Big Debate - Who should replace the suspended West Brom defender Jonas Olsson ?

West Brom defender Jonas Olsson picked up a suspension during their 2-1 win over Swansea.

West Brom's Jonas Olsson, left
West Brom's Jonas Olsson, left

Should Albion stick with three centre-backs and, if so, who should replace the suspended Olsson?

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Who should replace the suspended West Brom defender Jonas Olsson ?"


These big debates are getting a lttle cheesy,are the E & S that short of things to say and why are they always on the negative side.The Baggies have finaly broken their duck against Swansea and all the E & S can pick up on is the Olssen suspension.

Why not a debate on using a flat back five with reid and ridgewell pushed futher forward,something new for the Baggies,

Even a debate about the effectiveness of Dorrans in midfield,or why sessignon only came to life in the second half.Oh dear

I forgot - these are football debates among true supporters.Give us a break E & S and put something up next week thats worth



Keith dont be daft this is E & S even if we wouls of won today four nil and every player made a miraculous recovery we would be debatinf on whether the pies where too cold

a good debate as you rightly pointed out could be any of these things or what is the baggies prefered formation maybe a footballing matter

We Only Need One Half!


The E&D made a big deal the other day about Wolves winning run extending to a record 9 games, devoting a whole article to it, yet having just looked at their reports there is no mention of it ending.

I therefore propose this as a debate-

Will it be another 137 years before Wolves get another crack at beating Albion's 11 game winning run record?

p.s. don't shoot the messenger E&D, you made the big deal about it.

Woodman Corner Jake

This is taking Lazy Journalism to new levels! It is NOT a big debate. It is not even a Small debate. We have a first-team squad who are capable of turning- out for the Baggies and putting a shift in ( vide today at Swansea)!

Like every other club, at whatever level, we will suffer suspensions, injuries, loss of form., tactical nuances etc.

Whoever comes in, it is the coaching staff's decision......and we will support the player and the decision.

Please, do me a favour, try to come-up with a more stimulating subject next time......exercise whatever intellect you have.


Funnily enough, I think this is very important. Jonas is a born fighter, one that hates losing and it rubs off on others. The other defenders are solid enough but you can see all the time where the standard is set. I'll freely admit I haven't a clue what Pepe should do, but I would stick to a formation that the team is used to for this vital period. Players started to show their real form 2nd half and that's all about feeling comfortable and confident.


Sod it ! I forgot to say BLOODY VIKINGS !


Mickey mouse by a long shot.

Jack the Hat


Olsson's replacement is already there, Dawson is the name. Amilfitano for raiding full-back. Getting a bit short on defenders now, how about Boas Myhill?, L☺Ls.



It's just an elasticacted thing

Fact!!! They should all play as captain when they're on the pitch


Ally Robertson but if he isnt fit then Dawson. As long as we keep winning I dont care.

The Real Bully Hoo.

All things considered it's probably best that whoever the manager picks plays there.


As we only have two fit central defenders it will be hard to play three. However if we continue with the two wing backs you will play mulumbu or yacob (if fit) in a 4_1 formation to protect the central defenders while your fullbacks push on. This however restricts the third defender going forward but as we will go to Hull looking to not lose its a good option.


a central defender ????

CantelloRocket 78

Big Dave.......???


Cometh the hour, cometh the man ?

How many games does Jonas miss ?

I'd never heard of that big ginger kid who came on at the end, but he slotted in like he was born there. He must be flying. How old was he ? Someone said 16 .

The Real Bully Hoo.

He's 20 Cyril and we signed him from Histon in the Blue Square. I used to live quite close to Histon when I was in London and saw a few games there so it's nice to feel a connection.

More than that though isn't it a great feeling to see a young lad from the development programme come into the team. Let's hope he's the first of many and well done Pepe for thinking outside the box and giving him his chance


Thanks Bully. It was so brave to bring him on leading 2-1 AWAY from home with enough time to still lose the game. His first few seconds he was looking a touch lost, then he made a fine interception and we were away with the mixer. (Old Army phrase. Duke of Wellington whispered it to me at Waterloo. Or was it Walsall Loo ?)


play Gera there as he isn`t doing much up front, just a thought.


Ridgewell should be the left sided centre half as he stood in at centre half for cosiderable time at blues,this then leaves the position of wing back which I would play Gera in that position because of his allround experience.

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