West Brom 0-3 Manchester United

Manchester United avenged their September defeat to Albion to increase the pressure on Baggies boss Pepe Mel on another miserable day at The Hawthorns.

Phil Jones’ first-half header gave United a 1-0 half-time lead and Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck added goals after the break as David Moyes’ side ran out comfortable winners.

Mel is now without a win in seven games in charge and, after a turbulent two weeks behind the scenes, the limp second-half display from his side is unlikely to silence speculation about the Spaniard’s future.

Albion showed some signs of promise in the first half but the belief drained from Mel’s men once they fell behind.

And to add to his woes, Claudio Yacob, Steven Reid and captain Chris Brunt all went off injured.

Albion had a nervous moment early on when a backpass from Chris Brunt bounced over the foot of goalkeeper Ben Foster and ran for a corner, but fortunately the flag kick came to nothing.

There was also some early encouragement for the Baggies, however, when Victor Anichebe powered away from Chris Smalling and burst into the box, only for the United defender to get back and make a vital challenge.

United had another near-miss when a Wayne Rooney corner was headed by Marouane Fellaini and turned goalwards inadvertently by Brunt, forcing Youssouf Mulumbu into a crucial goalline clearance.

The first effort on target came in the 29th minute when a left-wing cross by United youngster Adnan Januzaj was headed at the far post by Rafael, with Foster producing a fine reaction to push it onto the crossbar.

But the deadlock was broken on 34 minutes thanks to some poor defending from the Baggies.

Liam Ridgewell was beaten two easily by Rafael, forcing Brunt to foul the full-back on the edge of the box.

And the hosts then handed Jones a free header as he sent Robin van Persie’s free-kick thundering past Foster.

Albion might have equalised just before the interval when substitute James Morrison, who had just replaced Claudio Yacob, fed Anichebe with a good, low pass.

The striker held off Jones but dragged his shot just wide.

Moments later Foster suffered another scare when he misjudged a high clearance under pressure from Juan Mata and saw the ball bounce up and hit his hand outside the box.

United screamed for handball but the officials did not oblige.

Eight minutes into the second half Albion unlocked the United defence as Zoltan Gera exchanged passes neatly with Anichebe in the United box.

But the Hungarian’s touch was heavy and David De Gea gathered.

There was then major controversy as Van Persie somehow escaped a red card.

Moments after being booked for a tackle from behind, the Dutchman committed a late challenge on Steven Reid that seemed certain to earn him a second yellow card but referee Jonathan Moss let him off with a warning.

Albion continued to build up a head of steam and went close when Anichebe used his strength to turn in the box and aim a low cross towards Brunt at the far post, but Mata made a vital interception.

But the Baggies suffered another double-blow when both Steve Reid and Brunt were forced off injured.

Stephane Sessegnon replaced Reid but, with the hosts reduced to 10 men temporarily after Brunt limped off, United doubled their lead.

Rafael produced a fine cross from the right and the unmarked Rooney headed home at the far post on 65 minutes.

That goal killed what had been a cracking Hawthorns atmosphere and deflated Albion, who struggled to make an impression on the United rearguard, with Anichebe blasting well over from the edge of the box in the final 10 minutes.

And the scoring was complete with seven minutes remaining as the Baggies were unlocked by Rooney’s through-ball and Welbeck produced a fine, curling finish to beat Foster.

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Comments for: "West Brom 0-3 Manchester United "


Not criticising the team.simple thing to say is that we are not good enough .it hurts but thats how it is if we re being honest with ourselves.we wont stay up with only 4 wins at this stage of the season. Still gotta hope we can hang on in there.


We just don't know how to win football matches and we NEVER looked like winning this one. Plenty of endeavour, just simply not good enough today.

Anichebe and Olsson, for me, showed the passion and work rate needed to try and get us our of this mess.

I don't want to knock our players, but IMO Ridgewell, Gera and Amalfitano are just not Premiership players - the former a real liability yet again. The substitutes may as well not bothered coming on especially Sess and Saido.

Its looking very, very bleak chaps.

Jack the Hat

Good fighting spirit, now more passing finesse and and composure in front of goal. I thought it was end to end and we did our share of pressing up-feild, interesting game, the best thing about it the lads heads didn't go down. Come on you BAGGIES keep believing and we will get there.



JTH was you at the game? the lads heads didn`t go down? we gave up Jack, they walked the 3 rd goal in from one end of the pitch to other without a tackle going in.

Jack the Hat


No mate but as I always say, stick a fan in each of the four stands and you will get four different versions of the same game mate. I still hold to what I stated in my version albeit a T.V. one. Thanks.

How did RVP and Felaini manage to stay involved the clogging they were up to. I also believe Ben has blowed his England world cup chances.



Well Jack IMO we gave up and so did the fans as they where streaming out, i think the east stand emptied in record time but it made getting home easier, as for Felaini he as been getting away with it for years, at Everton he and that horrible little Aussie Cahill where the two nastiest slyist players in the prem.

As for Ben ive no doubt he will go to Brazil as there isn`t anyone better, but i did wonder how well he as been playing since he came back from injury then three days after being in the England squad he starts making clangers.

Ronnie Allen

We deserved nothing, so got nothing. Even if Van Persie had got a red, we could have played until midnight and not scored. Victor tried hard, but our lack of quality is showing loud and clear. I can't see where our goals will come from.

After 1min 37 seconds I thought to myself, free kick, Chris Brunt send a message. He did, as did Amafiwotnot after having 2 goes at crossing from just outside the box, and all this inside 3 minutes.

We just seem to huff and lateral puff. Mel just cannot continue with some of the blokes he puts on the pitch. 7 games in, but the big problem he has is who are the Plan B players to bring in? Desperate.


do lallytap

Who the hell is voting for Ridgwell....are you blind ?

Jack the Hat


The Dingles who haven't gone to Walsall. 20,000 will be on the dark side after saying how the match went as they were there.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Jack the Hat


Sorry for the above Nom de Guerre slip.


Stearmans overhead kick

Wouldn't have been 20,000 Wolves fans on the dark side if their ground had been big enough you plank,

We Only Need One Half!

I feel your pain Stearman, we couldn't do the double over Man U, like you couldn't do it over Walsall. Lifes a bitch sometimes.



Just walked past the Hawthorns and saw two season tickets nailed to the door, I thought 'Im having them'. Well, you can never have too many nails......

See you soon....


We Only Need One Half!

Oh, thats was a new one, when Wolves were last in the 3rd.



I think they are just taking the p***

Jack the Hat


That is what Dingles try to do, but their position says it is doomed from the start.



we was poor upfront. No spark


According to Five Live pundits RVP wasn't sent off because Moss made a mistake in not dismissing Foster - make sense of that. I have mixed emotions; it wasn't a game I saw us winning, but I was looking for green shoots for a recovery drive, but the injuries just add to the pressure. There's no point judging individuals in the way some are doing, Mel has what we has and its the next 5 or 6 games that will determine our status not games like today's.

CantelloRocket 78


Yep, two wrongs don't make a right, unless you're a pundit I guess.

As you say, it's pointless people keep bangin' on about their 'hate' figures, always easy to make notes of certain incidents, then turn a blind-eye to any other's that don't back up your case - we've had three Head Coaches and juggled most of the squad around this season, but still can't find that elusive formula that piles up points-

lack of a cutting edge is obvious and worrying, but the official who laughed and joked with Van Persie at half-time, then refused to show him an indisputable red card 10 minutes later, followed by United going two up when we had 10 players on the pitch through an injury to Brunt, was a cruel body-blow we were never going to recover from, the players body language clearly reflected that frustration.

Those upcoming games you mention are most certainly the key, this one's already consigned to the 'past events' file cabinet, we have no choice but to move on towards the approaching priorites.


I also saw the lino laughing and joking with Jones after the Brunt incident with Rooney,I take it you chose to drink somthing stronger before the game?

CantelloRocket 78

Before and after.


Was in before and stood where i said, i didnt go in after was to gutted.

CantelloRocket 78

If you say you were somewhere, doing something, then you're the one who knows, Spike Milligan said everybody has to be somewhere, so......whatever......

We Only Need One Half!

I seem to recall saying after the Fulham game that if a United player got the treatment 'Fitano got during that game it would result in a freekick like the one that lead to their first goal, being awarded, remember?

We Only Need One Half!

Don't recall too many of those pundits using the same logic to say we should have got a penalty at home against Chelsea.


I just cannot believe how this season has panned out.Well beaten today with an average performance from United.The difference between the teams was that when United had a chance they took it and our players did not.Their defence was decidedly creaky at

times but certainly not as creaky as ours.Unless Mel can do a Hodgson and sort out our defensive duties this season could well end in disaster.

The Real Bully Hoo.

The main difference between the teams was that Utd had a £20 odd mill midfielder, two £20 odd mill strikers etc. They are better than us because they can afford better players than us.


Happy clappers appearing soon

Jack the Hat


Bet it took you an hour to put that mind stimulating post together.



Oh look it's batman and his side kick robin, you know who you are don't you? Policieing the pages again when you smell trouble

Jack the Hat


Just to inform you, yes I know who I am, my problem is figuring out what you are, but thanks for your tip -

" Trouble ", the smell is a bit acrid.

Gorra loff ay ya.


We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, along with the "lets change the manager" posters, eh solihull?


Can you see where I posted that? You are the one thinking it! I'll be there home and away next season as usual

We Only Need One Half!

You never once posted about getting Clarke out solihull, you sure?


The thing to remember is who we played today, The ref missed a clear sending off, we have around 3 players out injured

Bar that the brunt situation sitting off the pitch when playing man.u that decision to sub is done instantly if hes not fit get him off at least 4 minutes he was off the pitch before someone came on and the goal came from that side,

Anichebe played well, endevered to the end but for me end of the day endeveour wont keep us in the premier league we had zero creativity today I was excited when sess came on but not sure he touched the ball, for me he should of started and get amal involved amal I thought did well and tried his best but we just cant head the ball in the box

Remember 10 games still to go its not all doom and gloom


True van pers should have gone but foster prob should have gone too

Disagree about amlf thought he was poor


Honest opinion thought he tried to create the runs he made the first half if the season arsnt being picked up always available always open and gets forward just my opinion i may be wrong bar and anichebe i thought we looked lackluster no creativity whatsoever, regardless you start the game 11 vs 11 we have to put that extra gear in fans were great today

Jack the Hat

Did no-one clock what Felaini was doing most of the match?.



First, and to get it out of the way, what a biased ref ! Man.U. dished out some horrific tackles and he did next to nothing. The whiter-than-white Persilman should have gone twice ! That said, we couldn't score in a house of ill-repute right now and therein lies the problem. For the first time I think we shall be having our local derby against Wolves next year. I cannot see anyone strong enough to turn the team round as the confidence and fight began to melt after the 1st goal.



You can't blame the ref - IMO he didn't do too bad. The problem is US, we are just not good enough and it is really difficult to see how we can survive this season.


Simmo we can survive by winning 3 of the next 5 games which really is possible starting next saturday, keep the faith.


I have kept the faith,Maninsider

Just can't see where the next win will come from let aqone x 3 more

Jack the Hat


Couldn't you see what Felaini was doing where you were, he clogged everything his studs could reach, owing to T.V. I had a Throstle's eye view of Yacobs right thigh which had four stud slashes on the front of it. I thought Ben should have walked when he handled outside the box, he never offered to draw his hand away from the ball. The Officials were atrocious yet again.


boy from the REAL black country

Bang on the nail Cyril.

Ref was awful, one of the worst i've seen for a long time, and thats saying something given some of the clowns we've had to endure this season! He could of at least made some kind of effort to look impartial!

Refs aside though, we just don't look like scoring, and you don't need to be Carol Vorderman to do the maths on where thats going to lead to.... I thought we were pretty good 1st half and didn't deserve to 0-1 at half time but the confidence visibly drained from the side and we were well beaten by an average looking United side in the end. 3-0 was possibly harsh on us but 1-0 would be enough given our current phobia of goal scoring, all those wanting Shane Long gone must be able to see how crass that decision was now!

The Real Bully Hoo.

I agree. Apart from the Foster decision he made a couple of terrible decisions that went our way but the bulk of his bad decisions went to them (nothing new there.)

But the overall feeling was, how does a bloke as consistently as bad as this remain on the list, what must the rest be like? Anybody else feel that it doesn't matter how bad ref's are as long as they don't upset the "important" clubs and managers.

Woodman Corner Jake

Poor result. We had a few half-chances which had they been taken may have tilted the balance our way, but their second goal killed the game and was transformational........they seemed to grow in confidence whilst we regressed.

Not many plus-points......Anichebe's endeavour aside.. The team lacked pace and energy; we couldn't put any sustained pressure on United. Strange selection to not play one of the pacier front men alongside Anichebe.

There seemed to be a disconnect between the coaching area and the players on the pitch. It would be wrong to say that Mel has lost the dressing-room because frankly he's probably never had it. Downing's role is ambiguous and whatever influence he and Kiely once had appears to have diminished.

What to do? Obergruppenfuhrer Peace and his side-kick Boy-wonder Garlick have made a succession of bad decisions this season, all of them calamitous. So, do they stick or twist? Your guess is as good as mine.

Perhaps we can rely on the character of the players to haul us out the mess we are in.......but maybe I am being overly-optimistic. Bringing in a coach who knows the League, can communicate effectively, organise the team, play to our strengths and motivate the players may be a last throw of the dice, but it might be worth risking.

No-need to speculate about McKay or even McInnes or Lennon....why not bring Steve Clarke back from gardening leave? He claims to have unfinished business.......so give him the chance. But this is wishful-thinking on my part.....Peace will never admit to making a mistake; the slice, of humble pie he would have to eat would be too-mush for his delicate constitution and his self-esteem.. After-all,

we all know the Chairman and his Board of 'yes men' are infallible, don't we?


Smacks of some desperation in your post Jake, and we may well have come to this point.

SC back - not in a million years and your other 2 suggestions McInnes and Lennon have to be worse - surprised you didn't suggest Neil Warnock and I hate the man - yet he would be a better bet than those 3.

The Happy Clappers, Rose tinted brigade will stand by JP until the bitter end. For me JP has always and ONLY been interested in WBA as a business venture. Carefully acquiring shares and power, having the AGms in London and building a nice little portfolio. Don't get me wrong - we might have had a lot worse - and he has made some good calls, BUT it has to be said some AWFUL ones too - especially of late. The decision to sack SC may well have been justified but there needed to be the Plan B or some basic idea in place before that option was taken. The length of time taken to appoint someone without any Prem or English Football experience in the circumstances was an extreme error of judgement. Given the right circumstances and conditions Pep mel might well have been a great success. Unfortunately, this wasn't the right timing for him and 4 points out of 21 and he could well go down as our most ineffective and unsuccessful Head Coach of all time.

The question is what do we do ?????

Are we going to stay up under Pepe?

Do we send Pepe to be SC gardening mate?

Do we bring back Keith Downing?

Do we get some other experienced bod in?

I am thinking its all far too late and with matches against Swansea, Cardiff, Hull, Sunderland, Norwich and Stoke to come - big matches we never seem to win and trips to Arsenal and Man City it seems an impossible task.

I am very worried and really sad.

We Only Need One Half!

Simo, you seem very dismissive of Clarke, and thats ok, but can you tell me what you think of the fact that in the reverse legs Clarke is 6 points ahead of Mel? Do you see why someone might put more trust in J.P.s opinion, right or wrong, than we would in yours? he gets it wrong and he has to stand by it, but posters who come on here and are wrong don't even acknowledge the fact, do they.

p.s. cant believe you would even consider sacking Mel now.



First of all Simmo, if you please:-)

Secondly - If you read my post, sacking Pepe is only part of the conondrum that JP must be agonising over to keep us in the Prem. It is not my choice - I think whatever we do is going to be difficult from here on.

On SC - again IMO - I felt that he enjoyed the momentum of Roys team amd work and this came to a grinding half at the end of 2012 and the rest of the season we were in relegation form, which was carried on this season. SC never had the answers to stop the rot or change.

I am always happy to admit my wrongs too.

We Only Need One Half!

Simmo, my apologies, I recall dwarfzappa getting upset about me not using his full name, and he used smiley faces too, do you know him?

So do 'you' support Mel now, or not? and with hindsight, would you still have called for S.C. head to appoint Mel?

Has I pointed out in a previous post, regarding this belief all S,C.s success being due to Roy, if only we had let Roy go sooner we could have finished higher than 8th, because apparently Roy achieved more the season when is was not here, then the season before when he was, is that what your saying?

Ronnie Allen

Jakey I do not believe Peace will give Mel 10 games to sort this. It will happen soon which is crazy I know, but I believe it will happen. The money involved in staying in the Prem will drive the decision. And was Foster drunk? OMG. I live abroad and Steve Clarke was co-commentator for the Chelsea game, and no doubt he still loves Albion. Not saying he is the man, but someone absolutely ruthless is required. Pepe Mel is not going to do it.

I also believe that Peace must already have the name in his mind. And whoever the new guy is should be absolutely ruthless and make radical changes. Ten games, 30 points.

PS - to all the listeners, I am not being negative and as all the players are not reading this rubbish on here so therefore should not affect performances at all. In fact I wish they were.


Have to agree ronnie, big businessman peace doesnt want the championship, mel i believe has a game left next week or thats it, we nees someone with a big personality to organise and build im normally ok at naming peopls but seriously im struggling for names

Jack the Hat

Woodman Corner Jake,

Anichebe had to take on shots he shouldn't have had to, but no-one was with him to lay the ball off to. Other mid fielders must make themselves available. This has been going on for some time now, why hasn't Pepe sorted it. No point in bringing on Berahino out wide, he needs to be inside the box to do damage.



Not unexpected and our season should not be shaped by losing to United at home - the games against Norwich, Fulham, Villa and Hull were far more important.

Can't complain too much about the ref - yes, he could have sent Van Persie off, but he could/should have sent Ben off in the first half - Ben knew exactly what he was doing and he looked incredulous and a bit embarrassed when the ref gave nothing!!

Season starts now!!!


It started in August Mboy and that is the problem. Most of us saw the slow demise last season and some awful transfer business in the summer didn't help.

Even if it did start now, I wouldn't put my house on this squad finishing anything above bottom.

We Only Need One Half!

Mboy, I do not disagree the games against Norwich, Fulham, Villa and Hull were far more important, but, by the same token, I would say the games coming up against Swansea, Hull, Cardiff, Norwich, West Ham, Sunderland and Stoke are far more important than today's.

Its still in our own hands (amazingly enough, but its a fact)

Captain Mardon International

10 games left, the players don't believe in the coach and injuries are mounting up. It's going to take on hell of a miracle to sort it out before the end of the season.

Gotta keep believing though!


I let my niece use my season ticket today and watched the game on BT Sport. The programme started at 12.00am for the first 30 minutes it was the MAN UTD SHOW no mention of us - the home team. A very on sided and biased broadcast - we had approx. 7 mins between 12.30 and kick off.

They interviewed Pepe and asked him about how he would counteract the Big Quality players like Van Persie and Rooney and he replied that Albion equally had big star players in Brunt and Anichebe. .................. if he is comparing like for like then I know we have major problems.

The players let were just not good enough today, or any day really. They certainly put a shift in and no blame can be attributed to Pepe.

The camera scanned to JP and he looked fairly resolute to losing and as relegation looms ever nearer he will be true to his words as being a mid table championship side with a mid table championship chairman at best.

Ronnie Allen

Brunt did actually kick one out of the stadium today Simmo.


Yes, but he wasn't having a bad game before he got injured.

And we was trying to put a shift in, Ronnie

boy from the REAL black country

No need to panic... Theres still 10 months of the calender year to run yet!

We Only Need One Half!

Oh yes, that calender year is sooooo relevant BFTRBC lol.



Dawson. Olson. Macauley


Dorrans. Morrison. Brunt

Theivy. Anachibe. Vydra. Subs sess , Gera, berihino , ridgewell , Morgan yacob Reid if fit

If fit Morrison or yacob what's every 1s thoughts we need to attack attack in the next 6 games we might as well go for it ?????




I wouldn't trust him selling the pies in BRE

West Drayton Baggie

Only caught game from end of first half but thought we looked fairly good until they got their 2nd goal. It didn't help that we were fighting against the ref too. What a joke Moss is but to be honest that's our season summed up. Poor decisions by refs generally.

Poor final touches cost us dearly.

I wouldn't play berahino again this season unless there was a dire need. Vydra has more about him and plays for the team. Anichebe's frustration at berahino evident.

Foster handball just plainly wasn't. Although I fail to see why he didn't just step back and pick the ball up.

van persie did get a nick on the ball but it was a 2 footed lunge and IMHO a definite yellow so he should have been off. How is that balanced?

I actually like how pepe has got us playing, the ony issue is quality up front. We need someone to play off anichebe and I think that's vydra not berahino. What I like most is that he changes the team to go for it. Clarke was terrible at substitutions and regularly looked bewildered. He'd stick to his guns until the last 10 mins by which time the game had got away from us. If the board sack him I don't know what to think. They needed to get us a proper attacker. We have needed another left back for 3 seasons! Mel needs time and they need to add quality players to the squad.

Reading reports elsewhere that amalfitano 'stamped' on januzaj...rubbish. He did end up on his ankle but give me a break, it happens every week. But on recent run ins with the FA we can probably expect to lose him for 3 matches...


I don't want Pepe to go but I can see JP getting rid of him by Monday. I can't blame Pepe he has been brought in at the wrong time and we have been on a downward spiral for a while. I really hope JP doesn't make a brash decision but I now feel he will. Sorry Pepe


yo had a chance .but unfortunately united came out as well for the second half . yo've got ta laf a ya up the wolves div 2 here yo go


enjoy your shandies in the Woolpack - it will be a lot different next season for you

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, thats what happened the last time you played them michael, would account for the 5 they put past you at yours for no reply, just who do they think they are, Albion!


Simmo54 are you attempting to catch JP's eye or something? Flooding the thread isn't the same as packing the midfield however the points you make do remind me of the attacking options we have. Think I'd stick with Pepe Mel.


Not trying to catch JP's eye at all, Bob.

I think that stable door has well and truly closed. Just stating my disappointment really. Sometimes, you just need to get things off your chest and say something.


If you play 451 or 4231 the man upfront needs to be A very quick or B good at holding up the ball and Victor bless him is neither of these.

I have VA as man of the match as he gave everything today but the system was wrong for him.

We need to start with Vydra and VA in a 4411 with Vydra up top

I said before PM needs to change his philosophy short term and utslise what he has.

Brunt gave us his usual poor deliveries but no one comes out of this with any credit.

We now have a run of games we can win so let us pray we can


The fat lady has been flexing the larynx for the past 17 months and any week now she will burst into song! The leadership under Roy & Steve gave me a big smile as it seemed my beloved WBA were at last finally established in the top flight and whilst we did punch above our weight, it was a great period in my life.

There are many factors that have combined to our current plight: strikers going and not being replaced with those of a similar calibre OR better, which they should have been, no pace in the side so we are not getting into defences and causing havoc like PO & RL. We are playing too much 'Ray Wilkins' football, sideways and backwards. We don't terrorise defences, instead we are being terrorised. We bring in a manager and we fans will give him a chance unlike our Chairman who didn't bring the guy earlier enough, wouldn't allow him to bring his staff in, gave him no cash & has given him a very tough baptism in one of the best leagues in Europe.

Where we go from here is looking settled. I cannot see the necessary points being amassed with the quality of players we have. We have seen many of our neighbouring clubs suffer over the recent years; Wolves, Coventry, Blues, and last season Villa. Owners changed the plans so many times for the worst and I thought we won't be in that situation - we are better run than that! Hmmm….

I haven't felt this low for a few seasons now, the team hasn't been this low, and the club is rock bottom with too much bad press!

Her ayen't singing yet but by God she's warming up……….

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

Well what another disappointing day having just listened to the radio WM commentary, we must be asking the question over and over again Where on earth are the goals coming from and who will hit the back of the net ? we are in big trouble if we don't win the next few games without points we are not going to climb the table. Mr JP has to come out and tell us what are the plans with Pepe Mel are we with him or against him ? with no wins under his belt this does not help his case. I can see JP calling it a day and handing the realm back to Keith Downing who I am sure would have a better logic of how we play in the Premiership and it sounds like he would have the backing of the players until we come to right decision at the end of the season.

Stearmans overhead kick

Jack the Hat Armchair fan you have been rumbled.

Medway Baggie

"We had a poor game", "Amalfitano was poor", "Brunt is no good", etc etc.

Really! After the game I mentioned to my brother that if we played like that against Fulham we would have mullered them and he agreed. Never mind Van Perise what about Fellani, he should have had two yellows at least. The foul for the first goal, the guy fell over "two hours" after the tackle and this trend continued through out the match. I personally thought we played very well. Rooney, although running all over the place, didn't seem to be as effective as usual. The stats on display on the monitor at the ground showed that we had one less shot on target (9) than them and one more foul (11 I think). Up until the second goal I think we were holding our own, but I know others will not agree.

As for the ref, yes I thought there were some very strange decisions and that he favoured United, but did you see Moyles going off on one when the lino gave a throw in to us..

Again there is mention of JP and his ambitions, or lack of them, for the club. It's very simple, he owns the club, he can do whatever he wants with it, as supporters all we can hope for is that he looks after it and respects the traditions. We could always end up with a Vincent Tan, ask Cardiff fans what they think about him and what he is doing to "their" club.

Am I worried or concerned. Not really. I've been a supporter and follower far too long not to expect the worst. If we get relegated, we get relegated. If we stay up, we stay up. The outcome is still, largely, in our hands and I will continue to support and follow the team wherever we are going. It's in my blood.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

Jack the Hat

Medway Baggie,

Thanks for the Felaini bit. for a moment I thought I was out there on my own. He actually did more clogging than RVP.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Great post Medway. Much too realistic for these boards though.


The Mirror online is saying that Dave Jones is lined up to take over from Pep with Curbishley!!!!!

A guy who couldn't hack it with a Sheffied club!!



We Only Need One Half!

Don't fret pet! three reasons why they would never happen.

1) Its The Mirror saying it.

2) It is a proven fact being a Wolves manager is the kiss of death for any managers career, they neither leave to go on to bigger clubs like ours or win anything.

3) Its The Mirror saying it.


No Pep from Pepsi again. See him gone soon. Precarious position - I see them in the Championship in a month or so.


Daddy shrunk the kids


The club structure and the way we conduct business is a shambles, I blame unreservedly the Chairman and Board, in my opinion they are the root cause of the complete mess.

They dictate transfers, salaries and the operation of the club from top to bottom therefore there is no one else responsible.

The quality of the players and coaching staff are decided by these people and if they were boxing promoters we would be not allowed into the ring for a match at times.

Whilst we can all agree that some players are not of the ability required however they were bought to meet the requirements of a finance plan not the same criteria as a football club plan, which has finance as a portion only.

I am sorry to say that Mr. Peace you need to go.

CantelloRocket 78


You say JP must go-


presumably you feel we need someone to replace him who's prepared to invest millions of pounds and his precious time into a football club in the glamous region known as the Black Country, someone completely trustworthy, passionate and ambitious for the cause of the Baggies, someone who can keep the club stable, totally restructure all the business dealings so we have a network of seperate departments within the club needing to communicate closely everyday in order to understand what each is doing - and above all, guarantee the club success, so in order to 'better' JP's record, that means take Albion into the premiership European qualification places-

so if you're demanding Jeremy goes-

who's your suggestion for replacing him.......???



Why does every time I mention the Chairman and others go people automatically assume I am asking for a moneyman or silly spend policy, which i am not.

I am fed up with the un-football brain that takes up senior posts within the club and I include our Chairman.

I am quite adamant that the position we are in and the very real prospect of relegation is quite simply the responsibility of the management of the club?

They have chosen a structure where they control all aspects of the club therefore they who live by the sword........enough said.

CantelloRocket 78


I simply asked a question-

if you demand JP leaves, who do you suggest should replace him?

Because an empty seat's no good, and the football league's littered with poor leaders, so anyone in mind?

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah Kevin D, don't know if you've noticed, but all these clubs around us who spent millions during the Jan transfer window, with Fulham according to the pundits supposedly having done the best business, are not exactly pulling up trees now are they?

Spends this season alone, of teams who we are in touch with, three of which we need to better-

Fulham 20.5 mill

Cardiff 36.5 mill

Sunderland 27.3 mill

Palace 19.1 mill

Norwich 26 mill

Swansea 21 mill

Hull 26.5 mill

So you tell me, which of those clubs would you like to see us to emulate? because one day soon, in the not too distant future, that piper is going to have to be paid.

CantelloRocket 78

I guess I'm probably one of those labeled as 'rose spec, happy clappers', yet funnily enough I've spent time studying the Buddhist philosophy of standing back and trying to observe things as clearly as possible, taking into account the whole picture - knee-jerk emotional outbursts and enthusiastic, angry finger-pointing can 'blind' you from chunks of the truth, so you can lose touch with the genuine reality of a situation - potentially making you 'see' less than the ones you say wear misty glasses!!!

In a nutshell, I appreciate people's frustrations - I've watched Albion for 50 years and have a season ticket, I don't enjoy seeing us lose or feeling miserable, honest!! - and it's human nature to search for someone to blame, but-

without being sarcastic, the combined criticism on here suggests we should kick JP out the club - and find an ideal replacement for him ( any ideas? ), sack Richard Garlick and bring Dan Ashworth back ( who brought in players like Rosenberg ), then rip up the contracts of half the squad, and wait for the stampede of quality premiership players to say they can't wait to play for West Brom, will sell their luxury homes in 'fashionable' areas, and take a massive pay cut to come to the Hawthorns - then all combine to play in complete harmony, and guarantee cast-iron success, like the 18 expensive signings at QPR last season!!!-

well, I didn't mean to be sarcastic, just highlighting the fact that dreaming up a theory or ideas of success - then putting them into successful practice - can often be a very difficult thing to achieve, certainly in the tilted, biased, greedy, egotistical, demanding instant success, constantly changing world of modern football......


Awful performance. Apart from a few player, no heart and no soul. We never had a shot on target and never looked like we was going to score. Terrible. Not sure what has happened, but we need to sort things out ASAP.

John B

I am not worried about the result yesterday but am worried about the performance. They had 2 weeks without a game to formulate some sort of plan but were clueless. We never looked like scoring and must play 2 strikers. The defence has also gone to pieces, the 2 headed goals united scored were totally unchallenged. The next 4 games will decide our fate as they are all against teams fighting for survival. The only problem is 3 of them are away so we need to pick up 6 points from these games. I still have fulham, c palace and cardiff finishing below us and norwich about the same points. Norwich last 4 games are liverpool,, man u, chelsea and arsenal. Cardiff at home is now a must win. It is still in our own hands


Jeremy Peace put the doubt in the squad with his stupid comments, Trying to be a smart @ss I guess! So now our demise as come back to bite him on the bum, all this loaning of players and dithering about till the last seconds of the transfer window has doomed us to the dark place! I hate him with a passion

We Only Need One Half!

You really sure you never posted about Clarke going, really?

The Real Netherton Baggie

Boy From The Real Black Country

All refs are clowns including yesterday's.All that's missing is a big red nose and a pair of enormous shoes.

Charlie Cairoli could have done a better job than Moss


Simply not good enough yesterday

Started off brightly,they got physical to get on top and took control

We had nothing on target to worry them

Thought the ref was absolutely dire and stuck to their script

Funny the way everything has gone t_ _ _ up since being robbed at Chelski

I didn't agree with ousting SC the time they did,should have had another month to put it right

Definitely never wanted a foreign coach,nothing against Mel he seems a really nice bloke,I feel quite sorry for him with what he's walked into,but we need someone that knows the English game,the time isn't there to learn

Why did it take so long to get him in,seems obvious to me

The way we work,with plans already in place,the original target turned us down,leaving us in a mess

Sick of hearing moans about JP and RG,the club has been spot on for a few years now,the first hiccup season and the knives are out

Careful look at Blues,Cardiff it doesn't always pay off,I like my Albion in the hands they're in

Been so many problems all coming together this season,sponsors/Anelka/sackings

Don't honestly know whether we can get enough goals to get out this mess

Hope the SC , SL lynch mob are happy that their wishes came true

Not hearing the cries for Saido to be automatic choice,maybe his input lately is why the coaching staff held him back

Unfortunately we have what we have,need to get behind them all for the cause and hopefully they can pull us through

After the last couple of seasons I didn't think we would be where we are but I'm afraid it's squeaky time

Quinton Baggie

To be honest we played okay and contained Man Utd until the goal...losing Jacob was a big blow. he kept Rooney quiet..Morrison is either devoid if confidence or is now simply not good enough for the PL...Ridgewell only plays with his hair...the big difference was quality around the box...after 90 seconds a Brunt free kick really was poor and then Van Persie which lead to their goal shows the difference in quality...I felt sorry for Anechebi as he ran his socks off all game and got little in support...Maybe we should have gone 442 and took the game to Man Utd? We have a mountain to climb no doubt about that...We need 4 points from Swansea and Cardiff...Anyway it was good to see Cantello who came over to say hello...nice to see you again.

Quinton Baggie

Oh also the big decisions....RVP should have been sent off for 2 bookable offences...both fouls were Yellow cards, but the ref bottled it...had it been the other way we know we would have been down to 10 men.

CantelloRocket 78

Hi mate,

good to see you, too - the officials aren't the only problem, but boy, have they made it hard for us this season-

the Ref was like a juvenile fan talking to Van Persie and Rooney in the centre circle before the second half began, a guy behind me said 'it looks like he's about to take his autograph book out' as he spoke to the Dutchman - so I wasn't the slightest bit surprised he didn't send him off.

Which is somewhat disturbing.

Quinton Baggie

Hi mate: yes i agree...the big players tend to bully the officials but that's the way it is now unfortunately...our defending at times is poor but somehow we have to dig in and grind out a nasty horrible win...At St James Park Newcastle did it when they beat Villa the relief was tangible.


I've read most of the post here and I wonder what some people believe being a supporter means. I've no problem with voicing criticism, getting frustrated or disappointed, however I can't get my head around some of the absurd suggestions and bile aimed at individual players or coaching staff - how does it benefit us? We know Morrison and Brunt aren't Mata and Carrick, that's the reality of being a small club; but we seem to have forgotten who we are and that has led to false expectations.


Bob, what I find amusing, if that's the right mood or word, is those ones wanting JP OUT NOW as they put it, have blamed him for acting too quickly, acting too slowly, buying the wrong players, one of whom was Mo'M yesterday and generally getting everything wrong in spite of where we are amongst the rich boys and iffy refs ! One ever HATES him with a ferocity that he tries to justify. That sort of emotion scares me more than a bit.

I was bitterly disappointed yesterday, but I took on board the ref and his bias, who we were playing and maybe three players who came back from Internationals with knocks should not have been chosen. We are not privy to the decision making, we have to accept it. Right now we need the two 'L' s.......Luck and a Leader. I asked God to send a good ref yesterday, He didn't. I shall be having a quiet word with him later.

I said to Him yesterday, "God, what's a 1000years to You" ?

"One minute" He said. "What's a £1million to You ?" "A penny" He answered. "God, give me a penny". " I will in a minute" He said.


In the last 18 months i raised concerns over Richard Garlick's appointment , i raised concerns over the lack of form coming into the new season , i raised concerns over where the goals were going to come from , i questioned Clarke's tactics and team selections and i raised serious doubts on Mels appointment , on all these points i was shot down in flames by the ' Regulars ', well Gentlemen where are you now and what are your all knowing thoughts ?.

do lallytap

3 people at the helm this season and still can't look as if we want it....Time for the players to shoulder the blame.

I want to know who is picking this team, has Downing got too much influence here, I said all along he should have gone with Clarke and to me it looks like Pepe is struggling to control the dressing room.

As long as you keep picking the likes of Ridgwell, Morrison & Co then we can forget it.

I know I keep going on about Ridgwell but he just is NOT a quality left back and he knows it, it's embarrassing and I actually feel sorry for him because he realises that the Prem is just too much for him and whoever is picking this team should do Ridgwell a favour and just drop him, it's not fair on him and it's not fair on the team.

I was all geared up for us to turn up and take it to them but as soon as I saw the team my heart sank....One up front is like throwing eggs at a brick wall trying to knock it down.

Man Utd were there for the taking, I really think so and if we had attacked their defence with vigor I honestly think the result would have been better and that was proved when Victor had them rattled with that run but there was nobody up with him, no options....If we can't play with one up front with Long then we certainly can't do it with VA.

I know Foster made a cracking save but I am a bit concerned about him also, I know I am going to get shouted down but take it from me somethings not right with him....watch this space.

My MOTM was Mulumbu....all day long he battled, harassed, fought and was a right pain in the arris all afternoon, pity about the rest of em !


I did say to my mate i wish we had another 6 like Mulumbu,best game he as had in while.

Tipton Baggie

As many posters have stated above, we've completely forgotten how to win matches.

In all honesty however , Saturday's game was always going to be difficult to win, regardless of Man United's current predicament.

The Hawthorns just doesn't feel a great place to be right now!! After United took the lead, everyone just seemed to be resigned to yet another defeat (both players & fans).

However we're not down and out just yet. As others have rightly pointed out, the next four games are crucial and will determine which way our season will go. I remain utterly convinced that a much needed win is just round the corner. Hopefully that win coming against Swansea on Saturday.

I truly believe that a win, regardless of how it comes about, just might be the catalyst for us to go on a positive run of form. After all we've seen teams do it before, notably ourselves during our great escape season.

In a strange kind of way, I'm actually looking forward to these next four games. With big away followings and I'm sure a sell out home crowd against Cardiff, I hope we can emulate the type of togetherness and battling spirit seen during that great escape season.

With this support, I'm quietly optimistic that things will finally turn in our favour and that the team will at last show the quality (which we all know is there) that will see us edge away from danger.

Let's face it, if we can't win at least one of our next four games, then quite frankly we don't deserve to stay up!

Let's now be positive and get behind the team for the last 10 games and hope that this season ends a lot happier than it started.

'We Are Albion'