone else who isn't a slave? I thought that was the fundamental difference between slaves and freemen, the right to withdraw labour?

Bloody socialists, eh?


Now Wonoh, you more than most would know the legalities of this. You agree a contract with an employer. When you, or they decide to terminate it, it is standard practice to put that decision in WRITING to both parties. It certainly isn't normal practice to tweet your decision to all and sundry BUT NOT YOUR EMPLOYER !

The man is a cad sir, a cad !


Wonoh he was sacked, is he a relative of yours?

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril, whether he is a cad depends on your point of view, fact is, he withdrew his labour several hours before the Club said he was sacked? how can they stop him playing for the Club when he had already stated he hadnt. He may of breached his contract, I dont know, I

We Only Need One Half!

cont.... have not been privy to it, if you had stated when you worked you refused to do it any longer, than your employer had said you were sacked, who would be right? in the real World that is?

Simple answer is, if the Club had not 'sacked' him, would he have played for the Albion again? no he wouldn't would he, because he had already resigned, so the 'sacking' becomes superfluous, doesn't it?

Maninsider, no he is not a relative, Maninsider, are you racially prejudiced? same relevance in the question, just pray if you ever get persecuted some one would be willing to stand up for you so vociferously.


Wonoh, i wouldn`t be daft enough to make an offensive gesture in front of millions of people. You and other`s have defended him from day one and he as repaid you by showing you the 2 fingered gesture, learn from it.

Jack the Hat


Resignation, written proof of giving up ones employment, now who do you think should receive this proof, therein lies the answer to your conundrum.

Personally I believe he was sacked as ALBION were decent enough to let him know first.


We Only Need One Half!


But you would be daft enough to come on this board after our first win in months and not even mention the game, once? just to have a pop at another poster? I suspected you from the start, and now youve proved my point.

Secondly, its not a racist gesture, not in this country anyway, and its dubious has to whether it is any where else. Why do you think it is not illegal anywhere in the World if it is such a racist gesture, duh uh!

Thirdly, given the conditions that they were trying to impose on him, he stood up like a man should, although I wouldn't expect a follow the crowd sheep like yourself to comprehend that, but there it is.

Now, slink back to the other side where you belong.

We Only Need One Half!

JtH, I thought he had written it, on twotter? and several hours before the club had even considered it.

Lets get one thing straight, if he had kowtowed like a lot on here think he should have, he would still be an Albion player tonight, thats how much in mind the club had to sack him?


True to form Wonoh i disagree with you and i belong on the othere side, i am only saying what a magority of Albion fans think, apart from those who can`t see no further than there rose tinted specs, i believe i did offer to buy you a pint in the sportsman before Man u game, but alas no one showed, thing is Wonoh he as made mugs of you and you know it, even Pepe Mel agreed with me that the club is a better place without him, talking of sheep i think the regular posters on here know who follows who, where in my post have i said racist? stop making things up to suit your own argument, i wont be replying again as i dont want to waste anymore of my time talking about a man who as dragged our club through the gutter.

ps i am going to the Cardiff game on the baggie Barge if anyone care`s to join me.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Man Insider.

This has nothing to do with the rose tinted brigade as Cyril would qualify as one of those and his views are totally opposite to WONOH's. It's not even about football, it's something much more important than that in the scheme of things.

I don't know if you are a long time reader on here but if you are you'd know that if I believed he was being racist or anti-semitic I would be condemning him from the rooftops. Neither of these things has a place in football or in any human beings mind.

You' like many others have chosen to interpret a number of things to suit your argument and I don't blame you for that.

Pep Mel has said that Anelka was a great help to him but that the disruption this affair has caused was affecting the club and now that it's sorted it will allow him and the players to concentrate on the job in hand. Not exactly how you represented his words.

Has he resigned was he sacked? I'd suggest that it was 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. The club have been forced to make a stand because of the decision of this kangaroo court (and perhaps because it suits them to have a player off the wage bill who would barely be able to feature again this season.) The player is forced into a corner whereby agreeing to be censured, effectively admits to being a racist. Something he's just spent a quarter of a mill of his own money to fight against.

Yes we can all agree that it was stupid to make what is accepted to be a political gesture. BUT, it is only a political gesture in France, it means nothing in this country and is not racist or A-S as has been admitted by the FA's own expert panel that was set up to hang him and couldn't.

So is he a big time villain or is he the victim of a political witch hunt the FA have carried out on behalf of the French Government and pro Zionist media machine? Don't take this lightly Man Insider, like I said it isn't just about football.

We Only Need One Half!

Maninsider, true to your kinds form you now trying to play the victim, why don't you just say why you have more interest in arguing with another poster than commenting on our first win in yonkers?

Yes you did offer to buy drinks before the Man U game, but after past experiences of Mini Buses getting punctures, and the club giving wrong tickets out, I decided to decline, although, you are more than welcome to buy me one at The Vine before the Cardiff game.

What a majority of Albion fans think, show me a poll where its been more than 50/50? and if you care to look at the bottom of this page you will see I have posted a poll where people who can look at this issue dispassionately voted 3-1 that Anelka had been stitched up by the Liberal elite, the only people being made mugs of here are the ones that are buying this P.C. crap.

So offensive gestures are legal then is that what you are stating? if you stick two fingers up to a Copper at a game chances are you will get lifted, when have you ever heard of anyone, anywhere, in the World being arrested for doing a Quenelle? so by your own logic, it can not be offensive, can it?

As for posters knowing who follows who, we sure do, Maninsider follows BruntsLeftPeg, follows WalsallBaggie.....etc etc.

Like Bully says, we not the ones with tinted specs, I would argue this case even if it was a Wolves player, its not about football, its about what is right and wrong.


Great result for us. Well done May it continue

Jack the Hat

Full credit to Pepe Mel for playing three Centre-Backs, about time he had the rub of the green. Sure it was hard going, what should we expect as we have lost so many players through injury and other from our squad since the season began. We have to manage with what we have left of it and carry on. The only station I could connect to was Radio WM. The guys on there, Franksie and Reago hadn't a good word for ALBION all afternoon, just perpetual side swipes. I thought they were going to burst into tears at the final whistle. So I will refrain from giving my view on the game. Things can now improve with this win and our confidence will soar with these three points and we shall all be closer together, the players changing-room and in the stands. Our 2,000 fans were fabulous and were a worthy twelfth man, I'm sure the lads felt your up-building support and so did Pepe with all those Spanish flags flying. Me, I'm over the moon and dead chuffed to be associated with fans who get behind their team and Head Coach no matter how tough the going gets. You are a credit to your club.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



Jack the Hat

March 15, 2014 12:31 am


March 14, 2014 11:42 pm

did;nt even know untill a few minutes ago, shocked.

what a waste.


Yeh, a waste, just like playing in Divi 3 after a Double-Drop. O'Hara is wasted too, you are speaking with experience. I wouldn't like our guys to think they are reading a novice post.

Gorra loff ay ya.



March 15, 2014 11:14 pm

jack the hat, i meant i did'nt not know what had happened regarding the anelka situation as i was at work!

for you to totally misintepret my remark and shoot me down in flames of anti-wolves abuse, shows me and the other normal wba fans on here that either

1. you are too sensitive about wba and and need to get out more.


2. you are a just an old man who never grew up.

apologies to cr78/wonoh, and other normal wba fans in advance.

again wi would like to congratulate wba and real supporters on their win at swansea.utw

CantelloRocket 78

Nik ( Kenny ),

thanks for calling me 'normal'-

I can't remember the last time anybody said that about me, but I think it's a compliment? Is it a good thing.....??

I asked my Wife, and she wouldn't comment.......

Jack the Hat


I never worry about normality mate, it has a broad spectrum, just the opposite to some narrow minded Dingles.


CantelloRocket 78


to be honest mate, I've always thought normality tends to be very overrated.........

Jack the Hat


Normality has so many pigeon holes mate, i.e. It is normal to be calm, it is also normal to be irate, it is the mood and situation one is in that governs the normality, is it not normal to limp if one has a damaged leg or should we say the one with a limp is abnormal?, the choice belongs to the individual. Normality is like football, it can be argued over a lifetime but I wouldn't like to say whether that is normal or not. L☺Ls.


We Only Need One Half!

nik, I hope some of our less 'positive' contributors read your posts and hang their heads in shame.

There's nothing wrong with being critical, when its warranted, but when it is done at every opportunity it can become a little bit wearing.

Speaking of the usual suspects have you noticed they are conspicuous by their absence this morning?

I guarantee you if we had lost yesterday we could have expected double the posters we've actually got by this time.

Strange that.

Jack the Hat


I can comprehend your humorless rant at my banter posts, just because you could't win a Midland derby against a second from bottom club. Shrewsbury boss Michael Jackson must be doing the moon walk.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Jack the Hat


Saying your observations of me are true, how come in the last three E&S 24:7 I have three posts published to your one.

Maybe you have over reacted to my banter because:

1/ You are jealous of the Albion standing.

2/ you are too green to post.

3/ Your subject matter is not strong.

4/ You blow your top without thinking about what you intend to say.

5/ Your posts are humourless.

6/ you write after a frustraighting day at work.

No need to go on or I will be here all night and miss match of the day 2. Have a nice day at work tomorrow.


Quinton Baggie

JTH - I have heard that both Franksie and Reago are both Albion fans...maybe that's why all the emotion came out after a professional type of anger in how we played the first half.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Quinton.

I've read somebody else on here say that Franksie is a Blues fan, so it's in doubt who he supports.

I never trust a broadcaster who refuses to admit his allegiance. Tom Ross on Free 80's is a Blues fan and wears his heart on his sleeve regarding Blues but at the same time is scrupulously fair in his treatment of all of our clubs.

Franksie and Reago (whoever he is, I'm also suspicious of broadcasters who try to be one of the lads by giving themselves nicknames.) Anyway Franksie is an Adrian Durham type of broadcaster in that I'm sure he doesn't believe half of what he says but knows that it's an easier road being controversial and winding fans up than doing a proper show and talking sensibly about football.

Sermon over, let us pray.


Cracking report once again e&s we did win ya know

Good win boys nuff said

Jack the Hat


If you think that was bad mate you should have heard Franksie and Reago on WM Radio. Their comments crucified our boys at every turn, at times they even managed to giggle like little girls, but he that laughs last ........


Ronnie Allen

I would like to type more, but I riddled. Ole ole ole. A great 3 punt.

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

Well that was a great comeback at Swansea, They really fought hard in the second half to come out on top with the first win under Pepe Mel Hopefully we can build on that over the next two / three Games to try and make us safe from relegation. Well done to all the players lets hope this is the turning point.


Swansea away last season was a defining moment. I hope it is again this season.

Well done Pepe!! (and the players!!)

Kev in Mallorca

I take my hat off to every one of the 2000 travelling fans, if only our home crowd would realize the help it gives the players.

Today they never stopped singing for 94 mins, EVEN WHEN IT WAS 1-0, the players wor bad second half an'all.

Ay it a lovely feeling in ya stomach?


PS, Tap, yo know that money yo was guna donate to that Donkey sanctuary, how about donating it to me f'me air fare fu'the Cardiff game?

CantelloRocket 78


au revoir,

D'yer know that story about Martin Guerre, the French peasant who left his family at home, and when he returned it turned out to be a completely different person?

Well Max was out in Wall Heath yesterday, and after the game finished, he returned home, smiling and shedding tears of joy - his missus looked at him strange, and said ' wot have yow done with me husband......?? '


The Real Bully Hoo.


I don't know if it's connected but our free paper the Stourbridge News had the headline this week.

"Wall Heath offers a warm welcome."

Sems like Max's smile is lighting up the whole area.

Kev in Mallorca

Cantello, Trbhoo

I heard he'd bin arrested fu handing sweeties out to the kids in the High St, it wor till his missus took his season ticket and scarf up to the police station that they believed his story.



A win is great news - just looking at the games till the end of the season I can only see another 8 points giving a tot of 36. Not looked at the others but I can see it being very tight :(


Great win been a long time coming I must say never thought we would get a win here, like many others hope this is a turning point ridgewell is still a big problem, and no brunt in squad and we win is that a sign ? Keep the starting 11 that has won today bar Olson because he's suspended. Boing boing coyb.

Captain Mardon International

Well done you baggie boys, I am shocked I will admit but we got the 3 points at the most vital time in the season. just another 2 more wins in the next month will really make a difference.

Albion til I die!


Why oh why did sessegnon decide to play 30 minutes day, for the entire time he was on the pitch second half there players could not get anywhere near the bloke, he was sublime second half.

dozza played very well and so did morrison a really solid midfield anichebe again no goal but worked his socks ofd ridgewell actually played ok and thought dawson and gmac looked solid,

Really lads how hard was that to do wanting to be first to every single ball no matter how distant it was we tried around 70 minutes sess ran 35 yards to make a slide tackle in the corner which won us a throw that little bit of quality and hunger was there to see

but lads pat on the back the noise in that place was bloody deafening amazing support all the way through the game we replacate this at home and away at hull we will win im sure of it

Moscow Albion

Truly awful first half performance, we were lucky to go in only one goal down. Second half was like watching a different team, and not for the first time this season. Can't understand it.

Anyway, 3 precious points and a win at last. Let's hope it gives the team's confidence a boost. Think we're going to need it.

Suffered the torture of this game on the internet, by the way.


What a result I can't understand why sess don't have ago more often we all know he can do it if he try's he scores great goals outside the box, come on lads let's show the others we are no push overs need few more mifielders to chip in and I think we can stop in this leauge

The Real Bully Hoo.


One of my pet moans of recent times. Not just Sess but most of the team, Brunt apart seemed to have forgotten how to shoot from outside the box. Yesterday, two shots two goals.

Jack the Hat


Both of our goals were born out of great composure. Our full-backs are not fast enough to be wing-forwards, they can't get back quickly and they certainly shouldn't raid at the same time. We are getting there. Glad to see Dorrans back.



Now lads. Much of the pooh has been removed, Pepe has got a monkey off his back, the players hadn't got a clue what system it was first half but boy, how they battled in spite of the worst start imaginable, so can we have ONE MORE TOGETHERNESS that we all stick by ?

It was a TEAM out there, obvious to all, yet STILL we have people criticising members of the team, one of whom wasn't even playing due to injury.

No more picking out individuals for nasty, spiteful comments. PLEASE !

A corner may well have been turned yesterday. Those 2,000 showed what can be done with absolutely BLIND SUPPORT in the face of adversity.

And NO, you can't kick the cat's ar** instead.

CantelloRocket 78


In the home game against Chelsea, when the visitors scored near half time, a girl behind me jumped up and shouted ' that was Ridgewell, that wassss....... '- then her tone suddenly changed, and she went embarrassingly quiet, because she must've realised it had nothing to do with him Liam, it was scored the opposite side, and another defender was at fault-

basically, if you keep picking out players to verbally slaughter on here - especially at this point of the season - you-

1) Act like some kind of disturbing, intimidating internet stalker-

2) rubbish the Head Coach, because he picks the team, and Pepe was given massive support yesterday-

3) add nothing positive towards our pleas for UNITY-, and

4) absolutely bore the pants off the rest of us, who can make our own minds up what we think of individual players without someone pushing their personal opinions down our throats every week, thank you very much......

at the end of the season, players will leave and others will replace them, but for now, for the umpteenth time - this is what we've got, so let's all try to push forward TOGETHER !!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


A lot is down to people not understanding what they see, the lady in question has probably never played football herself which goes some way to excusing it but somebody on here said the same thing after the Chelsea game.

It happened a lot in Robbo's day. He would get dragged inside because he CH's had messed up and then get blamed for not being in the LB position to tackle the winger while the CH's would receive no criticism at all likewise the left side midfielder that hadn't tracked back to cover.

Ah well ignorance is bliss they say.



I hate to say it but I think you're P'ing into the wind on that one but well said anyway.

Kev in Mallorca


My attire on match days must be cleansing me,I find myself saying "forgive them ,they know not what they do".

Adeu my son.

We Only Need One Half!

Well, lets be honest, it was Jekyll and Hyde, again, first half we never really looked in it, and I did say to my son just before half time K.D. needs to have a word with Pep because we are going to get nothing again at this rate.

And lo, what a transformation the 2nd half was, we looked sharp, crisp, and quicker to the ball to the point of making Swansea look positively pedestrian for large parts.

I did say before the Man Utd game, don't worry about it, if we get anything from those games its a bonus, but these are the ones we need to concentrate on for the remainder of this season at least, teams around us, where a win does double the damage.

Chuffed for Mel, call it what you will, monkey off his back, duck broke, whatever, it now gives him a bit of breathing space, hopefully the ridiculous rumblings that were beginning to surface from some on here about removing him before the end of the season will abate.

Still, lets not do a wulfie and pretend everything in the garden is suddenly all rosy again, its not, lots of hard games still to come, but play like we did second half and we should be easy on.

The fact remains its still most defiantly in our own hands, given the season we have had, at this stage, you couldn't wish for much more than that.



WONOH: I know you only get highlights on MotD, but the cameras did keep panning to KD giving (what looked like instructions) to Mr Mel !!

Makes you wonder who has the better ideas!


We Only Need One Half!

Stokey, well I could be right, or I could be wrong, because I wasn't a fly on the wall, but one things is undeniable, somebody said summat!

John B

First half was really poor and we could have been 2 or 3 down. At half time pepe changed it and we played the way he has been wanting us to. Pressing attacking play and the 2 full backs spent more time in the swansea half than their own. Thanks to everton for scoring in the 93 minute, made my day and gave us a bit more breathing space. Same again next week but for 90 minutes

CantelloRocket 78

Just a word to 'ShropshireBaggie'-

hope the wedding went well yesterday, mate - the Baggies certainly gave you a nice present.

Not sure if you had a TV switched on anywhere at the reception, but if so, I bet you enjoyed that 45 minutes of excitement at the end of the evening?

But the....erm.... 'wedding night'....apart, did you also manage to watch the footie highlights.....???


I was really emotional for the last five minutes; prowling around like a caged tiger waiting for another 'Cheatski' moment, but thankfully it never materialised. Three vital points is all I'm prepared to say; I've seen too many false dawns to get carried away. Let's get behind Pepe Mel and whoever goes out there in blue and white stripes and once again hold our heads high - WKWWA!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Bob.

On the Cheatski thing.

A bit of poetic justice yesterday as Willian was sent off for making as much contact as Reid did with Ramires and then the cheating little basket gets himself sent off and finally Jose gets sent off because he wasn't allowed to referee the game. Having said that he'd have probably done a better job than the incompetent idiot Foy that was doing it.

The biter bitten, shame it was Villa that were the recipients though instead of us. Still they keep saying it all evens out although we appear to be running out of games for all these decisions that are going to go our way.


we got away with Dawsons handball in the box bully.


Bully, we did get one correct decision against the Swans which we would not have got against Chelsea, Man.U., etc. When the ball struck our defender's arm, there were those commentators screaming penalty !

The ref was brilliant though, he was on top of the play throughout, (well all the time I had a picture).


I forgot to add, I was yelling FOR Villa against Chelsea. Maybe I was so happy we won but my smile was 6ft wide when the ref

sent 'em all off. For that game I was a West Midlander against the despised London bias and diving cheats.

I was in a dilemma (hello Emma), with the Hull v Man.C. match though. I wanted them both to lose.

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril, Mourinho has now 'suggested' that Chris Foy should not referee any more of their matches, which is nice.

Thought Clattenburg played a blinder yesterday!


Wonoh, I didn't know who was ref. The pub had Sky on and couldn't get ours by satellite, so all the bits were missing and a smoky, jerky computer picture had to do by which time we were already a goal down with no replays. I stuck it and stuck it, then I said, "I'll go home". Which I did. I got what would have been a fine picture if that horrible 'Allow, Deny' had reacted to 'deny' but it wouldn't, so a few hundred cuss words later I found one that was the same as the pub and watched that. Whoever he was, he was right up wih play the whole time.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Yeah he missed a Liverpool penalty in the first few minutes, gave them one that wasn't, missed another one that was nailed on, failed to send off Rafael but gave the penalty (how was he not preventing a clear scoring opportunity there?) and sent off a player that hadn't committed a foul.

So I suppose by his own standards he had quite a good game.


On referees, don't get me started. Chris Foy had a lousy game, failed to send of Joe Bennett for Villa then sends off Willian for the heinous offence of running alongside a Villa player.

And now it seems very likely that because of Mourinho's criticism he won't ref a Chelsea game for a while.

How come we don't get to ban refs that give dodgy decisions against us?

Sorry I've just answered my own question haven't I. there are none left.

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril, you will have to come and see me before one of the games, I can give you a couple of reliable sites that work (and the computer I use at home is still working on steam)

Bully, whilst being one of the first to moan when wrong decisions go against us, I have to admit, seeing three penalties awarded at Old Trafford did give me a certain amount of satisfaction.


Like I said in my last post, play Sessignon and Dorrans (and Thievy) and attack. Even if we try and lose we will be happy. The second half proves we have the ability. Same again against a poor Hull side who are there for the taking. Come on you baggies!

do lallytap

I will keep it short and simple as usual !

A great 2nd half after a shaky 1st half but my god what a transformation

Better without Brunty like I said it would be.

Sess and Mulumbu great goals and especially See performance 2nd half.

Great to see the battling Dorrans back

Ta. Ta Ridgwell, your days are numbered, every time we play him we are automatically a man down

Pepe....Keep the faith with him, he will turn out to be a great manager if he is allowed to stay here

Fans....GREAT, GREAT performance from them in a very intimidating ground.

Now, I am off to Dubai in a few hours for 3 days to meet up with my salesman who went there on Friday and we are staying in the same hotel Brunty is stopping in....YES Brunty is in Dubai....any messages or MAIN question is as to WHY is he in Dubai and not at our "State of the art" sports recovery Dept at the Albion ?

Quinton Baggie

Absolutely no doubt a great win after all we have had to endure...I did feel like we could get something from the game...lets put all the talk and back biting about the Anelka situation away now and concentrate on cheering us towards PL safety...from what I seen about the scenes from the players at the end of the game hugging each other and Pepe Mel shows me they now have togetherness and the will to play for each lets be the spark to better things...well done to the great away support at Swansea.

Kev in Mallorca


We can only live in hope that the togetherness shown by all after the match filters it's way down to all supporters.

The back biting you quite rightly call to cease is usually sparked by posters who seem to have a problem with others who are like minded in the fact that they know things are not as they wished but shall we say, go a little easy with the criticism.

Another pet hate of some posters is the fact that a there is a certain amount of "friendship" shown on these boards, too which they make constant reference to in nearly every one of their posts.

This "friendship" has been built up over years of posting, obviously some more than others, and not always harmoniously as we all see thing differently but as we all have a common goal disagreements are usually accepted and forgotten.

There is no need what so ever to constantly make detrimental reference to personal preferences unless it's in a humorous way which is understood by all involved.

I'm not whiter than white with the content of my posting but hand on heart I think I can say it's always reactive not proactive.

As you say let's hope that "the spirit" shown on Saturday is infectious which can only benefit WBA, especially if it turns the 21000 into the "spirit of the 2000" from Saturday, create wall to wall sound and support the team as one.



This is a great win so chuffed to bits with that. The three at the back was forced upon PM as Brunt is injured and he had to use Ridgewell to balance the left side going forward, but credit to him for having the balls to go with it.

Brunt being injured is a blessing in disguise as PM seems to use him as he is left footed and captain because he feels he had no choice.

Thought both goals were tremendous and a draw at Hull will keep us on track


Burnley, You can't mean that about Brunt. And you are belittling Pepe Mel in the same sentence mate. I saw the was the players reacted at the end, the smiles and hugs said it all.


Great win lads and few more winable games coming up. :-)


we will be fine, boing boing

We Only Need One Half!

My this boards quiet, sign we won again.

CantelloRocket 78


by half time, there were numerous very lengthy posts being compiled to put on here, the size of Les Miserable, and roughly twice as Miserable as Les (Dawson)-

by full-time, they'd all been reluctantly deleted, amid mass frustration and much muttering that the Baggies had ruined some perfectly good, full-bloodied angry rants by playing bloody good football, and having the nerve to win the ******* game.

I blame happy clappers, do-gooders, and Yousouff Mulumbu for ruining what should have been a disastrous weekend of major proportions-

bring back that Steve Clarke, this Pepe guy might end up being too good for my liking........

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, where is our de facto Chairman who's club it is? unless he is still trying to make 1 mill over 40 weeks equal 80k p.w.?

p.s. Breaking News, the club have just sacked Roy Hodgson after it was decided he couldn't just say he wasn't going to be our manager anymore!

Danish Baggie

Thank god for that winn. After the first 45, I have to admit that for the first time this season, I had the thought about relegation creaping in. Its beyond me how to halfs can be so different, but hey, who cares now.

Happy for Dorrans, and think he could play a big part in the run in. Foster kept us in it, most notable when Mulumbu lost the ball just outside our panalty area ( yet Again, sorry the punt, your forgiven ) to send a Swansea player clean trough just minutes before we scored the second. Phew.

I see a lot of poor teams in the bottom, and 35-36 points could be enough. So 7 or 8 more draws should do it :-) :-)

Great support. Thanks, keep it up please.

Now please dont let Long, and later Odemwinge score againt us.

Happy Danish Baggie.


"So 7 or 8 more draws should do it :-) :-)" Danish, you are beginning to sound like me mate !


Dancing in the streets of ' Total Network Solutions ' erm ' Wall Heath ' . ' Mulumbu oh oh oh Mulumbu he comes from Africa he's better than Kaka ' obviously .

Senor Mel now needs to tell em we have to start playing from the first whistle .

Nice to see humour from Rocket , Super Kev and Bully , although at my expense so much better than all the politics we have had to endure lately , this will now hopefully end after we got rid of Anelka ( not before time either ). I have it on good authority that ' Le Sulk ' is going to make a donation to charity and then the ' bleeding hearts ' can come on and tell us what a ' Top bloke and Saint ' he is , cor wait .


Kev in Mallorca


Yes but you know it's "the humour of love" dow ya mar mate?


PS Somebody's gora love ya.


I know Marmate , particularly liked the Scarf and Season ticket bit .

CantelloRocket 78

Mornin' Max,

Sorry if one of my attempts at humour was at your expense, but I think it was Oscar Wilde who said something like ' the only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about....'-

he was a funnier guy than me, a real celebrity, almost as famous as his daughter Kim, and I've got all her records........

see ya soon.


Kim Wilde and Linda Ronstadt ? yow need help Marmate.

CantelloRocket 78


I was only jokin' about Kim Wilde mate, but as for Linda Ronstadt-

back in the day, I was very much into Blues, but when I saw that picture of her with long dark hair, deep dark eyes, a flower in her hair, and that seductive look intended only for yours truly, I couldn't resist buying the blue vinyl 12 inch version of 'Blue Bayou'.....if only to put that picture sleeve of her on me bedroom wall.

Now me missus keeps bangin' on about takin' it down, but I just can't bring meself to do it.......


Rocket, at the highest point of your emotions, yelling 'Linda, Linda' at 50 watts is hardly going to endear the wife to you. What would you think if she started yelling my name ?

PS: Is she still pretty ? Tell her and you may get lucky with the LP. Even if she ain't, better tell her twice as often.

CantelloRocket 78


if my Wife started shouting your name during a 'private activity', in the middle of the night, there'd be questions asked, because one of my Brothers is also named Cyril-

whilst growing up, we shared many things, but there's a limit.....

and my lovely Lady is still pretty, but Linda is now much older, quite ill, can't sing anymore, and has sadly put on a great deal of weight because of her illness - life can often be very cruel, can't it?


Yes Rocket, life can be very cruel. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I can vouch for that. I have only heard the name Linda Rondstat amongst all the many bandied about when my lot were teenagers.

My 'escape' was Classical Music, (actually not an accurate term, but folks know what is meant). I made the point last week, gifted people should protect their gift and share it with others. Many don't. Given too easily, taken away just as easily. Say howdo to the other Cyril. If you won't share with your brother, I won't waste time asking !

The Real Bully Hoo.

I'm starting a second career in organising trips to Wall Heath. I'm promoting it as Britain's answer to Lourdes. A meeting with the Messiah for a small charge, touching the hem of his coat is extra and the deluxe package includes being annointed by him.

I've had several enquiries already from a Compton Park address but had to turn them down as Max can only perform miracles not the impossible.


We have got enough Dings thanks very much , loved the last paragraph.


When I was about 5 or 6, Great Bridge Methodist ran a coach excursion to Wall Heath and we had a sunny day out. Can't remember any more than that except Max wasn't there to greet us.

The Real Bully Hoo.

No Cyril but that bloke shouting 'Oi b****r off back up yer own end,' was his uncle.


Bully, a bloke named Malcolm wrote that into a play. Who'd have thought Max, his Uncle and me would be famous one day.

Amazing how a win cheers us up too.

We Only Need One Half!

Oi Max, in the words of Ben Elton, nothing wrong with "a little bit of Politics"

Less boring than moaning all the time, trust me.

p.s. Bully said on another post "even if he found a cure for cancer" people would still dislike him, and here you are slagging him for a charity donation? damned if does.....? this is turning into one of the biggest persecutions since a certain arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, although some Jews will probably complain about that analogy.


Alright Mate or similar is far more sociable than Oi .

As for moaning well i see it as giving my opinion you can take it anyway you want .

Nothing wrong with Politics i would beg to differ , i do not vote and have no intenion of starting , have a look at the alternatives in this Country and tell me they are worth voting for .

As for the Charity comment well that was an attempt at humour again if you did not find it funny thats your problem .

As for the persecution of Anelka well he has bought it all on his self and dragged the good name of our beloved Club through the dirt . As for the Jesus analogy well you are way off beam .

I think it is you who needs to lighten up and not my goodself.

Have a good day .

We Only Need One Half!

Ooooo, bit touchy there aint you Max?

why? you know I luv's u like a brother from another Mother, even the missus wouldn't get a hug before a game like you did.

p.s. you probably right about the Jesus analogy, in a foreign land, far, far away, some minor Civil Servant is probably preparing charges against me right now. Hang on, isn't that where we came in?

Question is Max, would you defend me, or leave me to hang?



I would defend ya to the hilt because you are my Brother .

We Only Need One Half!

I'm welling up here, well when Anelka joined our 'family' he became my brother too, albeit being a different coloured brother, the type of brother that only gets talked about in hushed tones at Funerals and Weddings when one too many drinks have been had.

Now, go fetch my a 1/4 of sherberts with your own pocket money and if you tell anyone your Action Man is gonna get a doing!


Agree with you Wall Heath, all brought on himself, he knew what he was doing. When playing for our club , the well being of our club should be his priority. Talking of which well done baggies for having me jumping round the lounge Saturday afternoon. Kids thought I was having a fit!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I bet you won't be singing that Hollies song though.

Sorry WONOH, couldn't resist it.

We Only Need One Half!

rj, can I just point out, Mail Online, article on Anelka entitled "Anelka claims he's terminated his contract with West Brom"

Comments section at bottom which is open to the whole world, not like the E&D ones that tend to be hijacked by people with axe's to grind, or by people to close to the club to allow them to stop, take a step back and look at it impartially, the most voted on comment is this one-

Graham, Hong Kong, 2 days ago

I don't blame him. The FA have bowed down to political correctness.

89 No

284 Yes

That's over 3 votes to 1, or 77%, or in old parlance, a landslide of votes, that agree with my point of view.

Just saying.

We Only Need One Half!

Bully, fair play, its true, you wouldn't want me to sit on you, would you?

Kev in Mallorca

Max, Trbhoo

Following recent debates from this day forth I suggest an appropriate term of affection for Two n'arf should be Rumpole as he's already half way there in statue.


We Only Need One Half!

Oi, snake hips, when did yow become svelte like ;-)

Kev in Mallorca


I'll have you know most of my assumed bulk is an optical allusion create by my fancy dress.


CantelloRocket 78

I wouldn't say you're 'Gentlemen of large proportions', but all I know is when we're drinking outside the pub in the sunshine, I only stand next to you lot 'cos the sun disappears, and me beer can stay cold.....


wonoh you are quite right I am not impartial.

We Only Need One Half!

Slim, talking of dresses, did that wench ever run you that one up in blue and white stripes?

Size 26 wasn't it, I only ask cus some bugger nicked all me deck chairs over the weekend!

We Only Need One Half!

CR, yeah me and Slim have never mentioned it, but we only let you so we can rest our drinks on your head!

CantelloRocket 78


I can only guess how others imagine some of us - when I first met Max we were standing eye-to-eye, but he was outside the pub, and I was three steps above him......:-)

Kev in Mallorca


I wondered where she got the material and it explains why when ever I get it out to put it on it always ends up on back to front and I av'to put the tie on the back of'me neck.


Kev in Mallorca

PS. But it ay'arf 'elpful when om out shopliftin'.



Latest comment today from E&S The start of a revival or merely a delaying of the inevitable?... Don't remember the dingles getting comments like this when they slipped down the leagues.

The Real Bully Hoo.


In view of what happened there perhaps that's a good thing.


Apparently they're now only one step away from being top six Premier League according to Jackett the Hat.


Beware the ' Ides of March ' was it not in this very same Month in 2002 that the Wolves promotion bandwagon started to unravel and little old Sandwell Town pipped em for 2nd . They do not learn .

ps the Hollies gag had me in stitches .

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, cheers Bruv!, I did point out to a wulfie the other day who thought the penalty given against at Stamford was oh so funny, poetic justice would be for it to happen to them in a play off final.

It couldn't, could it?

p.s. Anyone else think Jackett should get Manager of the Month Award?

The Real Bully Hoo.


Perhaps they ought to keep an eye on Rotherham, they're only 11 points (ELEVEN) points behind. Lightning doesn't strike twice does it, oops they said that about the double drop didn't they.

CantelloRocket 78


Is this the 'Jackett the Hat' who tried to make sneering, sarcastic jokes last week about Albion struggling to score, then after Wolves couldn't find the net this week against a club at the bottom of the third division, disappeared out of sight by sneaking back into the shadows as per usual, to hide his bright red face...???

He'll probably be back on here in a couple of days pretending nothing happened, after removing his head from the sand.

Not that he's obsessed with us........;-)

Jackett the Hat

Cor remember sayin that old pal, anyways we'll never be as good as yo lot, don't worry I knows me place, especially when confronted by the 'Premier Leagues accepted model'. What was your quote the other day........laughing like a drain.

CantelloRocket 78


I seem to remember you saying how much you dislike what you call the 'greed league', and prefer the lower divisions, because you enjoy it more-

which is just as well, because yow ay had much choice since yow started supportin' Wolves, eh......??

( coming back here every day agen? - not that you're obsessed........ )

The Real Bully Hoo.



Just remembered as well, I love the belittling phrase,

"the 2,000 travelling fans and their smattering of Spanish flags."

How patronising.


Bully, the phrase, "Damned with faint praise" smacked me across the bonce when I read that line too. That 2,000 on Saturday were the 'First Of The Few' in our battle for survival. The din they made was awesome. I just LONGED to be there with them. Maybe soon someone will coin another phrase, "I was there at Swansea". rjbaggie said he danced round the living room. I'll bet he wasn't alone. My daughter and husband were in our living room when I yelled "Get In There". They just knew not to disturb me.

Santas a baggie

Well i must admit after we went a goal down in what i think was inside 2 mins a thought here we go again. But what a transformation in the second half.O'k we didn't have it all our own way,but thanks to Foster we got through.By god we played some good stuff. Just wondering though,where can i get a season ticket for second halves........................

CantelloRocket 78


It's not Pepe's fault we don't play until the second half-

it's just a Spanish tradition that everyone has an hour's siesta at 3 o' clock.....

Quinton Baggie

Cantello - i understand why we start off late.