Scott Sinclair is aiming for fresh start at West Brom

Scott Sinclair has his eyes fixed on a re-launch of his Albion career over the Christmas season in his bid to secure a Hawthorns future.

Scott Sinclair
Scott Sinclair is likely to be on the move in the summer

The 24-year-old has been sidelined for two months since limping out of Albion’s best moment of the season so far, the defeat of Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Sinclair’s position is further complicated by the fact that he is already approaching the halfway mark of an initial one-season loan from Manchester City – with the clubs set to decide on a permanent transfer next summer.

He knows the pressure will be on in 2014 to clinch that deal but is focused solely on a successful comeback after his injury trouble.

“I've been out for two months,” says the winger. “I had a very bad pull which I did at Manchester United but I've been getting back to 100 per cent. Hopefully I can be right for the weekend.

“It was frustrating. I got my match fitness up playing a few games and I thought ‘I'm back to my normal self’.

“After playing 120 minutes in the Arsenal game and then before the Sunderland game I then went into the United game and pulled up after 10 minutes. It was one of those frustrating things. But you know you have to come back stronger.

“But I'm looking forward to playing against Cardiff. I haven't thought about my future. The only thing I'm concentrating on is playing for Albion. I have a lot of catching up to do. I need to hit the ground running. Hopefully now I can crack on and build on from there.”

Sinclair comes back into the reckoning at a time when head coach Steve Clarke is searching for the winning formula after three successive defeats and a general down-turn of one win in nine.

Like Sinclair, it has put Clarke under pressure but the winger offers a measured view of the challenge ahead to move Albion’s season away from the buffers.

“You never know who will beat who in this division - it's very competitive,” he says.

“I'm sure the team and the form will pick up. We have a good manager, who is trusted. We need to kick on. I think every manager is under pressure.

“It's about getting results but you cannot all do that. We're confident in the team we've got to keep picking up points.”

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Comments for: "Scott Sinclair is aiming for fresh start at West Brom"


It ain't only you who needs to buck there ideas up mate it's all the team. I personally kind off like what sc has done for us but too have 27 shots and not score ain't sc fault it's the strikers and they need to have a good look at them selves but ultimately the blame lies with sc. yes he does make some strange decisions but at least we try to beat a team rather than try too defend a 0-0 and nick a goal which rarely comes off

The Real Bully Hoo.

How's things BhB? Hope you're well.

I hope Sinclair is properly fit because we don't have another similar player to him and he gives us a balance. I said the other day that I think SC needs to get the scrappers in for this game. Cardiff have been struggling and will see us as a winnable game and hit us with the kitchen sink. Good that Olsson is back as he's always a major miss


Hello friend

I'm fine thank you mate and hope you are too??? I too hope Scott is fit as we need him to start showing what he can do cause I actually thought he would be a really good signing but as off yet for what ever reason ain't really showed this. I like a winger to get at his defender take him on but can't bring to mind him actually doin that. He has the potential to be the new odemwhatshisname he has pace and trickery and scored goals for Swansea so tell him to make the space and try his luck. He can't do no worse than Saturdays lot can he. I'd like to think there all goin to scrap for there live did only put mullumbu yacob and the defenders into that category my midfield woul be left to right Sinclair yacob berahino ( as your second striker as such) mullumbu amilfatino. Long up front. You could put sess into a few positions mentioned but personally I think he has had three bad games now and missed at least three sitters in them games. I hope sc reads them the riot act befor the game as I think sc biggest problem is he is too nice a guy and tends to stick with the bigger signings rather than sticking with who is in form anyway take care mate and merry Xmas

Bloxwich Baggie

6 clubs in 6 years only played a dozen games,IMO not worth bothering with,send him back to city and use his wages for a fi hungry player in January.


TRBH and BHB, hows it going.I hope Odemwingie doesn't come back to haunt us, call it sods law, Karma or whatever but it always happens, history tells us that. The most recent Danny graham for Hull against the swans, he hadn't scored for a year and then bangs one in lol. I just hope we win, boing boing, or is it the hope that kills ya.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Cape.

Yeah if I was Laurrup I'd start with him however bad he's been playing, it's sort of written in the stars isn't it. I also think we've got to go back Roy's basics, we start every game with a point and if the opposition don't score that's the minimum we walk away with.



I'm fine thanks hope you are too. Your right it does tend to be Sod's law when old players come back snd score against you. What worries me is that popov and ridgewell ain't quick enough to catch him


I think any point away from home is a good point but Albion always seem to concede goals and never seem to make it through the ninety. Teams seem to know keep it tight snd they will always get a good chance against us late on. Our normal practice is too dictate a game for seventy mins then switch off

Is it me or is it really quite tonight?? Where is everyone ??? Gone Christmas shopping

Jack the Hat


My posts are missing on both sides , light and dark, looks like my turn for the naughty step.



Scott, I am praying you come good.

My Mrs is praying you come good as she is sick of me being a miserable bugger.

The cat is praying you come good - fed up of being kicked every Saturday after the match ( and for those feline friends out there it id purely metaphorical)

For everybody out there I would love Baggies to to do the business - I would love SC to be the best manager / head coach we have ever had. Nothing against SC but he aint got it as a no.1 ...... but (KEV) i would love him yo ram these words down my throat.

Being a realist that just won't happen. Stick £20 on SC not being here much into 2014.

What ever happened to the inside man??????

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think before the login system came in one of the trolls had started using his name and he must have got P'd off with it. Shame because he often gave us an inkling of what was going on in the club.

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