Albion granted work permit for new signing Stephane Sessegnon

Stephane Sessegnon was this afternoon cleared to make his Albion debut against Sunderland on Saturday.

Stephane Sessegnon after signing for Albion
Stephane Sessegnon after signing for Albion

The deadline-day signing was given the green light to go up against his former boss Paolo Di Canio at The Hawthorns after he was finally granted his work permit.

The Benin international was prevented from figuring at Fulham at the weekend after a last-minute paperwork problem.

However, Albion were boosted this afternoon when the application was rubber stamped.

Sessegnon’s debut has been spiced up by Black Cats boss Di Canio, who has questioned the 29-year-old’s commitment during his final days at the Stadium of Light.

“Purely as a player, I wanted to keep him,” said the Italian.

“But he did not make me enjoy the first three games in the league this season – he was a surprising negative in our performances. He becomes so that he struggles to give more than 60 per cent in anything – on or off the pitch. His time has gone.”

Meanwhile, Steven Reid, George Thorne and Zoltan Gera are set to step up their return from injury in a behind-closed-doors practice match today against Swindon.

It would represent Thorne’s first match action since the young midfielder ruptured an anterior cruciate ligament at Everton on January 30. It would be just a second appearance for Gera, who suffered the same injury three weeks earlier and made his comeback when he played in hour for Albion’s under-21s last week.

Reid has yet to figure this season after suffering a series of niggling problems during the pre-season campaign.

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Comments for: "Albion granted work permit for new signing Stephane Sessegnon"

Boing Baggie

What a joke this lot is turning into, what is going on at our club,can`t sort a work permit out he as been here nearly 3 weeks, come on Jp get a grip .

Gornal Albion

he has a work permit - you need to get a grip pal


No, work permits take as long as they take - there are often complications and mitigating circumstances which delay proceedings.

I suggest you grow up.

CantelloRocket 78

boinging wolfboy-

you should know all about spelling names, you use enough different ones on here-

Up the Saddlers!!!



SPT The first one takes the time, the 2nd one is just a formality, They got his name wrong thats why it took so long, and with the Long and Fulham ticket debical`s someone needs to get a grip .



Woodsetton Albion

you are the joke kidda - work permit granted an hour ago.

old news!

non story!


At he time of his post he hadn't, or his that past the scope of your intelligence to check.


The club did nowt wrong here so get off their backs.

He was out of the country until the Thursday before the Fulham game. With Benin dropping out of the FIFA top 70 while he was away he was now required to submit biometric details in person.

WBA effectively had a day and a half before the Fulham game to get the permit sorted - not 3 weeks.

Kev in Mallorca


Don't be silly, that means the club did the best they could.

That wow give the vultures anything to rip apart, and by the way we've got enough Chairman before yow get any ideas.



And who says Di Canio can't motivate players?

Red Sea Baggie

Why the eck we paid that sort of cash for someone who has yet to score 10 league goals in a season is beyond me.


who Doyle?


He's not a striker by trade and doubt that he's been bought as one.


He's an Attacking midfielder, not a striker. He can operate as a striker but is better driving the midfield with his pace and trickery. We've signed a cracking player!

We Only Need One Half!

AITK, you've just described Michu! fingers crossed eh ;-)

Bangkok Baggie

He's that good our relegation rivals couldn't wait to get rid.

We Only Need One Half!

No, they just needed to try and get back some of that 12 mill they wasted on Fletcher Bangkok.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Bangkok Dog-Head,

Walsall did well I thought.

Dingles demise:

They're to pieces, bits and pieces,

Thought they would win,

Now they sit and cry.

They're in pieces, bits and pieces,

Lost a game to Walsall,

Now they want to die.

They're in pieces, bits and pieces,

They were so weak,

Like a Jezzy Pie.

They're in pieces, bits and pieces,

When is all this, going to end,

Kenny is, sending us, round the bend.


P.S. That is worth a high Five Dave Clarke.


Exactly! I'd expect a very fired-up response from Sessegnon - nice work Paulo - thanks :-)


Ha ha, He may well have a good game mate, but don't get used to it. Ask any Sunderland, PSG or Le Mans fan. He's a classy player who turns up for half an hour every 4 games. It's easy to love him because he's so skillful but he'll be the most frustrating player in your squad. You can ask Steve Bruce and MoN if you don't believe Paolo.

We Only Need One Half!

In 'your' squad Brian? whats the matter Brian? upset we are signing players costing ten times anything you've bought? Well you have been banging that drum for how many years now?


He won't be anywhere long , he s had more clubs than Anelka( without being as good)


lets hope he reads this before the weekend!

Do Lallytap

Lets hope they have the spelling right with his name this time otherwise we could end up another week without him !

You just can't believe it can you !!

Brummie Road Boinger

Its quite obvious Di Canio hasn't got a brain. The guy is nothing but emotion. Why is it people like him can never understand that different personalities are motivated differently, some people you can't just scream and shout at, some people need a very different approach.

Oh well hopefully his loss is our gain, if insinuations like having no desire, no stomach for the fight and saying you are a mercenary doesn't motivate you, nothing will. Cheers Paolo!

Wall Heath Baggie

But if Di Canio does have a brain , then we have bought another liability . Just a thought mate .


It's not like you to see the negative side mate!!

Goddo Stafford

Give the guy a chance, he has not even played a game for us yet!

Kev in Mallorca

I see the "all knowing all seeing" business man in our midst knows more about running the club than the present guardians of our beloved WBA.


Do Lallytap

Tut, Tut Kev in so called Mallorca.

You running out of things to say ?

How about commenting on the story instead of running down posters on here or better still GO TO THE GAMES , them comment.

Leave it to REAL supporters


We have Sess...the dingles have Doyle and Sako and Walsall have 3 points. A very satisfactory Wednesday.


Absolutely spot on Metals.

Cummon yo saddlers!!

Boing boing cummon baggies

New Broseley Baggie

I am looking forward to seeing this guy play on Saturday,giving him the chance to prove Dicanio wrong.Assuming SC plays him of course.Play him with Sinclair and Berahino up front should make an entertaining game.I hope.

Well done last night to Walsall too.Dean Smith is a superb manager,i hope they can keep him longer as i think he could take Walsall up a division.


Even Niall Quinn was shocked Sess was allowed to leave Sunderland - he said he was as a good a signing as anyone in the window !!

He also said Di Canio was the wrong sort of manager for Sess - lets see if SC can get him playing cos he will be one heck of a player for us.

Clipboard Clarke couldn't motivate a slug

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah snot nose finishing 8th was just so dreadful, wish we had a manager who could motivate like Mick, T.C., Stale, Saunders, Jackett.......or whoever's next, makes no odds, you never heard the saying you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear?

Wall Heath Baggie

Looks like they found the ' Send ' button , congrats to all concerned .

Perhaps the last application ended up in the ' Hole ' everyone keeps on about.

We Only Need One Half!

Why does he need a new work permit when he's already been cleared to work in the country anyway?

Is it because them down south took the Black Country name literally and think we are some separate Republic or Dominion?

Fleet st

Wonoh i blame the daily mirror .

We Only Need One Half!

You could well be right Fleet.

p.s. what is it with you, Forever, Realist, Hp, etc etc, you got some sort of aversion to capital letters?

p.p.s. its Hawthorns by the way, not hawthorns.

The Special Thought

This club appears to have bad man management skills with the PO saga and negligent admin skills. However, i think we will do just fine this season may be win an accolade or two.

Jack ♣ Hat.

The Special Thought,

How did wo1-Ves do against Smalsall as you lot put it. I've heard all the Saddlers fans are over ten feet tall this morning. Just to remind you, they have five ex-ALBION players on their books. Think on that one Mr. Special

Gorra loff ay ya.


Andrew smith

Well done jp great player cant wait to see him boing boing

Jim Nasium

Don't get too excited yet.

The way SC performs, he may not even start the game? It's a no brainer for me, he should be on from the first whistle. He will be wanting to stick it right up Di Canio. Go on my son.

Who'd have thought it, a six pointer already.....................................

CantelloRocket 78


the FIRST game of the season is a six-pointer for everyone-

far too early to even bring up the subject.........

Realist Baggie

So if we lose on saturday we could be 4 or 5 points adrift with games coming up against Man u (a) Arsenal (h) stoke (a) Liverpool (a) i think you will find it is a 6 pointer .

We Only Need One Half!

Yes, and win on Saturday we could back to our more usual top half of the Premier League table position, and I think you will also find all those teams you have listed we have taken several points from in the last couple of seasons, including 8 last season when Clarke was crap if you believe what some people tell you.

So why so negative? I know, yom worrying about Shrewsbury en it!

'Flat Cap to Bronx Hat''

With rumours circulating that Steve Clarke's position is under review Sessessonsen virtually needs to be a match winner from day one if the Head Coaches position is to be stabilised,

After Sunderland we face Manchester United, Arsenal, an improving Stoke City and Liverpool. Games that without a great deal of improvement will see us firmly entrenched in the dreaded bottom three relegation spots.

Some fans have already written us off and make no secret that they think we'll be playing Campionship football next season.. This must not happen. The 'Greed League' sadly dominates the game and should the Baggies suffer relegation it will set the club back for years.

The best players will want to leave and top class replacements will be reluctant too play in the Championship. him

Good luck to Sesseegnon let's see him helping to send the 'Mackems' back home propping up the 'Greed League'

"Come on you Baggies"

We Only Need One Half!

"With rumours circulating that Steve Clarke's position is under review" where have you heard this rumour then, outside the Mol?

"should the Baggies suffer relegation it will set the club back for years."

Blimey, have you forgotten we were known as a yoyo club for years, where do think that name came from? couldn't possibly be because we always bounce back could it?

We learn lessons from fools, which is why we wont be doing a Wolves.

Jack ♣ Hat.

'Flat Cap to Bronx Hat'',

Look pal, you are wasting your time, I will never get used to this "Dinglish" language.


Cyril Randle

Wonoh, Jack, if Flat Cap is the man I believe him to be, then you could not be more wrong. He has supported Albion home and away even during the War. Longer than I have probably and not many can say that I assure you.

We Only Need One Half!

If you vouching for him Cyril I will take your word for it, however, I would still like him to substantiate both the claims he made that I highlighted, the first one is no more than tittle tattle propagated by no one in the know, and the second one, well if he is a Baggie he should know we are prepared for and plan for that scenario every season.

Kev in Mallorca

Astle is the King

Thought I'd giv' ya a few days too get your 'ed straight.

When I bumped into you by accident outside the ground on Saturday and gave you a refreshing tot of Jameson's I don't think you gave me an explanation as to your none appearance in the "EX" Whistle and Flute.

I thought it was a pleasant walk to Craven Cottage through the park and was giving "He came from Ipswich, We got him for free" a belting coming back through and later on the tube.


Flat Cap

I wouldn't base your assumptions on tittle tattle from these boards, there are many who could give Hans Christian Andersen a run for his money mekin' up fairy stories.

CantelloRocket 78



You flew over here from 'so called Mallorca' - as someone on here calls the island that's visited by millions every year - obviously because they've never heard of it, and doubt if it actually exists - and you were at the Fulham game with other Baggies fans-

I noticed last week that you sent out an invite for 'fans' off here to meet you there-

just wondering how many of those that keep bragging about being at every game actually showed up???


Kev in Mallorca


The business man in conspicuous by his absence.



WBA record since 01/01/2013 : Won 4 , Lost 12 , Drawn 6 . That is not a Fairytale .

CantelloRocket 78

Little dingle in a corner-

Jack Horner's a nursery rhyme character, not associated with fairy tales.

Most fairy tales begin with-

'weem mossive, an' we'll soon be back where we belong......'

Now on sale in printed form at all good Walsall

Walthamstow Albion

No denying the data Jack. Laudrup's Swansea has won just 2 of their last 13 PL games, losing 8. Going further back, they have won just 6 of last 26 - and Albion gifted them one of those wins a couple of weeks ago.

Pressure is on Clarke but he now has his players in - mainly forwards and creative midfielders so now's the opportunity to turn this around and find the form of early last season.

As DingleDon pointed out...Wow! Just Wow! How unlucky but that's football: fine margins, fine, fine margins, another deflected goal and another defeat for Wo1ve5...fine margins, fine, fine margins.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Kev in Mallorca

Little Jack

They wow let my perfectly reasonable reply through.

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