West Brom complete Scott Sinclair signing

West Brom today boosted their attacking options by signing Manchester City winger Scott Sinclair on a season-long loan with a view to a permanent deal.

Soccer - FA Cup - Fourth Round - Stoke City v Manchester City - Britannia Stadium
Scott Sinclair

The 24-year-old completed his move this afternoon after passing a medical and will wear the No 10 shirt.

Sinclair has also played for Chelsea, Swansea and Wigan in the top flight and is a player Baggies head coach Steve Clarke knows well having seen him come through the ranks at Stamford Bridge.

He said: "Scott understands he needs to play football and it will be good to work with him again. We are delighted he feels this is the right club for him at this stage of his career.

“He is the type of player we were missing from the squad. He is a pure winger, who is quick, direct and scores goals – he has proven that over his career.

"He can play off the right or left and improves our attacking options. I know him well and he is a good person, who I know is 100 per cent committed to our cause.

“He is frustrated he did not get the chances to play at Manchester City last season and hopefully he will take those frustrations out on Premier League defenders this season.”

Sinclair has played for England from under-17s to under-21s level and represented Team GB at last summer’s Olympics.

He is renowned for his pace and trickery and has a reputation for scoring individual goals.

Sporting & technical director Richard Garlick added: “Scott is the winger we ear-marked right at the start of the transfer window.

“He has had a frustrating time at Manchester City but you cannot doubt his quality in terms of what he has done in the past.

“He has a got a full pre-season under his belt with City and he is young, he is hungry and wants to play. He likes the club, the set-up, players and head coach.

“Hopefully, he will bring a wow factor to the team – and is a player who will excite the fans.”

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Comments for: "West Brom complete Scott Sinclair signing"

Brummie Road Boinger

Statement of intent that I never thought we would make. The fact we have jumped to the head of a queue including Liverpool and big spending Southampton should be a big morale boost for everyone at the club.

This kid is risky but we have done this exactly right, protecting ourselves, whilst giving a perception to the player of committment. Well done JP.

You won't hear me say that very often.

Bob Baggie 9

One in,great news.

Looks like one out,though.

Who's gonna score the goals?


Long and Vydra should blast you to mid table, great bit of business for you lot well done and good luck at goodison on saturday.


One in one out its like the hokey kokey lols

Jack ♣ Hat.


Living up to your nom de Guerre again,



Welcome to the Baggies Scott!!

amsterdam baggie

now jack t h,what do you really think of our new lad,and all you doom merchants we have him ,eat humble pie please,lots of it,trust in the experts,they know what they are doing,onward and upwards,boing boing

Jack ♣ Hat.

amsterdam baggie,

I was right to be concerned about Scott's injury, his ability was never in question, if that is what you are referring to. Head of our Medical dep't Mark Gillet elleviates my concern injury wise. I was right when I stated Our Chairman Jeremy Peace would be efficacious. So put the humble pie in the freezer for now. All the best and have a grand Saturday.



Great signing , but we still have not bought anyone . J.P's Swiss Bank account must be bursting at the seams

Jack ♣ Hat.

PETE don't let it drive you NUTS. Nice of you to POP IN,


Smudger Smith

Thank God for that, I thought it was never going to happen. Just one more signing will do it? Come on you Baggies. Boing Boing.

Dingles are in league 1

If we can just get another winger like moses!!

Christ we will be frightening on the break

Very good signing!!

Best so far in my opinion

rob williams

Hallelujah now I'm happy at long last.and became a gramps again today also

The Real Bully Hoo.



We Only Need One Half!

yeah nice one rob.

49 Days

Hope you stay longer than Anelka,Scott..


Oh no. Please let this be an April Fool. He has bad attitude. He won't offer us any genuine width or creativity. He will divide the changing room I fear.


I knew he would sign for us,haha to all you and dingles too who said we would lose out


Excellent signing, the guy wanted to join us so I never doubted he would. Signing players takes time if you want to get the right deal for the club and I'm certain that is the case here, this is not FIFA 14 after all. I'd still like to see another wide player, but all in all a good transfer window in my opinion.

Is that the sound of computer monitors being broken.....


Pheeeew. Relieved. Things got a little hairy/crazy for 24 hours but it's only because we care, right?

Good signing. Exactly what we need and I'm expecting big things.

Now a few more please, Albion...

Baggie 123



Ah, but u missed out on the best midfielder in league one, (groan), u t w

CantelloRocket 78

Well the dingles won't be happy now we've got Scott Sinclair, but on the bright side-

they've just signed up inventor Clive Sinclair, in the hope he can discover a way to get wolves playing proper football-

they already know all about C5 - as in 'see 5 goals from the Baggies'.......:-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

Oh yea of little faith.


hope hes fit for sat


Wow ! We got there at last! Well done Albion.

Just need a few more in before the window closes.


O.k now I'm ready to say welcome Scott

Interesting few lines from the official site on the declaration of this.

He went to Chelsea for a tribunal set fee and then it took 18 months to get a first team debut as a late sub, (you reading this Izzy Brown).

Looking forward to seeing you and Vydra on the pitch together !!


A good signing, not a 'wow' signing, but a good signing. With Anelka off for as long as he seems fit, we're no further ahead though now and need another wide option and another central attacking option in my opinion. Glad this deal has finally been done though.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think there's another way of looking at it though. The squad last Saturday looked decent but we had no pace with wide players. As many have said, 4-5-1 suits us best and we have 3 strikers without Anelka, so we should look much better now that we have the balance Sinclair will give us.


Hi Bully, I agree, this definitely gives us much more balance and the width that was blatantly missing last week. Central options now are Long, Vydra and Rosenberg. All PL squads need a minimum of 4 central strikers as a general consensus (unless you're Daniel Levy) so that's why I think we need that additional central option if Anelka does call it a day. However, if he does call it a day, I'd be offering Kalou Anelka's 55k wages to be that central option. Hope you're well old pal?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Fine thanks Ned and good to see you back on here. Also as somebody put me right the other day, until a certain Nigerian departs we actually have four strikers.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Nedball, Bully,

Worrow guys, I believe Berahino will have a say at some stage.


We Only Need One Half!

Hey Forever, Hp and your mates,

I'm feeling smug, really smug! Its good to be the King.

Forever Wba

Hey wonoh i wanted him to come ,its you and your committee mates that didn`t , as Nedball said ge`s just a signing nowt special . Does make me wonder why no other team come in for him ? guess we shall soon find out, just as we have with Anelka .

We Only Need One Half!

Who do you thinking your fooling Forever? I mean I know your deluded, but.......???

You wanted him here about has much as Moxley wants a slim fast drink!

By the way, Everton, Liverpool, Saints, Newcastle, Stoke, West Ham (obviously) and QPR were all sniffing around Sinclear, google it, in fairness I did google who had been after Macdonald, strange, first time I have ever known a google search come back with a blank page!

p.s. you still going on about Anelka even though by now you must know whats gone on, scummy, very scummy.

Westcroft buggy

Whooo yowve had your saucer of milk ay ya!!!!


A day of mixed fortune but did we need the Sinclair signing. Now we need Bemba Ba !!


Well were are all the Southampton fans now saying he should join them cus their a team on the up, apparently he doesn't see it that way!

Jack ♣ Hat.


I said Liverpool had taken the back seat as Scott had stated he wanted to come to the HAWTHORNS and that Southampton should jump in the boot.

Jeremy was holding all the aces, anyone else for a game of Poker or hard ball?.


WONT be long before he walks out! is miss flannagen prepaired to live in smethick!!


Shame on all the doubting fans, trust our chairman. Well done Mr. Peace. Now go and sign Troy Deeney, the lad is local and hungry to play football. He came in to the game late and appreciates the chance he has been given. He will be like other players who started late, like Ian Wright and Ricky Lambert.


trouble with a capital T leave well alone


At long last a good signing. Shame it has taken till now, but better late than never. Now please spend some money on a second winger and a decent forward. Thank you.

AJ Hampshire

At last !!!

Now lets get a few more in. If Anelka has lost it then we are lightweight up front.

JP needs to put his hand in his pocket and splash some of the cash. I'm not saying loads but surely £10 mill - if Saints, Cardiff and Hull can do it then why cant we ??


Hope Helen, the wag of wags, enjoys shopping at poundland. And has a taste for faggots and pays.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Well done, Jeremy wins again and that puts my fears about his injury to bed. Come on Scott show us what you are about, another piece in our ever increasing jig-saw. Bet the Dog-Heads on here are a sick as a boozed up parrot.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


P.S. Have wo1-Ves bought their mossive trial-run player yet?.

Baggie Russell

It's great we have Sinclair oo board hopefully it will give the team a lift and bring something special too the team. shame about Amelia will Clarke bring in another striker hope so.


Good signing at last hope he does it now for us prove some of the doubters wrong on here

Kev in Mallorca

Aug 21 at 11am posted by baggiebear

What did you expect JP was never going to sign him the bloke don'y want to spend that kind of money lets face it unless it's a free or a loan we ain't signing anybody.

You hypocrite!!!!


Oh dear kev your doing it now .

Kev in Mallorca

What the hell are you talking about?

CantelloRocket 78



You're just talking to our silly little dingle troll-

even when you repeat what he said on here, he ignores it like it never happened-

but everybody can see his exact words, and it shows he's a special kind of plonker-

epecially when he forgets he's a 'bear' and now calls himself a 'beard' instead.

What a complete wally.......lol.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Good bit of "Clocking" mate. Certainly proves the amount of Dog-Heads that love our site.

Watched the wo1-Ves v Crawley match (Well in between Nigel Kennedy on stage at the proms) and they are dire, what are they doing in the football league. No kidding, the space between players was so vast there were times when there were no players on screen.


henry young

Pass me a gin and tonic someone, I can hardly believe we've done something at last!!!

Johnny the Pom

1 down, 3 more to go.

Cyril Randle

Well done Baggies team. Patience is a virtue. It will be interesting to read the Wulfies' take on this. We shall get it no doubt whatsoever.

Warrington Baggy

NOW we know we are the pride of the Midlands.

Who could have doubted our Jeremy coming up with his man?

Warrington Baggy

Can J P negotiate my next car deal please!


Thats good, but one in and it seems one out!

Whats going on with Anelka

We need some more signings and quick


Well done JP another decent bit of buisness!

Gabbys Elbow

I'm delighted, welcome to the Albion Scott............you can be a hero here, as we haven't seen many good wingers in recent years.

Lets hope RG and JP have another couple of signings "up their sleeve", and we might need another Striker if NA doesn't come back........or, do we make PO apologise and get him back in the team?

The Real Bully Hoo.


I forgot that, we actually have 4 senior strikers still on the books. I don't really want to see him play for us again but in an emergency if he's the difference between winning and losing I'd pick him.

It might lack integrity but the PL is a cut throat world and it's dog eat dog.


Let's hope he comes good but let's be honest he's only ever done well at Swansea. Don't hold out much hope for this one.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Just heard that SC says Anelka is retiring from football.

He's due for a medical at the Mol later today.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I might be paranoid but I've been listening to Talksport this morning and it's the good news bad news scenario again.

Good news, Scott Sinclair signs for us. Not a mention.

Bad news, Anelka says he's retiring. They can't stop talking about us.

Aussie Baggie

Great to see Sinclair at the Albion! If fit, he and Victor Moses will prove a great attacking duo for the Baggies!


WELL DONE JP !!!! Always had faith in you - now lets make it fortress Hawthorns and be the 12th man !!!

Boing Boing

Kev in Mallorca


If only we could? some of us try our best but what chance have we got with all the Pillocks among us who are not happy unless they are moaning or booing.



Morning all,

glad about this........good work by the club.



Sant wba

Get in there,wot a great signing,had me worried we wer,nt gonna get our man,could do with another striker,wud luv to see demba ba,as strong as Lakaku if not stronger,also brunt on left midfield and Sinclair on right side,come on you baggies lets chew up em toffees.

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