West Brom midfielder James Morrison a doubt for Fulham clash

Albion midfielder James Morrison is a major doubt for Saturday’s trip to Fulham with the groin injury he suffered against Swansea.

Soccer - FA Cup - Third Round Replay - West Bromwich Albion v Queens Park Rangers - The Hawthorns

The Scotland international is still sidelined from training and is touch and go to make the trip to Craven Cottage at the weekend.

On-loan striker Matej Vydra is still ruled out with a hamstring injury but boss Steve Clarke otherwise hopes for a clean bill of health.

The Baggies are still searching for their first win and first goal of the Premier League season after three games but boosted their squad with three attacking signings on transfer deadline day.

Head coach Clarke said: “The club had a good deadline day.

“We brought in some good players that will hopefully boost the club.

“I don’t look at league tables at this stage of the season. It’s the end of the season when it matters.

“When we were near the top at this stage last season I didn’t look, and this season I don’t look at this stage either.”

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Comments for: "West Brom midfielder James Morrison a doubt for Fulham clash"

Jack ♣ Hat.

Hard cheese for James but we now have strength in depth, so rest up son and get well soon. Same goes for Mateja Vydra. Come on you BAGGIES.


Thanks for a well earned point. Passing wasn't the best but England had good retention of the ball. Our strike force was cobbled together, nothing could be done about that. I say it was a good result from a difficult fixture. Take no notice of the sarcastic uttering of a guy who has never been in management Gary Lineker and is not good enough in that area to lick your boots. The time has come to bring in Ben Foster when he is fit. Hart was fortunate to get away from giving them a penalty, some referees would have blown the whistle for it. Gerrards pace is waning rapidly.

The thing England missed was an headless chicken, Oh!, Rooney is still out and on holiday. Was that a "Split" decission, L☺Ls.


CantelloRocket 78


no doubt Jimmy's a quality player, but in the world of entertainment some of our most famous actors got their breaks when first choice names were unavailable to perform, they then stepped in and impressed-

so it is with football, JM's replacement, whoever it may be, will have the chance to grab an opportunity of showing what he can do-

in which case, a setback could potentially lead to a positive outcome-

always best to keep an open mind........

Trevor S

Having a little dig at Mozza there rocket in your own sly little way .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well done Rocket. You've elicited one of the daftest, puerile, ridiculous responses I've seen on here and that takes some doing in a very crowded field.

For the bloke that accuses you of seeing everything through blue and white specs to now try to read a criticism into a post that's clearly not there beggars belief.

I suppose the fact that he did this at 9.15 on a Thursday evening says it all about what's going on in his "life."


Passing wasn't the best......!!!! The performance was a joke. Lumping it forward like a Conference team. Diabolical. At one point six 'passes' went from one team to the other. A championship team would have ripped England apart last night and anyone who thinks different is a Wolves fan. Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Germany.... are still light years ahead and the FA have done nothing to try and catch up. I tell you what. Even with 2 home games left we won't qualify.

Jack ♣ Hat.


I realise we weren't good going forward, but we can only blame shirkers like Sturridge. He cried off with a thigh injury yet according to the media he is set to play in the Swansea match. Brendan Rodgers has a lot to answer for. Besides Sturridge isn't the only one who pulls this type of stunt. Ban players for the next non-reserve match that do.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Yes mate, it does open the door for others to have a go at making their mark. I still don't like (as you or anyone else at our club does) to see one of our squad players injured. Roll on the Fulham match.


P.S. You like Bully always state to whom you are answering, wish the likes of "mancbaggie" plus, would do the same. Wonder why they don't do it and cut out the guess work for us?.

Eric Morcambe

' Bring me sunshine in your smile, bring me laughter all the time ' .

We Only Need One Half!

Don't mention Morecambe! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it, all right.

The Real Bully Hoo.

So! It's all forgotten now, and let's hear no more about it.

So, that's two egg mayonnaise, a Ryan Williams, a Globe Arena, and four Jim Bentley salads.

The Real Bully Hoo.


And according to the pundits it's still all the managers fault just like it was with Capello, McLaren, Errikson etc etc. How can it be the manager's fault that the players can't pass to each other?

It was a penalty but apart from that he got little wrong, why can't PL refs be that good?

Jack ♣ Hat.


I agree mate, but as I said to Cantello, when are the shirkers going to be brought to book or even state they don't want the honour of playing for England, We keep blaming foreign managers for the England plight and Brendan Rodgers is just as bad. Wonder what would be said if Roy told the shirkers and their managers also the T.V. settee bunch to sod off when and if we get to the finals of the world cup. Then you get the likes of Lineker "Using his silly commercial grin" on to Roy not in front of his face mind, when he (Lineker) has only ever managed, to get out of bed and take crisps off kids. L☺L.


Sofa Rules ok

i thought you would be on the side of the settee bunch Jack .

The Real Bully Hoo.


I get the feeling that some of the pundits would have been happier if Ukraine had got a late goal and they could all have said, 'told you so the Sainted Lord 'Arry should have got the job.' Roy's biggest crime seems to be keeping us on course for the World Cup Finals.

Just like Sven and Capello couldn't win with the journo's because they weren't English, they're waiting to swoop on Roy because he's not 'Arry.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Sofa Rules ok,

Wrong, I'm an armchair nut myself. L☺Ls.


Brummy Roader Brian

Bully you really do talk some tosh at times .

The Real Bully Hoo.

From you that's a real compliment. Thank you.

We Only Need One Half!

Brian, Bully's right though isn't he, on Talk Sport around 5am Wednesday morning Ian Abraham's was saying why did the F.A. give Roy the job when they had a candidate like Arry, and some one on Brazil's show even suggested (seriously) Hoddle could step in.

At the end of the day, Roy's not lost a competitive game in 90 minutes since taking over in May last year, and he has got England top of their group with 2 home games left.

How much more do people want?

Jack ♣ Hat.


You talk tosh all of the timer, so I would think before the trigger is pulled, if I were you. Bully has points yours have been snapped off, yet again.


The Real Bully Hoo.


To be fair to Hoddle though, if he hadn't spent that time being dragged down by Wolves he might have had a shout. Yet another success chalked up to the Compton Academy for Managers or Fred Karno's Army as it's better known.


James Morrison

Big fan here, offers such a lot to the team.

I wonder whether he will be able to express himself even more should he play alongside Sesseg and Morgan, just a thought.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Not the disaster it might have been a couple of weeks back.



hope he does make it on Saturday as he does bring us that something extra in the middle and pick a pass all day long, and chips in with the odd spectacular goal too. But if he does miss the game....well at least now we have a few more options to play with. Still hope he makes it though




Mozza does so much without the credit he deserves from a few

So will always be a loss

But that's what a squad is for, so hopefully all possible replacements will be biting on the bit

Can't make it to Fulham,I know it's tough down there, but think we are ready to give someone a comeuppance

New kick off sat I think.


I agree we have reinforcements, come on albion

Jack ♣ Hat.

I've enjoyed it on here so far, conversing with all BAGGIES fans. Damn good thoughtful posts as yet.



Jack ♣ Hat.

Nice One.

I do believe some of us tag on to a player, and we will defend him come what may. I am/was like this regard Graham Dorrans, and he remains a favourite of mine, but he has'nt grabbed the bull by the horns.

Long may Morrison remain a Baggie, not only is he a top player in his own right, he comes over as a true Baggie.

Morrison's name will hopefully join the other household Baggie legends.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Morrison does bring the best out Baggie supporters

Bodmin Baggie

Jimmy will be missed on Saturday will be interesting to see who takes his place, and what formation we play I hope its 4 5 1.


JM is a good player and "on his day", nope wrong that is a cliché, any player who plays well on a particular day and has had a good game because on that day it was his day and he played well, I have no idea of what im trying to get across, I think it is infact " JM is a quality player with a tremendous shot, who will not be missed because so is Sess and S Sinc, Amalfatino , anelka, , yacob, mulumbu, CB, etc our midfield looks mental , that's it our midfield looks mental boing boing boing boing boing



I am not questioning your post 10:37 pm. But it did set me off thinking.

Re:- Managers/change of Managers, Venebles, Hoddle, Hodgson etc etc

I find it interesting how we can see the Managers methods, tactics, system being played out on the pitch, some are more obvious than others.

My point being, that is if you were around at the time.

WBA FC and Don Howe parted company in 1975, the team was struggling, it was'nt a pretty sight. J. Giles replaced D. Howe, i have never witnessed such a change in the system of play, whether you liked it or not, it was unbelievable. If ever there was two 'opposite' ways of playing the game with virtually the same players, the team changed over night.

Albion players were instructed to keep the ball on the deck, no long balls, they would pass their way out of a defensive situation. The goalkeeper rolled the ball to a full back or Giles himself, no humping up field. Because of Giles methods Albion went from strength to strength, and then big Ron arrived, he could'nt believe his luck.

Just a passing thought

Jack ♣ Hat.


Thanks for your post, I keep harping on about our rapid passing game that has served us so well in the past. Now I'm not saying the odd long ball is not on when the situation allows, it also throws the opposition off guard, as does the over the top ball when their defence take the high line. Maybe with the new players the way will be shown where it will be used again. All the best.


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