Did West Brom make a mistake sacking Steve Clarke? - Big Debate

With a busy festive period ahead, did Albion make a mistake by sacking Steve Clarke just a week before the start of the Christmas programme?

Steve Clarke during the defeat to Cardiff
Steve Clarke

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Yes thay have i think he was the best manager we have had at the club in years. Peace needs to get in talks with Steve Clarke and see if he will come back to us, if we don,t i car,t see WBA staying up.


You are as clueless as the bloke we have just sacked.

Bloxwich Baggie

WHB you are spot on,are you not? Clarke should have been sacked for signing Anelka, should he not?


The big mistake wasn't the fact of sacking him it was when it was done. He should have gone straight after the 5-5 draw with Man U. New man in during the summer transfer window, new set of players that the new man wanted. Now it smacks of panic. Whoever gets the job will be stuck with Clarke's squad. What should have been a simple professional decision is now a very difficult situation. One that the club must get right otherwise who knows what will happen

Jack the Hat

Not on his current form, I wish he had turned it around, he had plenty of time to do so. All the best to him, he will be back.




CantelloRocket 78


So then, Brainbox-

explain to us all how Anelka can score if he's not playing...???

( Opinions and debate are fine, but this total trash should never even reach the site, my 8 year old Niece has more intelligence than some of these eejitts....... )


Rocket, your 8 year old niece would be hard pushed to have less !

The Real Bully Hoo.

Rocket and Cyril.

No doubt 8 year old niece would know how the CAPS LOCK key works as well.

Danish Baggie

Only one prober aswer to a rather supid qustion: We will never know.

If we go down, who says we wouldent have if he'd stayed.

If we finish midtable without too many poblems, who says we wouldent have if he'd stayed.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You've got it in a nutshell there. Nobody can say what would have happened so let's leave it at that.

We can all spout off our thoughts because if we get it wrong nobody will remember it. Unfortunately JP doesn't have that luxury because if he gets it wrong it's there for all to see.

Good post mate have a great Christmas.


Absolutely not. He'd lost his way and had to go. He simply wasn't get the best out of the players at his disposal. Sad, but reality. Now can we all get over it please as he's not coming back. Once a new man comes in and freshens everything up then I'm sure we'll see things start to improve.

Bloxwich Baggie

They made a mistake employing him in the first place, if we go for the cheap option again it will backfire and we shall go down will we not? you have got to speculate to accumulate Mr Peace, have you not?


BBB (the extra 'B' is for BONKERS). Never tire, do you not, showing what a pratt, do you not, ????????

CantelloRocket 78


probably since the 1980s, we have generations of kids sitting in front of a computer screen, day and night, living in an artificial world, often challenging each other, and exchanging insults-

as for 'trolls' like Bloxwich wolfboy, they tend to be badly educated, socially inadequate, and because they have miserable lives, they get their 'kicks' by trying to upset other people, a twisted, perverted mentality-

seriously, if these individuals had to suddenly meet the rest of us face to face, they'd wet their pants.

Sad doesn't come close.


True enough Rocket, but it is also a fact that roughly 1% of the population are mentally ill or unstable. Not too much can be done there.

Probably better he gets his rubbish out of his system on here than against others who may not be able to cope. What is extremely sad is he has a reasonable command of English so is of some intelligence. What is more than irritating is the Mods do nowt, unless they feel he IS safer on here.

CantelloRocket 78


without exaggeration, this 'person' used 50-60 different names before the new system was introduced, several more in recent weeks - meaning he must keep creating new, genuine e-mail addresses with further names - and he's posted several times EVERY SINGLE DAY on the Baggies site for the best part of 18 months - maybe around 1,500 posts in total?

Despite being a Wolves fan, he's also posted on their site as 'ForeverWBA', etc., trying to fool his OWN fans into believing he's an Albion fan praising them and criticising us!!

All I know is, his actions are those of someone with a severe obsession, delusion, and without doubt in need of psychiatric help - the brain can work normally in certain areas, but abnormally in others-

he's probably reading this, then giggling and talking to himself.....

Bloxwich Baggie

Cyril may i remind you im am entitled to an opion just as much as you or anyone else,am i not?

Woodman Corner Jake

In my opinion it was premature and a knee-jerk reaction. He should have been given more time.

Let's not forget we have been 'robbed' of potentially 5 points from appalling refereeing decisions (Southampton, Stoke, Chelsea) and arguably a further 3 points from wonder goals scored by Newcastle and the Villa. These 8 points would make all the difference between a good season so far and a poor one. No coach in the world could have could have made any difference to these results.

The team are clearly lacking confidence which is impacting form - but just imagine if the above games had turned-out differently, confidence would have been enhanced not dented.

Perhaps it was the correct decision last time with Hodgson available when Di Matteo was sacked, but I don't see a Hodgson being available this time around.

Looking at the bookies favourites, none of the front-runners inspire confidence and have little if any experience at the top level. It's all very well having confidence in Peace, given his track-record, but he no longer has Ashworth's counsel.

Maybe, the decision to sack SC will come back to haunt us (just see what happened to the Dingles when they dumped McCarthy). I really hope we don't live to regret it.

As for SC we can only wish him all the best for the future and to thank him for all he did for us (if someone had told me a few years ago we would finish 8th in the Premier League I would have suggested they put more tonic in whatever they'd be in drinking)! He's a good man who always handled every situation with the highest standards of professionalism.



It's a NO from me, the word 'enthusiasm' springs to mind, he interviewed showing no enthusiasm, the players require enthusiasm.

His tactics proved to be to SAFE, this was obvious IMO.

Who remembers this comment from our Woy, as close as i can remember > 'i choose to adapt a system that befits the players i have at my disposal' was that system 4 2 3 1 and hit the opposition on the break. I/we could actually see this formation working, the players showed a discipline.

SC with new blood, had'nt moved on, in fact at times we appeared more safety conscious than R Hodgsons team.

SC wanted new blood, he got them and told us he was impressed, added to this is our young England starlight.

When appointed and those first 13 performances, i thought this is it we have some one a bit special here, the follow on proved to be a slow hurting demise.

Not this time Steve, i hope you prove me wrong in your next appointment.

Woodman Corner Jake

Just looking at the odds on the next coach....what about a punt on Pepe Mel with Michael Appleton as no. 2?

Peace must have had someone lined-up before dismissing SC. Mel was sacked by Real Betis earlier this month but has a good reputation as a coach in Spain where his teams play attractive football. Appleton is highly rated in the Baggies' boardroom and knows the club and it's approach inside-out!

Both are available.

Arguably a better option than many of the other names being bandied about.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Excellent post earlier BTW, like many others on here today well worth the read.

I like this idea perhaps you should give JP a ring and suggest it. Mr Mel would bring in some new ideas but has no Pl experience, Appy would give him this and he's no soft touch so he would bring a bit more discipline as well.

I don't know who our current fitness coach is but I think this squad is the least fit set of Albion players I've seen since before Gary Megson took over.


Those of you who went or watched in the pub yesterday. Steve's system was there to see 1st half. 2nd half Downing had had something to say. It showed. On the bright side, present a chance to Berahino or Vydra and they can't resist having a pop at goal THAT could be just what we need.


In my opinion yes,we were hasty to sack Clarke.You can practice and preach and train till the cows come home but its all down to what you do on the pitch,on the day that counts.Downing said it himself,the players owe Clarke as they all had a part to play in his ultimate demise.Talk seems to be surfacing about Garlick too as some of the recent buys were on his information and assessment.

Also,so we are told,the sacking of Clarke was a bit knee-jerk by Peace who apparently normally has an alternative before he acts.

God only knows where this is all going to end but our season of making ourselves a top end of the table side seems to have gone

seriously belly up.I can sense an even bigger broom coming into action at the end of this season.


I supported Clarke, and really hoped he could get a winning team together. The start of the season was disappointing to say the least. Then we had a nice run against the top teams picking up points, which as we know, if the refereeing had been up to scratch, we would be about 10 points better off. The referees in this league ( the greatest in the World so we are told) need to take responsibility for their decisions, because no doubt SC would still have his job and we would be in the top half. OK, after that purple patch it all went west, with at times, some unusual selections and late substitutions by SC. At times it looked a bit "panicky", such as the Norwich game, where we had to chase, and the formation went to 5-5, and other times too cautious at the start of matches, where we should have attacked from the off. This we showed in the first half against Villa, ripping them apart. So, the last four/five games we have been very poor, was this SC fault or the players? We don't know. I heard via West Bromwich Dartmouth CC, that the Anelka signing was down to Garlick, and that Anelka & Anichebe have split the dressing room because of the money they are being payed. Did SC want these players? SC has gone, I would like to think that JP has got two or three in mind, and hopefully not some of the dross that has been mentioned ie Holloway, McClaren, Mackay etc etc. I could go on forever, which is about how long I'll support the Baggies whatever happens. BOING BOING

Jack the Hat

From the dark side,.........Question: Should Super Kev join their outfit?.


I am a BAGGY and believe it would spoil his illustrious career if he lowered himself to play in Divi 3.


Natural ability cannot be taught, it can only be admired during a match and in pre-match shooting practice, like us BAGGIES used to.



just seven league wins in the whole of 2013 year i do not call that a mistake but hurry up and appoint ole gunnar solskjaer before we drop into the bottom 3 this xmas and i say to all bloggers of the baggies a happy xmas and lets hope for a better happy new year because he will have to be a miracle worker to keep this squad in the premier league with all the damage that the club did in the last few days of the august transfer window


I think you're spot on with this post and I'm with you 100% on OGS too. For me he's the only outstanding candidate tbh. Happy Christmas

boy from the REAL black country

Most definitely. And it will probably end in relegation as we appear to have had no one in mind to replace him. If only TWO of all those poor decisions had gone our way we would've been riding high in the table and confidence flowing through the team. Steve Clarke would not have been sacked then - harsh to say the least. All those bleating on about results over the calendar year.... we were unbeaten in June and July, The SEASON starts in AUGUST and ends in May!! If goals change games, then surely results change seasons? If last season was in reverse and we had stated with 5-5 Man Utd game and ended with that great run everyone would be raving about what a great job he had done! Madness!


boy from the REAL black country

My reply is in peace, time of the year, know what i mean ;-))

I find myself guilty at times where by i tend to forget that 'two' teams are on the field of play, this of cause has a little bit to do with our present plight ;-)).

The table at the end of the season (statistics) accounts for all 'why's, if's and but's', there is no get out clause.

People will argue the calender year verses season scenario but they can't deny what has gone 'before'.

Nation wide, non Liverpool fans were having a laugh at their poor start to last season, we were on the up they were failing miserably, i followed a couple of their sites. They were'nt a happy bunch and sounded out their dismay, noticeably, with a lack of 'why's, if's and but's'.

History is history, what is hindsight.


Mate I admire your loyalty but yesterday the team that Clarke built had less shape than Vanessa Feltz! Were u there? I'm afraid we are in for one check of a rollercoaster ride now but we have seen it all before...as the Stranglers sang... SOMETHIN BETTER CHANGE!


priorybaggie > Fair play to you and i take in what you say, and no i was'nt there.

By the way that is a question i have never asked and i will never ask for reasons of no one Else's concern.

Put me in front of a screen, no sound, and i will deliver a more accurate overview of the game than if i was present 'behind' one of the goals, half way line viewer here and always have been.

Oh and the Stranglers, i love em, got most of their stuff, clever band.

Have a good one

The Real Bully Hoo.

Two very good posts to start with and BTW weren't a lot of Liverpool fans screaming for Rodgers to be sacked? 'Wrong appointment, not enough experience' etc. It's all gone quite at Anfield now except for Scousers saying, 'I always had faith in him.'

The Real Bully Hoo.

Oops, quiet close but no coconut.

Stourbridge Baggy

Good news Bloxwich Baggy . Hope Powell has turned down the chance to become West Broms new manager . Apparently she's going down the custard bowl to play for the dingles . I hear they need a good striker DO THEY NOT !

Bloxwich Baggie

SB cannot see why they need a striker 2nd in the league,are they not? and looking good for promotion,are they not? i actualy miss playing them we need them in our league,do we not,and it looks like we will be playing them next season,does it not?

CantelloRocket 78

As for 'the great Managerial race'-

I heard it said earlier on Sky's Sunday Football that Malky MacKay has spoken to Cardiff's owner, and will now be staying at the club-

meanwhile, the Bookies odds show - Solskjaer still favourite, but 'flying' in at a very close second favourite-

Pepe Mel.


Former Real Betis Manager, who took the club back to the Spanish top flight, but was sacked after a poor run of eight games without a win this year.

So the question - why is he suddenly very hotly linked to the Baggies.......???

The Real Bully Hoo.


Perhaps we should bring our ex-player Kim Do Heon back as his assistant manager. I'll leave you to work out why.


It was the right decision to sack Steve, and it was the right time to do it. It was this time last year that the wheels fell off and he couldn't do anything about it, I take into account the Odemwingie situation, but i think a stronger Manager would have handled it better than Steve did. The difference this time is that we don't have the points in the bag that we had then, Whoever the new Manager is, at least he will have a chance to keep us up because our position is not desperate yet, because make no mistake, we would have gone down for sure with Steve. I know it's a cliche but He seemed to have lost the dressing room. I also don't buy all this talk of this being the strongest squad we've ever had, there seems to be a lot of players in this squad that are surplus to requirements, and the boost that the new players brought with them seems to have faded away. Peace has a very big decision to make, and if He gets it right we stay up, if He gets it wrong we go down.


he should have gone after the villa match as he showed that he was clueless as to how to react when they made the triple subs which was when the villa wrestled control of the game from us.and since then the level of performance under him until he was sacked was DIRE

Glos Baggie

Definitely NOT. The man had NO Plan A, B or C!! Tactically naive and inept. I don't buy into the theory or fallasy that he needed more time. How much time does one give him. He had long enough to destroy us with the style of play dished up, signings andformations. The stats say it all.

Gloucester Baggie

We Only Need One Half!

Seems to me there is a simple answer. Given we are on a bad run, and it is a bad run, we are currently looking at 37 points over the season, which despite S,C,s detractors claims to the contrary is enough to keep us up, as it has been for the past two seasons. So, for arguments sake, S.C. would have kept us up, even IF we continued on this dire run.

Now, the new manager comes in with half a season left, and arguably the best squad we have had in a generation at his disposal.

So, once he has kept us up, next season, with having had the advantage over S.C. of half this season to work with the players and getting to know them etc, anything less than a 7th place and/or 50 points will prove to the S.C. detractors it was wrong to sack S.C., anything more and they will be proved right.

Quite simple really, but I know which way I think it will go.


Saturdays shambolic display showed exactly where Mr Clarke has left us , up to our necks in the brown sticky stuff and with little chance of getting out of it.

Do not take up being a ' Dog ' because you will spend most of the time 'barking up the wrong tree '.

Sorry in advance for being so harsh but frankly your stance on the Clarke situation leaves me scratching my head where it don't itch.

We Only Need One Half!

Mornin Max, I am struggling to see how S.C. can be held accountable for Saturdays display?

We have to face facts, its the players on the pitch that aren't doing it, did Downing (or S.C.) make players like Sess, Long, and Anchiebe miss sitters in recent games? no, did Downing (or S.C.) conspire to make us so easy to hit on the break? no, how can you hold Downing (or S.C.) accountable for the woeful passing that has seeped into the team of late, or the fact we cant get a cross in from a corner that looks like it will remotely trouble the opposing keeper?

I know your knowledgeable guy mate, and I know where your heart lies, unlike some mischief makers who just want to turn the knife, but I don't think we will ever see this the same way any time soon.



You are right about us not agreeing on this matter mate , he has gone and we need to look forward not back . The new guy has got one hell of a job on his hands.

Have a great Xmas and New Year , hope to see ya soon .

We Only Need One Half!

You to buddy.


Max and Wonoh. I simply have to join in this one. I have always thought a team reflects its manager in the way it plays, so indirectly yes, the misses, poor centres, sloppy passing are HIS fault, because he shouldn't stand for such poor quality and poor professionalism. If we were talking ONE match, then OK, but we are not. This backwards, sideways, slow motion, indecision has been all too apparent all too often for my taste. Some of the substitutions have been laughable if we could only see the funny side. How in the name of all that is mighty can bringing someone on in the 90th minute when you are LOSING give the sub the slightest chance ? Yes, make subs that late when you are 1-0 up and the game needs to fade away. We've all blamed Andre Marriner for that penalty. I also blamed sub Popov when he kept the game throbbing by 'having a go' at Chelsea. His instructions should have been to take the ball to the corner flag and sit on it if necessary. This debate will only die away if a new man keeps us up and makes progress. But I had decided that I'd complete 70 years and call it a day. Now, I'm open to persuasion for next season.


Good Morning Cyril ,

I have to say mate that if we go down then i am finished , the thought of the Championship fills me with dread , factor in the financial considerations and that i feel very little connection with the Club or its players , that has been an ongoing feeling for sometime and not a knee jerk reaction to this seasons abysmal offerings.

Persuasion you ask for , well i am open to offers mate but it is going to take one hell of a ' Silver tongued lothario ' to turn this one round.

Stay well and have a Peaceful Xmas and New year .

We Only Need One Half!

So your doing a Fergie are you Cyril regarding retirement? fair play.

I accept some of his substitutions and timing of them could be questioned. But your highlighting situations such as the one at Chelsea and Popov as if its written in stone, that S.C. 'instructed' Popov to keep the ball "throbbing" come on, realistically, how likely do you think that situation is?

That's my whole point, put yourself in S.C. position, you can give all the instructions you like before k.o. and at half time, what you cant do is force the players to carry them out once they are on the pitch.

I notice you've made no mention of the woeful passing of late and the ineffective crosses, or do you believe the guy sat in the dugout has control over that too?

I liken it to this Cyril, your parents bought you up as best they could, taught you right from wrong, and how to act appropriately, but did this prevent you ever getting into trouble at school? or transgressing the law by doing the odd bit of scrumping? no course not (well not if your human anyway) does that mean you had bad parents? of course it doesn't, you just have to accept no matter how we try, and despite our best efforts, occasionally people will just totally ignore you and do the total opposite.

The Real Bully Hoo.


In the words of Big Joe Williams, 'Please Don't Go.'

We definitely need the glass half fullers, the rose tinted brigade, the chanters, the enthusiasts call them what you want.

To a certain extent I suppose we need the doom and gloom merchants in much the way nature needs vultures and dung beetles.

But we certainly can't afford to lose any level headed, straight talking, common sense merchants. You most definitely fall into the last category so don't even think of hanging up your blue and white blanket and tartan flask.


I would like to offer an apology to all vultures and dung beetles. No offence meant.




Cyril and WHB. I always enjoy your posts, probably because they're always from the heart and to me anyway, always make a lot of sense. I understand your frustrations and agree that the club is in a bad place and needs a very good, enthusiastic new man to turn it around. Mainly wanted to just wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



A Very Happy Xmas and Prosperous New Year to you as well mate.

Bloxwich Baggie

WHB will you be back when we get promoted? like the 10,000 hangers on we have now,will you not?


Wonoh, I have gone on and on and on about woeful passing, terrible centres, backwards, sideways, ineffective football, in fact the folks who sit around me have to put up with it too often. Of all; this though, the factor that bothers me most is that the confidence has gone and we ceased to be a team. I genuinely feel sorry for Steve Clarke, I really do. But my club is in danger of fading away and also my enthusiasm.

It's a cut-throat business, action was needed and taken. Steve's ego suffered but on the plus side, he's still getting paid to ease the pain.

He won't be out of work long as a No.2.


Yes you have dropped an almighty clanger and relegation is the only solution. Never mind though the black country derby will be back on the fixture list next season. COME ON WOLVES.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Sorry we can't make that fixture because although your lot have done the double drop twice nobody has yet managed to drop two divisions in one season.