Steve Clarke confident on new Saido Berahino deal at West Brom

Steve Clarke today claimed he is “confident” Saido Berahino will agree a new West Bromwich Albion contract.

Saido Berahino celebrates scoring against Manchester United with boss Steve Clarke
Saido Berahino celebrates scoring against Manchester United with boss Steve Clarke

The 20-year-old is in talks over a new deal following his stunning start to the season with the Baggies and England Under-21s.

Clarke believes agreement will be reached – but laughed off suggestions that Berahino could be on Roy Hodgson’s World Cup radar.

“Saido’s contract is under discussion,” said Clarke. “Three weeks ago I said I was confident something would be sorted out – and I’m still confident.

“Six weeks ago, nobody spoke about Saido and now people want to put him in the World Cup squad.

“We have to keep a sense of realism. He has had a fantastic start to the season and has scored some goals for the Under-21s against opposition that is not the strongest.

“He has scored a Premier League goal for us and he is doing all right.

“In football you never say never to anything, but at the moment I would like to see everyone back off Saido and give him time to develop.

“I will try to look after him. I will try to keep his confidence high and not allow him to get carried away with his emotions or get over-confident or cocky.”

Burundi-born Berahino’s first Premier League goal sealed an historic 2-1 win at Manchester United.

And Clarke admitted having a young player come through was a big lift.

“You can imagine how pleased with themselves the academy staff are,” he said. “Chelsea nicked Izzy Brown, then before the season is four weeks old we have got another one that has come through.”

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Comments for: "Steve Clarke confident on new Saido Berahino deal at West Brom "


Saido should show some loyalty by signing a new contract and he probably will, lets see if the Big Guns come knocking then when they would have to pay a substantial transfer fee, West Bromwich Albion have put a lot of time and effort into his development and deserve a reasonable return if he does decide to go to pastures new. The problem is these big clubs sign up all the young talent and a lot of the time they end up in the reserves and never seem to break into the first team on a regular basis consequently the National side suffers because the talented players never seem to be given the chance to make a name for themselves.

I wonder if Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton and Now Man City will slot him straight into their first team squad if they did sign him, I doubt it that is why it is much better for Saido to stay at our club for the moment and make his name in football here where he will be given the opportunity to do so.

West Brom have proved all along that when a player proves his worth they will get better contracts as a reward.

So come on Saido sign on the dotted line you know it makes sense. Boing Boing!!!

We Only Need One Half!

Droitwich, you make a very good point about the big clubs signing all the young talent, only to have them sit on a bench and rarely if ever get a opportunity to play first team football.

Celtic and Rangers did this for years, now look at the state of the S.P.L. and their National side over the past 20 years or so.

Do we really want to end up like that? because that's the way it will go if the F.A. remain impotent on the matter.

Perry Barr east Baggie

Like Odemwingie did you mean? footballers havn`t got any loyalty these days,when the big guns come in they will turn his head and the £££££ signs will turn JPs head and off he will be.

Danish Baggie

Give the kid a new contract, before he gets his head turned by the big boys. The talk about him, and that Arsenal, Chelsea and now Man C wants him, will not stop before we do so.

The Agent

Makes no diffrence what he signs he will be gone,he is under 23 so albion can`t tie him down,he will go to a big club like Chelsea,West Ham,Liverpool,Fulham s,hampton,for a minimal fee decided by a tribunal.FACT im afraid.


Have you not heard what he said? He wants to stay because he feels that he owes the club because of how he's been treated in the past few years. He loves this club and wants to do the best he can for the club while also saying that money isn't anything which is a fantastic attitude to have. I know I'm being optimistic but what's the point in being negative all the time? I've seen so many baggies fans lately being so negative about everything and arguing with each other when there is no need. It's embarrassing that we have fans like this tbh. But all said I'm confident we'll tie Saido down to a new contract.

A Pint And A Pie.

I smell a wind up merchant.


Are West Ham a big team? what constitutes that? what have they won?


Saido needs to keep playing first team; if he is interested in developing a football 'career' - rather than money for doing nothing at Chelsea. He should have a chat with Scott Sinclair who has pitched up at the Hawthorns because the 'Big' club where he was couldn't afford him a second chance when his form dropped. Not to mention the chopping and changing of managers when they didn't win anything. Saido will also have seen that even when Lukaku returned to Chelsea following a sensational season with us he still didn't get in the team and has been farmed out again.

Pay him the right money (i.e. a comparable wage with his peers) and then it's not much of a decision. It makes sense to stay with us. Onwards and upwards together.


Just off to Stoke to see the lads,come on meeeeeeeee babbieeeeeeeeeee`s,enjoy the radio committee and leave the support to the REAL fans.

Kev in Mallorca


Still waiting on that lift to Chelsea, let us know ASAP?

my blood's blue and white

The Agent

Have I missed something? When did West Ham, Southampton or Fulham become a big club. Go back to the dark side where you belong.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Allow me to explain how it works.

Apparently Wolves are a massive club.

Ergo, Yeovil are a big club, Doncaster are a big club, Posh and Orient both big clubs.

It's like a player at Rugby Union playing his team mates on-side. Wolves have made the majority of the league into big clubs.

The new manager bounce is wearing off so a lot more big clubs should be arriving soon.

Hope that helps.


I think career nose dive that Sinclair took at city would be enough to put Saido off. Would like to think he would rather be playing week in week out at the baggies than warming the reserves bench at city.


There's no such word as can't.

Jack ♣ Hat.


You can't be a woman, oh, sorry.



To be fair no one cared about the kid at the start of the season or when it started he scored against Man utd and Arsenal and now every club wants him, he is better off at the Albion he just needs to look at what Izzy Brown did and where he is now! And as for Man City all he needs to do is go and ask Scott Sinclair what a colossal waste of time and talent going there is, I just hope this can be sorted quickly because the speculation is not good for his development as a player

'Flat Cap to Bronx Hat'

The Agent.

You may be right in assuming that that the 'Greed League' clubs will be striving might and main too take him from the Hawthorns.

But who know's he may be the odd exception, a player but who who takes the decision to stay wih the club that's given him his big break?

Incidently regarding the big clubs you nam, apart from a bank balance I personally do not consider West Ham. Fulham, or Southampton to be superior to Albion.

"Come on you Baggies"



What salary do the Albion or any other club 'start' their young first time contract players on ? They have to start somewhere.

SC >''Six weeks ago, nobody spoke about Saido''

Are contracts a two way binding agreement ?

This business of GIVE HIM A NEW CONTRACT NOW don't hold with me, some have even said GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS.

At present time he is contracted i believe until 2014 with the option of a further year in the Baggies favour, this is normal procedure, or am i missing something.

The Albion acknowledge his rise both at club and country level, and consequently he WILL be rewarded.

Contracts/Principles ..... COYB


Premier league > do not lose > spells progress.

Poor specticle according to reports, but hey, who cares, we got a point.

-------Stoke C----------WBA

----------11 Attempts 9

----------3 On target 5

----------6 Corners 6

----------12 Fouls 10

----------2 Offside 2

----------402 Passes 399

----------50% Possession 50%



Common sense would prevail at the end of the day. I'm sure the dude is surrounded by proven technocrats who nurtured him this far. If he keeps listening to them the sky is the limit. He should extract a "decent" contract from his incumbent club and work his socks off to build an unassailable reputation. Everything else will take care of itself.

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