West Brom 0 Crystal Palace 2 - match report and pictures

West Brom surrendered their place in the FA Cup with a whimper as Dwight Gayle’s first-half goal and Marouane Chamakh’s late strike took Crystal Palace into round four.

A much-changed Albion side put in a dismal display against their fellow Premier League strugglers with Gayle’s scruffy goal settling the tie before Chamakh scored with the final touch of the game.

Albion had chances after the interval but there were precious few signs of urgency from the hosts.

Albion had the first chance after a low-key opening period when Zoltan Gera’s cross found Saido Berahino on the edge of the area but he sent a difficult volley well over the bar.

But it was Palace who went closer moments later after Yannick Bolasie powered away from makeshift full-back Craig Dawson on the Baggies right.

His cross found Barry Bannan, who exchanged passes with Dwight Gayle before striking a shot against the post.

Albion had another opening on 15 minutes when a clever ball from Zoltan Gera fed Matej Vydra, who fired straight at keeper Julian Speroni.

But the visitors went ahead on 23 minutes courtesy of some poor Baggies defending.

Goran Popov’s poor pass was picked up by Hiram Boateng and, when he was allowed time to pick out a pass, he found Gayle.

The striker’s shot from the edge of the box wrong-footed Ben Foster and crept into the bottom corner.

Almost immediate Albion won a corner and when Gera’s second cross found Dawson, the defender sent a header just over the bar.

But the game then went into a rut before half-time with the Baggies unable to find any cohesion.

Just before half-time Vydra did well to control a high ball on the Albion left but his snap-shot was held comfortably by Speroni.

Berahino tried his luck from distance on two occasions early in the second half with the first effort saved comfortably by Speroni before the second was parried by the goalkeeper agonisingly behind the onrushing Shane Long.

And the Baggies had another opportunity when Long’s header fell for Vydra on the edge of the Palace area but his shot was saved superbly by Speroni, diving low to his left.

Downing made three changes in a bid to turn the game around but the Baggies could only manage long-range efforts which did not test Speroni.

In stoppage time, Gera let fly with a volley from inside the box but his effort was deflected agonisingly wide.

But Chamakh added the second with the final kick of the game, blasting into an empty net after Gayle cut in from the left.

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Comments for: "West Brom 0 Crystal Palace 2 - match report and pictures"


Just so disappointing

Jackett the Hat

Heartbreaking, but would the already burgeoning trophy room have took more silverware ? It's a funny old world...

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

How is the Double Drop trophy and Connors Clip-Board?. Bet you can't see them amongst all the other junk.


Gabbys Elbow

Hey Jacket, unless you sign some real quality soon, you will easily retain your league 1 status this season.....better get used to losing to the likes of Gillingham? I know where I'd rather be...........

CantelloRocket 78


if I'm not mistaken, since you started watching wolves, they've picked up a framed certificate to say they avoided extinction after being dragged back to life by the local council-

aquired two recent wooden spoons, been dumped out the Cup competitions embarrassingly early this year, and were involved in an awful third rate game with Gillingham last night-

to criticise another club in the light of this makes you look an utter fool-

so what's new........??


"burgeoning" is in your trophy room Mr. Jackett, yet you say 'have took' when you mean 'have taken'. It's a funny old school !

Jack the Hat

Thank you Tony " Barracade " Pulis for the boring fare you pass off as football. Hope you get Palace relegated so as no-one else will copy your tactics.


Worcester Baggie

Jack you can`t blame Pulis for our players being uninterested, Gera and Long just awful and who put Dawson on the wing?


Jack, I tried to get everyone singing 'Delilah' by me but it didn't work. No one was interested.


oops,lol, reminds me of the old moss bros advert when the coach driver rushes in with the wireless and shouts,"boss,boss we've got palace at home"........and the manager with a look of sheer doom tells his team(who are trying on suits for the final) to , "put em back".

priceless.......thank you palace first you ruin di and then you destroy the pride of the midlands.......lols.


nik.hare1. One of your compatriot trolls, Private Alien, accuses US of being ancient and you're using the quaint euphemism "WIRELESS" to tell a strange joke. It was, I admit, a word used when I was a child to transmit the image of magic messages across the ether, especially for grannies and granddads more used to The Town Cryer, but my dear fellow, the word used today is RADIO. Do try keep up old chap.

The Real Bully Hoo.


It seems there's a lot of diversion therapy going on from a certain section of Wulfies that visit this side.

IE if they talk enough about our minor hiccups they can ignore the giant belch that's happening to them.

Actually it's more like a giant bout of flatulence as I'm not sure if the bottom's falling out of their world or the world is actually falling out of their bottom.

We Only Need One Half!

Hartley, we are talking about Palace like they are some sort of lower league opposition?

Granted, they have never been able to stay in the Prem for more than one season, or, they have not been there since 2005, but even so, they have still had more seasons at the Prem top table than you wulfies.

Show some respect to your superiors and betters.


Bully, I think it must be your 2nd thought. Could you explain to me what is this term 'You are all Balloons' as used by Private Alien. I cannot ask him as we are not on speaking terms My old Granddad used to call balloons, 'Blethers' which I think is of Saxon origin, maybe also for a pig's bladder. Possibly where the term 'Blethering Idiot' comes from, taking us back in a circle to Private Alien. He really is upset right now.

Jack the Hat


Talking of pigs blethers their are quite a few bags of wee from the dark side on here. I remember our butcher used to do his own killing, he had a licence to. He hung the dead pig on two hooks attached to one of the slaughterhouse door casings by the rear trotters, slid a galvanized kids bath underneath, then spilled the guts into it. I used to empty the bladder, blow it up while it was still steaming, let it down to get rid of the remaining wee, then hand it up to dry. Why weren't the mouth pieces made bigger. What we did to entertain ourselves after the 2nd world war. Kids today don't know they are born. I know my two sons didn't when they were younger, good job.


P.S. Forgot to mention, I swilled the Blethers under the only cold water tap first, it was used to wash down the slaughter house after every killing or the next animal wouldn't go in without a fight.


Blimey Jack, that was graphic. But we were tough in those days, when we 'ad nuthin. I'm glad you washed the blethers first though. Just imagine all your 'best girls' finding out what you'd been doing ! That's another old term that's died the death. 'Best girl' It was as if we had a choice and we didn't. The girls TOLD US when they had chosen one of us.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You're right, Private Alien has called me an idiot and accused me of being a drunk on another thread. In the past I've defended him so perhaps he's right about me being an idiot. As for being drunk, if only I could afford it these days.

Balloon, it's one of Alan Brazil's sayings so at least PA's got some taste. Anyway a balloons are usually at the centre of a party so if I'm a balloon in a bunch that contains you, Rocket, WONOH etc I'm not complaining. Better than being the sad loner who persists in hanging around somebody else's party.

Jack the Hat


Yeh mate, see where you are coming from.

Tom Jones~ Green grass.

The old style, looks the same,

as I went down, to the game.


There to meet me, was an old old Stokie,

all the way from, down the Smokie.


Football played was, not like Cullis,

hair still gone but name is Pulis.


Be glad when they sack, the old old misery.


Jack the Hat


Mate, I've lost count of the times I have knifed a delicious pig spud out of the cast iron boiler and loaded it with best butter and salt afforded by our generous butcher. That was one spud the pigs weren't getting. The spuds went into the boiler first followed by everything else pigs love to eat. No fish heads and the like, in those days mate, pork tasted like pork.


P.S. Apologies for getting side tracked from the number one subject.

Eddie Catflap

Never mind lads,it's only a game.Try again next year.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah and best of luck reaching the second round next year.

Jack the Hat

Eddie Catflap,

We don't live in fear of the F.F.P.I. like your lot.



Poor, end of

Jack the Hat

Now we have a good Idea of who to keep and who to release. No good that lot down the road getting excited they wouldn't be able to afford them anyway. Even their top keeper doesn't want to play for them and what I saw at mighty Gillingham, nobody else wants to either, do they Jackett the Hat. L☺Ls.



So bitter and twisted,even your own fans find you embarrassing.

Time you grew up sunshine.


Jack the Hat

Do you recall my post of the last 36/48hrs when I said ''SHOULD WE LOSE TWO ON THE TROT WATCH THESE BOARDS'' and in reply you attempted to get a laugh at my expense.

Have no fear Jack I fully understand you, maybe in future................

Needed to be said.


Ay yow got eny kids yet mar mate, why so bitter? Cant ignore a few trolls eh? Yawm wus in my eyes, gorra loff ay ya.

Eddie Catflap

"Their top keeper" didn't play because he broke his hand.

Jack the Hat

Eddie Catflap,

Not again, what's his name Brittle Fingers?. I was always led to understand by you lot that Hennessey was number one.




Takes two to tango, we came second.

I feel for the Hawthorns faithful, time heals but I do wonder how many of our non season ticket holders will respond to our forthcoming home games.

Of cause, we will now be subjected to the 'oh well we can now put in all our efforts toward Premiership survival', both on this site and coming out of the club.

Maybe next year.


So Funny

I/you can predict the posties who will say 'oh well we can now put in all our efforts toward Premiership survival', or words to this effect.

Sorry ;-))


DZ, I wondered if it had been £10 and £5 whether a full house might have inspired the players.



The word you choose 'inspire' counts for such a lot for me, works both ways, the crowd can inspire performance and in turn positive performance will inspire the crowd.

You know Cyril, whether we like or loath Tony Pulis, his tactics are 'visible' and those tactics work from time to time.

I'm gonna have another drink sod it.

Ronnie Allen

Major - I think you are on medication. Why not you and all your Balloon friends leave this post site and let people who know a bit have go.

Your comments are absolutely unbelievable.

Worcester Baggie

Not sure if you are aware but its the FA who set the ticket prices not the club.


Note to self - don't get conned in to parting with my hard earned cash to attend a Cup game at The Hawthorns.

Don't have a problem if the Coach wants to change things round a bit, but it was obvious that KD was not that bothered about winning, as if he was, Mulumbu and others would have been involved.

One of the things that got Steve Clarke the sack was playing people out of position. KD has been with the club long enough to realise that Dawson is NOT a right back, Gera is NOT a midfielder and Berahino is NOT a right winger. This topic makes me sound like a "stuck record" and I wish it would go away!!


Mboy. Spot on comments. I almost lost the will to breathe by the end.

Worcester Baggie

As i have said before we really need to start looking at Foster,get Boaz back between the sticks.


It has took around 26 comments above Mboy to really mention about the debacle and disinterest from the clubs hireachy to the F.A. cup competition and fans being conned to attend with the odd comment about how we are taking the competition seriously from within the club.

All of you were more interested in bogus comments from accused Wolves fans and having ago at the Wolves and from people who comment on here regularly.

Why dont you all look at our own clubs situation and comment about that.

I am now finished with watching my club in cup competitions after yesterday.

I will say again what I have said over the years that our club is famous for one thing and that is our past record in cup competitions.

I grew up with the cup runs of the sixties, finals, semin finals and now like many other clubs we dont want to know.

Tom Ross is right - What is the game about? - We are never going to finish in the top six, we dont want the Europa League and yet if we put out our best team we could be in with a chance of winning a cup and the days out and memories that go with it.

We all as Albion fans have different opinions about team selection but I could guarantee that if a poll was taken now that two players who would be in everyones team and that is Ollson and Mulumbo.

Not even on the bench yesterday!

How unfair to ask Dawson to play right back again after only 2 senior appeareances all season, he looked totally lost and out of sorts.

Popov as not been seen in a albion shirt since his disastorous performance against Villa, not even making sub over the christmas period with the glut of games and all of a sudden straight in the team because its the cup and again what an awful showing.

Steven Reid injured again, a great pro and bloke but was it just laziness by our board to give him another contract with his injury record or a cheap option?

George Thorne back from Watford and straight on the subs bench again because its the cup.

I like us all have been very patient since 2002 when Jeremy took over as he has certainly built a solid club in the years of promotion/relegation and now with our so called best squad of players the aim is stay in the premiership and sod the fans hopes of trying to win something.

As the saying goes - MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

I agree Mboy we are being conned and it is a very sad day for me to say I am finished with my club in cup competitions.

After missing in the region of 20 matches at home since 1966/67 season, I hope that does not move to league matches as well.



Hi ya, you show an exemplary record, I like your post.

Having witnessed like yourself the great 60/70's teams we can consider ourselves privileged, Cyril and Jack the Hat take in the 50's teams as well they were very privileged. I only mention what I say here because some of our posties made their Hawthorns debut during our lowly bleak years so you can imagine how they felt when we arrived in the top flight. In a nutshell, Premiership (££££££) survival and advancement takes precedence.

The football supporter has a choice if star names are rested for certain games or competitions, what about them travelling West Ham fans today.

I can't knock the supporter who says stuff em, if the stars are not on show I aint on show.

Jack the Hat


Who is going to stand up and say Jonas, Youssouf and others who have had a grueling time, do not deserve a break mate. Work the horse that will work springs to mind. I thought the team should have been balanced and that is my only gripe. No width at the start, Saido had to come inside to get himself a slice of the action. Sinclair thinks it's against his religion to go past his man. Ben needs time out to come up to scratch. Anyway I'm chuffed at not being a Palace fan supporting the Pulis ultra defensive format. Worse still, I could be a Divi 3 fan.

Come on you BAGGIES.


Jack the Hat

Come on somebody, I've just voted G-Mac as * Star man * and me being the first to vote he has 100% rating.



Is football just about survival in the PREMIERSHIP??? If so then I just don't know how long I can retain my season ticket. Where is the adventure? Where is the history going to be written for WBA?

Fortunately, I witnessed Baggies winning Cups in the 60s - Got THE KING scoring against Man City in the League Cup Final ( we lost 1-2 but we still got there) large canvas on my wall. The less older fans these days will never ever have such memories - and that is so very sad.


Ronnie Allen

The club website said this:

'ALBION suffered a harsh FA Cup third-round exit'. Which is not what Steve Madeley said in his match report..

Clarke could be back in work at Villa soon.


Mboy - couldn't agree more. So many changes and key players played out of place. But I'm not too bothered about going out of the Cup. I agree with Lambert - times change - unfortunately, the Premiership is THE priority for clubs like us. We just can't afford not to be in the top stream. So Cup games are just an incidental now.

What I can't stand is the way the manager was sacked without a replacement being lined up - look at how quickly Cardiff appointed Solskjaer, and we're still managerless. It MUST affect the players, no matter how well Downing copes in the meantime.

Also, even with the money squandered in the summer, Albion need a forward who can actually score goals (how disappointing Anichebe and Sessegnon have been!!), and a left back who can consistently defend. The delay in appointing a manager is delaying the possibility of players being brought in to sort out these positions. Get a move on Jeremy Peace!


If this is the best squad we've had in years then why did I just sit in the cold and watch another clueless performance? Why do Albion try and copy the worse aspect of Arsenal's game - attempting to walk the ball into the net? Our game is slow, ponderous and too easy to read. Even when Long won the ball there was inadequate support. Yes, loads of chances were created and thrown away amidst poor decision making on and off the pitch; none of which adds up to a 'harsh defeat' in my view. Next week we'll see who has picked up the poison chalice ....


Strenght in depth, hehe don't make me laugh. Square pegs round hole, when will whoevers in charge ever learn, if any of the so called players out there today had and decency in them they would refund all ticket monies to all that payed......disgracful

Gabbys Elbow

Was at the game today, and all I can say is that we were very poor.

When i heard the team, i was exited to think that we would turn Palace over, but when we kicked off and i saw the formation i know it would end in disappointment.

Why was Dawson at fullback...hes a great centre half, yet we expected him to gallop down the line and overlap Gera -

Gera has the worst match i have ever seen him play - so many misplaced passes and wasteful deadballs?

Long was completely uninterested........id say he was already in the departure lounge?

Popov again gave away the goal by booting the ball into midfield instead of up the line (as he did against the villa).

Sinclair, and Sess did nothing when they came on -

whilst it is very easy to critisize KD for the formation today, i think these very heavily paid pre madonnas have to stand up and be counted - they obviously couldn't care if we progress in the cup, and this lacklustre performance has dented my faith in the team - more of this tripe and we will go down with the villa?

Woodman Corner Jake

Staying in the Prem is more important ( the bottom of the league receives £60M compared to winning the Cup which could generate about £4M). However, there is a time to be opportunistic - a home tie against Palace for example. A win today would have maintained the positive vibe within the squad - and fans......momentum is an important factor in any sport. Just imagine how the Palace squad and fans are feeling on their way home.

Agreed, it's a different kettle of fish had we been drawn away to a Chelsea, or Man City.....but we weren't. We've missed an opportunity........the ennui that surrounds the club following the sacking of SC is typified in today's directionless performance.

CantelloRocket 78

Well I guess it's all down to putting the ball in the net-

watching from the Smethwick End, we were left scratching our heads at how we managed to lose the game.

I just checked the BBC football site, I think it claimed we had 56% possession, Baggies 18-9 efforts, 9-3 on target, 10-2 corners-

but they put the ball over the line, and we didn't.

It was quite a strong Baggies team, with a few 'fringe' players tried out - they then put in a fair amount of effort, but lacked the cutting edge, so we were punished by one sloppy goal, and another right on the whistle.

It went pear-shaped, so we take it on the chin and move forward - our premiership status remains paramount, so we now focus on that direction.......

do lallytap

Blimey Cantello, for once I agree with you !

What the hell is wrong with me ?

CantelloRocket 78


that's the second time you've said in recent weeks 'for once I agree with you' -

obviously maths isn't your strongest subject........

(p.s.- by the way, I'm curious - any reason why you only post when we lose, but fail to turn up on the site when we win games......?? )

Nottm Baggie

Pulis the Predator!!

He could bring 10 Wheelie Bins to the Hawthorns & Win!!! It's a case of has beens, no hopers & wannabe's. You can't continue to run this club in this fashion, as the Chairman has stated we're a mid table Championship side at best. People on loan at clubs can't have the same commitment & desire as people who are employed, unless you are Shane Long who is running down the clock until his pay day move comes off. It won't be too long before the Black Country Derby is back on, even if it is in the 3rd tier of English football. I still say we're relegation fodder...even though I can't stand him we should of had Pulis on a 12 Month rolling contract.


Nottm Baggie

I take note of your concerns, stranger things in football have happened.

Re - I understand where you are coming from regard Pulis, years ago there were more of his kind.

I do believe Baggies fans over the years have made it clear they will not tolerate unattractive football with the emphasis on stopping the opposition.

I'd like to think things are not quite as bad as you make out, for me Albion require a younger quality left back and centre back plus two young quality midfield players. I am not discarding Dawson or Thorne.

If the Baggies mean business, and priorities staying in this division, they should acquire these kind of players I have mentioned.

I am not interested with the come back of 'where' do we find them or we 'can't' afford them, if this is the signal coming out of the Hawthorns we can then prepare ourselves for the Championship.

Maybe now is the time for spending and positive action, no excuses.

Worcester Baggie

The E&S will not print what I have to say about this display, i am gutted really gutted, JP can you please sell our club so we can move on, once again you are taking us backwards.

Woodman Corner Jake

Latest odds on next head coach shows Adkins drifting ( there is a God! ) and Mirko Slomko installed as a short-priced second favourite. He has been successful in the Bundesliga and Europe with Schalke 04 and Hannover 96.......and is available. He has a good reputation as a tactician in Germany, and as a coach whose teams play on the front foot. Given the other runners and riders - who frankly inspire little confidence - he could be the 'left-field' answer.

do lallytap

Saw the team at 2pm and I thought this would be a walk in the park, how wrong was I ?

A typical Stoke like performance by Palace and no matter how we huffed and puffed we just couldn't get past their keeper who I thought had a fantastic game.

As for us, it showed to me just what dead wood Clarke has left us with, that man has ruined my team beyond comprehension.

Ok, you can't knock Downing for having the guts to change things and that side he picked was an attacking formation but what the hell happened ?

Gera played perhaps the worst match I have ever seen him play for the Baggies, Dawson right back....what the hell was all that about ?

Long just going through the motions, Lugano as slow as Brian out of the Magic Roundabout and sorry to say, Foster looked out of sorts.

Popov started well, got a great tackle in before doing a "Ridgwell" for the rest of the match then we had the crazy substitutions....how the hell can you take Yacob off and leave Gera on where anyone could see that Gera was really struggling.

My man of the match was not Berahino, I would have put Morrison as MOTM, he ran and ran....pity the rest of the team didn't have the same fight and hunger.

I can't go without saying one more thing and I know it will upset a few but you know me !

Supporters....where the hell were you ....12700 were there today....900 were Palace fans which means that there were only just under 12,000 Albion fans and with a fan base of 18,000 season ticket holders that means that over 6,000 season ticket holders couldn't give a stuff to turn up, no wonder the team performed like they did, apathy from the fans = apathy on the pitch.

If you so called "Fans" were there then perhaps a better atmosphere might have equaled to a better performance, OK the Smethwick end were drumming away but it was like a bloody echo around the ground....It was like going back to the Gould era.

I bet if we had won and drew Arsenal or man Utd next round you would have come crawling back with no excuses then.


Gabbys Elbow

DLT, there is no way that you can link the small attendance to that performance today....are you suggesting that if we had a full house then Gera would have managed to pass it to a blue and white shirt, and Long would have been more interested?

I agree with your summary of the match, but your way off the mark with your comments on the fans!

The Real Bully Hoo.


I'll take a leaf out of your book and say for once I agree with you. Where were those missing thousands. I also agree that a better atmosphere might have inspired a better performance.

Those that want a bigger ground imagine what the atmosphere would have been like in a 35 or 40,000 sradium

Well done to all the ones that could be bothered to turn up and Cyril I wouldn't like to be too near the drummer either but he did whip up what encouragement there was so well done to him as well.


Well dolalley, I was with you and nodding my head until you slammed the supporters who DIDN'T turn up. I wish I'd been one of them ! On the way out I saw MANY children with parents who probably can't manage season tickets normally. Those kids must have been shattered by that game. I tried to get a laugh out of the older ones by saying they must have been very naughty to be made to watch that. But seriously, what a difference it might have made if the prices had been £5 and £10 and a full house. As for 'The Drummer', thank the Lord he isn't in our stand. He should share a 10 ft by 10ft room with the nutty DJ equipped with 1000 watt amps and speakers.

Ronnie Allen

You are puddled.

Worcester Baggie

Not sure how many games you attend Cyril but makes no diffrence if there is 5,000 or 25,000 in the ground its still like being round the cemetary on a sunday morning.

Stearmans overhead kick

Gabbys Elbow Dunno if I could live my life walking around like a deck chair whatever division.

do lallytap

Gabby....where were those 6,000+ season ticket holders then ?

I agree with you Cyril ...they should have made it £10 adults and £1 kids...full house = better atmosphere and we just might, only might have got a better result.

I wasn't slamming those fans who turned up I was slamming those who didn't

Those who did turn up should have been given a medal on the way out !


Sense of humour > Adkins drifting > surely we wouldn't.

I like this Jake > Slomko, ''He has a good reputation as a tactician in Germany, and as a coach whose teams play on the front foot''.

Jake, I wonder what the more experienced players take is on a new man coming in. They aint stupid they know the difference between Faux leather and the real deal.

Could we do a tour of Europe with a German in command.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think today's game showed everybody what Chris Brunt brings to the team. Little created without him.

Ronnie Allen

And you are either completely drunk or stupid. I suspect both.

The comments on here are hard to believe. The Tap is the most sensible and I don't believe I am typing that.

Can't you idiots see that relegation is a real possibility? If Mackay pitches up then that will seal it.

What is the average age of the old boys network? 106?

PS - old posters who stopped posting because of these Balloons who dominate this site, get back on here and post a balanced view.


Watch out chaps, Private Alien is on the attack with his colossal brain and huge command of eloquent insults ! Compares somewhat to WW1 with flesh being used to combat bullets.

Understandable when one realises his pain after Friday night when HIS TEAM lost.....again !

CantelloRocket 78


until recently, 'Ronnie Allen' spent all his time on the wolves site, calling everybody 'chief', and saying he was 'off to eat a pie'-

he's now asking for old posters to return on here, and I recall one of them, 'Happy Baggie', saying he's not bothering these days because of the idiotic time wasters we now get pestering the site-

ironically, 'Ronnie' is the perfect piece of evidence.........

Ronnie Allen

Major your days as the big cheese on this site are over after your stupid comments on this particular thread. And you still think I am a Wolves fan.

Say something sensible about the situation the club is in, with no manager in place, the players we have, the confidence we do not have and who is likely to take the job.

And sorry, Jeremy Peace, it is about time you piped up and said what is going on, after removing Albion's most successful manager in Premier League history.

Ronnie Allen

And as for that Rocket chap. God help all Albion fans.

You really are King of all Balloons.

You respond to what I just asked the Major. All your readers are all now waiting for you to tell us all how we get out of this situation.

CantelloRocket 78


Funnily enough, I've seen you on the dark side joining in dingle-discussion and saying 'we'-

then you come on the Baggies site, claim you're an Albion fan, and also say 'we'-

is the question of who you support a little hard for you to work out?

Take your time now, I'm sure someone can help you out with it.....

The Real Bully Hoo.

Ronnie Allen.

I feel your hurt, losing to Gillingham must be especially hard to stomach and therefore I won't respond to your insults. Some people do feel the need to lash out when they're in mourning.

Ronnie Allen

Have you all thought about becoming the next dream Albion coaching team? Oh yes, of course you have, I read about it and the Major as the new manager I seem to recall.

The sad part about all of this for you numpties, is that all you throw back is we are better than Wolves. Whoopee doo you balloons. Leave your village and get a life.

How about this thinking - tiny stadium, can't fill it, no real wealth in the area, the likelihood of a tycoon buying the club is remote, no prospect of buying players that can really play, so what happens - we punch above our weight, get the highest finish ever in the Premier League, and then sack the bloke that did it for us, who had worked for the best managers in the land.

But don't worry, Wolves are worse off.

Remember when Eric Clapton was going to step in and buy the club in the 70's?? Do you know why he didn't?? Because he worked it out for himself, unlike the Balloon team that post on here.

I am waiting for your first Balloon posts when the new Manager is appointed.

If I were Peace I would sell and run.

Worcester Baggie

Rocket, he was referring to you and your circle.

The Real Bully Hoo.


If we were as sad as you try to make us out we'd be on the opposition site trying to provoke a reaction like you are. That is sad.

CantelloRocket 78


arrogant ranting of knowing for certain what OTHER people were thinking in the past, 'Mystic Meg' predictions of what'll happen in the future, liberally laced with nasty personal insults, whilst the childish time-wasting troll dances around it all-

and they tell US to get a life......lol!

Tell me, how many times have we seen it all before?

Boring beyond belief..........

Kev in Mallorca


You called?

Aussie Baggie

Another woeful performance! Why are the club so adamant about keeping Shane Long? His recent lack of effort gives the impression that he really doesn't want to be here!

Cash in on him and get a replacement asap - once we can find a suitable manager that is!

We Only Need One Half!

Well I am not going to attempt to say I am not disappointed to be out the Cup, looking at the team just before k.o. I thought K.D. was seriously going to give it ago, but, it was not to be. That said, I think the game can be filed with half a dozen others in the "how did we not win that" this season, not like we were played of the park, more a case of not taking our chances again.

Still, here's one non season ticket holder that will still turn up, no matter what, there are still some of us who know what being a supporter really means.

Couple of things, can someone explain how the game ended the way it did? and the Palace throw in? what next, two goes at a missed penalty?

Second point, all the wulfies on here, yes we have just gone out the Cup (although the record will show we still got further than you, yet again) we are manager less, we are having our worst results in 4 seasons, and consequently we are only mid table in the Prem rather than our usual top ten place, so, given all that, would you not still give your left gonad to swap places with us?

Come on, you know you would!

do lallytap

I am with you WONOH, when I saw that team I really thought we would give a go at it but typical of the Palace manager he came to put 11 behind the ball to try and catch us on the break and it worked.

I hated the way Stoke played under him and now it looks like I will have the same hatred with Palace.

That throw in, I couldn't believe it, any other time it would have been given to us because it WAS a foul throw.

Out of both cups, struggling in the prem and managerless....not looking good but at least we can take a little solace because we now know what it feels like to be a Dingle.

Jackett the Hat

Halfy old pal, c'mon...you know how it goes by now, you were bang first poster on Friday night , don't start playin the victim now you ain't had it your own way again pleeeeez. A man of your undoubted calibre would surely of heard the saying bout people who live in crystal palaces shouldn't throw stones....as for swapping places, personally you can keep the greed league with it's biased referees and plastic fans, many a young Ding will crave for the Prem, but I and many,many others are enjoying re-visiting old grounds we were at years ago and sharing many a cheap beer with some real salt of the earth supporters. You lot can keep pretending if you like, but most of our older fans just see you as a mirror image of your last manager...dour,uninspiring and just there to make up the numbers. You can keep the money, we'll keep the passion.

Happy new year.

CantelloRocket 78


it's funny, but when wolves sold Fletcher and Jarvis, you were over here puffing yer chest out, and bragging about how many millions you lot had - compared to the Baggies - so you could then buy new players to push you back up, presumably towards 'top flight glory'-

so with Morgan doing a good job of hiding that cash, and wolves now potentially facing a lengthy spell in the wilderness, you've completely changed your tune, and have us believe that kicking lumps out a dire pitch, in a dire game, on a winter's night in dismal Gillingham, is your idea of heaven.

I've often pointed out your constant hypocrisy-

some things never change, do they.........??

We Only Need One Half!

Alrite Jackett, who's playing the victim? is this because you never got a reaction to your "heartbreaking" comment above? (you ever heard the saying imitation is the sincerest form of flattery by the way?)

Couple of differences I should point out Jackett, whilst I actually watched that debacle passing it self of as a game Friday night, your situation truly is heartbreaking, as on the balance of probabilities, and your past history, you are now surely looking at the lottery of the play offs, at best.

While we got knocked out of a Cup yesterday, and yes its disappointing, its not the end of our season, we now have many games to secure our future at the top table for another year, and from that hopefully grow as a club some more, ever widening the chasm that exists between us year on year now.

I did point out only last week, if we can finish 4th from bottom you have to say the season is not a disaster for us, disappointing yes, disaster definitely not. whilst the minimum your club needs to achieve to 'guarantee' avoiding disaster is to finish in the top two (although I did have a wulfie fan try and convince me you only had to be better than 21 teams to 'guarantee' going up, and he had a maths degree, don't you know.)

I should point out that you wulfies have made our task a bit easier by selling your "star" player, that albatross called Fletcher to Sunderland, so thank you for that, who having ensued they were bottom at Xmas has virtually made sure one place as gone already, after all only one team in the history of the Premiership, despite many trying, has had the character, guile, and spirit to get themselves out of that situation, so with the Fletcher factor just as a added handicap, the odds are against them doing it I'm sure you would have to agree. Don't shed a tear for Fletch though, when the inevitable happens I'm sure he will do his usual rat leaving a sinking ship impression again, although he must be running out of managers not wise to him yet.

Some one mentioned about Tom Ross saying that if we are not going to compete in Cups whats the point, and it is a fair point. Yet you now honestly expect us to believe that you and your fellow Wolves fans do not want to compete in the League? preferring "re-visiting old grounds we were at years ago" well that must be progress Wolverhampton style, I suppose, or is this the ultimate in playing the victim as you call it (I think the lady doth protest to much) Interestingly for a team that built a new stand there never going to fill you like old grounds so much, is it because you still hanker after the bankrupt, dilapidated, and tumble down stadium you had back in the 80's.

The last point about us being a mirror image of our last manager, "dour,uninspiring and just there to make up the numbers" do you mean our most successful Prem manager ever? who achieved more in one season in charge of a Prem club than Wolves have managed in four, three top half finishes on the spin would suggest we are not there just to make up the numbers. If I was you I would be more concerned with who will be your manager next month, after all, K.J.s had the usual 6 month tenancy down at the Mol.

Still like Jack often says, gorra laff a ya.

p.s. when you've wiped the tears away, if you would like to lob off the gonad I mentioned earlier I have a old rusty meat cleaver in the mol, I mean shed, you can borrow, its a bit edgy and dull (like your average wulfie) but your welcome to borrow it, any time.

The Real Bully Hoo.


That was some effort. I have to admit I was only half way through when I actually started feeling sorry for Jackett and by the end I was in tears as I imagined his little face.

I hereby give notice that I'm starting a registered charity The RSPJA.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Jacket the Hat.

Anybody with anything to contribute to this very worthwhile cause please let me know.

Jackett the Hat

Halfy...Thanks for that son, a good effort, not many facts but who cares. (I do know how you like a good fact ) I have some small observations though.

Firstly, are you a Siamese twin or do you just strap the Rocket to your back, you're more than capable of your own witty replies !

Secondly, I've read this morning in some unreliable transfer goss, that you may be in the race for a certain Mr Fletcher, now wouldn't that be a turn up for the books ?

Thirdly, I've seen loadsa posts on here bemoaning this so-called Premier league promised land , been there, done that. You can sugar coat it all you like but as your own fans point out, other than money, what's the point...survival ???

Last thing, can you type out the Mickey Mouse song again please, I could do with learning it so I can sing it when we play you next season. (Seriously, why did you do that ?)

P.S . I won't need that meat cleaver, you need a fully functioning under-carriage when you follow the Wolves, we've dropped enough b######s.

CantelloRocket 78


maybe someone can inform you that this is a public forum - yeah, really - so it's open for anyone to respond, would you believe?

Yet again, after I hit you with the truth, the same old, same old- you either fail to respond to me, or you side-step the issue.Maybe you can go back to one of your 'other usernames' - like that Crainie guy who scored against the Baggies at the time of the Falklands war? - and have one of those 'sulky strops' of yours about Albion, whilst Wolves fans are discussing other issues?

By the way, I've also lost count how many times in the past you've been over here to tell us you're not interested in the Baggies.

Quite pitiful.....

We Only Need One Half!

Jackett, I was going to come on and give you a round of flux in reply, but when I read your p.s. I just couldn't bring myself to do it, you've got enough troubles as it is.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You've missed his best name, the classic "We've Got Solbakken The Club."

Oops no we haven't.


Another Baggies disaster against undoubted inferior opposition - and what a poor gate!

We Only Need One Half!

It was a poor gate, but could have been worse, one local team had their worst Cup attendance since 1894 this season, just think, Victoria was still Queen!

Can you imagine that?

do lallytap

It may have been a poor gate Robert but it was nearly 3 times larger than the Wolves gate for their FA Cup match.


The Real Bully Hoo.

First of all it was a dire performance.

Having said that you can go down one of two routes, you either look for scapegoats or you look for reasons. When I was a callow youth I'd do the former as it requires less effort and much less brain power, perhaps I was a bit lazy as well.

Keith Downing has done a good job steadying the ship and he's done it by rotating the squad and many of us have congratulated him on this so what happened yesterday.

I think he would have rested GM as well but Reid and Jones both being injured forced him to play Dawson at RB. This meant that as well as having no winger we had no effective overlapping from the fullback.

Ridgewell has played 5 games in 15 days and was overdue a break and though Popov has many qualities I love he's not consistent enough at this level and needs replacing. We had no natural width on the left.

Apart from when they were wrong footed for the goal The CH's were never troubled.

Brunt was also in need of a break and his incisive passing was so obviously missed even a moron should have been able to see it.

Yacob had an excellent game, Berahino and Morrison worked like Trojans and Vydra looked dangerous despite regularly being Pulised by their defenders. Scott Sinclair seems to have totally lost his way but perhaps a new manager might change that.

So there it is and I'm not making a criticism of KD in saying that if he doesn't want the job the ship desperately needs a new rudder.as we looked directionless. This often happens when clubs are between managers, the players seem to respond by losing direction as well.

CantelloRocket 78


I guess the reason some of us still use this site is to look for genuinely interesting posts and mature, intelligent discussion, so it's good to see your comments here-

everyone can express an opinion if they wish, but some are thought-provoking, and some are - in truth - just childish silly attempts at troublemaking.

As for 'getting things right', it's worth pointing out that Managers and Head Coaches have usually spent their entire adult life involved in professional football, yet on average most get sacked after little more than a year in the job, and I recall one 'pundit' - Alan Shearer - had a crack at the Newcastle job, and didn't they lose every game he was in charge of?

So I said last week that KD looked reluctant to take the Baggies job because he knows that as soon as you lose a game or two, you get heavily criticised and face personal abuse.

Whoever does get 'the gig', good luck to him-

I'm sure he'll need it..........


do lallytap - have you reported that bang to your head, what's up.

Tony Pulis does a job, is he a Premiership Manager.

Who remembers that all time game > 1970 World Cup Final > The all out attacking Brazilian's against the defensively minded Italian's.

For want of a better expression, it is all about 'PITTING ONES WITS', isn't this what Tony Pulis does.

We are looking for a manager/coach who can pit his wits against all comers, we thought we had one.

I forgot the good morning ;-))


Me and my wife are season ticket holders and just like any other season ticket holder we both pay the extra £15 each to come and cheer our team on in the cup games. What did we get in return....a very dismal....poor....boring performance!

I've been suffering from Flu the last few days but I still made an effort to come and cheer the lads on in the cold and rain, I should have just stayed in bed!

Is Foster fit to play yet......I dont think he is.


We have let your pain and wounds heal a little Bertie Worcester, but once they are, YOU are for it !

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