Baggies close in on double swoop as Matej Vydra has medical

Albion hope to complete a double transfer swoop before Saturday’s Premier League kick-off – starting with the signing of Czech Republic international Matej Vydra.

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Leicester City v Watford - King Power Stadium

The Baggies are closing in on a deal to take the 21-year-old on a season-long loan from Udinese and his arrival could be confirmed as early as today after he completed a medical yesterday.

And boss Steve Clarke still hopes to add Manchester City winger Scott Sinclair to his squad before Saturday’s season-opener against Southampton.

But talks between the clubs over a deal for the 24-year-old have yet to yield an agreement with sticking points over fees and wages.

Albion turned their attentions to Vydra after admitting defeat in their efforts to lure former Chelsea forward Salomon Kalou from French club Lille.

They had triggered a £2.6m release clause in the Ivory Coast international’s contract and offered him a lucrative Hawthorns deal.

But both the Baggies and West Ham failed to persuade him to return to the Premier League and he now looks set to remain in France, where he believes more regular goals will help his chances of making the World Cup.

Vydra is viewed as a higher-risk signing due to his lack of Premier League experience, but the collapse of the Kalou deal persuaded Clarke to sanction a season-long loan for the Czech Republic international, who netted 22 goals in 32 starts on loan at Watford last season.

Meanwhile, the Baggies remain in talks with City over Sinclair and hope to find common ground.

The winger and his club want a permanent deal while Albion favour a loan, but they hope to reach a compromise over an initial temporary move, followed by a permanent switch next summer if conditions are met.

City want the overall package – loan and permanent fees – to recoup the £6m they paid Swansea a year ago but the Baggies are reluctant to meet that figure.

And they are at odds over the percentage of the player’s wages that City would contribute, but there is optimism an agreement can be reached.

Clarke, who saw his side end their pre-season campaign on Saturday with a 2-0 win against Bologna, said: “The squad needs a few additions.

"It’s definitely light. In the second half when I took James Morrison off I had to change the formation because I only had forwards and defenders on the bench.”

“That alone tells you we are light in certain positions.”

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Comments for: "Baggies close in on double swoop as Matej Vydra has medical "


quality signing! We will be a real force this season Top 6!


Dream on Stuart...

Probably the funniest thing I've read today..


Stokewolf 64, not as funny as seeing Wolves getting relegated 2 seasons in a row. Now that's funny. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Lol... Whatever turns you on Paul.. :o)


Hahahahaha agreed Paul


It is also heartening to see Walsall above the Dingles in the league table. Also, Bomber Brown spotted in Morrisons, Walsall today and looking well

Jack ♣ Hat.

Stokewolf64, BoingBoing666,


No need to Post the same letter under two different nom de Guerre's. Those are the

daftest things I have ever read. Stupid.

Give me strength.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Now Puggy brings in Nik so that he can carry on talking to himself, the drip.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Don't forget Peterborough as well, mate.




can understand your comments, i put it down to the fact you have not required to look at PREMIERSHIP NEWS for a long time, think we look forward to Manchester United, City, Chelsea and you must be really keen for Stevenage and Tranmere and Carlisle


sounds like sourgrapes but do not worry you will not get a 5-1 hammer at home


Dream on Thin...

Probably the funniest thing I've read today..


Signing an established European goalscorer, the Uruguayan captain, an England international winger and a Czech international striker to replace an outgoing loan striker in Lukaku, Marc Antoine Fortune, Jerome Thomas and Gonzalo Jara Reyes.

That looks like strengthening to me!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Thin Silboa +++++++BoingBoing666,


You are talking to yourself again. Does your Psychiatrist know?.


Forever Wba

First it was Kalou now its a loan player from a championship club that until we was intrested nobody had ever heard of him or ever will again .

Baggie Boy 94

22 goals and championship player of the year, yeah no ones ever heard of him and hes not being loaned from a championship club

We Only Need One Half!

Forever, you mean you don't know who was player of the year in the division your lot fell out of last season?

How bizarre!


I find it funny how someone can come to the conclusion that nobody has ever heard of him just because they havn't.

I think it a great signing ! only 21 years of age, 22 goals in his first ever season in the championship for watford (could they have got to the play-offs without him? dont think so), championship player of the year.

Got injured at half-time in the playoff final against palace while it was still scoreless, the game could have been completely different had that not happened.

All in all i think he is a great signing and wouldn't be surprised if he was albions top goalscorer this year.

Tish Vowels

thin,enjoying the third division?you seem very much at home there.


Albion want as a loan when are we going to actually pay for some one,

I suggest we change our name from the Hawthorns to PENNY LANE

Paris Baggie

Assume you were against Lukaku coming?

Grow up.


Emma, not very original post in fact nearly as poor as that lot you follow at WV1 with years of torment to follow. The truth always hurts!!

Rainbow Stand

Please just because some of us are not JP fans, if we think that not paying a fee for a player again is not a good thing, are concerned because our manager is and are worried about us this season, that does not make us dingles.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Rainbow Stand,

There is a big difference between a valid point of view and a daft point of view, agree?.


The Real Bully Hoo.

You're right but the Laws of Probability suggest otherwise.

Emmadale regularly posts as a Wolves fan on the dark side and has previously posted anti-Albion stuff on here.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Fantastic ay? Why spend money when there's no need to. Doing it the Smart way the Baggies way.

Jack ♣ Hat.


You are correct mate, but at least he uses his own nom de Guerre and I respect that. He is not like the wannabe BAGGIES that come over in their droves.



We. Are you sure, seeing as you post quite regularly on one of the local lower league sites. Do i detect a tinge of envy. I really wish our transfer policy was as successful as the dog heads .

We Only Need One Half!

What is this dingle obsession with spending money??? have you learnt absolutely nothing from the Roger Johnson situation?

Whats more important, having a team full of loan signings and actually progressing at the top level and having a good footballing team to watch week in week out, or buying over priced players just so you can say you own them, watching dire football week in week out, wasting your money on a vanity stand that your never going to fill, being the first to achieve a double dip, and your club becoming more of a laughing stock than they already were.

No brainer really isn't it.

CantelloRocket 78

Emma Roid ( still really Kenny? )-

trouble is, you don't seem to understand modern football-

with millions wasted every year, sensible top division clubs focus on one season at a time-

did we ' pay ' for Romelu Lukaku, our top scorer last season?

did we ' pay ' for Gareth McAuley, our Player of the Season?

You can offer as much as you like, but most players are already multi-millionaires, so if they don't wanna come, they can't be forced to-

you can say Anelka, Lugano, and Popov cost us nothing - but we could end up paying 'em around 10 million in salaries, not exactly chicken feed, eh?

I do know QPR and Sunderland paid over 70 million for players last year, one went down, and the other one nearly did-

and Coventry going into liquidation should make us all aware of the dangers of spending well above your means.

Also, I recall Wolves fans bragging they spent 35 million on new players when they were last in the prem - and what a blinding success story that was...........


rocket - how come you not called Wbabomber a dingle , is it because he knows who you are I wonder , goes for you to kev, wonoh, bully, jack, aitk lols .

CantelloRocket 78

wolfboy in the brown stuff-

'how come you not called Wbabomber...'?

'cos I'm Rocket, I guess.

Next question.....?

Kev in Mallorca


Again, why have you included me in "The Dinglefinder Generals Brigade"?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Nice one Dingle, see your club is endeavouring to hold on to their big earners, and giving Doyle away at half price. Should change the NETTO-GHETTO to "The Charity Shop". L☺Ls.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Less than half price Jack as a large chunk of the 3 mill will go to Doyle to make up for the fact that Hull are only willing to pay him half the wages Wolves were.

Still as Thin and Emma told us, it's a much better policy to splash out millions. Apparently it gives you the bragging rights whereas us plonkers thought being the TOP team did that. LOL.

Jack ♣ Hat.


I agree mate, Doyle won't budge unless he has a big golden hand shake for make weight, wages wise. Some of the money we are saving will go into a new Halfords lane stand and new road layout eventually, I believe. Whatever our Board do they come up smelling of roses. This last fortnight seems like an eternity. Bring it on.


We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, yeah apparently Steve Bruce was rolling around on the floor when they heard the double (or is it treble?) dipper was getting 40k pw in Div 1.

He was heard to say "just think, I could have been at Wolves last season, phew!"

The Real Bully Hoo.


Just heard Steve Bruce interviewed and he said, 'I don't know where this rumour has come from.' So let's hope Kenny hasn't started spending any of the '£3 mill' yet.


Will be a good signing IMO, he isa good finisher and very very quick probably even quicker than Shane Long

take a look at this video and forward it to 4:30

Wall Heath Baggie

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! Not YouTube for gawds sake. I hope Garlick used more than that.. I saw him play against the Dings on Tv last season and he could not hit a barn door with a banjo and was substituted . Frankly if yow cor look good against the Dings then there aye no hope.

We Only Need One Half!

WHB, whats wrong with you tube and alike for getting an idea how good players are? I mean didnt Stale base his whole pre season on that last year, oh hang on, I see where your coming from now.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Wall Heath,

Google "Daily Mirror Sport" and be spoiled for choice, Wiki gives the Vydra cup run show which is also good. Cheers.


CantelloRocket 78


well I've seen some of Vydra's goals, and when he gets started, he's like a greyhound out the traps!!

He left the Leeds defence for dead, and he passed 3 Brighton defenders before they knew he was even there-

and I love how he crouches forward, then puts all his power in the inside of his right foot when he shoots, sorta blast on sight-

we just need him to sign, then we'll be entertained.........:-)

Danish Baggie

Rocket when I mailed you before you say hello Jes my friend how are you but now you not speak anymore why be this I ask .





CantelloRocket 78

We have a slight problem-

from what I can recall, there were TWO Danish Baggies on here at the same time last week, one was genuine, the other a fraud-

if one can say exactly what he was wearing when I met him last season, then we may have the REAL one, but if not.........

Victor Borge.

You sprechen sehr gut Englishe schweinhunt Danish Baggie und ven ve vin das liege you vill be invited to das grosse party at der Vine. Pride of das mitterlands Ve know vot ve are.

Cyril Randle

Thanks Tipton. Good 7 minutes of a good game. Vydra can certainly move. Looks very promising.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Matej Vydra is a natural goal getter, if we get him on loan with a view, at least we have time to work with him. If he hits it off straight away, yet again another superb addition. Whichever what way another good Jeremy Peace barter. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Robin Brittain

I hope Vydra signs, he looked good to me at Watford and seems to be a natural finisher. Not that soory about Kalou not coming and you have to respect his wishes about representing his country in Brazil. Let's hope we can get Sinclair to join him.


Less than a week before the season starts SC comes out with we are light in certain areas... is this really happening? We should have done our business weeks ago but penny pinching again is causing our manager huge headaches. The extra tv cash should have been spent weeks ago. We are a well run club but at times we are a joke.


My god how nervous are you!!! We have almost a month of transfer window left! And just because we want to sign people doesnt automatically mean they will sign!


Baggiestillidie. You contradict yourself, we are either a well run club (like we know we are) or we are a joke (like our neighbours at WV1). Now if you are a real Albion fan you know how we operate. Last years transfer dealings went to the wire but we got our man and was an Eighth position finish in the best league in the world really so bad. Keep calm and carry on supporting the baggies.

gabbys elbow

Why would you knock the baggies transfer works and we always do business this way. Until we have a sugar daddy who will throw loot at the club, expect more of the same.

I don't have an issue with us doing business this early in the window costs money, and we don't spend if we don't have too.

Bet you won't be moaning if we get Sinclair and Vydra?

Wall Heath Baggie

Dingle Alert. Beat the mighty Gillingham and all of a sudden yowm the best team in the World.

We Only Need One Half!

Mate, have your read the comments on their match report, pure comedy gold, them world beaters, again you know!

Just a pity it was against a team that's just been promoted, are favourites to go straight back down, haven't won a game since 13th April, including pre season friendlies where they lost to amongst other the mighty Woking of the Skrill Premier, (3-0!)

lets see what happens when their League top boys such as Walsall and Orient come calling.

Getting ahead of themselves, just a bit.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I had to stop reading them as my wife was worried about my heart and rationed me to five at a time. The only debate on there is if they'll win the league by Christmas, Bonfire Night or Halloween. Do you get a feeling of Deja Vu?

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, dont forget though, they were top of the Prem for about 15 minutes only two seasons ago.

Can you imagine?


Any thing been announced by west Brom yet ?

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, all Dingles are numpities, official.


Vydra is a good loan signing, as we don't know if he will cut the mustard in the premier league. We should buy Sinclair before another club steps in, he has nothing to prove, he has played a lot of games in the premier league, and is a good winger, something we are short of. Judging by Steve Clarke's comments we are short of midfielders, can I suggest we make a move for Estaban Granero, brilliant attacking midfielder and has great vision. Would also like us to take a punt on Dwight Tiendelli, he's a right or left back without a club! Played some cracking games for Swansea City last season! Can't see a problem with the players I've mentioned, and we have to spend some money some time or other!



Interestingly we've been low odds for being Granero's next club all summer, however I'm fairly sure he cost QPR £9m, which sort of suggests he's on a fairly decent wage as well, particularly given he came from Real Madrid??

I imagine he'd have to take a significant pay cut, would he be prepared to do that? Would we be prepared make him a top-earner?? I'm not sure. You might well be right though, we'll see.

On Tiendelli, I just wonder if he was that good, why haven't Swansea nailed him down? Know they have the injured lad coming back, but again, if he was that good would he be at the top of their pecking order??

Scott Cheg

Keep the faith! Look at the loan signings we've had over the last couple of seasons. They've worked a treat. And so will it be this season. Just because we haven't whacked £9 million on somebody doesn't mean we're going down. Take QPR last season? Enough said. Bring on Saturday, the key to the shrine is burning a hole in my wallet.

The Real Bully Hoo.

We've got nobody on loan from Chelsea yet either. We might be waiting to see if they sign any more strikers which would leave them with a glut. I wouldn't bet against an end of the window loan from Chelsea.


I'm with you all the way on that one Bully but shhhhhh no names.

Jack ♣ Hat.


They have a good right back we could use.

Thanks for the joke, hold it, many a true word spoken in jest, right mate.



I have to ask if Vydra is that good why is he not getting games for Udinese?

We Only Need One Half!

Or, if is that bad how did he win Championship Player of the Year, taking the crown of Rickie Lambert who's just been picked for England, and in front of wonder boy Wilfried Zaha who Man Utd have just paid 15 million quid for.

Given all that, you really bothered by why Udinese are not playing him?

I'm not.



Apparently he is being kept out of the side by Antonio Di Natale who is apparently written in Udinese folklaw and Colombian wiz kid Luis Muriel.

He played for 4 minutes in Thursdays Europa League qualifier in which they won 4 Nil and he was on the scoresheet.

I think looking how he scored in the championship he may be a handy addition to the squad to come off the bench to try to nick a goal.

Has to be worth a punt


Vydra & sinclair will be good signings! Shame about kalou but it wasnt just us who couldnt get him back to the PL. still think we need another winger, central midfielder (as back up for yacob & mulumbu) and maybe a right back. As for people moaning about how we go about our business in the transfer market, SHUT UP lol! Your boring now, we've got 2 in & popov, plus with vydra & sinclair this week so what are you moaning about really? We never have thrown alot of money around, last year we only spent £4mil & that was on a player we had the year before (foster). So what are you expecting really! We may make a cash bid for someone else now because of the kalou deal not going through but if not we will be fine! Have a little faith! albion is a business aswell as a football club, this isn't FIFA on the ps3 lol!

Futures bright, its blue & white

Thin Silboa

There's a very good central midfielder up for grabs at Wolves..

O'Hara would be a great acquisition, and he is proven in the Prem..

Lets get him now before he is snapped up.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah, let's buy that mouldy, maggoty old potato in the corner of the green grocer's window before somebody else snaps it up as well, I hear the greengrocer paid a small fortune for it.

gabbys elbow

You've spent way Too much time in the sun I think...........

Always injured, over rated, ex dingle....I don't think so? Nothing tells me O'Hara can make it in the premier league......maybe that's why nobody has snapped him up.

Best to leave him on the wolves books, destroying their morale and wage bill.

We Only Need One Half!

ah God bless you Thin, you've just made me chuckle!

New Broseley Baggie

I agree with you on needing a back up defensive CM,but please remember,Lugano is very useful at right back.3 is plenty for that position.

The Grassy Knoll

I suppose I should be used to daft comments on here by now.

Of the first 4 comments, two have been posted by pant wetters, who seem to have been living in a cave for the last 10 years, as they seem to be totally unaware of JP's modus operandi.

No doubt there will be many more in the same vein.....

Is vydra going to come to the Albion on only a loan or on a loan to permanent transfer, because it needs to be the latter. Also why don't we just agree a fee of 6million at the end of the season for Sinclair, I know peace is tight but surely it's worth it

Danish Baggie

City wants £ 2mill up front and £ 4mill after a year. Not gonna happen.


It is a bit of a worry that Clarke says players are turning us down or the wages

are not good enough , problem is a club of our size now needs some one to

put money in , Norwich , Cardiff and Southampton are all clubs of our size

but we cannot even match them in fees and wages any more , bit of a worry

for the future not been able to be on the same playing field as clubs of our

size .

Hope Anelka does not get upset on the lack of new signings as we must have

told what and who we wanted to bring in This lad Vydra been on loan with I hope

a fee agreed with we decide to keep him , at 21 its worth the gamble .

Hope we can have a great season again , without the poor jan/feb


We pay higher wages than the clubs you mention - do you think Anelka, who was on in excess of £100k per week in China, plays for peanuts?

Oh and Clarke never said that at all.



Basil to Sybil > Happy dear, oh yes, i remember happy ;-))

anti depressants at the ready

The Real Bully Hoo.

Like it.

The Real Bully Hoo.

If the sale of Birmingham City ever goes through Carsen Yeung might be available.


Possibly ... Lukaku, Fortune, Thomas, Odemwingie out. Anelka, Vydra, Sinclair, Lugano in. We are still light but the replacements aren't bad. Lets hope for a few more between now and the end of the month.

Wall Heath Baggie

Adam Le Fondre ?

Agreed, le fondre would be exactly what we need for 2million? And low wages probs. been hoping for that signing all summer but never emerged as a target

CantelloRocket 78


Adam Le Fondre - wasn't he a James Bond villain?

Don't he live on a remote island, along with dozens of young, blonde women, wearing miniskirts.......??


Morning all,

some movement on the transfer front is good news - even though i'm not sure why the panic from some people to be honest. If Vydra passes the medical and signs .....nice one as he'd complete competition for places and make it 5 strikers on board with it looking like Anelka / Long and MR competing for the starting slots on Saturday and Bearhino pushing for a place as well....that looks good to me and if PO is still around (might not be ideal but...if he's there and given a squad place....tricky situation still). Vydra might not have the PL experience but he looked a good player last term for Watford, scored goals and at some point might it must be worth taking a gamble??

As for Sinclair......still positive about it really. The club will always try and get the best deal and i'd imagine money bags and the player are trying to do the best thing for themselves as well. If he's not in by what? Our midfield is good - Brunt's not had an injury in pre-season - Dozza is on fire - Jimmy will always be class and Yacob + Mulumbu will do the job for us no worries....

oh, and as for spending the extra t.v. money..i understand the argument but how many clubs have spent the money and then regretted it later....and what if we spend it all now then need to recruit in the next window and have nowt left? We finished 8th last term so i'd be surprised if the players suddenly became basket cases a few months on and forgot how to play together. Personally, I think we'll be okay and...well i'm betting that, once again, we'll surprise more than a few people with how we get on

roll on Saturday




Andy H


Agree with all you have said above other than I wouldn't let PO anywhere near the squad purely from keeping moral up and based on getting goals whilst untired in PL I would rank Vydra if he signs above MR when coming off the bench to get us a goal, as for me Anelka and Long should be our starting pair if we go with two upfront.

Regarding Sinclair if we can get him it will provide the width the squad is crying out for

Still would like to see a central Midfielder in the squad to cover Yacob and Mulumbu if injured, personally I dont see Thorne as an adequate replacement would love to see Scott Parker but I guess wages would be too high

As you say roll on Saturday but lets not forget the little matter of Putting England in their place at Wembley this week LOL


Afternoon there mate,

I hear what you say about PO - i'm just trying to view him as an asset that might need using, although I agree that he should now be somewhere else. Vydra and MR....I guess we'll find out soon enough if/when Vydra signs but the signs in pre-season for MR are encouraging...Thorne could still develop into a good replacement for either Mulumbu or Yacob in the middle...but I still think Tamas could push forward to cover in an emergency.

And as for putting England in their place....I've got a sneaky feeling Jimmy and Dozza will do just that....either way i'll have a wee (not so wee) dram during the under 21 and full'll cost me a good meal out with Mrs AndyH but it'll be worth it.

regards mate



Two things though AndyH. First we never recruit in January so no point in keeping money for then. Our squad is threadbare and needs addressing now. Secondly our players became basket cases from Xmas onwards and forgot how to play together. We finished 8th due to our wonderful start. A squad that included Lukaku, Odemwingie and Gera. Without the latter 2 after Xmas we struggled. They need replacing or I see a season of struggle ahead.

I agree our midfield is good. However 1 or 2 injuries like last year and we have no depth. Just look at the bench against Bologna.


Afternoon Smethwick,

hi mate - agreed the second half of last term was disappointing but the team still played well - in patches only granted. We ended up thin on the ground because of injury so i'm hoping that Thorne and Gera both come back strong...if Gera is given/earns a contract. As for recruiting in January...yes I know mate, you're right about that. But what if we were absolutely desperate for a player to really push us on or help us stay up and the money's not there? Personally I still think that we are about 2 players shy of moving forward, a striker and wide man which looks lie being sorted soon.

still positive mate




all you baggies KEEP THE FAITH.the time to fret is when the window shuts and we are still short of players


Keep the faith. Kalou will sign in addn to sinclair and vydra together with another midfielder depending on Gera's prognosis. We've been linked with another PSG player Clement Chamdone (sp?)

Wall Heath Baggie

Never mind new signings. The Wedding i was going to Saturday is OFF , so i can goo to the Match HURRAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Rocket and Super Kev 12pm in the Vine ???????????????.

CantelloRocket 78


that must be the quickest divorce ever - somebody phone the Guinness book of records.

Talking of beer, is it your round......? I remember gettin' one when Andy Hunt scored that hat-trick........


You didn't invent and disclose details of the bride's extra-curricular activities to the groom did you Max, just so you could get to the game?

Wall Heath Baggie

The Bridegroom has got cold feet according to the Missus , god bless him . I have tried everything to get out of going . There is a god after all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

We Only Need One Half!

that's a bit harsh mate. Lets hope they don't know you alter ego and read this! ;-)

Wall Heath Baggie

Never met em mate and looks like i never will LOL .

Looked at the Dings comments and it is nice to know that in an ever changing world they are as delusional as ever.

Hope to meet up with ya soon me old mucker.

We Only Need One Half!

WHB, no worries mate, might see you Saturday for half hour (I cant do 3 hours in The Vine). Sardines comes to mind.

Boy About Town

Are the Albion playing in the Premiership this year. I've watched all of Sky's advertisements for Saturday, Sunday, Monday night football and the launch of the new season tasters. The Albion don't appear in any of them! It appears Crystal Palace must be the team to watch this year, they appear in all of them. Is that because they are a London team? Keep expecting Harry and QPR to have their own programme.......

The Real Bully Hoo.

That post made me laugh... until I realised you're probably right.


Good signing if it happens. also beneficial to take on loan first, to see if he can make the jump to the Prem. if not, then we havent lost £6m in the process. People clamouring for cash to be spent, same story every year. Change the record. It hasnt done us much harm the past 10 years has it? Buying players these days isnt as simple as walking into a shop and buying a loaf... agents ensure this. It's always been easy to spend someone else's money, though.

If Sinclair comes it will be a great addition. Looking forward to the weekend already!


There must be a mix up on this site, there are more Dingles on this page than Baggies.

Surely they aren't that bored? They have a HUGE task ahead of them? Procrastination never helped anybody. Get to it.

"When a battle rages within, enemies appear on the outside"

We Only Need One Half!

BoingBoing666, them getting excited at the prospect of MOTD coming back on.

Oh, hang on a mo!

Jack ♣ Hat.


The only mix up on here is you puggy, using two different nom de Guerre's when posting the same letter. How mixed up is that. There aren't many Dingles on here once your one man committee is discounted. So there you have it sad lad, you keep trying to convince yourself as no-one else believes you. Nurse, you can take him back to the NETTO-GHETTO now.



Not sure where your mix up originates from, but I am an Albion fan, what makes you think I'm not???

I have been posting on here from the comfort of my office chair for years, and regularly read your posts?

Me replying to Thin Balboa, who is no doubt one from the dark side, using the same line a dog head used to slate the first post was part of the jibe at them, see where I'm coming from?

Wall Heath Baggie

That sort of post is wasted on Dings mate.


It appears wasted on Dr. Hat too :-)

He has now signed, saw confirmation 10 mins ago. Nie back up striker I reckon, here's hoping we bag SS.


Forward to 4:35 this bloke is probably even quicker than Shane Long!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Watched the Matej Vydra two goals against Brighton and Hove Albion. The first was a deflected cracker, the second had a touch of the marauding Derek Kevan, left the defence for dead and hit a rasping right footer. This guy would be a good loan for us.


Lee Hughes

Am I right in saying Albion said wow signings and that we will be spending a decent sum on one player and the rest loans and free's who is the the decent sum going to be spent on ? And who are the wow signings ? Haven't seen neither yet. What happens if Anelka 34 gets injured moyes said he is going to rap rvp in cotten wool and he is 4 years younger .and then mulumbu goes to the ACN in January I would be much happier if we get bent or Defoe, Gardner and Moses. We say look at QPR what they spent that's one bad example look at Norwich 12 million last year and 20+ this year and they are still in prem , I hope we pull something out the bag COME ON YOU BAGGIES ps I just hope theses signings turn out superb

We Only Need One Half!

Lee, I see your reservations, I mean if Mulumbu does indeed turn up for the ACN this January that would be hard on us, and even harder on him because he would have no one to play against!

There's probably about a dozen clubs in The Prem if you knocked on their door and asked if they would take Anelka, right here, right now, on a free, they would snatch your hand off.

Don't worry to much about one player getting injured, Spurs and Liverpool never last season, why should we?

Lee Hughes

I used to play for them ! I'm just a bit worried as I was born blue and white

rob williams

People should know by now if you don't agree with the so called regulars on ere you're either wrong or a dingle. I would pay cash to secure Sinclair, end of


Spot on. The so called regulars are incapable of discussion. A complete waste of time. Sinclair is just what we need. Get him. Midfield wise we still have a superb bunch of players but when Clarke has to change his formation as he is short of bodies then that concerns me.

As for Vydra, I think he is a class act. Worth remembering too that when we were flying last season Lukaku was not in the first 11, so it's still not all bad (coming off the back of 8th last season!).

Jack ♣ Hat.

mancbaggie, rob williams,

Right o' bright sparks, what if Sinclair's career threatening injury breaks down, what then. All I am saying is ALBION need assurances to be in place, if Manchester are that certain it won't, then they will accommodate us.

What is all this soft griping about regulars, you are regulars aren't you!?. .... as the rag mon used to say, Gee up.


The Real Bully Hoo.


The ladies protesteth too much. Despite their claims they are undoubtedly of a tango persuasion.


RBH comment is what I am talking about.

Anyway Jack, I think the issue is money and not fitness concerns.

Boing boing.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well done on achieving both.

New Broseley Baggie

I agree with you on Sinclair,for approx 6 mill that is a good price for such a good,still young,player.A possible investment too if in a few years,JP decided to sell him.Sinclair is desperate for 1st team football too,i just hope by us dithering we don't lose out on him.

The Special One

Regarding Kalou not signing it is his loss not albions. As for Vydra give him chance looks a decent player. Trust in SC and the Board and the Accolades will come. We are on the ups and i mean not the logistics firm. BOING Boing....!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


It's interesting to wonder what drives some modern players isn't it? Are they happy to take easy money somewhere that the competition and expectations are not too great or would they rather take a bit less money to play in a top league with a real challenge. Unfortunately I think there are a growing number content to coast along in comfort.


Free/Loan/Free/Loans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great focus and ambition to improve on last seasons 8th position. yow gorro loff a ya Eu rope JP would make an onion cry!

We Only Need One Half!

Council bail outs, Sugar Daddies, Asda deals, blowing millions, 135 years to achieve the same level as the MK Dons who have done it in just 9 years. Well they do say the pace of like and the people are slower in Wolverhampton.

You have to loff at that doe ya, else you'd cry.

p.s. and the MK Dons have managed to build and own their own ground unall in just 9 years.

astle bridge

boy about town ,Albion have been mentioned on sky that intellectual giant Tony Cotee mentioned us he said we could well get relegated .I long stopped worrying about what the sage's of sky say most cant count up to 5 so no worries mate .We will have a good season so COYB!!!


Old Lawro has been pushed aside for MOTD this season, maybe we'll get a fair hearing this time around...or is that too much to ask?

I wonder what our media prediction was last term?

The Real Bully Hoo.


Funny you should mention Cottee. I heard him on Talksport earlier. He said, 'Vydra is signing for West Brom, why don't West Ham sign him?' The way he said it suggested that there was no way he'd come to us if the mighty 'Ammers stepped in. There's nothing like a good impartial broadcaster and most of the Sky, Talksport and BBC reporters are nothing like etc etc.

We Only Need One Half!

Well Le Tizz as got us finishing 14th this year, which is a big improvement on last season when he said we would go down, but, then again, he's also got Saints finishing 9th.

Go figure.

Forever Wba

Once again Bully you have chose to listen to something then criticize it, that's all you ever do , franksy and wm last week talk sport- sky- bbc this week and every poster that dares speak out , but you keep listening and reading and watching ,anybody with an ounce of common sense would just turn off , or is moaning your hobby ? gosh I hate the thought I might get old .

We Only Need One Half!

Yes but be fair Forever, there are posters on here who bang on about people not actually attending the games, then will avidly tune in, week in, week out, to hear the musings of pundits on MOTD.

Presumably these people believe these pundits they put so much stock in, such as you with your Franksy, have actually been to, and watched, 15 hours of football in the 7 hours between 3pm and 10pm on a Saturday. Square that circle?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Don't worry, in the world of your bedroom that you never leave you will remain the eternal Peter Pan, spreading Fairy dust on our site. And if you leave your bedroom somebody is bound to grant your wish about not getting old because you're such an annoying little squirt.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Forever Wba,

Bully isn't like you is he, you only criticise ALBION and us BAGGIES, don't you Dog-Head?. Simple reason being, you don't read anything else. You are already old.


Pounds Shillings and Peace.

I think the West Brom way of doing business is great to follow, we dont want to do a Leeds or Portsmouth, we dont want to be docked points for calling in the administrators, we do want the secure knowledge that our club is in good hands, be in a rude financial state, and be able to produce entertaining and exciting football. Heres to a good season (again).

Peace be with you.


What is this obsession with spending money? Look what has happened to Coventry, Portsmouth and a whole host of others. Do we want a sugar daddy who will change the name of the club, as with Hull or the team colours, as with Cardiff? I am sure our knowing fans can think of more examples, but off the top of my head I came up with a few freebies and cheapos against players we paid a fair bit for. So who do you prefer?

Jones/Reid or Zuiverloon

Macauley/Tamas or Meite

Olsson or Barnett

Mulumbu/Yacob or Valero

Phillips or Moore

and going back a bit, Bednar or Ellington/Beattie


Cracking point, well made.

3-0 Saturday.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You're just being silly. We all know that Olsson, Mulumbu and McAuley would have been much better players if we'd paid £12 mill each for them.

Really good post.


I think Vydra's definitely worth a punt. Not sure about Sinclair - He's not really done it anywhere. He's very much a 'star player in his own head'.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Couldn't agree more, but my main concern is whether Sinclair's career threatening injury stands up to the rigours of Premiership football. We shouldn't buy unless it is on our terms. We need to de-risk the situation. Cold analysis for twelve months at cut price.


Kev in Mallorca


Is there any truth in the rumor about you hiding in the wardrobe in ya budgie smugglers and bursting out just as the bride and groom were practicing for their wedding night,hence the cancellation and your availability for Saturday?


Wall Heath Baggie

If they had a Microscope .

The Special One

Hear, Hear.., totally agree with the. earlier contention regarding Pounds, Shillings and Peace. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Bravo, Bravo its all about money not football in the Premiership. We must tread carefully or lose our progress. By the way Albion isn't about a town in West Brom it draws the fan base from Brum and the Black Country put them together you have a big home fan base. Lets hope the good times can really return to the West Midlands football, in big way while way. To the next stage Mr Peace and SC the"BALL IS IN YOUR" court can you deliver. WHAT A CHALLENGE. The foundations are there. BOING BOMBER BROWN. what a lengend.

The Special One

Hear, Hear.., totally agree with the. earlier contention regarding Pounds, Shillings and Peace. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Bravo, Bravo its all about money not football in the Premiership. We must tread carefully or lose our progress. By the way Albion isn't about a town in West Brom it draws the fan base from Brum and the Black Country put them together you have a big home fan base. Lets hope the good times can really return to the West Midlands football, in a big way. To the next stage Mr Peace and SC the"BALL IS IN YOUR COURT' can you deliver. WHAT A CHALLENGE. The foundations are there. BOING BOMBER BROWN. what a lengend. THE PRIDE OF ENGLAND?

The Real Bully Hoo.

According to the Metro he's signed one year loan with option to buy despite West Ham and Sunderland both wanting him. Zoltan is also about to sign a new deal as well. Add to Anelka, Lugano, Popov and players like Youssuf extending contracts. RG seems to be finding DA's shoes quite comfortable.

Wall Heath Baggie

Never mind Garlick mate , you reached new depths last week when you quoted from a 'Bee Gees ' song , never in all my born days have i so traumatised.

CantelloRocket 78

Yer 'ave ter loff-

whenever the Baggies look like signing somebody, there's great interest from our neighbours in Staffordshire-

after a story appeared about us being interested in Robbie Keane, there was a stampede in this direction, 'laughingwolf' was shouting 'nooo, he couldn't, he wouldn't, noooo....'

Well on this thread today, we've had more 'dings' than from conductor Jack's bell in On The Buses......:-)

The Real Bully Hoo.


All these players we keep signing are just a sop to our fans because we missed out on Sam Ricketts.

We Only Need One Half!

TRBH, I'm still reeling that they 'beat' us to Doumbia's signature! Remember they insisted it wasn't because we decided against, it was because he preferred the Wolves job.

p.s. hows he doing now days?


I'm glad the gaffer has noticed we are a bit light on the ground.

To me, we're lacking width and will have to resort to playing 3 forwards all the time.

Mind you, Anelka is sheer quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cannock Baggie

Hate to say I told u so about wot Jp would do he spends nothing very year apart from loans it's boring and I get a season ticket yet again thinking now we have finished higher he mite spend some money , all you Jp fans wake up and smell the coffee he hasn't got a clue .spend the money we need players and quick not just two old players on cheap at end of careers

Jack ♣ Hat.

Cannock Baggie,

Don't worry your little head it will shorten your life span if you have a life, apart from worrying about Jeremy Peace and West Bromwich Albion. You are becoming like the wo1-Ves, everybody is laighing at you. L☺Ls.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I don't like the taste of coffee yet I love the smell of fresh ground coffee, it reminds me of the smell of the Premier League.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Cannock Baggie,

That Vydra brand of coffee smells blooming great, I know you feel the same.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Don't get it mixed up with the Viagra Jack, I keep them on different shelves.

kev the BaggiePostie

To all the moaning minies who come on and attack our transfer policy Look at what we have done in the last three seasons .We have slowly progressed up the table where as the big money spenders have gone the other way. Its not the amount a player costs ,its not how many players you buy, Its getting the right players and that's what we have done .If you want a prime example of this go watch Money Ball different sport but same principle .

Van Greaves

I hear seasoned pundits many who are ex pros bleating about Albion not spending money on players...not just this season but for many seasons. Of course, it's the solution to EVERYTHING!! When Albion last got promoted they were the bookies and pundits' dead certs to be relegated. They finished 11th. Surely their 2nd season would see the glitch to the second tier.... but no, they finished 10th. Surely Hodgson leaving would be a disaster and well, Clark... who had he managed, they said? So they finished 8th with record points. Form dipped when we lost the engine room don't forget. Gera, Yacob, Mulumbo and Brunt were missing for long spells.

Their only weakness is the size/strength of squad, but business won't be complete till 31st August and pound for pound on signings however they come by them, the Baggies must be the envy of the Prem in value for recruitment. Even Rosenburg could yet prove his critics wrong. Join the cool folks and be quietly confident. WE KNOW WHO WE ARE!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Van Greaves.

I liked Kev the Baggie Postie's post.

I didn't like your post...

I loved it.

(Apologies to Simon Cowell for pinching his line.)


Like the first cuckoo of spring I've heard a media pundit already naming us as relegation candidates because we haven't got Lukaku. I'll only worry when they stop tipping us.

Jack ♣ Hat.

According to reports Vydra has said yes to ALBION and will sign on Thursday after Internationals.

Time to move on without Sinclare, Manchester want £2m for the "Dickie winger" loan fee and £4m for a permanent fee. Also loan wages over £60k per week. Cut him adrift and look elsewhere, much to costly for what we would get, too risky. £2m on the nose for Sako would be more viable.


Jack ♣ Hat.

From the dark side:

Regards O'Hara:

Jacket is making a right clot of himself with all these U-turns. He will be bringing back Johnson next, suppose it is forced on him as no-one wants to buy the big earners or wo1-Ves won't fork out the golden hand shakes, as well as giving them away.

Wonder what Puggy and his one man committee have to say, L☺Ls.


CantelloRocket 78

Well the rumours are-

Vydra deal sorted, but he's on International duty, so official announcement may be within 24 hours-

Sinclair deal stalled, with City wanting 2 mil. loan payment and another 4 mil. to sign permanently next season, his salary being 'estimated' between 45-60k, with the Baggies trying to get City to pay part of his salary, and probably cut the transfer fee.......

The Real Bully Hoo.


Is he worth that much? I'm not saying I know that he isn't but I'm not sure I've seen enough of him to be certain that he is either. I wondered whether Adam Johnson is part of Sunderland's plans. A bit wayward but might respond to being given a chance. Otherwise I'd be inclined to make a take it or leave it offer to City for Sinclair and if not move on. I think winger is the only position that we're short now.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Puggy and his one man committee will be accusing us of being in cahoots again. L☺Ls.


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