Ben Foster set for battle with West Brom teammate Graham Dorrans

Albion keeper Ben Foster today tipped midfielder Graham Dorrans to rediscover his best form this season as the pair prepared to face each other at Wembley.

Soccer - Ben Foster File Photo

Foster and Dorrans could figure on opposite sides in tonight’s friendly between England and Scotland.

But they will be back together tomorrow preparing for the Baggies’ season opener against Southampton – and Foster reckons the Scotland international will play a key role in their campaign.

Dorrans asked to leave The Hawthorns midway through last season after a frustrating spell on the sidelines but reclaimed his place in the spring.

Foster said: “He needed that run in the team towards the end of last year because he was in and out. For someone like Graham to get a run in the team is all he needs. I get to see him in training and he’s got so much ability, skill and technique. He’s got it all.

"It’s difficult when you’re a player of his ilk and you’re not in the team to put a string of performances together but towards the end of last season the gaffer played him in nearly all the games.”

Both Foster and Dorrans are expected to be among the substitutes tonight with their Hawthorns team-mate James Morrison likely to start for Scotland.

Foster joked: “The gaffer (Scot Steve Clarke) said ‘good luck’ to me but I think it was through gritted teeth. I know for a fact he didn’t mean it.”

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Comments for: "Ben Foster set for battle with West Brom teammate Graham Dorrans"

We Only Need One Half!

Unfortunately Ben if you want a top manager now days he tends to be Scottish.

Andy, you do not know how much effort that took to type, grrrrr.

Jock stomper

Wonoh why you say that he was born in Sandwell he no more Scottish than Jack is a season ticket holder .



Morning fella,

i'd try and explain family ties and heritage but I think i'd be wasting my time.........




Hi mate,

am I right in thinking the last English manager to win the top flight was Howard Wilkinson in 1991 / 92 season with Leeds???? King Kenny got it with Blackburn, Sir Alex obviously......Wenger and that all the PL winners since it was born?? Small club.

As for Scotland producing good managers......maybe mate, and they all seem to come from the same area's of Glasgow as well. Something in the water. Although, Sir Bobby Robson won league titles in Spain and up there in one way with Sir Alex......and Bob Paisely won 3/4 European cups so it's not like England have not produced good managers/coaches down the years



Roy Doran

Graham Dorrans and Ben Foster both deserve a chance to play in tonights International game. I still think that Ben Foster is Englands number one goalkeeper. Graham Dorrans is getting back to the form he showed a few seasons ago. Hope they get a chance and if so remain fit for our opening game of the season on Saturday.



I stood by you Graham

Funny old game, how some of us latch onto a player and stick by him through thick and thin, well Dorrans is my player. I'm not so blind that SC helped him along the way, but on song i most certainly rate him.

I can see Celtic making an offer we can't refuse, i hope i'm wrong.

Dalkeith Baggie

No way he will go to Celtic, He's a blue nose(ardent Randers fan)


Oh, sorry chaps (trivia) i dain't know that.

But surely over the years there have been a few Pros with split loyalties, £££ ;-)).

Kenny Miller who scored that wonderful goal last night being one of them.

Just Sayin.


No way he will go to celtic, he is Rangers thru and thru.

Cyril Randle

DZ. But mate, we CAN refuse, we don't have to sell anyone, not even P.O. That's what gives us a warm, cosy feeling.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I thought the idea of Ben going back to the England fold was that he'd get some game time. If he's not going to get a half in a friendly when is he?

I also thought he'd have made a better fist of saving their two goals than Joe Hart who seemed to be out of sorts.