West Brom close in on cut-price Diego Lugano deal

West Bromwich Albion were today expected to complete a deal for Uruguay captain Diego Lugano.

Diego Lugano
Diego Lugano

The 32-year-old has held talks and had a medical with the Baggies after Paris Saint-Germain sanctioned his exit on a free transfer. He is expected to watch his potential new team-mates when they face Italian side Genoa at AFC Telford tonight (7.30pm).

The Baggies are targeting extra competition for first-choice centre-backs Jonas Olsson and Gareth McAuley and see Lugano as the man to provide it.

His contract in the French capital expires next summer and PSG are happy to remove him from the wage bill.

The signing of another centre-back could clear the way for Craig Dawson to head out of The Hawthorns again on loan after his impressive stint at Bolton, or for Gabriel Tamas to seek a move away.

Tamas has struggled to provide stern competition for Olsson and McAuley since the arrival of Steve Clarke as head coach.

And Dawson has not fully convinced the head coach he is ready for Premier League action despite his encouraging stint at the Reebok Stadium.

Lugano fell out of favour in Paris but played 11 times for Malaga on loan last season and represented Uruguay in this summer’s Confederations Cup.

In the previous season, the 6ft 2in stopper made 12 Ligue 1 and five Europa League appearances for PSG after arriving from Fenerbache in 2011 following five years in Turkey, during which he gained Champions League experience.

While attacking reinforcements have been Clarke’s top summer priority, the Hawthorns head coach has been keen to add more options at centre-back and has already failed in a bid to sign Napoli’s Argentina international Federico Fernandez on loan. Lugano also has experience of playing as a full-back.

Meanwhile, the Baggies remain in discussions over potential loan deals for Udinese striker Matej Vydra and Manchester City wideman Scott Sinclair.

Vydra remains keen to return to England where he enjoyed a successful season with Watford and was voted Championship player of the year. But Udinese have yet to agree a loan deal with any club – West Ham are also keen.

Sinclair looks set to leave City on loan after a frustrating first season at the Etihad Stadium.

Albion have offered a contract to Lille forward Salomon Kalou and are awaiting his response.

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Comments for: "West Brom close in on cut-price Diego Lugano deal"


I am sick and tired of the albion showing there interest in a player or biding because moments later there is a article saying west ham are interested. Show your interest in a player of your own.

Jeremy Pence

It's the other way round west Ham were after these players and we try and poach them. Get used to it.

CantelloRocket 78

Much more like Jeremy Beadle, but amazingly, even less funny....

Jeremy Pence

Armchair No.2 gets in a post before the No.1 armchair, I wasn't expecting that.

CantelloRocket. 78

Beadle's about-

I bet you wasn't expecting Division 3 this time last year, either,eh.....?

We Only Need One Half!

What? you know full well we find our own buys, with our excellent scouting set up we have no need to try and steal them, like when Wolves nipped in for Doumbia, and now he cant even make the team. They should have known as soon as we decided he wasn't good enough the alarm bells should have been ringing.

But no, Wolves 'scouts' and management knew better again didn't they!!!! that was another 2.5 million well spent wasn't it. Or, 2.5 Uruguayan Captains if you like.

We Only Need One Half!

no appointment today then Jeremy?

p.s. don't forget your little book.


Cue the generic West Ham interest.....


Relegation battle this year with all these old grandads, Clarke has lost his marbles and should be sacked now.

Look around us people signing top quality and we are searching for loans or 1m bargain basements.

inside man

Uruguay captain is top quality, just cuz he's cheap doesn't mean he's bad. McCauley, Olsson, mulumbu, dorrans, odemwingie, yacob, foster, Morrison All came in on cheap deals but all are proven in the prem now

Jack ♣ Hat.

inside man,

Puggy's Jealous committee are in town. Nothing doing in Low Hill City, just the usual arguments amongst themselves. Sad life they have got down there in Divi3. L☺Ls.


New Broseley Baggie

I agree with most of that,but i think,for us,Foster was not cheap.4.5 mill?Approx.That for us is a big fee.

inside man

Foster was bought for less than 2 million

Cyril Randle

Just keep the info coming Inside Man. Three of those above are Wulfies eaten away with jealousy.


Concentrate on selling O'Hollywood, Roger 'on the lash' Johnson and Kevin scores-less-than-Susan-Boyle!

WBA will be just fine thank you; the same can't be said about a side in League One, who have bought a geriatric Ricketts in and who will be reliant on youth players who have hardly set the world alight.

Enjoy League One - you'll have plenty of time to become accustomed to it by the looks of things...


Fingers crossed eh StaffordshireWanderersDave then we might play you next season... you wish


Dow be saft


You must be a muppet sayin that stupid word (saft)

Why have southhampton, sunderland, villa, ect spending lots of cash, we are getting weaker my friend this premier league is going to push to the wire, we will be boing boing boinging down to the championship if we dont act now!

Cyril Randle

SmethwickTownDave. ECT is what they give to folks with mental disorder. I think you mean 'et cetera' , Latin for 'and the rest', or etc.

We Only Need One Half!

Smethwick Dave, what were you watching upon until this week, netball? cos it certainly wasn't football, every team spends more than us every season, including the 12 who finished below us in the Prem this season, and quite a few in The Championship as well, whats your point? If you want to follow a team that hemorrhages money, only to achieve relegation on a historical scale you will have to follow that lot down the road.

The Real Bully Hoo.


If Smethwick Town Dave wants ECT you should let him. It can't do any harm can it?

Cyril Randle

Bully, he's confused right now and temporarily he'd be stunned, but then awake to a Golden Dawn singing 'Black and Cack will win the League'


Dingle ! Not even a good attempt , "Smethwick towndave " indeed !


Why sack Clark its peace who has to go

Tipton baggie

Our defence is already old enough as it is.

McAuley-33 Olsson-30 Reid-32 Tamas-29 Ridgewell-29 Popov-29 now Lugano 32 if we sign him.

We will need a whole new back line in a year or 2 with no profit being made due to retirement or moving them on because of their age.

And no I am not a Wolves fan before someone shoots me down I am just stating a fact.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You're right it's a fact it's also a valid opinion. The thing is players are staying fitter and going on for longer these days. We still don't have a lot of money compared to most other PL clubs so if these types of buys keep us in the top league then the increased PL money will put us in a very good position. We need to have patience though. There's also the fact that we may have some of our own young players coming through in a couple of years.

Danish Baggie

Why a hole new backline ? What about Billy Jones And Dawson ?

Gabbys Elbow


Danish Baggie

Gabbys Elbow

As the name suggests, I´m Danish, and you´ll have to live with spelling mistakes. Hope you got the meaning.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Danish has probably got an Acer like me. For some reason they like to miss the odd letter out.


Gabby he proberly means the HOLE in our defence .

We Only Need One Half!

So we will worry about that in a couple of years. Given what we paid for the players listed, how much profit do you think we should be making?

baggie birder

im sure SC and co are aware of the need for more pace in the team lets be patient. the captain of his country however old would certainly strengthen our squad


Please read this in the manner it is intended, but look at some of the worlds top teams, then tot up an average age, 90% of them will be 26-27+, it comes with age, just like goalkeepers

Cyril Randle

Tipton. A seasoned, experienced defence is quite easy to fit youngsters into when they are being blooded for the Prem.


Evening fella,

okay - but Jones and Dawson are young - I don't doubt that there are kids in the academy coming through and age is no real barrier these days. Manure back line is not exactly young when they play Rio - Vidic and Evra is it.

No worries mate.



Rushall Baggie

As forecast by bloggers yesterday, West Ham has declared an interest. Sullivan, Gold and Brady watched WBA soar when they were at Birmingham and now just want to follow the leader at all times. Sam hasn't got a clue about these players - he's just told to do what the Albion do. It's always difficult, but we will land one of our targets soon.

Finnish Baggie

Old boys is like old wine....McAuley had best ever season at 32age. We need some experience but we have Billy Jones and Dawson as well. Look forward to Europe under Clarke if we get Sinclair, Vydra and Kalou landed. Again best team in Midlands

Roy Doran

Re Diego Lugano, he could be a decent signing as he has lots of experience. I just hope he has lots of pace because that is what we lack at centre half.

I await developments on the posible signings of Kalou and Sinclair, whilst a Vydra loan deal would only help to strengthen the squad. I look forward to a positive outcome!

COYB go for it!

New Broseley Baggie

My wife remembers him playing in Brazil,for Gremio,and says he was a very decent player.But,a really nasty piece of work at times on the pitch.Though that type of player could be of benefit to us as we tend to be too nice at times.

The Real Bully Hoo.


That's true we don't really have an enforcer do we?

We Only Need One Half!

Oh I don't know, I remember Jonas carrying Andy Carrols nuts in a bag for a whole game when he played against us for Newcastle!

Forever Wba

We can`t keep loaning or buying older players ...they will have to be replaced again next season ... we never going to have a settled team ... had my season ticket arrive today , key to the shrine it says on it , more like key to the championship .

CantelloRocket 78


when you say you've had your season ticket arrive, you obviously meant your 'sky' subscription -

including your big favourite of course, The Disney Channel......

Forever Wba

Well you can always come and say hello to me ? have you had yours ? seems im the only one on here that's received could there be a reason for that I wonder .

CantelloRocket 78

You get priority as president of the Mickey Mouse fan club......?

Forever Wba

called your bluff have I Len , your always asking so I have invited you to come say hello , what`s it going to be yes/ no , I will not ask again .


Did anything else come with it?

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, your dole office is obviously subsidising yours Forever, how else would you afford it. This drink, you bringing your wife and kids you take to ever game home and away as well?

Forever Wba

Nedball yes it did ,why you ask ? you not got season ticket then .

We Only Need One Half!

Forever, I don't have a season ticket, answer Nedball question, what did you get with it? I'd like to know?


• Step One: Go to an office-supply website or store.

• Step Two: find a representative in-store/locate the search facility online, and submit a query regarding 'shredders'.

• Step Three: Purchase 'shredder' with preferably 'next-day-delivery'.

• Step Four: Await delivery of parcel.

• Step Five: When parcel arrives, open the packaging, plug into a power supply and check it is functioning correctly.

• Step Six: place season-ticket stile-card into 'shredder' carefully, minding fingers, and shred until completely disposed of.

• Step Seven: locate a form of transport and travel to Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

• Step Eight: Purchase season-ticket at ticket-office.

• Step Nine (optional): Purchase Orange shirt from club-shop; again, optional purchase of matching shorts is available.

• Step Ten: Never return to the Hawthorns.


Hey Stripey thing!. I know you've come back to this comment a few times hoping you'd got a reaction, and you've been a bit disappointed that you got none (and so out of sympathy have dropped this in for you). That was really clever of you, you should do more of this type of thing as you appear to have a real talent for it.


Why thank you out resident under the bridge!

Now don't forget to grab those three goats as they cross that bridge of yours, you were made to look rather foolish in the past when they got by! (If this comment is lost on you, look up 'De tre bukkene Bruse' for enlightenment).

Feed the Trolls and they'll want more

That story is trollist it discriminates against ugly men with twisted minds and a poor lifestyle


Again a supporter gives their honest opinion and is immediately shouted down and insulted. Not everybody is a blind optimist like me, I understand that, doesn't mean they should become dingles. Also not every moaning Baggie is a dingle troll.

Feed the Trolls and they'll want more

Read that first post again and ask yourself is that really the words of a genuine supporter

If you believe that I'd love a game of poker with you

Kev in Mallorca


AGAIN a supporter give an honest opinion and then bleats that somebody disagrees with that opinion on a public forum.


Big day for me today hit the big 50 , new shirt sorted ready for the season and thanks to my kids ,name now firmly planted on the baggies brick road in honour.

Come on baggies make my day even better with white smoke from the hawthorns announcing the big signings we are all waiting for



Happy Birthday

Your in good Baggie company, no wonder he is referred to as soly Kanu ;-))

Nwankwo Kanu-1994-2012. (Born 01 Aug, 1976)

Them Baggies


Many happy returns, I got my old man (no pun intended) a brick too, he loved it.

Bring on that white smoke!

Enjoy your day.

Cyril Randle

Andyl. I remember being 50. I'd just done a 12 hour stint at Walsall Tech., just turned 9pm, no transport for that night except the bus. I was down, very down. I stood on the top step looking out across Boots Chemist. Walking towards me was a lovely blonde female lecturer I'd watched playing a 'racquets' game in the Gym. She saw my downcast expression instead of my usual bounce and cheek. "What's up with you Smiler". "50th Birthday, nothing left of it" said I. Next came a moment of magic. She gave me a kiss to remember, then strolled away like nothing had happened, smiling broadly. Would YOU forget that ?

Happy Birthday Andy Pandy. How's Looby Lou ?

Westcroft buggy

Cyril,you truly light my days,I could read your posts all day long,what a gent.

Cyril Randle

Sir, (or is it Madame, we should be told), you are a gent. (or lady). Best possible wishes.



What a great story ill be asking looby Lou for that kiss later lol

Cyril Randle

Andy Pandy, just make sure Teddy's not watching, might give him ideas !


Uruguayan players have always been dirty but strong, but then I think we need a bruiser in the team somewhere.


Worked for Mad Dog Robinson, what a gem.

CantelloRocket 78

alright mate,

whaddya mean, dirty players?

Just because Lugano's been sent off 7 times, he's not dirty, just a very naughty boy......

but don't worry, the last time was 3 years ago, he's ok unless he meets someone like Andy Carroll...;-)

Danish Baggie

Much needed competition for a, now and then, cocky and arrogant Olsson


Danish Baggie,

where do you live in Denmark?


Danish Baggies fan



Cyril Randle

Soren, he lives in the Alverwumpton bit of Denmark.

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, just outside a picturesque little hamlet called Heath Town, as you may have gathered from the name its all heather, lavender and bracken.

Quite delightful.

Danish Baggie

I live`s in the town of Vaxjo it about 3 hours east of Copenhagen . We have many Baggie there , maybe one day we can have drink . skol





Danish Baggie

I live in Aarhus. Vaxjo is in Sweeden not ?

And to We Only Need One Half and Cyril Randle. Tjek with Cantello Rocket if you have me down for a Dingle. He acatualy met my in The Vine the last time I was in England.

We Only Need One Half!

Danish, I don't recall calling you a dingle???

I did a fortnights exercise in Denmark, we were acting as Spetsnaz to give your Home Defence Force a run out. Cant remember the name of the small town we were in, but it could have been far from Esbjerg or Varde because we had a couple of nights out there.

Danish Baggie

Soren yes there is a Vaxjo in sweeden but I live in Vaxjo Denmark its a little fishing village , we have a local idiot ther name len .





Cyril Randle

OK Danish Baggie, let us know when you are coming over again and we'll meet up. I'll open my wallet, let the moths out, buy you a drink and I promise to apologise for saying Alverwumpton was in Denmark.

PS: It is closer than West Bromwich is though.

Danish Baggie ( the original one )

So, it looks like we have got two Danish Baggies posting now, hence the namechange :-)

Looking forward to see you all in The Vine, sometime during the season :-)

CantelloRocket 78

Danish Baggie ( Jes ),

hello my friend.

I did indeed have the pleasure of meeting you in The Vine, but it was a little early, and the other guys didn't arrive until later, so next time I'll introduce you to them.

Last time you had your own beer, but next time I'll buy you one, I hope to see you soon.


Sounds ok to me, again it is all about the players overall fitness and his stamina.

Another national captain, so his knowledge regards defensive organisation can only be a bonus.

I'm not so sure how Craig Dawson would react to being sent out on loan again, and the ''Tamas has struggled'' wording is a little harsh considering how well our two centre backs have performed. One of us could easily of made that statement :-))

Them Baggie Boys


Tamas played regularly in the season under Di Matteo and Hodgson and struggled quite a lot.



I agree, and remember only to well some of his indifferent performances, but this season he has more than held his own when called upon by SC. I was one of them who thought he just might be released pre SC's first campaign, after all he is 29 years. Strikes me SC is happy to have him on board as cover, and he himself wanted to remain with the Albion.

The point i was trying to put over was the 'timing' of such wording from a sports journalist, i would have expected a sports reporter to say > Tamas at 29 years has been tried and tested by three managers, is it time for him to sever ties with WBA FC. Can i see Tamas forcing and making a position his own, i fear not.


He is nearly 33 for gods sake and I do know a bit about this player.

He is really injury proned and his form of late has been absolutely dreadful.

PSG have been trying to offload him for ages, he is just too slow against the younger players.

OK, he is an attacking defender, really good at moving forward and he has scored quite a few goals but when he pushes forward like he does he leaves the back door wide open and he just can't make it back....bit like Ridgwell.

Come on Albion, look for younger blood, fitter, faster and hungry, not this carthorse.

But I suppose there will be some Albion "FANS" on here will now ridicule me for saying it as it is.

Seems to me that some "FANS" would be happy with signing anybody



CantelloRocket 78

Some may moan, and a glut of dingles might waste their time on it but makes no difference-

I've heard from more than one source he's signing tonight.......

I think we can take your word for it then.


I think you should change you sauce len .

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think we need to get over the West Ham thing. It's just a fact that we are interested in players in the same fee/wage bracket. By going on about it we're just inviting the troll to come on in an obvious attempt at impersonating a West Ham fan. As somebody said earlier it's doubtful any West Ham fans have heard of the E&S or that their attempts at written English would so closely resemble the troll's.

gabbys elbow

with regard to the West Ham connection, and the fact that they are chasing all of the same players as us.............maybe, we should enquire about o'premiership player' hara, drunken Johnson and no goals Doyle down the road?

If we bid a fiver for all 3 maybe, the porn barons will match our offer and take them off the wolves books??

I think this guy is a good signing, top quality with loads of experience.......a good mix of youth and experience at the back is the right way forward for the Albion.

what's happening with wingie?

The Real Bully Hoo.

No mention of this deal on Sky Transfer Centre or on Talksport. What a surprise.


All this talk of age!

He's 32, our player of the year is older!

Not only that but the champions are built on a defence with experience, and history proves that experience in these sorts of positions are vital!

Nobody complained when Campbell signed for Arsenal at 35, or Gallas signed at Spurs at 34. Nor when Adams and Keown were the pairing that won Arsenal the title in 98 both in their mid 30's!!

People talk fact, oh he's 32 i'm only talking facts.......................

What does that even mean!!! A 32 year old who has captained his country for the last 10 years, not only that a country that has improved to be classed as one of the top 10 in the world. FACT

He's played champions league football for the last four seasons, FACT

He's called Diego FACT,

He has a strange looking face FACT

I can quote "facts" i'd just prefer to give him a opportunity to show me what he can do for MY club and MY team before i decide he at 32 is far too old to play in a premier league littered with players much older than him!



Part of your post i cannot agree with. Remember he is likely to be playing alongside Olson and Popov, this i am sure will make him less strange looking.

The Real Bully Hoo.


John Terry is 32 and Chelsea always look a better team when he plays.


Firstly Happy 50th B'day to Andyl

Lets get these new signings in through the door asap so we be ready for the new season

Come on the baggies


I'm certain that Luganu was slated for lacking pace during the confed cup. Hardly the WOW signing we were expecting.

We Only Need One Half!

Your certain of that are you, I'm certain no one from the Confederation Cup will be signing for Wolves anytime soon.

Lets be honest doesn't look like they will be signing anyone from the Johnstone's Paint Trophy (not this side of the Milena anyway)

Jack ♣ Hat.

From the dark side:

Jack the Hat.


Don't talk wet, £2m for a divi 3 player who can't find the net.

What are you on about "Unlike our neighbouring peasants ......" . You snivelling, little, runt. Us BAGGIES have more pride in our club than your lot will ever have in yours. We don't attack old women in coaches or spit on our owner and players wives. Look at the plank in your own eye, before you look at the splinter in ours. Thank you.


BLUEANDWHITE! (real one)








And yet they still think they're better and bigger than us. Like a little dog that barks a lot

CantelloRocket 78


I saw that post from BRW, where he said 'unlike our peasant neighbours, wolves have money.. '-

NO - Steve Morgan has the money, and when the parachute payments run out, he'll take it with him when he puts the club up for sale, leaving wolves with a bunch of kids and expensive players bleeding the club dry - whilst we get our 60 million from the prem....

Westcroft buggy

"We", "our",that would only apply to fans that actually go to the games chief Armchair,5000 and counting going to Preston me amongst them,whats the missus got you doing armchair

Tim Vine

Hope you get that many at home next week

We Only Need One Half!

Westcroft you still here? I thought you had a interview today?

They will stop your money you know.

CantelloRocket 78


oooh, you do sound very angry and rattled, calm down dear.I know the truth hurts, doesn't it?

As for bragging about how many fans you have, or how big you are, any Psychologist knows it's really a cover for inner feelings of inadequacy.....

Have a nice day now :-)

Feed the Trolls and they'll want more


He's always on about armchair fans and then he come on here five minutes after Wolves finished playing a home friendly. Hypocrite as well as inadequate but he'll still claim he went to Preston after he's read the match report that is

Westcroft buggy

Never heard of mobile internet then dafty,there's only me on the dole that can afford it hehehe


Odemwingie to Cardiff,hope so

rob williams

How come all the same contributors get on ere and I dont

Tim Vine

Should never have got too big for your boots and left Take That, Gary and Mark get all their posts on

Kev in Mallorca

Can we please,please,please call a halt to this ------- parc? Out 67 posts above there are 14 talking about the ------- Dingles

All of ya need to get a life.

Tim Vine

your right Kev lets have more Dingle posts you can't beat slapstick comedy


Kev, I'd love nothing more than a Dingle free thread, but with the number of posts from the troll/trolls I can understand why people are coming out with anti Wolves sentiment.

Frankly I couldn't give a monkey's what happens to them, they've got enough problems. I really wish the E&S would do something about so we didn't have to read such infantile parc.

Kev in Mallorca


The same here, but their arrogance truly makes me hope they go down again and then maybe, just maybe,they will realize how ridicules they sound with their BIGGER club soap opera.

The only solution is for Baggies fans, are you listening Jack, Alan Wicker and Co, to completely ignore their drivel.

The reason they are multiplying faster than the Royal Family is they are enjoying winding Baggies fans up,however deluded it seems to us, and are laughing at us cause we are reacting.

Lets face it they can't touch us football wise so it's the only thing they have left and some of us, yes I'm talking about you again, are dangling on their hooks.

This not only my opinion I have also talked to some not so Dingled Dingles and they can't believe we are being so naive.

In the past I admit to throwing in one or two comments

but that was in moments of weakness and after previous appeals have fell on deaf ears.



(New) York Baggie

We've made some great deals over the last few years but I still would like to know just how much Clarke has been given in the kitty to buy (not just loan) players. Seems we largely only loan players these days.


I don't know an awful lot about this player but he is an international captain which suggests he's got something about him. He'll provide back up for Olsson and G-Mac which can only be a good thing.

Onwards on upwards with the Baggies!


Evening all,

if he does sign tonight as seems to be the rumours then we get an international captain for free.....FREE!!! A decent centre half who seems to have a bit of "bite" about him so at least we won't get bullied at the back like we have done at times in recent years. He's 32....so what. If he's good enough then that's the end of it imo. If he improves them team.......then it's drinks all round. As much as we'd all love for the club to sign so called young players on long contracts and have a side where parts of it are settled for years...oh hang on our midfield has only been tweaked in recent years , not massive changes, and it's done us grand. We all know that for clubs like us it's staying in the league that gives us the chance to develop the club further...signing players with a little more experience gives us the chance to do that...it gives us the time to find the younger players to bring to the club and / or promote from the academy.....

no worries really

and happy 50th to Andyl.......my next one is the big 40 and to be honest...i'm dreading it




Getting extremely bored with all this speculation, infact its worse than watching paint dry, ive got me tickets for the saints game, let the season begin


too many negative idiots on here......nicolas anelka!!!! nicolas anelka!!!!!

roll on the 17th boing boing

Cork Baggie

Come on lads I used to enjoy reading texts until lately but it's all negative and bitching to hackers to our forum . Lads ignore the jealous staggers and keep our heads high and don't react to their petty jealousy comments.

Danish Baggie

Diego Lugano is at the game`!!!!!

mike (coseley) Baggie Fan,

I Hope we can bring some new players on board in the next few days, either buy or on loan. as these should have been sorted a wile ago with out leaving this to the last minute if we are not careful it is not good. disappointing with the result tonight but never mind I would think that Steve Clarke as learnt a lot and knows were to strength the side .The main thing is to get off to a win against Southhampton fc when we kick off with the big new season start.