Big debate: Can West Brom survive?

Quite simply, do Albion have what it takes to avoid relegation?

New West Bromwich Albion head coach Pepe Mel, at The Hawthorns.
New West Bromwich Albion head coach Pepe Mel, at The Hawthorns.

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Comments for: "Big debate: Can West Brom survive? "

Baggie Ed

I think that we will need to win a minimum of 4 games to stay up, but the 3 of the wins will need to be against teams that are around us.

We need to beat Sunderland, Cardiff & Norwich to stand any chance of staying up. With only 4 wins all season it does look a tall order but it is do-able. If we can get one other win from the home games against West Ham, Spurs or Stoke with a couple of draws at Swansea and Hull we could be safe.

The nightmare scenario is having to get something from the Stoke game with PO then sending us down, lets hope we are safe by then!

Esso Ian

Ha Ha . No way they are rubbish. They are going back to the championship where they belong. :-}

Captain Mardon International

It's incredibly stupid to use the same word twice in one sentence.

Ronnie Allen

Which ESSO petrol station do you serve fuel up chief?? I thought it was all self serve these days.


Then, Mr. Petrol Head Ian, that's 6 points you can forget next year,

IF YOU make it to there !

The Real Bully Hoo.

A bit unfair on bum bum bum bum Esso Blue Ian lads. His first statement is that, no way are we rubbish, Wulfies usually try to say we are rubbish. Anyway it's got to be better being elite rubbish than Div 3 wannabe's hasn't it?

And he might be talking about his own club because if they can hold their nerve unlike in 2002 they might get back to the championship and we can't argue that a club with a large half finished ground probably do belong in the championship.


Yes - as a baggie you have to believe otherwise what is the point of supporting the team.I think that what is needed is for the manager to instill a confidence and determination into the squad that they are more than capable of remaining in this league..

There are some big games coming up - games that are very winnable and I think that just one win would motivate the team and reinstate the self belief they had at the start of the season.So Pepe Mel wipe the slate clean - forget yesterday its history - get this team motivated and pick a team that can both defend and attack as a team - pick the right players for the job.Anichebe was a real nuisance to the United defense yesterday but he needed real support in and around the box-Gera had a mare of a game and

should have been hooked but for the injuries to our three players.Lets go with Anichebe and Vydra . The team started brighter which was refreshing but failed to make it count up front-so lets show a higher work rate when we are pressing their defense and make our attacking play count.We are capable of playing much much better than we are so lets get going and lets keep chanting and cheering the lads on.We know what we are Boing Boing.


Yes ! They've done it before.


All WE can do is hope and pray.

There are still currently 27 (TWENTY SEVEN ) places between us and Emmerdale Town.

Captain Mardon International

With this manager I doubt it. The crazy thing is that we have the players to do it, but they look like they're playing for the end which is a recipe for relegation. Still 10 games to go, anything is possible.

A pint and a pie.

It's not the managers fault. The players need to wake up.


I get the feeling that the Players are setting the rules and the game plan and freezing out Pepe.

A pint and a pie.



The players need to stand up and be counted but the manager needs to pick a team that will actually create chances to win a game. Thievy, Anichebe, Sessignon and Berahino should all play. Perhaps an assistant coach should be introduced who can really motivate the players. Change of manager is not an option he needs support.


The Baggies should have taken a chance on Uwe Rosler before he moved to Wigan. If not Rosler why not Dyche from Burnley or Derek McIness from Aberdeen. Any of these guys would have been worth a punt! Who does our recruiting?

Woodman Corner Jake

Only if we re-energise the dressing-room and get the team back to playing to their strengths. We can no longer change the squad - Peace and Garlick have already given us a squad that is less well-equipped than last season - so sadly we need to bring in someone who will energise and motivate the playing staff.

Sadly this will mean replacing Pepe - a decent, honest man who has found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. But getting the right man at this stage of the season may prove impossible.....the likes of McInnes, Lennon, Rossler will not be tempted away from their current posts at this stage in the season and will probably have the same reservations as a Laudrup regarding a Board who has made such inept decisions since Ashworth left. Maybe someone with a point to prove is worth considering.......Jol, McLeish? Ask yourself, would either of these - both experienced in the Premier - give us a better chance of achieving the 36-38 points that may be all that is necessary to stay up this year?

Bringing Clarke back from of gardening leave is an option, but is as unlikely as Elvis being found alive and well working in our local chip-shop!! And anyway, with the weather taking a turn for the better, Mrs C may prefer him to concentrate on getting the garden done-up.


Jake, I like the way you present your case, yet I find I disagree with most of it. What is the point in yet another change at this stage ?

The three men you name, what experience do they have of a pickle like this ? Dan Ashworth made a few BAD decisions as well as good ones, but we shouldn't let that get in the way of your argument. If we bring Clarke back, I shall nail my season ticket to the East End wall. That bloke from Wolves is so poor he pinches the nails ! I will say this loud and clear: We are where we are because we dropped important points due to LOUSY refs early on, but Clarke's style was boring me silly and NOT getting results.

I still think there's another story behind that we may never hear.. I too can claim to be 'A DECENT BLOKE' but that in itself isn't enough to run Albion's team ! In fact, thinking of Fergie in action, just how 'decent' was he when winning football matches was concerned ?

IF another change is made, then the only safe one right now is to go back to the two men who didn't want the job long term.

They know the setup, the players, what is needed. Still a risk of course, but a lesser one.


After watching parts of the Hull v Sunderland game yesterday im even more optimistic that we will stay up, fulham already gone and i think Cardiff and Sunderland will be joining them.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Norwich also have a horrendous run in to the season.


I listened to Man City v Wigan on radio, from what i could make out MAF run the City defence ragged,i thought at the time it was a big mistake letting him go,how we could do with him now.

The Real Bully Hoo.


We'll have to stop meeting like this, people will talk.

Again I agree with you about MAF. I also remember that like Shane Long, there were people on here shouting from the roof tops that he wasn't good enough. Joni Mitchell time again.

Captain Mardon International

I've said all along that we should have kept MAF, He links the players up so well, and even chips in with a few goals too.

The Real Bully Hoo.

A thing that puzzled me yesterday. Why did our ex-player Leon Barnett get booked for picking the ball out of the net for his own team's kick off as two City players rushed in to try to take it off him. What rule did he break exactly? Or was it a referee under pressure giving in to a home crowd and trying to creep up to them. Again you can't contest yellow cards with the FA can you, how convenient.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I put up a post this morning about my view of the situation as it stands. It went up at the time but has now disappeared. Nothing controversial in it, any idea why E&S??????

Sir Lupi

It was probably because, just like all your other posts.........


The Real Bully Hoo.

So BORING that you obviously read them all despite being a sort of Wolves fan. How bad must your life be. I feel your pain.


Well done, I expected more bites but you are the only one so far.


With this manager and the lack of investment in January when we desperately needed it - I can't see it.

All the manager has done is try and force a new playing philosophy on players who simply aren't good enough to adopt it; absolutely no plan B.

To recruit a new manager, knowing his playing style, and to sell the only striker who looked like he could adapt and recruit only one player on loan was nothing short of criminal.

We're getting what we deserve.


Lets all get real, the Baggies defence is nothing short of shocking, I think that Pepe and the back 4 can take some tips by spending some time watching the under 12s on Netherton Park on Sundays to see how organised they are keeping their shape. The Baggies cannot play between the lines { the footballers amongst you will know what I mean} the team as a whole are disorganised with a lack of discipline, the team lack leadership and 110% commitment, Foster at times takes the wrong line and flaps at time {or he is waving to someone in the crowd} what points will we get from Man C, Arsenal, Spurs? so we have to look at, Stoke ,Norwich, Cardiff, Hull, & Swansea, I don't want us playing the Dingles next season but from what I have witnessed it looks very much like it.

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