Should Nicolas Anelka and Saido Berahino be West Brom’s first-choice striker partnership? - Big Debate

Both Nicolas Anelka and Saido Berahino scored for West Brom yesterday and Berahino nearly clinched the winner when his free-kick hit the upright.

Nicolas Anelka during today's game against West Ham
Nicolas Anelka of West Bromwich Albion

Should Anelka and Berahino now be Albion’s first-choice striker partnership?

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do lallytap

Berahino MUST start every game, as for Anelka....NO, certainly NOT....I remember his other games where he has been dire, I remember him going AWOL for 2 weeks....I remember his salute....I will also remember his 5 or 6 match ban which is coming up.

My dog could have scored those 2 goals yesterday...where was he second half ?

Who should go with Berahino....anyone...even Rosenberg (I know, I know) but NOT Anelka


Dog could have scored?

CantelloRocket 78


if you watch a replay of Anelka's first, the ball's played to him about 20 YARDS from goal - with West Ham defenders either side - he then slices through 'em, approaches the 'keeper, and calmly places the ball past the guy-

this is what people with great natural ability DO in any sport - they MAKE it look effortless and easy, and some of the greatest strikers in the game have had this ability-

it just requires an appreciation of the finer skills........

The Real Bully Hoo.

There's none so blind as them that won't see.


Cantello, thats the point I was trying to make, if you look again it was followed by a question mark

CantelloRocket 78


I was agreeing with your view mate, I just 'expanded it' with a general opinion for the overall discussion - sorry if it came across a bit confused, that's the problem trying to communicate when you don't have a direct chat face to face with others......

Jack the Hat


Can't you just tell those who have never payed football at any level, nobody who has would talk like that mate.


Jack the Hat


When I said those it didn't include you as I was referring to a post on another string. Just to put the book straight mate.


Jack the Hat

do tap,

I agree Nico shouldn't start every match, but not for the crap you are on about. Anybody can pick all the low points. He has been dire owing to match ring rust, okay he was absent for two weeks. He had good reason, his best buddy had died and the club were forgiving. Five or six match ban!, pure assumption.

I think Nico can do a Ronnie Allen type role, feeding strikers and nipping through himself. I would sign him up for another season on reduced earnings in that case.



Nicolas your playing for albion again are over,long ban will see you finished now,what a plonker,why salute like that with sky tv viewers watching the game,why salute at all,you have messed up big time.brianbaggie.


No, Anelka's performances in earlier games were poor and he tired early in the second half yesterday. We should continue to rotate, and give Vydra a few more starts, or use him on 60 minutes to introduce some pace. Sessignon will come good again.

I might be alone on this, but I like the 5 at the back


Right so you don't support the team then just individuals

What ban is that anyway?

Innocent till guilty!!

CantelloRocket 78


'support the team' - well said, now there's an interesting idea.....;-)

Seriously, I'm a football fan and a music fan, so that's what I appreciate, the level of skill people have in these areas-

the other day, I was listening to Phil Spector's Christmas album, a superb creation, but the guy himself has a very troubled private life - likewise, some footballers have great skill, but do other things in their life they might live to regret, we're all ultimately responsible for what we say, and what we do.

Back to the Baggies, and we've got 20-odd players in our squad, their efforts between now and May will decide our outcome, so we need to stick together and give them as much support as we can - Keith Downing will want unity and a positive attitude within the squad, so we should follow that example as 'supporters' of this football club that we all have in common-

we can see faults and shortcomings, but if you focus on that stuff, it drags you down - instead, do what Roy Hodgson told us to do - get rid of the negative vibes, and look upwards...........


It should be Berahino and A N Other,his nickname in the squad is Defoe.First time yesterday he played in his proper position as a striker.Well done Keith Downing and for his use of the squad,how about giving him a chance perhaps bringing Michael Appleton back to work with him


OMG do lally, there taking contact out of the game now players will not be able to celebrate goal scoring without offending somebody, i think in this country we need to get a grip and grow a pair, the game (country) is going to the dogs.......................

Boing Boing


According to Sam Allardyce West Ham had to play without any of their usual central defenders,which gave our attack more

opportunities,of which we took 3.We on the other hand had the service of all our established defenders and we also let in 3.

So in my humble opinion the debate should not be about our attack but our defence and how we are going to strengthen

it in the January transfer window.


Keith, established hmmmm no LUGANO, who in my opinion was at fault (again) for 2 of there goals........................................



Not posted for a while, but have to say a firm NO, I reckon the Gera and Vydra partnership could yield results also.

Not forgetting that Shane still has an effect on hounding defenders also

If it wasn't for Kieth being brave, we may not have witnessed these new opportunities

If you want to have a debate E&S, ask this

"Should we (at the very least), keep KD in charge until the end of the season, "


Anelka > my thoughts > Downing or whoever can surely use the likes of GERA, REID, LUGANU AND ANELKA to their benefit, I see them as steady the ship quality players. Whether they should make the starting eleven is debatable, certainly, use them, should the game dictate their need.

It go's without saying Berahino is a bit special, I say play him and from the little I have seen I would pair him with Vydra.

The players are showing a different approach/attitude to their game under Downing, consequently who knows how Anichebe, Long or Vydra will perform ?

Open mind

Danish Baggie

What is the chance, if this comedian, who's in realy hot Water in france over this gesture, is Anelkas best friend, that Anelka knows zip about the meaning of it ? So much for best friends. I think he knows exactly what he did.


i believe that saido berahino and matej vydra are the best 2 goal scoring strikers on the albion playing staff this season. however it is imperative that in a 3-6-1 formation one of the other attacking options in a 6 man midfield, which includes 2 wing backs is either zoltan or nicolas(but not both)to supply the guile and defence spltting passes for both berahino up front and vydra behind or vice versa.however at present it is not possible to play both vydra and berahino because of9 the weakness at left back(so the only position to strengthen in january is a quick tacklig left wing back. so i believe the best 3-6-1 selection from the season so far would be 1

1 ben foster

2 billy jones right wing back

3 new signing in january transfer window left wing back

4 craig dawson right central defence

5 gareth mcauley centre central defence

6 jonas olsen captain and left sided central defence

7 youssouf mulumbu central midfield ball winner

8 claudio yakob centralmidfield ball winner

9 either zoltan gera or/ nicolas anelka guile and silky midfielder to deliver silky passes for 10mv and11sb

matej vydra

11saido berahino- these latter 2 strikers have the pace cleverness and trickery to inter change 1 behind the other

unforunatly that i believe edges bruntie and morrison out of 6 man midfield as this gives us better striking options. however we need a better attacking quick tackling left wing back to play these 11 players. this means only a place on the bench for previously baggies stalwarts bruntie and morrison come on you baggies and keith downing or/ an other. boing boing.


JS1954 again a very good post and I have to agree with your thoughts.

I can't understand some of the comments against Anelka, I said a long time ago that he slows up play but that is to allow integers time and he plays very sensible passes and doesn't waste much, but he doesn't run around chasing the ball but uses it.

CantelloRocket 78


when I saw the 'debate' question, I immediately thought two things-

1) we often play with one guy up front, and

2) When we do play with two - and up to seven strikers in the squad - you surely pick the best partnership at any given time, horses for courses and all that??

As for Anelka's contribution on the pitch, personally I'm just trying to weigh up the situation-

in truth, if he was younger and at his peak, he'd be way out of our reach, we just wouldn't be able to afford or attract him-

as it is, he's 34 years old, and being quite tall with a slightly 'gangly' style, he's got his own 'slower' type of movement - we have Long, Vydra and Berahino to supply the pace up front.

In total, Nic has played the equivalent of just over 6 full games this season, now with 2 goals, plus 7 in pre-season matches, not Ronaldo standards, but not bad enough to absolutely hammer the guy.

We can give opposition players a bit of stick during the season, but just how much do we have to attack the one's wearing our own shirts........???

Jack the Hat

We have so many striker choices / Partnerships, is it not best to rotate and keep them in a fresh state and raring to go. Just a thought.

Still say the amount of Premiership substitutions should be increased to five, to keep the overall game lively to the end.