West Bromwich Albion sack 'highly unprofessional' Nicolas Anelka after quit tweet

West Bromwich Albion have effectively sacked Nicolas Anelka for 'gross misconduct' after he announced via Twitter that he would be leaving the club.

The French striker, who had been suspended by the club, has been the subject of huge controversy following his his 'quenelle' gesture after scoring at West Ham in December.

The club revealed today that they had imposed conditions which would have lifted his suspension, including issuing an apology to fans.

But Anelka said he "could not accept" the club's demands.

Despite announcing his departure from the club on Twitter early on Friday evening, the Baggies said they had had no communications from him or his advisers.

Just before 11pm on Friday, Albion said his conduct amounted to gross misconduct and that they were giving him 14 days' notice of contract termination.

His earlier Tweets in French translated as: “Following discussions between the club and me, proposals have been made to me that I rejoined the group under certain conditions that I can not accept.

“Wishing to keep my integrity, so I decided to free myself and to terminate the contract binding me with West Bromwich Albion until 2014, and now.”

Anelka had been suspended by the Baggies since being banned for five matches by an FA commission which ruled his celebration at Upton Park in the 3-3 draw had been anti-Semitic.

Albion’s own investigation was set to be completed next week and it is understood the Baggies were contemplating terminating his contract on grounds the striker brought the club into disrepute.

Friday's first statement from the club said: "The club confirms it has been continuing discussions with Nicolas Anelka and his advisers as part of its own internal enquiry into the gesture he made after scoring against West Ham United on December 28.

"Following the conclusion of the FA’s enquiry into the same incident, the club had hoped to conclude its own investigations next week.

"The club notes Nicolas Anelka’s comments on Twitter. However, the club has received nothing formally regarding the termination of Nicolas Anelka’s contract from either him or his advisers.

"The club regards the release of such a statement on social media as highly unprofessional and will make a further statement when appropriate."

Just before 11pm, Albion issued an update.

It said: "The Club notes Nicolas Anelka is unwilling to agree to the conditions set by it which may have enabled his suspension to be lifted and for him to resume training.

"These conditions were, firstly, that the Club required Nicolas Anelka to apologise to it, its supporters, sponsors and the wider community for the impact and consequences of his gesture made on December 28 and secondly, that he accept a substantial fine.

"Nicolas Anelka’s purported termination of his Premier League contract this evening via Social Media was invalid as this was not conducted under the correct legal process as required by his contract.

"The Club considers the conduct of Nicolas Anelka on December 28, coupled with his purported termination on Social Media this evening, to be gross misconduct.

"As a result the Club has tonight written to Nicolas Anelka giving him 14 days’ notice of termination as required under his contract."

His last appearance was in the 4-3 derby defeat to Villa, when he limped off early through injury.

Anelka caused huge controversy with the gesture, which he claimed was made in support of his friend Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, a French comedian who has been convicted seven times of anti-Semitic crimes.

Reaction from Twitter

Has Anelka been Albion's worst ever signing? Have your say in the comments and vote in our poll below:


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Comments for: "West Bromwich Albion sack 'highly unprofessional' Nicolas Anelka after quit tweet"


I'm not a West Brom fan but I do think that given how the club stuck by him and the relegation trouble they are in, he should of stuck with them, he has shown his true colours frankly now I feel sorry for the fans

Stoney Lane

Thank you HelloNova. I feel sorry for us, too, as I suffer a restless night before my journey to Swansea. I also feel sorry that WBA has not managed constant disputes surrounding Anelka. We have never once taken charge, but simply trailed in the wake of events. Even now Anelka seems to have left on his own terms, quoting, almost comically, his "integrity." Mr Peace, mostly assured in recent years, has had enough experience of the Premier League to know that signing a show-boat player with a much troubled past on £50,000 a week is dangerous on so many levels. Our best remaining striker, Shane Long, used that salary as a yardstick for his own negotiations which ended badly. Other players observed what Anelka could get away with under the forgiving Steve Clarke and tested our discipline. This wretched signing kick-started our season of discontent which is still far from over.


Stoney, Albion dare not associate with the 'quenelle' sign BEFORE it was decided that Anelka was guilty or not guilty. So managing the situation was best dealt with by disassociation. That approach has now been proved to be correct in view of the latest outburst from this arrogant man. He will be headlines again this morning, feeding his ego, whilst good people who support Albion will be trampled into the mud of South Wales. Go down there, enjoy yourself, forget Anelka like you would a dose of indigestion. One big burp, he's GONE ! Forget about Long too. He's now a Mackem. He certainly ain't Scorinem.

Stoney Lane

Shane Long is not a Mackem. He has gone to Hull City. He is also scoring 'em. Two goals have won four points and three fabulous assists in another 4-0 win have handed them three more. When SuperKev described the sale as 'suicidal' he was being kind. I found the lack of anger among 61 per cent of Albion fans on the E&S site depressing. As for the corporate PR of the club, it has been a lesson in how not to conduct damage limitation. The first essential point is to control. WBA has not delivered in that department all season. Trust me on this one - it has been lousy. One of many points to be made at the AGM on March 26th.

Jack the Hat

Stoney Lane,

Long wanted to leave so did his missus. I don't intend to go though all the ins and outs again mate.



Quite right Stoney, he isn't. I can only blame getting up at 4am for such a clanger. It wasn't the drink your Honour, I hadn't had any. Long had no intention of staying in spite of what his missus tweeted so, no good crying over spilt milk.

Jack the Hat

Stoney Lane,

Obviously you are not aware of Anelka's sacking by ALBION mate. We can now moved onward and upward.



I know some West Brom fans feel he should have been sacked or whatever but I fail to see why. Yes he was an expensive player who could be exasperating but on his day was still good enough to bring that magic moment to a game which could have got you out of some of the trouble you are in.

I don't blame him for walking away from a club which left him to hang when things got tricky and then sucked up to the FA by disciplining him. The guy has been stitched up by the FA on a trumped up charge because of a complaint from a minor French politician and a small but vocal and powerful Jewish political lobby. I hope he is able to move on and play somewhere where he can escape this mess and enjoy his football.


Lakeside, stick to fishing mate. You can dream all day then.

Quinton Baggie

As good player Anelka is I do feel that there is has been a cloud over he club which may be lifted...MacDooghnut going now Anelka...things may be looking up.

CantelloRocket 78


the details are not clear yet, but due to the length of the suspension period, and the number of games remaining, it seems likely Albion wanted to revise his remaining contract conditions, and he didn't agree with the new terms, so - a parting of the ways earlier than planned, it is!

In view of what's happened all round this season, I'm sure we all now want a fresh start, and to move onwards toward better times.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Given the ban and the time it would take him to get match fit again I don't think he'd have been able to play much for us again anyway, so it's probably for the best.

As for what he's done this has changed nothing. Nothing has been proved except that he made a political gesture that is neither racist or anti-semitic. Yet the uninformed comments from people that have no knowledge about it keep spewing out.

Margot James is my MP for God's sake and why she feels the need to comment on this matter when she is obviously ignorant is a mystery. When I went to her for assistance I was met with a total lack of interest.

The Real Bully Hoo.


The yes or no choice on the poll is totally meaningless unless some context is added to the question.

Jack the Hat


I haven't voted on these bent polls since I sussed them out, nor will again mate.



Bully. I don't know your MP but there's far more chance I might know her if she makes a comment that's printed on the Anelka show. Now if you'd tried to get off with her and caused a minor scandal........

The Real Bully Hoo.


She swings the other way which is fortunate as she's not my type, she's a Tory.

She's also the latest on the publicity bandwagon that this story has dug out of their holes. I doubt if she knew what the Albion were before this story never mind a quenelle and on the second it looks as if she still doesn't.


E&S. No danger in letting this through as she's one of the few openly gay MP's. She admits to being a Tory as well.

Sir Lupi

It's only you that doesn't get the connotations attached to all this.

Admit you were wrong.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I've justified my points with facts to support them. Now let's hear yours. Put up or shut up.

Jackett the Hat

Scared of facing Danny Batth next season more like!

CantelloRocket 78


so is this 'Batth' really any better than the third-rate shower next to him??

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

Does he play cricket for Dudley Town?.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Laughing like a drain.

Jackett the Hat

You're right Bully, I am!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I know that. You're doing what you always do. Boasting about next season before it starts and you have to dive back into the woodwork.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

Wrong again for the umpteenth time, Anelka has been given the sack. About time you packed in trying to be a sharp-s..t you haven't the finesse to pull it off, oh! and take your dozy puppet Nick the Hare with you.

Gorra loff ay ya.



Thanks for nothing anelka,come .on baggies


I said at the time he signed either a great inspiration or a monumental disaster it has been the latter.

Two goals and an unforgetable celebration a shame a great talent, really?.

In the meantime though, lets hope the clouds lift and the players can now concentrate on keeping us up so.

COYB Boing Boing onward and upward.

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

Its time Anelka did go, what a waste of money in signing cost West Brom a lot of money and hassle to go with it his contribution as been very little, and he has been out of the team more than he has given any contribution in. What a disgrace on Anelka walking out on W


Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion and I’m certain that it won’t be too difficult to search out the ‘told you so’ comments however it’s not that straightforward, it never is when signing ANY player for that matter.

The board took a risk in sanctioning the signing of Anelka, a gamble that has by all accounts backfired in spectacular fashion.

ANY signing is a risk in football so I refuse to knock the board as they actually showed ambition (one thing most Albion fans have been pleading for a number of years now) in signing somebody of Anelka’s footballing calibre. Unfortunately it turns out that the board just backed the wrong horse on this occasion as he was clearly past his best and his heart never seemed in it to me. I’m sure that had we not signed NA and he was picked up by another Premier League club similar to ourselves there would have been many fans again questioning the ambition of the club so it’s a no win situation for the powers that be.

At this stage I personally can only see it as a good thing that Anelka has left the club; it was inevitable after everything that has happened. For the record I do find it ironic that after all of the disruption he has caused during his brief stint here that he was the one to effectively ‘walk away’ from the club that stood by him through all of the turmoil, a decision that in many people’s eyes will speak volumes about his character.

It’s now time to turn the page and salvage our season starting with 3 points tomorrow. The time for bringing up past shortcomings and pointing fingers has gone, we ALL need to pull together to ensure our Premier League status for another season.

As I’m being positive, who knows, maybe those two solitary goals that Anelka did contribute during the 3-3 draw against West Ham could keep us up come end of the season, although I’m hoping it’s not going to be that close!



Baggie91, a truly 1st class post.

The Real Bully Hoo.


For once we agree on something regarding this matter.

Very intelligent post B91.

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

Finishing my blog off I was saying its a disgrace with Anelka walking out on West Brom thanks for leaving the sinking ship, after the baggies gave him another chance to prove himself this has been a bad signing all round.

Jack the Hat

Mike (Coseley),

I've just looked through my spyglass and for the life of me, I can't see a sinking ship, hang on I'll ask lord Nelson if he can.



Wolves fan here. You are better off without him, what you need is somebody with dignity, passion and fight about them This individual has none of these qualities. At his age the "Le sulk" tag should have been ditched years ago. Everything that is wrong and bad about the Premier League and modern footballers is tied up in this disgraceful bundle of a player.


I would find it difficult to argue with your assessment Stevepats.

I have had grave misgivings through all this quenelle business. A simple apology, a statement to everyone that he did not mean to hurt anyone, that would have been sufficient to stop everything and placate everyone. But he didn't. Arrogance ? In my view YES

Obviously our club means absolutely nothing to him, nor do the supporters. He is far more important than either.

If only we can scrape a win tomorrow, he will be forgotten by 5pm.

Kev in Mallorca


Was it the Italian's or the French who took their boots off and run away in the war? I'm confused cause he's French but he did play in Italy, same difference I suppose.



Kev, the Froggy soldiers were men led by lambs in WW2 mate. They proved they could take it and dish it out in WW1, so what changed ? The Ossifers were confused and ran away. As for the Italians, they'd rather sing about tragedy than do it. Quite right too.

Jack the Hat


The Arabs did kick off their flip-flops and run from the Israelis. Now looking at Anelka's photo above ...........


I've ad a gutsful of this season, roll on the summer wen we can start rebuilding. About time the buck landed at peaces door


I think the club should do all that they can to make him stay , his goals will prove invaluable and prove that he's worth the 3 million wages that he has had this season , 1.5 million a goal isn't too bad a return


She's peace gonna face the music


superwb, add a little water with it next time.


When I mean

Jack the Hat


Now try supporting your club, it has a way of calming the mind and the words will come out better.


Gary Owens Shin Pad

The word bad apple spring to mind here and all along I believe he has been a disruptive influence in the dressing room and on the pitch. It is the same in every workplace if the guy sitting next to you doing half the work and getting twice as much it will de-motivate you and your fellow team mates. £80k a week? Please!! He was picked above other strikers early doors based on name not performance and thid DID affect morale. I also think this may have contributed to Shanes departure.

I now actually believe this is a turning point and is a positive. This grey cloud has loomed long enough. If he banged in a goal a game fair enough but he has not contributed at all. Now lets all move on. I think the dressing room and the lads will be much better for it. OK its a player less and a problem less. Give his spot to Vic, Vydra & Saido players who want to be here and save the club.

It was a mistake signing him but lets hope JP learns from this. If we stay up or not stop buying journey men, loans and bargain bucket. Our club deserves to be treated better by so called players here for the cash and by the board making short term view decisions. Love it and treat it like us the fans do with pride, care and vision.

Slate clean, new purpose. Our season starts tomorrow. Watch out Swansea you are going to get the full wrath of this and it will be about time. Bellies full of fire and hearts full of fight...COYB

Jack the Hat

Gary Owens Shin Pad,

Where did you get £80k from, off a Dingle?. Anelka was on £40k per week, he was fined £80k plus a five game ban, but the outcome is, he will never play professional football now he has been shamed throughout the football world. Don't forget Albion could possibly sue him for a contract breakages and retrieve some of that money, could happen now he has been sacked. I would love to see him try to worm his way out of that one.


Gary Owens Shin Pad

Hi Jack, if I am wrong on wages I accept that but to us fans spending our hard earned cash to pay our equivalent of an annual salary to this guy is repulsive.

I stand by what I said mate in my post. Better off without him. Time to galvanise and get out of this mess. You and I know its players with fight in thier bellies we need now not those who put themselves before the club. I have faith Pepe will get it right in time and turn our ship round. Believe.......COYB

Jack the Hat

Gary Owens Shin Pad,

Could never agree more mate. All I wanted to do was distinguish the idea that Anelka was on that ridiculous sum of money per week. Otherwise say it long enough and people start to believe it, as they do.

All the best.



80k a week for this clown who couldn't score in the Chinese League and when he finally scored for Albion he dragged his name and their name through the mud.

If his friend has been charged 7 times for the same offence by copying him what did he think would happen?

Anyway the Baggies have a massive task to stay up and this guy would not have contributed.


Erm.....er...... Good riddance


I too

Many people are incorrectly labelled by unprofessional people as being ' highly unprofessional'.

It is their own inadequacies that lead to them handing out these labels.

Why even the E&S is being unprofessional and anti-semitic by using a quenelle gesture in its articles.

Should the newspaper be fined? Yes because other pictures of Anelka could of been used.

Totally unprofessional twaddle.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Brilliant... I think.


Nobody is bigger than the club i have defended the guy on these pages all the feeds that have been published,

the night before one of the most important games of our season joker needs to put his dummy in and shut his mouth


No sympathy at all for Anelka and can't believe he has done a runner like this, but on the flip side the FA have hung him out to dry yet still we have heard nothing about NasrI and the lad from Liverpool being photographed doing the same thing outside the training ground. I'm sure a couple of five game bans should be due there too.

Silly me I forgot which clubs they both play for. It seems differet rules apply for them.

We Only Need One Half!

Well until we know what was trying to be imposed on him a wise man might keep his own counsel.

Cant believe even now the myths permeating this page, signing on costs, 80k p.w., club supported him, expected to apologies when he truly believed he had done nothing wrong, mercenary, when he could have stayed here till end of the season on 40k p.w.

And you E&D, why not stoke the fire, yet another poll that will be hijacked by those less fortunate, and whilst the rest of the web reports the situation with tempered speech such as-

Anelka 'terminates' West Brom contract -BBC

Anelka announces he's quitting West Brom - ESPN

Football - Anelka: I'm leaving Baggies now Eurosport

what do we get from our 'friendly' neighbourhood 'non partizan' supporting E paper?

West Bromwich Albion blast 'highly unprofessional' Nicolas Anelka after quit tweet

Lap it up people, lap it up.

Jack the Hat

One Half,

Jeremy would tell him to stop acting like a little kid or he will lose his pocket money that he has been offered on his revised contract; just to remind him not to repeat his action he will have to do twenty right arm press-ups before every training session, sorted mate.



The Real Bully Hoo.


I don't think WONOH or myself have ever suggested that anybody admire Anelka. Nor have we spoken up for him on the grounds of club loyalty The whole point of this story is far too important an issue for that sort of pettiness.

It's about freedom and about the establishment propaganda machine being used to grind individuals into the dust. Anelka is a very tiny part of this. I know you understand all of the points here, unlike many others so I won't go through them again.

As for him quitting, I think we need to know a lot more of the circumstances before making rash judgements. It's clear he has now become almost universally the bogeyman and as such must be hounded.

He was wrong to make the gesture as it is political and you will get no argument on that one but as I said yesterday it was more in line with Robbie Fowler's misdemeanor than Louis Suarez.

I remember you saying once that as a lecturer you'd made jokes in the past that would now be interpreted as racist. How would you feel if you said something and then had people told you that they knew what you really meant despite you denying it. Because that's what happened here. By apologising here as many say he should Anelka would have been admitting by implication that he was guilty of agreeing with his accusers.

I'm not an apologist for Anelka and he doesn't need me to be but I hope I'll always speak out when I see unfairness and bigotry.

Sir Lupi

Oh be quiet. You are defending the indefensible.

It takes a man to admit when he's wrong, something you and Anelka clearly cannot do.

CantelloRocket 78


You come on the Baggies site to throw more jibes, and have the audacity to tell a long-term Albion fan to be quiet???

Amazing - the return of the arrogant dingle!!!

as to who are men and who are mice-

fancy some cheddar or red leicester...???

The Real Bully Hoo.


Take note he has done the usual of telling me I'm wrong without anything to back it up like evidence.

I always admit when I'm wrong but this time I'm not. Bear in mind I'm not happy at the problems he's caused the club but I still won't condemn an innocent man for something he hasn't been found guilty of.

If that makes me less of a man so be it.

Jack the Hat

Anelka went through social media to inform everyone what action he had taken. He never had the courage to notify ALBION first. That is the measure of the man, one millimetre to be exact. So Nicolas Anelka becomes the second disrupting influence

( Dave McDonough was the first ) to be cleaned up off our changing room floor for the benefit of our remaining players. The air in the aforesaid now smells all the sweeter. Most of us were against the injustice of the farcical case rather than being on Nico's side. All of a sudden I am filled with a surge of new hope for the rest of this season and I'm sure the players feel it too.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


P.S. Look at the money saved to pay out some win bonus's.

Jack the Hat

Anelka your integrity has just left the building and is heading for the sewer via a well known route. I was going to say what your name is but the aforesaid will explain.


We Only Need One Half!

Well, well, well, it would seem the club not content with the F.A. failing in a spurious attempt to prove any kind of wrong doing, have sided with the Alan Cleverley's of this world (you know who you are) in a attempt to further rub his nose in it-

"These conditions were, firstly, that the Club required Nicolas Anelka to apologise to it, its supporters, sponsors and the wider community for the impact and consequences of his gesture made on December 28 and secondly, that he accept a substantial fine."

and because he showed some balls and stood by what he believes he has now been sacked.

"As a result the Club has tonight written to Nicolas Anelka giving him 14 days’ notice of termination as required under his contract."

Although how that works when he had already resigned I don't know. This is not about football, its about what is fundamentally right or wrong.


Wonoh, I can't believe you wrote that. 'Shown some balls' ????

That'll be a first for him. A REAL man knows when to say sorry. Even if he thinks he was right, the upheaval and trouble he has caused still warrants AN APOLOGY to everyone.

50 million people saw him make the gesture. That is indisputable !

What he meant is open to discussion. THAT'S what he needed to apologise for. The thing would have died away, quietly. But his massive ego demanded he must not budge one inch. Well, he's now a large lump of cash lighter, there'll be no more coming in from playing football and he'll have time, plenty of time, to reflect on whether it was worth it.


I think it's time to stop sticking up for Anelka now he's gone. The "conditions" imposed by the Club don't seem unreasonable as the Club has had a tricky 3 months over this issue (although we don't know how much the fine would be) and he's chosen to not accept them.

Do you think that he would have made the "gesture" if he'd been playing for one of his previous clubs, like Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea? I know what I think, and this is helping me to forget him!!

We Only Need One Half!

Cyril & Mboy, I understand you are never going to agree with me, thats ok, its a free country, allegedly, but please, don't tell me how I should think, I will always argue for what I believe is right, not just blindly follow the masses.

Cyril, yes shown some balls, if everyone apologies without actually meaning it how disingenuous is that? is that what you want? apologies that are truly meant, or ones that given just to pay lip service?

I also disagree that this would have "died away" once we allowed Foreign Countries and the untouchable Jewish P.R. machine to get involved.

You are still claiming that this symbol is open to discussion, well, you told me a few weeks I had not convinced you that A

We Only Need One Half!

Cont... Anelka was innocent, funny, I thought in England a man was innocent till proven guilty, and the onus was on the Prosecution to prove their case, but you chose to adopt the French approach (ironically) so I put it to you, show me your 'evidence' what he did is open to discussion, where is it? not hearsay, not interpretations, not superpositions, cold hard evidence, if you cant, which you cant because it does not exist, well there was no case to answer in the first place was there? do you not think the F.A. would have appealed it if there was?

Mboy, you don't think the conditions were unreasonable, ok lets have a look at them, first, apologies to the supporters? why? the man spent 1/4 of a million of his own cash because he believed he had done nothing wrong, yet he is being asked to apologies, how can he? unless we are talking about one of these lip service ones Cyril would have been happy with, as a supporter I would like an apology of the French Government for poking their nose in affairs that do not concern them, and assurance that if the roles were refused their F.A. would bow to a English Politician, will that happen, what do you think? I would like an apology from the F.A. that they were wrong to bring the charge in the first place, for they could not prove it, and a apology from the F.A. for disrupting our club, will I get it, doubtful.

Apologies to the Sponsors? I would like an apology from Zoopla for attempting to turn a tragedy that happened 70 years ago to some sort of commercial advantage for free advertising. I would also like an apology from Zoopla, acting as agents and representatives of the Jewish faith for once again hijacking the Holocaust from all the other injured parties involved. Will I get one, I don't think so.

Wider Community? what wider community would that be?

Substantial Fine? how many people on here who work, would expect to go through a trial, be fined, and then expect to be fined again, substantially, by their own employer? If they had said a donation to a local charity, although still not right, it may have carried some merit, but this was purely a cost saving exercise on behalf of the club, and you call that justice?

I stand by everything I said before, and until someone can provide me with any new evidence that I may have missed, thats how I will remain.


Wonoh, there are a few points there I could take up but frankly, I cor be ar**ed anymore.

I am truly sick to death of Anelka, the headlines, the in-fighting, the quenelle, (which as a side issue, is now established world-wide. Thanks Nik). I think the club has behaved impeccably during this uproar and eventually most will see that.

I shall be, hopefully, watching the game s'arternoon rahnd the pab, amongst friendly folk all wanting a win to help forget this very UGLY episode. That is the only thing I care about right now.



I regularly apologise to my wife when I've done nothing wrong - anything for an easier life!!

Sven Goran Eriksson said "only worry about the things in life you can affect". I think, WONOH, that this is good advice on this occasion. I don't particularly disagree with your view on this whole sorry issue, but that's my FINAL words on it.

Better if everyone moves on now.

The Real Bully Hoo.


It's not just Cyril and Mboy but the many that have condemned him without producing a shred of evidence or in most cases showing that they even have any understanding of the slient points. As you say they've fell hook line and sinker for the French Government's (not the French people's) and the Jewish controlled media (not all Jews.) propaganda.

We're way way past 1984 chronologically and literally.


did;nt even know untill a few minutes ago, shocked.

what a waste.

Jack the Hat


Yeh, a waste, just like playing in Divi 3 after a Double-Drop. O'Hara is wasted too, you are speaking with experience. I wouldn't like our guys to think they are reading a novice post.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Old Wulfrunian


If there's one thing anyone can expect from you it's your predictability. Any reasonable person can understand the reasoned debates put forward by CR78, Cyril, Bullyhoo and other like minded posters but you can turn an innocent remark into a some kind of vendetta against Wolves and in so doing you only enhance your burgeoning, nasty reputation.

No, I ay loffing my sorry friend and I hope other WBA posters are suitably embarrassed for you.

Jack the Hat

Old Wulfrunian,

I love your green eye, your guts must be churning every time you see, hear or smell West Bromwich Albion. You Dingles haven't the humour for Banter so I don't comprehend you reading it. Never mind you will soon win another match down there to cheer your miserable self up. Until the next time you feel you need to have a go to brighten up your life.

Gorra loff ay ya.


CantelloRocket 78


'any reasonable person can understand the reasoned debates put forward by CR78, Cyril, Bullyhoo, and other like-minded posters...'-

Thanks for that, much appreciated.

The idea IS to be as reasonable and fair-minded as possible in a debate, but the internet can be a difficult place to have such a mature discussion, you get troublemakers, jealous rival fans, and loud people with deep-seated prejudice throwing themselves into issues, then sneaking into the shadows when confronted with things they can't or won't answer-

it can be a cowardly environment, but some of us fight our corner consistently, because out there in the 'real' world, you can't run and hide when it suits you whilst a roomful of people are physically observing you -

thanks again for acting and speaking like a 'proper' human being.


jack the hat, i meant i did'nt not know what had happened regarding the anelka situation as i was at work!

for you to totally misintepret my remark and shoot me down in flames of anti-wolves abuse, shows me and the other normal wba fans on here that either

1. you are too sensitive about wba and and need to get out more.


2. you are a just an old man who never grew up.

apologies to cr78/wonoh, and other normal wba fans in advance.

Bedford Wolf

The hideous mercenary may have gone but you are still stuck with the pepper mill and about to get a good pecking from those pesky Swans. In the words of Status Quo "Down, Down, Deeper and.....DOWN".


BedfordWolf, Wrong, wrong and ever wrong ! We WON, yow day !

Brentford did too. Watch out and remember MEGSON !


Shame. Shame. Shame , however, shame

Jackett the Hat

There once was a striker named Peter,

Who was known as a disgruntled tweeter,

He shudda just held his tongue,

Cos on the band wagon jumped Mrs Long,

Now 'le Sulk has just gone and beat her.

Tweet, tweet,tweet....#thecircusnevercloses...tweet.


And Jackett you don't understand 'metre'.

There once was a club played in gold

That for a tenner was sold

They dropped to the third

Like a little golden turd

I doubt if they'll ever be back

That's the way to do it.

Apologies to real Wulfies like OW and Stoke.

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

There is a sad little wolf,

who's team couldn't span the gulf.

He decided to jibe,

To mock and to chide,

Forgetting the plight of his tribe.

Gorra loff ay ya.


do lallytap

Ahh well....Here goes....are you lot ready....here it is....


NOW will you lot who were pontificating to me about this man EVERY TIME I said he would be no good for the Albion, will you NOW agree that I was right....No I don't think you will because you are not big enough to do it, you are spineless jellyfish, a bit like this weasle Le Sulk.

He has been, throughout his career, nothing but a miserable troublemaker.

Cast a few of your minds back and I really take no pleasure in reminding you, I said after our very first game against Southampton that this man was only going through the motions, he was past it, he could not hack the Prem, his body language was telling us that and anybody with a miniscule of intelligence could see it....Apart from a few pontificating know it all's on here and Clarke.

To the very same few who talked utter guff trying to prove me right when I said that he DID WALK OUT a fre months ago saying he was quitting when his agent from years ago died and I said at the time that I was told weeks before this scenario that he would look for any excuse to quit the Prem because he knows he is past it.

I said that all he wants is a meal ticket, his £80k a week, and we have been this mans meal ticket for far too long now.

This Anti Semitic debacle....He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, he KNEW what the outcome would be, yet there were a certain few "EXPERTS" on here who started spouting "Freedom of speech" guff and shouted down anyone who challenged them, well you are all looking mighty stupid now but just look at the jellyfish squirming now, trying to deflect from Anelka by berrating and abusing those who dare to tell the truth.

The writing was on the wall last year MONTHS before he signed for the Albion when he said "I want to finish my career in a Muslim country"...look it up, it's all there for everyone to see, yet a few months later some dumb Clarke & Co decided to offer him his meal ticket, a financial sweetener, his £80k a week which threw his principles out of the window and unfortunately he signed for us.

But shall I tell you my main gripe and I leave myself wide open to all of these jellyfish,.... My main gripe is what he has done for the morale of the team and who can remember what Berahino said a few months ago, I can, he said "Anelka has taken me under his wing"....Is this the MAIN reason why Berahino has gone from a fresh, fantastic, attacking player who was hungry and wanted it to a player who has put weight on and couldn't care less and his form has dipped dramatically.

Odem last year and this pillock this year, what damage have these 2 done to OUR club....yes OUR club, a club I feel passionately about and says it as it is, not like a certain few on here who are so wrapped up in their own self importance who instead of seeing things how they are, seem to put more effort in trying to build their Express & Star and "The Vine" social standing....well they have gone down the ranking now !


Kev in Mallorca


do lallytap

Wakey Wakey Kev, The DONKEYS are braying....and we all know who THEY are !!

Kev in Mallorca


You were saying?



I have no wish to enter in conversation with you as we all know how it will end hence my ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

If your reference to "Ginge" is whom I suspect? I think it is entirely inappropriate to bring a poster's personal life onto these pages and I shall be using the Report abuse option in an attempt to correct your indiscretion as I'm sure if I questioned your children's intelligence you would be equally outraged and take a similar action.



do lallytap

Kev...Childrens intelligence ??

What on earth are you rambling on about ?

Press the report button Kev, over and over and over.

You KNOW exactly where it is dow ya....yowm used to pressing it every time you are beat.

Trouble is the powers that be are fed up of your bleating they are ignoring you now...Have you noticed ?

Kev in Mallorca


I used your children as a example of you inappropriately bringing posters personal life onto these boards.

I didn't know fans of WBAFC were in some sort of contest?

For your information I have used the Abuse option 3 times since you've appeared on these boards 1 of them was address to a Dingle and may I point out that it isn't an instant remedy so your victory roll may be premature.

As I've said I don't see the point of entering in conversation with your good self as we all know where it will end but you keep poking so I'll just bring attention to your contradictory comments above: "To the same few who talked utter guff TRYING to prove me right"????


The Real Bully Hoo.


Jackett the Hat

Careful Tap, jellyfish can still press an abuse button......it's a free get out for em.

CantelloRocket 78


in the past you've been accused of being obsessively jealous towards the Baggies, coming over here time and time again throwing childish jibes and trying to be sarcastically 'clever', but falling flat on yer face-

you're a 40 year old who's now running round the Baggies site acting like a 10 year old who's just found a bag of sweets-

which speaks absolute volumes.

Frankly, it's painfully embarrassing to see a grown man behaving this way, and not only us but I'm sure many Wolves fans feel that you're just humiliating yourself.

As they say, every club has it's undesirable element of 'fans' - congratulations on becoming a member......

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

You've tried it then?, thanks for informing us BAGGIES.


We Only Need One Half!

80k p.w. lololol

Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

1/ " .... £80k a week .... " wrong, £40k is the figure given.

2/ " This Anti Semitic debacle.... " wrong, what the suggestion means is still unconfirmed. What if I say Anti-Establishment, I would be wrong too.

3/ " NOW agree that I was right....No I don't think you will because you are not big enough to do it, " wrong, I don't think you were, unless you are counting your controversial wild stab at it at the outset, no-one could say hand on heart how it would transpire, in my opinion.

4/ " I really take no pleasure in reminding you, " wrong, you are fibbing.



Dollaley, well I read all that amazingly enough and I don't think I was in there. Thank God for that. And you've let us back into your club so now it's our club once more. All's well that end's well as our Willie said just before I was born.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Right Pure and Simple (and that's not the childish name calling you resort to but what you say about yourself,) here goes.

Far from being a trouble maker most managers he's played for have said he's been a model professional. Strike 1.

He wasn't past it and had some good games, Everton and West Ham etc come to mind. Strike 2.

Nowhere except in your self promoting ramblings and a couple of your Wulfie friends posts has it said he'd on £80k, in fact in current articles on here it says between £25 and 40k. Strike 3.

What he decided was to have a final go at the PL, not unusual for the best players to want to go out at the top. Strike 4.

Saido Berahino was returned from a loan a while ago because of his attitude. The lad has undoubted talent but his professionalism has been called into question many times. Nothing to do with Anelka or jellyfish. Strike 5.

I think that is fairly comprehensive.

There's an old saying, 'self praise is no recommendation.' Check it out that the only ones that come on and side with you are the likes of Jackett the Hat a self confessed Albion hater. There's another old saying, 'judge a man by the company he keeps.'

Not looking good is it?

Jack the Hat

Whilst West Bromwich Albion have behaved impeccably in not allowing Anelka any contract comeback if the Quenelle case verdict had returned innocent, Zoopla on the other hand, acted in haste and were found to be foolish in their knowledge of contractual laws by withdrawing their sponsorship. Now is the time for that Company to apologize fully.


do lallytap

Don't talk SAFT....He knew exactly what he done and YOU know it but you kept harping on about it hoping the tide would turn.....unfortunately the tide has GONE OUT !!

We Only Need One Half!

Do, if you knew his mind, which considering you don't seem to know your own, why didn't you give evidence at his Kangaroo Court? wouldn't withholding 'evidence' that could prove his guilt make you as guilty has you accusing him of being?

Jack the Hat

do lallytap,

I still believe the morals of this case are wrong and that has nothing to do with Anelka.

Maybe the tide ended up in you head, because it is full of water, drip.


do lallytap

Float away !!

CantelloRocket 78


what we're told is the Baggies asked Anelka to agree to certain conditions, and it appears he wasn't prepared to-

whether it was the whole package, or just one sticking point, is not yet clear - you hope he was willing to apologise to us for his involvement in the unsettling dispute - as should any other parties involved - but maybe he was reluctant to say sorry to Zoopla or certain outside groups as well, no one knows until the whole truth comes out.

I've said more than once on here that Anelka was only likely to stay at Albion for a relatively short period of time, so I've never had any particular affection for the guy - and I don't recall anyone else on here expressing any such affection - but it developed into a legal case that needed to be viewed and dealt with in a fair and open way, not only the player but the F.A. and various outside groups were also open to scrutiny, and not many came out of it with any credit.

I've also said that if Anelka IS guilty of an offence, he should be punished, that's all part of a fair system, of that there's no dispute.

What's happened is sad, because leading up to being injured in the Villa game, Anelka turned in a couple of impressive performances that had him in contention for the 'man of the match' award, but the injury, 'trial', and these latest developments have wiped away the potential of those promising signs on the pitch.

We all want what's best for the Baggies, so if we can now move forward and focus on shaping the future, the past events should be learnt from, then buried behind us.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You're right. There are only two slants the media are interested in for this story. First to make Anelka into a bogeyman to prove their own self righteous attacks on him and two to make the Albion look a joke.

He breached the FA rules by making a political gesture but it is neither racist nor anti-semitic and I would challenge anybody that claims it is to produce one bit of evidence. Their isn't any evidence or the FA would have used it to challenge the five game ban.

Let's hope the players and management use this as an inspiration to circle the wagons and fight to the last man.

CantelloRocket 78


The media and certain individuals often have their own personal bias or agenda, and they'll sensationalise issues to whip up strong emotion and 'sell' their own product or point of view-

what's of paramount importance is that we step back from other people's attempts at 'clouding' our minds, and use our own ability to look at an issue with clarity and in an unpolluted way-

in other words, we either think for ourselves, or let others do it or us-

it's completely our choice........


Frankly I'm glad this whole sorry saga has been been brought to a conclusion. Cyril has summed up how I feel perfectly - whether or not Anelka meant the 'Quenelle' gesture as anti-semetic or not, he did not consider the consequences to a club that have paid him handsomely for his services and then stood by him despite the football world vilifying him. To then announce his departure from Albion via Twitter sums the man up, arrogant.

We need to learn from this as a club, we were all taken in by the attractiveness of the Anelka signing when he first arrived at the club, however if we were all being honest - me included, the signing was a massive gamble and it has clearly now backfired spectacularly. Over the last few years we've been a club that has invested in youth and exploited the loan and free agent market to its full, that is what we need to go back to. I really hope the club can now move forward and forget about this individual, starting today against Swansea.

Come on boys, give me something to shout about on my wedding day!!

CantelloRocket 78


I think it was Dean Kiely who said Charlton were establishing themselves well in the middle of the prem., until they began bringing in a few 'marquee' signings, then things became unbalanced and slid downhill-

some fans were calling for us to make 'big' signings, with 'big' intentions, and spent loads of money - maybe such a prudent model that you've mentioned wasn't so bad, and we can see things in a more careful and wise way as we move forward.

Congratulations, mate - all the very best on your big day!!!


Shropshire, the very best of luck today mate. Kisses to the lucky lady. A win today would be memorable for you too.

PS: My offer still holds. If you need any help, demonstrations, guidance, etc. on your honeymoon, I am always there for a genuine Baggie.

smevik baggie

I cringed when they signed him, rejoice in his departure, but would like to see him sued and pay back the wedge he has amassed since joining the Baggies, because if anyone has received monies under false pretences it's him. I now believe the jinx is lifted, COYB...


Though not a baggies fan I find great sympathy for a club that after the debacle of Odemwingie the tough season they are having and now the Anelka mess its very sad as they (WBA) are far more important than any individual. Good luck for the rest of the campaign I hope you stay in the premier league.