West Brom move for Stephane Sessegnon after signing Morgan Amalfitano

Bottom-of-the-table Albion were today attempting a beat-the-deadline swoop for Sunderland’s Stephane Sessegnon after signing Morgan Amalfitano from Marseille.

Stephane Sessegnon on the ball for Sunderland
Stephane Sessegnon on the ball for Sunderland

The French club confirmed late last night the Baggies had signed 28-year-old France international wideman Amalfitano on loan with an option to buy next summer.

And Hawthorns officials will attempt to add more attacking players to Steve Clarke’s squad before tonight’s 11pm transfer deadline with Black Cats outcast Sessegnon a prime target.

Clarke is desperate for more new faces to boost his side, who sit bottom of the Premier League with one point and no goals from their opening three matches following yesterday’s 2-0 home defeat by Swansea.

He said: “Morgan is a technical player with good quality on the ball. He also has fantastic work-rate and we believe his game is well suited to the Premier League.

“Morgan’s arrival will increase competition in midfield and add more quality and depth to the squad.”

Amalfitano has become the Baggies’ fourth loan recruit of the summer after flying to England for talks yesterday. He was first watched by Albion four years ago when he played for Lorient, having previously featured for Sedan.

Amalfitano, who won his one and only France cap in a friendly against Germany in 2012, can play as a central midfielder but has spent most of his career out wide.

Sessegnon, 29, is available for £5m with the Baggies believed to be looking at a club-record permanent switch, although they have one of their two permitted domestic loans free.

The Benin international has been told he can leave the Stadium of Light in the wake of his arrest for drink driving in Newcastle last week. He appears before magistrates next month.

Hawthorns sources have played down links with Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe while reports from Holland claim PSV winger Georginio Wijnaldum has rejected Albion and Cardiff, who asked about a loan deal.

Albion were today sweating on the fitness of James Morrison and Graham Dorrans who withdrew from the Scotland squad to face Belgium on Friday after picking up injuries in yesterday’s defeat by Swansea.

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Comments for: "West Brom move for Stephane Sessegnon after signing Morgan Amalfitano"

Scott Cheg

Forwards please Jeremy and Richard ASAP.

Boinging on the ceiling

After yesterday and that dire performance we can't play Long on the right we desperately need an injection of pace in the side....... Long shot I know but why not try Afellay from Barca on maybe a loan to permanent deal... he looks surplus, was on loan at Schalke last season, hasn't played for Barca this season and it's a World Cup year...... could be just what we need tbh.


Stephane Sessegnon would be a good signing but is he going to be scoring a lot ? No his goal scoring record at Sunderland was poor. The ONLY player we should be desperately trying to sign is Jermain Defoe he's a proven goal scorer for club and country and he's exactly what were missing , someone to put it in the net. Cough up whatever spurs want and STOP with these pathetic loan deals or I can see us facing relegation

Yam Yam

I agree to a point. But had we had Defoe in the team yesterday the result would have been no different. It wasnt a lack of a goal scorer yesterday it was a lack of a goal provider. We created nothing. We need a creative midfielder as much as a finisher. We also need Lugano or Dawson to replace olsson who just doesn't cut it anymore

We Only Need One Half!

I would like to see Defoe arrive I must admit.

Jackett the Hat

Surely he cant refuse.

We Only Need One Half!

Oi oi Jackett, wondered when you were going to put in an appearance, hows that O'Hara and Johnson sale working out for you? got em of the wage bill yet?

We Only Need One Half!

Jackett sorry for being facetious early, I know the 1 o clock news is breakfast T.V. for you.

p.s. any news on O'Hara and Johnson yet?


Incredible, if the most sensible comment for some days comes from a ten year old boy! (the name Jamesk10 could refer to something different of course)

But yes, we definitely should sign Defoe. His signing really would rebuild my faith in West Bromwich Albion football Club.

Sadly, we will panick buy/loan Sessegnon and/or Anichebe. Plus we have already panic loaned some no-hoper from French football this morning....

Still, most of us will desperately follow todays deadline unrealistically hoping for a transfer miracle and we will all be left disappointed come midnight.

My prediction: 3 or 4 mediocre (at best....) incoming transfers, all quite old and no British players. At least we will get rid of Twitter fool and maybe Tamas.

Grim day ahead.

Soren, Danish Baggies fan



The Real Bully Hoo.


I don't know how long you've supported the club but you've just dismissed a player with a French international cap and Champions League experience as "some no-hoper from French football."

It's hard to decide whether your ignorance, your arrogance or the pure ill-manners of your post comes out on top.

Some of us that are more than 10 years old remember when Carl Valentine was as exciting as our transfer deadline day got and are conscious of how far we've come since then.

Jackett the Hat

You have come a long way Bully, only 3 weeks ago you were the 'Premier Leagues accepted model'.


Do Lallytap

Average of 1 goal in 7 games...NO TA !!

We Only Need One Half!

Le Fondre, 1 goal in 3.

Just a thought!


Yet another Loan!!!!!!!!!! Jeremy lost his bank cards or cheque book or something.

We Only Need One Half!

Try reading it again, were likely to spend 5 mill on Sessegnon


..."with an option to buy next summer", assuming he proves his worth.

Nothing wrong with try before you buy, it makes it a whole lot less likely that we'll end up with another Borja Valero on the books.

Jon P

good signing if this goes through, just what we need - a bit of creative flair

We Only Need One Half!

Cardiff talking to Odem?

oswestry baggie

He will be a cracking addition to the squad. Having said that I am rather worried about our lack of business so far. Keep the faith :D UP THE BAGGIES!!

Oswestry Baggie

?? Capital O in Oswestry my little friend, and no he would not be a good addition.


He should get an OSBO for that!!




Brummie roader Ryan

Is Sessegnon really worth 5 million? He is 29 years of age don' forget.

As for Amilfitano, iv heard he is good but not the quickest for a wide man.

Anyone seen Clarks interview from after the match?

I'm not calling for his head but I'm starting to think he is a bit deluded.

Praying we sort things out.

baggie 29

would be a good signing if it goes through. creativity is a big problem at the moment! anelka will score goals provided the midfield can give him decent service.


No point signing Defoe he will play about two matches and then injured for thee months.

john stanley 1954 babe

if we manage to sign stephane sessegnon and victor anichebe before 11pm it should mean we could put rosenberg and nic anelka out to graze for the season as they are no longer up to the physical needs of the premier league and are a clear indication that free transfer bosman signings are not the only way to deal in the transfer market


Wonder what Mel the Mackem makes of this.......

Bewdley Baggie

Have a little faith, SC not let us down yet. I am sure he will turn things round and get us moving up the table soon.

baggie birder

who have you been watching this year?he wont have a clue what to do with these additions square pegs!

We Only Need One Half!

Well presumably he been watching a team that just finished 8th?

Why, who you been watching?


Hoilett from QPR, anyone?

His transfer link to Stoke has gone cold. We could make a late bid for him. Would be a gem, I think.

Soren, Danish Baggies fan




He wouldnt come before and now we have Amalfitano and Sinclair, no more wide players needed

Walsall baggie

Agree Hoilett would be a good signing. The only issue is they may want money for him, which rules us out...

If only the whole Odemwingie debacle hadn't happened, he's exactly the player we need.


I've spent a bit of time having a look through Sunderland equivalents of these pages in relation to Sessegnon, here are some of the prevalent words/descriptions I've come across so far, as described by Sunderland supporters:

'The most talented player I've ever seen in a Sunderland shirt'

'A pleasure to watch'


'Technically gifted'

'Best first touch I've seen'


and also......


'Luxury player'

'Doesn't score enough'

'Has wanted to leave since he came'

So make your own mind up? Personally, if we can get him, I think it'll be a very good signing. He has looked impressive against us in the past and probably brings something that we don't have. You'd hope to, that given we have options in offensive midfield areas (Morrison, Amalfitano), that he won't be a guaranteed starter, which might help take him out of a comfort zone he arguably fell into at Sunderland.

On the flip side, my Everton-supporting mate says he has his fingers and toes crossed that we take Victor Anichebe off their hands. I'd like to reserve judgement but you'd have to wonder why he's failed to nail down a regular starting spot with a club that has had notorious issues upfront over about 6 or 7 years???

Oswestry Baggie

Post after final game of last season

Oswestry Baggie

May 19, 2013 7:36 pm

Clarke has go, tactically inept and out of his depth. Treat this game for what is was, an exhibition match. With the new overseas TV deal kicking in next season, the summer transfer window will be pivotal in our clubs history. We will be competing with the likes of Norwich and Southampton who are lining up £12-£15m purchases. I read in a PWC report the other week that a club finishing in a mid table position next year will receive an uplift in revenue of £20m+ which will go straight to the bottom line. We need to spend that sort of money just to stagnant. Am I comfortable with SC having the final say on transfers, the answer is NO. Yes 8th place is fantastic achievement, but our final standing was achieved in the first qtr of the season off the back of the good groundwork done by Roy. With the quality of our squad, training and medical facilities and backroom staff that SC has had at his disposal, he has in my option underachieved. Ok rant over, I feel better now


I have to agree Soren why arnt the albion looking at Hoilett again? is it because last years dealings with the club left a sour taste in the mouth and Albion dont want to put effort in to a deal just to have the deal cancelled at the last minute again, i hope we get in Sessengnon was one of Sunderlands best players last year, but as for Anchiebe i dont rate him has never been a prolific goal scorer in the Premiership, apparently weve been linked with an Italian Striker of Juventus this Fabio Quagliarella has experience against premier league clubs in the Champions league having scored against Chelsea in the group stages last year, should be avaliable for 5.5 million according to reports fingers crossed we can tie up this Sessengnon deal aswell as this guy fingers crossed

Oswestry Baggie

The Real Bully Hoo.

May 20, 2013 4:50 pm


Your application to take over from Mboy as the Adrian Durham of this site (making ridiculous statements and backing them up with spurious facts) has been successful. You may start immediately unless Mboy can come up with something better.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Taken out of the context it was made in removes the point from that post. Why not also reproduce the post that it was in response to?

Both before and since then I have praised some of your posts but if I disagree with you I'll say it, would you want it any different?

Oswestry Baggie


May 20, 2013 12:00 pm


What absolute utter garbage, almost every single point.

'Southampton are lining up £12m purchases'- are they? Who is this then? Are you part of their scouting network? Their last £12m purchase last summer has been a complete waste of money according to their supporters. Complete fabrication to strengthen your own theory. Even if they do, where will they get the rest of their transfer kitty from? If they outspend us, it will be doing so with borrowings or paying players less than we do and I suspect you'd be one of the first to complain if we hadn't given the likes of Mulumbu and Olsson big contracts to keep them here.

'Am I comfortable with SC having the final say on transfers? No'- so far he's had the final say on Yacob, Foster, Lukaku, Popov and Rosenberg. Are you seriously suggesting in some way that the first three in that list were bad signings?! What exactly has he done to warrant your scepticism?

'Tactically inept'- What does this even mean? He works with his players every week, he certainly knows them better than you or I and there will be a reason for every side or formation he plays. Was he tactically inept playing 4-4-2 at Wigan when we won 2-1? Tactically inept when the 3-5-2 at City saw us pepper their goal more than any team this season. I'd be interesting to hear your tactical wisdom prior to every game (not afterwards) drawn from your extensive coaching experience, that would presumably serve us better?

'SC has in my opinion, underachieved'- we have about the 17th highest wage bill in the division, a starting eleven that most weeks costs less than one player from all the sides that finished above us. What do you seriously expect us to achieve???????

I've honestly barely ever read such utter rubbish in my life.



Not entirely sure what points you're trying to make.

Norwich have a wage bill £15m a year lower than us and turnover £10m higher, or put differently £25m a year we don't have. Like it or not, we're never going to match them penny for penny in terms of fees.

Also I'm pretty sure Southampton are being subsidised in a way that we can't be unless somebody takes us over. Even if not, then they certainly won't have a £50m wage bill like we do, and I'm sure you'd be the first to complain if we hadn't tied the likes of Mulumbu to those contracts.

As for Clarke, we've played 3 games, behave yourself. If you are doubting his ability to manage us going forward, at least try and be a little bit more constructive than 'I'm not comfortable with him having the final say on transfers'.

That you're uploading posts casting judgement on our summer spending 8 hours before the end of a transfer window tells us all we need to know about how measured or rational your posts tend to be.

That you're basking in our supposed failure in order to promote yourself as some sort of guru tells us even more about what sort of supporter you are.

It was blind cynicism then and to me, it's no different now.

Oswestry Baggie

Jack ♣ Hat.

May 20, 2013 1:26 pm


What a daft post, who do you think brought in our top Premier League scorer (With seventeen goals) from Chelsea, on loan.

Just sit in the naughty corner and stagnate.


Evening there fella,

we could all go back and find people's posts like that but it looks a little......well....it just does not feel right to me. Could you publish your posts that they were responding too..just for balance you understand. Mate, life's too short to actually go back and trawl through everything that's been posted....unless you saved them into a file when in which case....

we all felt bad after sunday but we all move forward together , a house divided and all that stuff. The more negative stuff on here at times is becoming too much....relax sir and let SC and the club do their work. their the ones that have had long careers in football whilst most of us have sat on the side lines. Not after a row mate.....just some perspective



Phil Osopher

What a laugh, here we are trying to panic buy on the last day. Pathetic.............

Reality is, If we had won our first 3 games, we wouldn't have been buying anybody???

JP would have said, no SC, we are doing okay, lets see how it goes. and kept his money (sorry) our money in the bank. now we are looking to pick up the players that no one else wants, even their own clubs.

Well done JP RG & SC

Jack ♣ Hat.

Steve Madeley @smadeley_starTo be honest, I have no idea how a 'rolling contract' can have an end date. Will try to clarify

Jack the Hat:


Don't bother, ALBION have to serve him with a one month notice to end his services.



STOP MOANING!! Amalfitano is a right sided player which is what everyone on here says we need, and Sessignon would be a really good signing - very quick -which is just what we want! Lee Camp is a good experienced keeper also, and we are also in for Anichebe...Lets hope these two come off.



Afternoon all,

good...the wide player that we need....and on a good deal as we can see if he fits well and do the perm deal when it suits all parties!!! Defoe would be great but I don't think it will happen....Stephane Sessegnon would be great but would that not leave us heavy in midfielders.....does that mean someone would be leaving or would we be signing him as a winger / strikerwhich he has also player?? Anichebe is the interesting one here as he always seems to be on the bench and I have no idea what his stats are for goals to games played started but he's quick and seems to know where the nest is....but has had injury issues (I think) so out fabled medical dept will need to look at him carefully.....

all that said at least we are making moves and they all look positive to me.......



The Real Bully Hoo.


You may have hit on it there 'he seems to know where the nest is.' Perhaps being on the nest too much is why he didn't find the net as often.

Stars in Stripes

What the heck is going on at the Albion? Talk about panic signings !! I am a true Baggies fan who could not believe what I was seeing yesterday. A side with no shape or pace and not a goalscoring threat about us. In order to address this, we are going / trying to sign Victor Anichebe. Is anyone falling for this?

We let Odemwingie go for about the same money (allegedly) that Anichebe will cost and their goalscoring stats are Odemwingie 1 goal every 3.36 games and 1 in 2.90 games in the Prem whereas Anichebe record is 1 goal every 6.46 games and 1 every 7.28 games in the Prem. Just what we need eh??

JP, Clarke, et al, you should have swallowed your pride and sorted this mess out with PO a long time ago but then again, why would we want a player that scores every 3 games?


inside man where are you come on give us a clue whos coming our way

Bangkok Baggie

He's gone outside to get away from it all Liz.


Wouldn't it be nice if we could get lukaku back with the other 2 were looking at

Nottm Baggie

Last Season we had SL + PO + RL as strikers, if Shane Long goes to Hull that's all our proven strike force gone in the matter of a Month....where are we going?? If we get new strikers in we'll be given the excuse of "we haven't had time to work with them!!

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