Peter Odemwingie rules out move abroad from West Brom

West Bromwich Albion striker Peter Odemwingie has ruled out a move abroad and is ready to stay at The Hawthorns if he cannot seal a Premier League move.


Albion have rejected three bids from the Premier League and the Nigeria international will resist any transfer out of the top flight despite continued interest from Dubai-based club Al Nasr.

Odemwingie is ready to leave the Baggies but the Hawthorns hierarchy have turned down three bids of around £1.5m plus add-ons from English top-flight clubs including West Ham and Fulham.

Al Nasr have revived their interest in the 32-year-old and held fresh talks with the Baggies in recent days, although reports of an increased bid of £1.5m from the Middle East outfit are premature. They previously had an £850,000 offer rejected out of hand. However, Odemwingie will fight any attempt by the Baggies to offload him to a foreign club or a Championship side and is intent on staying in the English top flight.

That leaves Baggies bosses with four weeks to agree a deal with a Premier League club before the transfer window closes or be left with the prospect of the forward – who has been frozen out of the first team picture since the start of pre-season – remaining on their wage bill.

Odemwingie has been in open dispute with the Baggies since submitting a transfer request in January.

Albion brought a strong squad to Cork today, with defenders Jonas Olsson and Gabriel Tamas the only notable absentees in the party that flew from Birmingham this morning.

New signing Diego Lugano travelled but is unlikely to play any part tonight while winger Kemar Roofe is the only youngster in the squad.

Meanwhile, Albion remain in discussions over deal to bring Manchester City winger Scott Sinclair to The Hawthorns on loan.

The Baggies are optimistic a deal can be done before the start of the Premier League season but they believe negotiations still have some way to run.

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Comments for: "Peter Odemwingie rules out move abroad from West Brom "

Brummie Road Boinger

If the fact that we aren't willing to budge on this guy means we don't sign a player that wants to play for us (Kalou, Bent etc) because we are having to write off Odemwhinge's wages. I will be very unhappy with Richard Garlick and Jezza. More so than usual.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brummie Road Boinger,

Guessed you would, somehow.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Brummie Road Boinger?,

What!, do you mean you don't already hate our powers that be?, Dingle. You have hardly ever had a good word to say about my club. I was ostracised from the wo1-Ves site for less than the garbage you spout. Go and worry about your fading club that will be fortunate to stay in Divi3.

Don't bother trying to tell me what a big BAGGY fan you are, just tell the truth and shame the devil. Have a nice day.


Adam h

Realy? Did I just read that?

It's just getting boring now.......

Baggie Ed

Sorry Pete but there's no way back for you, your bridges have all been burned.

I know JP likes to play hardball but maybe it's time to soften his stance, because he must be kept far away from the first team if we can't get rid before the transfer window closes. Continuing to pay his high wages for no return is just plain crazy.

Just get rid now, we have made our point.

Brummie Road Boinger

I agree, and i am confident that Jezza will look at this as a big lesson learned.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brummie Road Boinger,

Another daft reply.



Is this true? I don't think PO would care as long as the money is right. He was determined to go to QPR who we could all see were doomed last term. He's played in so many different countries I can't see it making a difference to him. If he stays at the Baggies he will be used sparingly and come next year not many will be offereing him contracts. As long as one of these clubs forks out £2-3m he can go and I'm sure he will if they match his £40,000 per week. Why would he want to stay when the club don't want him the fans don't want him and he doesn't want to stay. It's absurd, just accept what offer we accept and move on Peter.

Boing Boing

Jack ♣ Hat.


Do you really believe Osaze is being paid £40k a week training with the kids and not playing?. I'd have a rethink if I were you.



I don't think it matters if he trains with you and me in my back garden, he's got a contract, that's the main reason he might not want to go to a club like AlNasr. If they are not going to match his wages he won't go there. That's why I don't beleive they are serious players as a bonefide football club. If they want to be associated with big league players they need to match the prices people ask them to pay. All this market stall type bartering is just making thier club look amaturish.

Boing Boing

Jack ♣ Hat.


Not training with the squad lowers his wages as he is not fulfilling the contract which he broke, just to mention a main point. So it does matter where he trains. He does not want to go abroad, that is his prerogative.

Al Nasr can do what the flaming hell they like, see if I care as long as they don't get Osaze for a pittance.

Bartering is not being unprofessional and is part of eastern countries culture.

Hope this is food for thought, mate.


Bank Manager

Well if he aint Jack I don't blame him for wanting to go , if our best player by far is being paid peanuts then I have just changed my mind about him , no wonder he wants to double his money , you make a stand Peter .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Surely it's better to have players on deals like this where they have to perform on the pitch to earn their money.

Otherwise we could end up with players on £40k a week that the fans hate, doing nothing and being banished to the U21's.

Just a thought.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Bank Manager,

Osaze and his agents were suckered in by Q.P.R., they didn't really want him, their aim was to unsettle our main striker at a time when we were to play them twice in League and Cup. Osaze and his agents couldn't see the ruse for the trick money offer. His agents made him look a real clot. You do what you like with your mind your prerogative.

Would you be paid a full salary if you disregarded company rules and did half a job?. Why shouldn't ALBION cash in on a good goalscorer. The offers we are receiving are way below what he is worth. His goal ratio would keep a club in the Premiership or get a Championship club promotion. Just for one season, six million would be cheap as chips.


P.S. Sorry for dragging you over old ground.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Are we destined to see Osaze with us until the end of his contract, if so, lets not do a wo1-Ves and ostracise him, in so doing cutting off our collective nose to spoil our collective face. But only if he is willing to stop twittering on twitter, knuckle down and fight for his place in the squad. This would test our Allegiance to back any player that pulls on the famous Navy Blue and White Stripes. You don't have to forget, to forgive. Consider yourselves preparatively counselled.

Back the BAGGIES. My opinion only, oh!, and tell me when to duck.


Brummy Roader Brian

Its ok for you to say that Jack you don't have to fork out to watch him .

Jack ♣ Hat.

Brummy Roader Brian,

Do you believe my computer comes free with free broadband. I've followed the BAGGIES for years. Slept on Paddington and Bristol stations, been there got the T-shirt. Those were the days. Coming out of Wembley and onto the tube for Shepherds bush, when we had just been beaten in the first ever League cup final at the famous old stadium by Q.P.R.. Had a wonderful night there, never bought a pint all night. Ended up in the Station Masters office because he forgot to secure the door. He kicked us out four hours later. Yes, the good old days. Many escapades like that one, it was still great to be a BAGGY. Now stuff your snide remark up your backside, pal and have a nice day.


John B

3 bids of £1.5M turned down already. I would bite their hands off. If we have to pay him until january, that's another £800K which we will save and pay someone else's wages. Sell him now

Jack ♣ Hat.

John B,

Why should we give him away, mate. Hold out for the best possible price and it isn't £1,5m.


Josh H

The situation doesn't worry me at all, i have no doubt that a team will come in for him before the end of the window. He is a quality player, we cant doubt that and i think 2m is a snip. I can see a Palace or a West Ham coming in for him over the next 2 weeks. I would of preferred to see him leave the Prem but i just want him off thew wage bill now, let somebody deal with his attitude.


Bang on. He's scored 10+ goals each season in the Prem and he will do next season. Are there any players out there who will score that amout of goals, have proven they can do it in the past and all for an asking price of £2m? There hasn't been a player like that for £4m. If Steven Fletcher can be sold for £15m there is no way Odemwingie is not worth a £2m punt even if its for one year. Whoever signs PO from Cardiff, Hull or Crystal Palace will stay up, it's as simple as that.

Boing Boing

Josh H

Could not agree more.


This story shouldn't still be rolling on, it's time to draw a line under it and wash our hands with awolwingie. We all know he will stay in the prem and more than likely score against us so let's just accept it, cash in on him, stop playing hard ball for an extra 400k or so on his fee and use his wages etc for some new blood, Defoe,bent.........It's time JP and garlick wise up and realise we've wasted all summer chasing kalou and missed out on remy due to this situation and finacial implications


West Brom weren't even interested in Remy - he's on 90K a week on loan, hardly the deal we are after is it? We want to strengthen the whole of the front-line and are moving for Sinclair on-loan coupled with Kalou as a permanent addition or Vydra on loan. I'd much rather pay £2.6 million for Kalou on a permanent than £2m plus wages for Remy on loan.

As for "chasing Kalou all summer" the offer was only made two weeks ago, anything before that was premature speculation. We have signed 3 players thus far with one looking likely to be joining this week, and talks with Kalou and Vydra on-going. What more do you want?!

Cyril Randle

FranktheTank. "It's time JP and Garlick wise up". To what mate? How to run a successful football club ? I just wish JP ran the bank where what bit I have is sitting. Regardless of what our fortunes may be this season, the club will still be there next season. That's what really matters.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think you might be indulging in a bit of Fantasy Football there. Good game but doesn't translate to real life.


Awe things not going your way Peter? I hope you are relishing your big chance to play for a lower Premiership/championship London club. You can then become a demi god which will feed your amazingly huge ego.


Of course he wants to stay......where else will he command those wages now!......I get that we are trying to maximise on any profit by trying to hold out for the highest price, and I get that he is unlikely to play first team footbal at the baggies unless things change.....but there is no doubt that he proved himself as a quality goal scorer? It is a shame that his antics have made him a bit of 'pariah' but as much as I don't like what he did, you have to question if it was him, or just bad advice.......if it was bad advice and he has since changed his management team, would you give him a second chance?....I for one would rather see him scoring goals for the baggies instead of against us if he joins another Premiership team?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Level headed post, mate. Couldn't agree more. Osaze would have to go some to get back onto his contracted £40k a week though. Fines and reduced pay for not being on call for the squad must have ravaged that sum of money I'd have thought. Anyway, all's well that ends well, whichever way it turns out.

Doesn't stop us being BAGGIES does it.



Does this story contain any substance? There are no statements from JP, RG, the club or Odemwhingey! Albion are well known and respected for doing their business behind closed doors! Keep faith with the Baggies!!


Cyril Randle

I'll bet you fivepence halfpenny that the sod doesn't want to go now we've got Anelka. But, there will be a club suddenly decide they can risk him for 2 seasons, so no need to sweat yet.


Wow peter might stay that's great news (joking obviously)

We all know JP is a top negotiator but this has gone on to long. If he stays and doesn't play that's 2 mill in wages for nothing in return. sell for 1.5 save 2 mill that's 3.5 mill.

We all know JP isn't stupid but with hindsight not selling to QPR in January has cost us dearly as he made no real contribution after that but still cost a mill in wages.

Some times JP you just need to cut your losses and get rid.

I am more interested in this Defoe rumor he would be such a fantastic buy for us i said earlier in the summer we should use our extra SKY money to secure a top striker and Defoe (or Bent) would be ahead of Kalou in my book.


Right Burnley, I want to buy a PS3. Lets say you have one to sell. You want £150 for it, that is more than a fair price for a machine that would usually cost around the £200 mark. I say no, you've used it and it's a little bit old and how do I know it's not going to cause me problems so I say I'm only willing to pay £20 for it. You tell me to do one so I come back and say 'aright, £90'.

Should you sell me the PS3? Who profits the most out of that deal and who will be hastling you to get all your games on the cheap in the future? In this situation we can either be the mugs or we can be savy. Which one would you rather we be? I take your point and it is definately valid but in the long term it will cause us more problems to cave in. Look at how much Liverpool have to pay out each season for players that usually have hardly any impact at the club.

Boing Boing

The Real Bully Hoo.

Burnley if Baggie in Manc is only offering £20 for your PS3 I'll give you 25 for it.

Good post BIM and point well made.


Just get rid of him.

CantelloRocket 78

Reading this story, two things came to mind-

1) it's claimed P.O. won't even contemplate playing outside the top flight - yet he was desperate to join QPR, who were already well on their way towards the championship, so it would appear his sole motivation could only have been financial greed- what a surprise.

and 2) both Fulham and West Ham have very rich owners, so if we sold Pete to one of 'em at below his true valuation, what happens if he scored against us next season?

The Gold's and Sullivan 's would laff at JP, saying 'he's given us the points off you, and we got him on the cheap, sucker!!'

That'd go down well, eh......?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Good points, mate. Jeremy is playing with the hard ball and even a thunderstorm won't stop play.


New commer

All of you claiming he was deperate to join QPR, who were well on their way towards the championship" well at that time, they were still in the premiership and he probably and reasonably believed he could contribute towards keeping them there. I hope he gets out of west brom soon.

Jack ♣ Hat.

New comer,

Blame Fernandes the Fulham owner who reneged and moved the goalposts last minute, I'm sure you are conversant with what actually unfolded in the Osaze shambles. Leave my club out of it.


CantelloRocket 78

No comma,

you're right, QPR WERE still in the prem. in January, and Pete was obviously only going there to help poor 'arry out, wot a guy!

I'm sure he could've done what 18 new players costing 40 million couldn't do in Shepherd's Bush..

Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Peter Perfect, super heroes.....!!

Yeah, right......

The Real Bully Hoo.

Bet you'd like us to sign Robin Van Persie or Ruud Van Nistelrooy or Rafael Van De Vaart. One for the oldies there.

Forever Wba

Should have got rid when we had the chance , PO is pulling the strings now what a complete and utter farce by both player and the board .

Troll stomper

meanwhile down your custard bowl,half the very highly paid squad are banished to the reserves,a complete shambles and total joke.

Forever Wba

Troll stomper ... fancy a pint at everton ? my treat .

Troll stomper

forever,difficult,I'll be at Everton,while your watching big rivals Crawley.

Forever Wba

tromper I will be n arkles pre- match keep intouch and we can arrange it .

Troll hunter

Yes, I've found one

Jack ♣ Hat.

Troll stomper,

Then low and behold Ken Jacket has to do a U-turn and bring in Doyle, how belittling is that of a Head-Coach?. Morecambe blitzed wo1-Ves in the second half, after a bland first one. How they only scored one goal which was a blinding free kick, heaven only, knows. The squad from down the road isn't half fit enough and apart from a few studs showing tackles hardly contributed, Doyle might as well not bothered to show. Anyway, lets talk football. Well done Scott Allan, he scored a brace in Blue Noses 2-1 win. Walsall were at it again, seeing off Port Vale with a 2-1 victory. They really are on fire. Oh! and we managed a corker of a 6-0. now I'm going to peruse the best bit, with a nice cup of coffee.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Forever Wba,

Still not a good word from you is there, Dingle.

Dingle, your club don't impress me much.

Sorry for snitching your words Shania.


Cyril Randle

How does it feel calling yourself 'Wbaforever' when you know your colour is yellow ? Appropriate is it not ?


Fed up with this saga now....garlick and peace just need to sell him now even if they do lose out by a small margin money wise! We need to free up a wage for new signings, big signings like kalou or even Defoe!!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Principals come first, no need for us to cave in and go on a declination with our good name. Stand firm I say.


keith hinson

although i hate to say it .but if we cannot sell him at a reasonable figure and dont buy a suitable replacement .why dont we keep him ,as at the end of the day he knows where the net is .it might be a suitable time for everyone to eat humble pie and put this terrible time behind us !


Odemcringey versus WBA FC

Awful situation for the Baggies, these other clubs are havin a laugh, there tryin it on.

The managers (clubs) know him to be a goal scorer in the premiership, and dare i say it, a good one, i'm hopeful he will go for this very reason. Even if it goes to the last 24 hours, some club will take that chance, they won't be able to resist.

Hang on in there


As usual, there will be only one winner. JP will be rid of PO come hell or high water. He plays hard ball for fun, that's the way he role's!!


I heard his wages are not as high as everybody thinks.

It is said he's on a £15k per week basic with a £300k quarterly bonus subject to appearances and goals, which is also why he is unhappy as he isn't getting games or goals.

He did the same with Lukaku last season and Chelsea had to make up the difference in his wages.

Apparently JP does this type of deal all the time.

Quite clever really.

It would be interesting if this is the case.


Interesting shout that, would certainly explain his eagerness for first-team football!!


I know JP has a reputation for playing 'hard ball' which has paid rich dividends in the past. He has also put Odemwingie firmly in his place, much to the delight of most Albion fans and the wider football world. But now we must accept £1.5m that has been reported as being offered. For a 32 year old who has caused trouble at most places he has played including his national side. He must be one of the highest paid players in the squad, we will be paying him for training with the reserves next season. This money would be better spent on a young player who wants to play for the Albion and will be available to play for the first team. This will not be a climb down, but good business and will clear the decks for another top Midland team finish

The Real Bully Hoo.

I don't want to comment on this actual story because I think there is nothing left that hasn't been said.

Sometimes it's easier to get a handle on your own club's dealings by having a look at another club's website and comparing the comments with your own. I often scan through the Wolves site. There are some very sharp, genuine football posters on there and there are some Wallies. But there are an awful lot in between.

What I notice is that back when they were signing Roger Johnson and Jamie O'Hara there were a lot of posts saying, 'just give them what they're asking and get them in.' They failed to sign quite a few players, Scott Dann is one who comes to mind and there were many posters on there slagging off Moxey for failing to match Dann's wage demands and Blackburn got him because they paid up.

Now the Wolves message boards are filled with posters attacking Moxey because they're stuck with Johnson, O'Hara, Doyle etc on massive wages and they can't get rid of them. Dann wasn't a massive success at Blackburn and is no doubt still collecting big money in the Championship. What's the betting that a lot of the 'just give him the money' posters are the same ones now saying 'why did Moxey give him the money'

All I'm saying is, its easy to sit here at the keyboard saying, 'sign him, spend that, get rid of him, give him away etc,' because we don't have to balance the books. Also if JP gives Odemwingie away to another PL club for a bargain fee and he scores a hatful of goals, will the ones suggesting it come back on and say 'sorry I got it wrong.'

Westcroft buggy

Spot on


Hello mate

Long time no message but i know your ok cause I still read every day. Not been on for a while cause all the stories are nonsense and Luke this one just keep going round and round. Could not agree more with what you say above. It's really a no win situation for wba cause you ain't goin to get a goal scorer in England for two mil simple as that regardless of his age. It is a shame we couldn't build bridges cause on his day he is a menace ask the dogs they were witness to it. There is one thing I don't agree with though and think your wrong for saying it people may get the wrong idea !!! You say there is sharp people on the dark side ??? No there ain't there all morons who can't see further than there noses and don't you forget it me old mucker take care haha

East Stand Stan

bhb why do you have to throw insults , im a WBA die hard but id sooner listen to a sensible wolves fan than listen to you , I bet when we played them you where nowhere to be seen,said you not been on for a long time can you keep it that way , if anyone`s a moron its you !

The Real Bully Hoo.

Stanley, calm down dear it's only website.

BhB wasn't throwing insults he was poking a bit of fun at Wolves fans and the very sharp and genuine ones I mentioned would understand that and have a smile at it. And I'm sure if you go to any games this season you will have the chance to talk to some of the sensible Wolves fans.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Good to here from you mate, hope this post is the first of many.

I've been conversing with your namesake and he doesn't seem a bad bloke, I hope you sort out your naming rights dispute and that the legal eagles don't get involved if it goes to image rights.

Talking of Wolves fans, I thought even the Trolls wouldn't have the heart to come on here today. How wrong can you be. Clutching at straws comes to mind.


The Real Bully Hoo > Very good post.

I've heard the same old nonsense for 40 years plus, and it aint amnesia, it is lack of understanding with an alcohol mixer.

Crucifixion, good, out of the door first line on the left ;-))

Bomby salas

Thumbs up! Smart and sensible comment...

Jack ♣ Hat.


Good post, mate. I'm just happy we have sensible people on our board, to be honest. The clubs moves are well thought out. Remember Jeremy saying "Cold analysis is better than emotional ambition" also "De-risking deals by interrogation of data". That is the reason Jeremy and the board brought in Dave McDonough, another smart move. That is the high level on which our club is run. Long may it last. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



Getting boring now .sign somebody Jp fans getting annoyed with u


Peter needs to go never mind the money we get for him, he made it clear he doen't won't to be at the hawthorns, paying his wages will stop us getting new players, we need to get rid of him at any reasonable price, before it's too late

Jack ♣ Hat.


... In that case you can throw me an odd million or three, if it doesn't matter.


Pembrokeshire Baggie

I just wish they would settle their differences, PO gets his head right about the club, the other players forgive him and we move forward with him involved.

He's too good to let another Premiership club take him

The Real Bully Hoo.

Reported on another site that negotiations for Scott Sinclair on loan are well advanced. No idea if it's true but it's a reputable site and I doubt they'd want to look silly if it isn't.

CantelloRocket 78

Rumour that Sinclair will sign on loan at the weekend, but Kalou doesn't want to leave France.


I'm fairly sure the same people criticizing the Board for not selling in January are exactly the same people who'd be on here criticizing the Board if we had sold him, blaming it for our subsequent downturn in form, the same folk would say we're a selling club, we didn't replace him, JP cost us a European place, we have no ambition and/or that we should have kept him. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing?

To my mind we did the right thing back in January at the time and nobody could have predicted how much more unsavoury things would become.

There's an argument we should now cut and run, but then again there was an argument we should have sold Greening, Kamara, Davies and Cox etc for the first offers that came in.

He's nowhere near the first team so I doubt he'll upset them. For those that say we need the money, working on a cash basis is certainly not how accounting works and I doubt it'll have any bearing on any pursuit of Kalou etc. West Ham and Fulham are two clubs heavily subsidised by their owners, if they want him then let them pay for him.

JP's not often been wrong in terms of selling players, let's judge on Sep 3 whether he was right this time..........


Afternoon all,

stay - go - stay - go !!!!!!!! go on his term but only to the club/wages he want's......this on going saga now is becoming a little annoying. Other clubs know that JP won't be messed around with, and whilst I believe that some club will at the end of the window take a punt on him.....I've got a nagging feeling that he may still be with us at the end of the window...and then what? Do we give him a squad number (takes another players place) and hope that he can be rehabbed back into the first team mix or do we not give him a number.....fine him every time he moans on tw#tter and then have the PFA our backs demanding we tear up his contract and let him leave for nowt. When the saga first started on here it seemed to me to be a 50/50 split as to keep him or not and I would have loved for him to stay and help move us forwards - him , long and Anelka as 3 front strikers would have been as amazing set of players for SC to pick from but now....too much water under the bridges that have been burnt. Think if someone offers us a little over £1.5M i'd take it and hand him a road map to where ever he wants to go and out the whole thing to bed. Enough.



Bomby salas


Nice Pete




Roy Doran

With reference to Peter Odemwingie, there seems to be a great deal of speculation on what is going on. Do not believe everything that you read! The fans will never get to know the truth about the size of any transfer fee, or if there has been any serious bids or by which club. As for his wages at the Albion and how they are paid, do they include bonus payments etc, that is between the player and the club, highly confidential information.

News creates interest, how do we know if the news that we read is true? I know one thing, Albion do NOT conduct their business in public. My advice to the fans is please remain patient, JP has a good record of buying and selling players at a profit, I am sure that everything will work out right in the end!


Kev in Mallorca

To quote one of our more entertaining fans "cannot a sinner be a saint" . For me, get rid at JP's price and get another goal scorer in but maybe, just maybe with a little back tracking on all sides and more importantly with the unanimous blessing of ALL the squad he can stay, cause at the end of the day, on his day he knows where the net is.


CantelloRocket 78

Kev ,

Bon dia.

I think I know the answer to yer quiz about the Sinner turned Saint-

do I win a pint ?

If so, can I have a Pepsi Max.......??


Jack ♣ Hat.


Well said mate, Listen he knows how our system works so in fact he is worth more than £6m to us IF he regained his composure. Otherwise he goes at our price. Stick fifteen goals on our seasons stats and we are looking good. Lets not be eristic, lets be efficacious. That is what counts at the days end.



I still say we farm him off to Walsall on a loan deal...

Better then sitting on his arse doing nothing....



The Special One

The PO saga is running on for too long. The fact is that PO has scored some good Premiership goals for the Club. On the other hand acting on bad advice he tried to create a move but has gained noteriety. Its good for the Club and for the twit. However, the new season is fast approaching unity is required throughout the Club as well as strength. Thus let bygones be bygones put an arm around wingie and demand more goals off him. Plus sign some more players and try for Europe or Cups. WE NEED ACCOLADES.

Jack ♣ Hat.

The Special One,

That's special, mate.



His biggest twitter rant was about the fact he wasn't getting games. If it was all about the money then surely he'd have been happy on our bench. Besides didn't he offer to make up the difference between what QPR offered and what we wanted out of his own pocket? He has gone about things in completely the wrong manner but I doubt the club are blameless n this saga. He's damaged goods now which can only drive his price down. I can see him being loaned out towards the end of the window which is not good as I suspect we need the money for other deals.

carter 88

i think odemwingie will still be at the hawthorns next year....and secretly think steve clarke wouldnt be against that happening despite the disrespect he has shown our club the head coach still rates him.

We Only Need One Half!

Anyone else aware we now have an inside man at Real????? (yeah laugh it up Wulfies, then read it and weep!)

"West Brom are now targeting unsettled Paris St-Germain midfielder Clement Chantome after snapping up his ex-teammate Diego Lugano. PSG midfielder in Baggies link The Frenchman fears he is being frozen out by the Ligue 1 champions after failing to make their squad for the Trophee des Champions or the recent Real Madrid friendly. His agent has confirmed the interest of three Premier League and two Ligue 1 clubs with Everton, Fulham and West Brom believed to be the three English clubs in the hunt for his signature. West Brom's chances of pulling off the swoop may be quite good following the surprise signing of Uruguayan central defender Lugano from the Paris club. Lugano has credited national team colleague Luis Suarez for helping persuade him to make the move to The Hawthorns, but head coach Steve Clarke's contacts also appear to be at work. Clarke worked with ex-PSG assistant manager Paul Clement, the brother of ex-Baggies defender Neil, for several seasons at Chelsea and may have been tipped off about both players' availability by the Englishman. Clement now works at Real Madrid after being allowed to follow ex-Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti to the Bernabeu when the Italian switched clubs earlier this summer."

Now, pass me my shades!


So Fulham refuse to meet our £2million valuation for On a Dinghy, but are reportedly willing to spend £6million on Bent. I think JP knows when someone is taking the p***, I for one respect his judgement.


Excellent post from Bully above, my view is that we'll never truly know what happened on transfer deadline day, but I suspect that too much water has gone under the bridge for there to be a way back now, Odemwingie has wanted out for a long time now. He will score goals wherever he ends up but the guy is toxic and will cause unrest if he stays. We did the right thing in January but we need to part company with him now.


Who does ACCOLADES play for?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Bet you wish the ground would open up and swallow you, after you read that effort. L☺Ls.


It should have been 10

I know who will blink first in this little sand off....I think we all do!

JP is setting out a marker for the other players and to the rest of the Premiership. He is letting everyone know that ALBION is a club to be taken seriously by one and all.

Let him rot until January if you must but under no circumstances relent.

Percy Freeman

I hope we keep him, play him into the ground, let him score plenty of goals and then get £3m for him.


Po is a good player, but no man is above mistake, but if west brom play hard a prifer Po play with the resarve team and get his 40k a week, then west brom will be a crying.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I don't think JP does crying.

Peter Odemwingie No 1 Fan

Dear WBA Fans,

I come in peace.

I will be practical, objective, factual and straight to the point in my postings.

Hot Off the press, PO will be heading to Dubai.

Dubai officials are here now.

He is ONLY joining because Dubai offered him the most money and it is TAX FREE.

You heard it hear first.