James Morrison blasts West Brom 'soap opera'

James Morrison today branded Albion’s troubled season a ‘soap opera’.

Chelsea's Nascimento Ramires (left) and West Bromwich Albion's James Morrison battle for the ball
West Bromwich Albion's James Morrison, centre

The Scotland midfielder admitted he was grateful to escape events at The Hawthorns to link up with his country for tomorrow’s friendly against Poland but insisted the Baggies are all “pulling together” for the cause..

The Express and Star revealed Albion players’ concerns about coach Pepe Mel’s methods last week, while more discontent led to the departure of Dave McDonough, the club’s director of technical performance and scouting.

The Baggies sacked Steve Clarke in December while they have suspended striker Nicolas Anelka after he was handed a five-match FA ban for his ‘quenelle’ goal celebration.

And Morrison, speaking in Scotland, said: “There just seems to have been a lot of s*** going on. It does feel like a soap opera – you should try being involved in it. It’s been one thing after another at West Brom with managers changing and people getting suspended.

“It’s probably hassle that we didn’t need. There was even talk of the new manager going last week.

“It’s not been ideal but the lads have been great. We are all pulling together. But it’s good for me to come away and join up with the Scotland squad. It’s a different mindset – a different environment. That’s good for your confidence.”

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Comments for: "James Morrison blasts West Brom 'soap opera'"


At least a "soap opera" is scripted- - - - we just lurch from one embarrassing farce to the next

Why does JP not get a grip - - - or maybe he has and it's not tight enough?


You know what the French do with frogs, they EAT 'em !


No Cyril we don't - - - we only eat the legs!!

If I ran my business the same way JP runs the club,mI would be "on the dole" in weeks

He has passed his sell by date - - - quite some time ago

The Real Bully Hoo.

This is just an honest comment on the situation that everybody with an interest in football will know about from reading the papers. It's not been helped by the ghoulish slant the media put on everything slightly controversial (Alan Pardew being the latest) and this article is just another example of it. I won't be jumping to any conclusions until I've seen the interview or the actual text. The only actual quotes here are totally non-controversial and the rest is 'dramatised' supposition.

Aldridge Wolf

Fair play to Morrison, I think its good to hear a footballer actually speaking his own mind for a change instead of saying what the press officer has told him to say. Footballers are more often than not so boring these days, so its good to hear a genuine opinion from a long-serving player on the club he obviously cares about.

CantelloRocket 78

A couple of things come to mind-

1) The issues mentioned are now common knowledge, these things have previously been publicised, and the Bookies were recently claiming Pepe was their favourite for 'the chop', so whether Jimmy was involved at times, or maybe reading media stories at others, I'm sure we're all fed up of it-

2) I mentioned awhile back that Jimmy always speaks his mind, I've sometimes seen him interviewed on TV, say something controversial, then give a cheeky, mischievous grin, so him speaking out is no surprise, especially as a long-serving player-

at the same time, he says 'we are all pulling together' - so maybe the rest of us can help 'em out and avoid adding any further unrest.

Jackett the Hat

Dont think its a soap opera Mozza, more like Noel Edmonds Baggy Bottom.

CantelloRocket 78


several friendly, more mature Wolves fans have been chatting with us lately, and giving us positive support-

meanwhile, your obsessive jealousy never stops with yet more sarcastic jibes-

you're a middle-aged man acting like a teenager, you really need to GROW UP!!

Jackett the Hat

Just jogging the old memory bank , trying really hard to think of when you supported US......no, don't think that ever happened somehow.....I know one thing though, obsessively jealous of you lot I ain't.

CantelloRocket 78


You say you're not obsessively jealous of the Baggies?-

and yet you've been coming over here regularly for two years throwing jibes and criticisms at us at every opportunity-

and when I used to glance at the Wolves site, I often saw you having moody little rants to yourself about Albion, whilst other Wolves fans on the thread were discussing other matters and ignoring you-

the other day you were talking about people 'burying their heads in the sand'-

oops! you seem to have quite a lot of sand in yer ears..........

We Only Need One Half!

Whats to support these past 3 seasons??? I congratulated the genuine guys the other week on the Brentford result, but as for you, two divisions below and you still think your as your good as your betters, have a day off will yer.

The Real Bully Hoo.

How much time would you spend on here if you were then?


I concur. You are not obsessive.

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

Genuinely, how did our U21 West Midland derby go as E&D don't seem to want to talk football. Also what was the score.



It was 1-0 to Wolves Jack.


Yet again, James, there are times to keep your gob shut!!! Stay in Scotland if you are harbouring negative thoughts!!!

Kev in Mallorca


Now this is your best yet! A players admits to things being amiss but says "but we are all pulling together" and you ????ing you of all people advise him to stay away if there are any negative thoughts,

Where the hell are you off to then????? As far away from The Hawthorns and these pages as is humanly possible would be a start.

What a pathetic hypocrite you are, no use to man n'beast.


Glad to see that normal service has been resumed. I'm happy now.

I think that if you were sober when you read my posts, you would see that I am quite consistent!!

Kev in Mallorca

95% of times when reading these boards I'm at home in Mallorca and so not on holiday in the UK so 95% of the time I am stone cold sober unlike your self youself who remains a prize pra-- 100% of the time.

Kev in Mallorca

Make the second 95% 90%.


Mboy, I think it likely that this 'interview' was made to stoke the flames of unrest mate and best taken with a pinch of salt. It can't be funny for the club or players to have this sort of TRIPE dished up when making essential alterations to staff and sytem and on the horizon a big, big match coming up against a hurting giant.

It's a sign the Wulfies are riding high, there's no holding their own private newspaper !

We Only Need One Half!

its summat when you cant get a post on here, whilst wulfies can, FUBAR.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I put up a similar post that's disappeared. This article is designed as a 3 prong attack.

To get fans to have a go at Mozza.

To get fans agreeing with the twist that the article gives to his words about the club.

To generally depress us and believe that we are doomed (some of our fans don't need much encouragement.)

As I said the other day, they do exactly the same up the road and somebody else added, good news is no news. Sign of the times.




This may have an adverse affect on the club. If so, we'll be relegated but it may all blow over and we'll stay up, although it may all blow over and we'll get relegated anyway.

My favourite soap of all time - Eldorado. And that attractive young Spanish lady who always used to say MARcusss.

End of Blog


Ronnie Allen

Bit rich baggie and nicely profound. Some days I feel like a wildebeest with tic on this website, never understanding the banter of our fellow posters. However I normally get over this by laffing my harris off and just wonder what else do these people have to do in life, and then just open another cold one. Wednesbury I love you.

Was Elderflower set in Majorca chief?

The Real Bully Hoo.

We all think you're so cool and funny and clever. It must be great being you.

Ronnie Allen

It's not bad thanks Bully.

Ronnie Allen

Could be Crossroads chief. But which one of em is Noele Gordon, which one is Sandy, and the big question is which one of em is Shughie McFee??? This of course after him being shot on the fence in The Great Escape.


Cant complain the guy is merely speaking his mind, by soap opera i think he means much ado about nothing really. I like players who speak there mind too many times in interviews there very samey but glad to hear the lads are pulling together as a team,

its what is going to keep us in the premier league our ability to fight and create we are and i say it again a proud club with some good players and are realistically still in good stead to finish maybe 14th 15th the summer is our time to re group

well done mozza

We Only Need One Half!

Mods, what was wrong with that last remark asking why posts were going missing?

Stearmans overhead kick

Soap opera ? Now let's think, Would it be Albion market ? That was crap and not many watched it as well..

CantelloRocket 78


Remember that comedy series back in the 80s?-

where the 'Chuckle Brothers' ran a football club in Wolverhampton that had a crumbling stadium, 3,000 fans, and the council turning up to save the day?

Make's you realise the Baggies problems are just a minor 'blip' in comparison........



He will not remember that. Like most he probbly followed Villa during those years.


True think it was on in the mid 80s. Not many people watched anything those days . Regularly only 2500 down the molineux though obviously you can speak to 20000+ who were there.


There were times late 80s early 90s when nephew Richard and I arrived at 2.55pm to a roar of around 8,000 people in the Hawthorns. It was a new low for many clubs and disillusionment was rife. Golf was pulling him more than football.

CantelloRocket 78


In those days, I stood at the back of the BRE with my Brother-in-law and a few mates - they were tough times, but it's said what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so maybe those of us that were there should audition for the lead role in the next 'incredible Hulk' movie.....

The Real Bully Hoo.

Cyril and Rocket.

One game like that stands out in my mind. It was mid 70's and I think it was a Tuesday night, the weather was freezing and to cap it it started to snow in the second half. The crowd was a then new all time low record of 11 thousand odd and we struggled to a 1-1 draw.

Happy days.

Perhaps some that moan about JP should remember them.

CantelloRocket 78


the thing is, if it's not going well, we can complain, protest, or stop going to games, but as Wolves fans found with Steve Morgan, or Villa fans facing years of Doug Ellis, we are in the main spectators with very limited power and little knowledge of much that happens inside the club, so we either jump in for the 'rollercoaster' ride, or walk away, we're free to choose-

Personally, I have a few great and sometimes funny memories from even difficult footballing years, I can even recall a couple of amusing things that happened at Twerton Park back in the darker days-

it's all experience, and how we choose to look at what happens that really matters.

Ronnie Allen


I once played conkers against a vicar.

CantelloRocket 78

The One Ronnie-

and to think, you were attacking other people recently about puttin' rubbish, nonsensical posts on here.......

Ronnie Allen

Canty this is a bit harsh even from you. You know nowt about me and readin the posts this memory came back to me. At a church fete it were. Done me fair and square did the vic mind. Very handy at conkers.

Do any of the listeners still play conkers? I love conkers me. When I was a kid I used to bake em and soak em in vinegar. But I still used to lose a lot as I had glasses like the bottoms of milk bottles so I normally ended up hittin the other kid on his hand or head wi my conker, which normally ended up with my disqualification and the other kid runnin home to his mam.

Once I had corrective laser surgery my conker game improved significantly and could see the purpose of the game.

Does anyone still play lawn green bowls?? Now that is a game that is.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning Rocket.

Have you ever been to a party when a bloke with a Homer Simpson tie and check braces latches on to you? He probably wears glasses with bright red frames as well and tells you zany jokes and says'I'm a bit mad I am.' He wants to be the life and soul of the party but everybody else has turned their backs and you're stuck with him.

Have you ever had that feeling?

Ronnie Allen

Come on Bully lad. Don't get in yer cups. Even yer mate Canty thinks I am Richard Branston. Arf. Did you have yer charisma removed as a child????

Get yer sen to the Ken Dodd show lad at the Dudley Hippo and cheer yer sen up.

Light up the sky wi Standard Fireworks. Its the good life, de de de, de de de. Can you do a Tony Bennett impression Bully??

The Real Bully Hoo.

Oh b****r Rocket, it looks as if he's latched on to me now.

Ronnie Allen

Fancy a game of conkers Bully lad? Promise not to hit you on the head and get sawdust on the floor.

CantelloRocket 78


obviously a legend in his own mind-

probably banished from the UK for crimes against comedy.....


Well I think mozza can say what he likes as he is in the thick of it, he's only saying what he sees, but he does say the team have been great.. What is wrong with that.


“It’s not been ideal but the lads have been great. We are all pulling together"

Whatever spin the E&S put on an interview, if I was a Baggie I'd be pleased to hear one of the Senior players say this..


CantelloRocket 78


Most players seem to reel off whatever they're taught to say, but it's the fact that Jimmy Morrison's never been afraid to tell the truth that leads me to really BELIEVE those words.....

Kev in Mallorca


Thanks mate, I wish we had more Baggies fans that talk as much sense as Dingle, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.




I'll write this slowly so that you understand, Kev.

I make comments on here, it's pretty much irrelevant. A "senior" player makes comments, they are "splashed" across the papers. Therefore, in my opinion, the players NEED to be VERY careful in what they say and how they say it. (Hence my comment - that you agreed with - on the Batson thread). Ie it's very DIFFERENT me saying something and Morrison saying something.

The only "negative" comments I have made on here were regarding Steve Clarke and it seems that the Club agreed. Therefore I am on record as supporting the CLUB 100%. I hope that this sets the record straight.


Kev in Mallorca

Me no undistandi !! again, again, again and again the fourth time.


I think Morrison was not quite right - it does not feel like a soap opera - it has been a soap opera

It started full of expectations, then there was the drama of the sacking of Steve Clarke, the ostracising of the prodigal son Nicholas Anelka, the baddies appearing to get the upper hand - refs not giving blatant penalties and each episode has been a cliff-hanger

But like all good soap operas it will all come good in the end and the main body of the cast (players) will shine through

Just keep calm and carry on guys after all look on the bright side it could be boring winning every week - that happened with United last year and now see how far they have fallen (for them anyway)

So lets get amongst them and show them what being part of the Black Country means and it is not prawn sanwiches and wine I can tell you

Up the Baggies !!


soap opera? more like a bad pantomime with steve clarke replaced by his spanish doppleganager fighting against a racist old french villain played by anelka and on top of that having to contend with inheriting a poor team languishing at the bottom of the division and sponsorhsip problems

We Only Need One Half!

"inheriting a poor team"??? when was the last time your lot finished 8th (in the Prem that is?)

Jackett inherited a team that was relegated from The Championship, it does not get much poorer than that.

And sponsorship problems? trust me, they will be queuing up (Airtel, Reliance, Tata and JCB already jousting for the honour) and our deal will be worth considerably, considerably, more than yours, trust me.


mmmm yeah how can we stop the rot?

I know lets hire a decrepit old french racist as the centerpiece of our attack and replace Steve Clarke with Steve Clarke

Kev in Mallorca


Pray tell how many times did it take yo lot to "stop" the rot at the 3rd division?

We Only Need One Half!

tatmon, he is no more a racist than you are a thief (given your profession) or is he? there's far more evidence to support my assertion than yours.

Admit it, your just jealous because Anelka would never consider going to a team like the Wolves, and which ever player you want, you will only get them if we allow it. You know its true.

Would that be the Steve Clarke who has achieved a better finish in one season than Wolves have ever done in the Prem? that Steve Clarke you mean?

p.s. Face it, you've got nothing have you? although I must admit, a supporter of a team that was the first to do the double drop professing to be a expert on "stopping the rot" takes some balls, very funny lol.

We Only Need One Half!

p.p.s. you crying yet? because you should be lol


This explains why we had a rubbish performance off him against Fulham.Be surprised if he is in the starting line up against Man U.

Woodman Corner Jake


You were highly critical of me last week when I referred to Garlick as a buffoon and McDonough as not being up to the job. At the time, you will recall, I responded that although I may not agree with your views I fully support the right you have to express them.

But here you are being highly critical of a fellow subscriber who also has only expressed his personal view.

The term you use - "hypocrite" - left me wondering whether you have looked in the mirror recently?

Let me repeat my stance on this........everyone is entitled to express their view and should be respected for it.....not liked or admired, nor agreed with, just respected. After all, opinions are like arseholes, we all have them - even you! I'll leave it to others to determine whether you use it for the purposes for which it is intended, or to also articulate your viewpoint.

Regarding the subject of the article, we are in a shambolic state, as as direct result of a series of exceptionally poor executive decisions. Only the character of the players and the support of the fans can rescue us from the drop.

Kev in Mallorca


Eye-up! hear we go agen. Why have you mentioned everyone's right to an opinion? You seem to be unable, or refuse to understand my words on numerous occasions including our conversations of last week that I TOTALLY AGREE THAT EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO AN OPINION, but excuse me for saying IMO the tone of your post seems to infer that I'm not entitled to an opinion and if you care to return to my words which said IT WASN'T THE CONTENT OF YOUR POST,ALTHOUGH THERE IS NO WAY YOU COULD BACK UP YOUR CLAIMS WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING THERE, IT WAS THE TIMING!!!!!

Yet again, James, there are times to keep your big gob shut!!!! Stay in Scotland if you are harbouring any negative thoughts!!!! were Mboy's exact words to somebody expressing an opinion, can you see where I'm going with this, ay ay? Not only was he telling Jimmy he isn't entitled to an opinion but he also telling him to leave the club, incredibly when that senior player is admitting that it's been a testing time of late,which we would all to a man agree with, but now is the time for the players to pull together which he says they have.

Then we get our leader of snipes and negative comments on WBAFC criticizing him for giving an opinion which to me shows Jimmy was trying to be positive, what's that all about???????????

But Mboy hypocritically accused him of being negative, unbelievable!!!!

So to sum up, Why is it OK for Mboy to criticize someone's opinion and tell him he is wrong to make it but when I criticize what I think to be a hypocritical opinion it's not OK???????

You seem to be on the same wave length as Mboy and in my opinion that makes you an expert on arseholes which seems to call into question the concept of "opposites attract".

If you needed any more proof of who's talking out of their rear end? your finally paragraph may not be the same words as Jimmy's statement but it has exactly the same meaning and message!!!!

I know I'm tekin' the ssip by saying " and that's why I disagreed with Mboy cause he said he was out of order" but o'cor resist.

Adeiu mon amie


Jake - my advice would be to ignore the imbecile!! Those on here that are reasonable, treat him with contempt.

Kev in Mallorca


That's a good idea, then I wouldn't have to keep explaining the same things over and over again.

Adeiu mon amie