West Brom boss Pepe Mel hints at uncertain future

Albion boss Pepe Mel today hinted he has been given no assurances over his Hawthorns future.

West Bromwich Albion's manager Pepe Mel
West Bromwich Albion's manager Pepe Mel

The Spaniard avoided answering questions about his job as he spoke for the first time about a fortnight of turmoil behind the scenes.

Mel admitted he was not consulted over the exit of key ally Dave McDonough and offered an evasive response when asked whether the Baggies board had assured him he would remain in charge for the rest of the season.

“The only thing that’s important for me is the day-to-day work and I’m not looking further beyond that,” said Mel, who had not won in six games in charge ahead of today’s Hawthorns clash with Manchester United.

“Even if you win games it is pointless looking any further beyond that.”

McDonough, the club’s former director of elite performance and scouting, was the high-profile casualty of a series of meetings involving players, coaches and the club’s hierarchy after the concerns of senior squad members became known.

McDonough’s increasing influence was one of the players’ chief concerns and he departed last week in a surprise move by chairman Jeremy Peace.

But the former Liverpool analyst and fluent Spanish speaker was a key supporter of Mel, having been crucial in his appointment, and had been helping to translate for the head coach.

Former Real Betis coach David Gomez joined last month and is now translating.

Mel said: “Dave has been working for me in this period of time and I thank him very much for the way he has worked.

“It (McDonough’s exit) was a club decision and David Gomez has come in.”

Meanwhile, Mel said he does not believe Nicolas Anelka will appeal against his five-match suspension for making the ‘quenelle’ gesture when celebrating a goal at West Ham in December.

The Frenchman was given the ban by a three-man independent commission appointed by the FA but he could still appeal.

He is currently suspended by the Baggies.

Mel was ordered by the club not to comment on the disciplinary process but, asked whether Anelka would appeal, he said: “I don’t think so but I can’t answer these questions. It’s best that Richard Garlick (sporting and technical directors) answers these questions.

“The club gave said to me they have maximum respect for the decision of the FA. We think Nicolas is a magnificent footballer and what we want is everything resolved as well as possible for all parties.”

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Comments for: "West Brom boss Pepe Mel hints at uncertain future"


Pepe is a grown and sensible man, he will appreciate that in this results orientated business that the only way to guarantee his future is to deliver. Six matches in and NO wins isn't what anybody wanted, but there is still time to change things and ensure WBA are in the premiership next season. Then he can plot his own destiny, build his own team and play the way he wants them to.

All this negativity does nobody any good.

Jack the Hat


Good post, my thoughts too, with nothing to add.


Jack the Hat

Adidas, Nike have launched a new all-in-one boot and sock hybrid named " Primekit F5 " ( Adidas ), " Magista " ( Nike ).

Can't wait for further information.

Wonder if they will have wooly studs, L☺Ls.



It'll stop the potential worry of running out of socks Jack!!!


Jack the Hat


Nice one, L☺Ls.


CantelloRocket 78

So less than 4 hours before a crucial game, we get more disturbing, negative headlines pushed into our faces-

any chance of giving local fans something positive to focus on, rather than alarmist speculation because the guy didn't say very much in an interview.....???

Sort it out, eh......???


Could I suggest a new poll for next week? Is the absence of rocket science a handicap to sports journalism? Does any Head coach have certainty of tenure when their team is under threat of relegation; it would be crass stupidity to hold such a position. Pepe Mel will be judged in May and it will be Peace who will decide if he is to continue under the conditions Albion find themselves in.


JTH heres the positive, might be six games no wins, but it was not all defeats


Bully reference photo with big dave, how could you miss out Ronnie Corbett 3rd from left, its a better picture than the one taken at the Oscars. Boing boing


The good thing is P Merson has backed us to get hammered.


Imo I don't think nothing will be different even if we swap the manager what else can they do ? For me Mel is working with a squad that know the club has no money to bring in better players than we have already got and some are playing but not at there best because there is no real competition I think we need a clear out in the summer and my need 7or 8 players to add to what good players we already have but wether we can afford it is another thing I can't understand mr peace 1 bit if u have a player on loan like lakaku and he's valued at 18m and he scores for fun and he does it every where he has been and he is only 20 then surely that isn't a gamble we would make that money back within 2 seasons ?????and as he gets better would be worth more ? I think out of all the forwards we have had at the hawthorns he is the only 1 who could give us value for money Mr PEACE wont spend money and that's why Albion will never be any better the championship level I think we have been over achieving the last 2 seasons and the real question is if we never spend and improve how much longer can we ride our luck ? Please if there is a genuine invester who would move our club forward and also keep us stable then please offer mr peace the chance to step a side and run it rather than own it

We Only Need One Half!

He's here now, deal with it.

Gary Owens Shin Pad

This game could have been a great statement of intent or a rubber stamp of where my club is. I am afraid it was the latter. Last season a 3-0 defeat to the mancs would have been expected as a given. I am sorry but today this game was winnable and anyone in here that says otherwise is looking through those rose tinted specs.

we played without passion, purpose or confidence. It is obvious the players do not want to buy into or play for PM so lets sort it now. I am loathed to think that my belived club is resigned to sliding back to the Championship without a fight. JP has got to take action now swallow his pride an get this mess sorted. We were a shadow of the team that played Utd last year we are going backwards. The atmosphere in the ground tells a story, fear and dissapointment in every fans heart is evidant. For gods sake what is going on at this club !!!

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