West Brom offer Salomon Kalou £2 million-a-year deal

West Bromwich Albion were today locked in a battle for Salomon Kalou after triggering his £2.6m release clause and offering the striker a deal in excess of £40,000-a-week.

Salomon Kalou playing for Chelsea last year
Salomon Kalou playing for Chelsea last year

The Baggies have activated Kalou’s escape clause at French club Lille and held talks with the Ivory Coast international as they bid to make him among the highest-paid players at The Hawthorns on an annual wage of more than £2m.

But they face competition from a host of clubs including West Ham, Trabzonspor and Valencia.

West Brom and Premier League rivals West Ham have lodged £2.6m bids, with both clubs automatically given permission to open negotiations with the player.

The Baggies have pushed the boat out by putting a bumper deal on the table but the Hammers have also made the versatile former Chelsea forward an attractive offer, while Turkish side Trabzonspor are waiting in the wings.

And bookies last night slashed the odds on Valencia clinching his signature after late interest from the Spanish club.

Albion insist the ball is now in Kalou’s court, although they could still return to the negotiating table if the player expresses a desire to move to The Hawthorns, where he would link up with former Stamford Bridge team-mate Nicolas Anelka.

The Baggies and West Ham have opened talks with alternative targets, with both clubs interested in Udinese hitman Matej Vydra and the Hammers linked with a move for Liverpool wideman Raheem Sterling on a season-long loan.

But both still regard Kalou as a leading target.

Upton Park manager Sam Allardyce confirmed at the weekend that Kalou’s desire to play as a central striker could prove a stumbling block to a move to London.

The Hammers refused to offer assurances over Kalou’s position and the Baggies are likely to adopt the same stance but sources close to Kalou insist the issue will not make or break any transfer.

Vydra’s future remains in the balance amid suggestions the Hammers are considering a big-money offer to sign the Czech Republic international permanently.

Albion have submitted a loan bid for the former Watford loanee, whose agent, Ondrej Chovanec, told the Express & Star: “He is preparing for the season with Udinese and there is no news.”

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Comments for: "West Brom offer Salomon Kalou £2 million-a-year deal"


It looks like he has a decision to make. He can play flowing attractive football next to his old mate from Chelsea and live in the Midlands or he can play dour one kick hoof ball next to a carthorse and live in London or he could go for the attractive football and city of Valencia and play in a team who should make Europe. Since when did Valencia want Kalou?

Even if this doesn't come off, I'm sure the list is long and illustrious.

Boing Boing

richard dziedzic

The kind of football that ran you ragged at Upton Park last season.Let him play alongside the geriatric sulker Anelka.At the end of the day we are a bigger club with more tradition and attract bigger names.Do not see much silverware at West Brom considering how long they have been around.As for europe the last time your club were there was during World War 2.


Richard Dziedzic.....

Bored of your banter... have you seen the colour of your kit? Kalou would not look good in that. Baggieinmanc, I agree, where did Valencia come from. If we dont get him, there will be other fantastic signings coming whcih will help us to finish above the hammers who will struggle this year!


Get real mate.The `ammers` only get talked about so much because they are London based.Your fans think you are massive but nobody else seems to,and to top it off the british taxpayer is subsidising your clubs new ground so that you can sell the old one to pay off debts from bad management.

If you're going to insult West Brom, at least get your facts right! Albion have been in Europe more recently than the war. Stereotypical hammers fan; blinded by jingoistic optimism, you're not the big club you think you are.


Anelka would have a field day against wwfc; hope we meet in the FA cup; another 3-0 in front of a full South Bank would be nice (full of Baggies that is)


Albion have won the FA cup 5 times and are in the top ten of the most successful clubs in that competition (West Ham 3). We have also won the league which West Ham have never acheived. West Ham have one more league cup and a Cup winners cup (which is admirable by the way) but other than that Albion have won more stuff. We were in Europe in the early 80s so I suppose a war was on at the time which is sort of one thing you got rightish. The Upton park game was our worst display of last season IMO, I doubt the Albion will be so generous defensively to you lot this coming year.

The fact is that without West Brom, Villa, Bolton etc, West Ham wouldn't be playing in a league let alone have any 'tradition' as you put it. Founder member, now that is tradition isn't it? You may get bigger names at Upton Park but you seldom get the right names. Good job you are in London or it would've been hello Pompey a long time ago.

P.s. I hope you like the ground we bought you when are you going to pay us back for it again? 100 years was it. Oh you cheeky cockney chappies, you picked our pockets once again haven't you? What a proud moment for West Ham fans when thier club screwed over the British taxpayer.

Boing Boing

Jack ♣ Hat.


The beggars beggar belief, Free stadium and £70m in debt, couldn't make it up.


CantelloRocket 78

That's strange-

when there was talk about Jonas Olsson being linked to Tottenham awhile back, a Richard Dziedzic posted on here as a Spurs fan-

looks like it's a common name amongst London football fans, eh......?


Richard dziedzic

League tables don't lie last season we were the better side, this season we will see what happens

Your rant I would expect to hear in a school playground trust you are enjoying your school holidays


Sorry how much debt are you in? Over £100m..... Please can we have a free stadium because our old one is falling apart... With the government favouring to remove porn from as many households as possible, the Gold / Sullivan empire may be on the wane...

Gary Botfield

I would say hammer head that we have won more silverware in our history than your lot, remind me how many times have you won the FA Cup and have you ever won the league you couldn't even do that when you had the 3 world cup winning players in your side


Albion have won the FA cup 5 times and are in the top ten of the most successful clubs in that competition (West Ham 3). We have also won the league which West Ham have never acheived. West Ham have one more league cup and a Cup winners cup (which is admirable by the way) but other than that Albion have won more stuff. We were in Europe in the early 80s so I suppose a war was on at the time which is sort of one thing you got rightish. The Upton park game was our worst display of last season IMO, I doubt the Albion will be so generous defensively to you lot this coming year.

The fact is that without West Brom, Villa, Bolton etc, West Ham wouldn't be playing in a league let alone have any 'tradition' as you put it. Founder member, now that is tradition isn't it? You may get bigger names at Upton Park but you seldom get the right names. Good job you are in London or it would've been hello Pompey a long time ago.

P.s. I hope you like the ground we bought you when are you going to pay us back for it again? 100 years was it. Oh you cheeky cockney chappies, you picked our pockets once again haven't you? What a proud moment for West Ham fans when thier club screwed over the British taxpayer.

Boing Boing

sorry if this is the second time this message shows up, for some reason the Albion posts go missing every now and again.

Speckled Jim

And you lot my old son have had more owners than a second hand Ford Escort and are now owned by porn merchants.

We are a founder member with a proud history and tradition and you obviously have no idea about our honours list being a teenager.

The only thing we can't offer that you can are stupid wages and the lights of London.


It seems I can't respond to you. apparently I have been banned this evening by the great and powerful mod, all praise mod and his all seeing delete key!

All I will say therefore is 5 fa cups to your 3 and 1 league title which unfortunately West Ham have never acheived, that means Burnley and Huddersfield are more successfull clubs than you lot!

Boing Boing

Jack ♣ Hat.

richard dziedzic,

Green eyes sparkling in Divi 3. Gorra loff ay ya. Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Haa. It is a shame really, you are more to be pitted than blamed. You lot don't have fun any more, so sad.



hello puggy, the war finished in 1945 not 1979 doh.


Just for the record. FA cups; WBA 5 WHU 3. League Champions ( top flight ) WBA 1 WHU 0. WHU won the European cup winners cup once ( fair play ). By the way where did WHU finish in the league last season? We Know What We Are!


What silverware have west ham won in recent years . Since when have the hammers been a big club


I spot a Dingle!

your best player is andy carroll your argument is invalid

Dom Palermo



Last time we was in Europe is more recent than WW2 lol. Besides there was no football during WW2 either. your wrong wrong wrong

Tony Webb

Shows how much you know about the Albion in Europe. WW2 indeed!! They played in Europe in the 70's & though they won nothing they gave a good account of them selves. Do your homework before spouting off. As for Big Sam's idea of football, or should I say just boot it up the field ball, no thanks!


I really couldnt care for history and what we did here or there, the fact is WBA are a much better football team than West Ham in the here and now, better quality of football and not paying a oversized lump £100,000 a week to be sat on the physio table half the season, 'Forever blowing bubbles' correct forever talking out your backside


i will be surprised if we sign him , it annoys me we chase this type of player every summer knowing someone will push the boat out a bit more than we are prepared to do . really hope i'm wrong as this would be a great signing


It's a valid point, but, if you see the progress we have made each year the past few seasons, it will only be a matter of time before somebody like him links up with us, it only takes a spark to start a fire, and we could burn that PL down ;-)

Jack ♣ Hat.


You said the same of Nico. Do you really hope you're wrong as I have doubts of your allegiance. That is my suspicious mind when so-called fans have no positives at all concerning my club.

Watch out for that Kevin Davies, when you play Preston.



Oh how our clubs differ in 18 months, u try and sign kalou on 40k a week, we can't even attract marlon ASBO king on a free, good luck for new season, hopefully won't be long before we have another Black Country derby in same league

CantelloRocket 78



I mean for being a fair-minded, intelligent Wolves fan when you visit us.

It makes a change from Alan 'troll' jones and Danny Crainie Jackett, our obsessive idiotic plonkers.

Jack ♣ Hat.


I've just been on the dark side, Puggy's Missis, Polly has just voted for wo1-es to go down. Have a look, bostin photo. L☺Ls.


We Only Need One Half!

Fair play mate, big up the BCD, its the one thing we can agree on, who knows, hopefully we will meet in a Cup at some point.


Fairplay to you Hoff. It looks to me that KJ will get you up to the Championship in no time. from there you never know!

The Real Bully Hoo.


After his latest escapade that was probably a let off as that ASBO may turn into something more serious.

I think the difference is that we have a man with vision and an exceptional ability to organise in charge and you have Steve Morgan.

Good luck.


We have the chuckle brothers Morgan and moxey!

Amazingly we sack the best championship manager as we go into championship and then sack the best div 1 manager as we go into div 1, you couldn't make it up, still gotta believe in king kenny j

Jack ♣ Hat.

Steve Clarke and Nico Anelka could be a big pull for Salomon Kalou, and tip the scale towards the Hawthorns, truly hope so. Now! all the Jeremy Peace doubters can say a big thank-you to him for trying. I won't hold my breath. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.

Cotswold Baggie

All very interesting. I think the Anelka link may sway it for us. Plus the 'hoof it football' brand of Alladyce may not appeal to Kalou. Many of you know that I live in the same Cotswold village as the Premier Leauge boss. And I have it on good authority that Izzy Brown was swayed away to Stamford Bridge not by his parents but by Lakaku. Yes that's right my friends, our hero from last year got on famously with the youngster and persuaded him to visit the Bridge! Despite that I still want to thank him for his 17 goals last season and wish Izzy all the best in warming the bench in London.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think that bench is a very very long way off at the moment.

We Only Need One Half!

40k p.w. for Kalou or O'Hara?

bit of a bargain really when you look it like that.

We Only Need One Half!

p.s. I almost forgot, "and thousands of monitors in Wolver......" yadda yadda yadda


Perhaps I'm being cynical here, but we don't normally hear this sort of information before a transfer is completed, certainly not any formal offers on wages.

Is this designed for our ears, Steve Clarke's ears or is there a genuine hope we will sign him? I very much hope the latter.

Also, Scott Sinclair's tweets last night seem to imply he's on the verge of announcing something?? Here's hoping.........

Kev in Mallorca


What's amarra wi yo? Yowm pessimistic about one thing, yo can see subterfuge in another, yowm worried about the season after next and now yowm cynical. The ony advice I can give ya is TRANQUILOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



This transfer window is crucial to West Brom's short to mid term future. I think that we need two to four more in and to conclude the sorry Odemwingie saga. This (Kalou) would be an exceptional piece of business. Fingers crossed, and hoping Anelka and Clarke can persuade him the future is blue and white!

If not Kalou I'm still confident in the quality of the other names being banded around. However we do need to ensure the quality of our investment is at least matching the Norwich, Cardiff, Swansea and West Hams of this league; otherwise we will be left for dust come May. Time for Garlick and Peace to prove again we have the best recruiting network outside the top 6.

CantelloRocket 78

Like I said recently, this is just the way it is-

a poor player begs you to sign him, a quality player can sit back and slowly consider offers, then take his pick.

Realistically, we're a club who've been back in the top flight for 3 seasons, with no sugar daddy to bankrole us, limited resources and limited funds-

much of it's outside our control, so if we get the guy - great, if not-

then just keep supporting yer club and move on, no one at The Hawthorns wants failure, so we need to stick together and stand united, sometimes it's us against them, we don't need us against us......


CR78 Spot on! Let's wait and see, and whatever happens back the boys in Blue and White all the way!


Spot on post cantello, we got too many so called fans who think we can just splash the cash willy nilly! Hopefully anelka can be someone who these type of players want to follow to our great but average sized club! Coyb


in that case mr rocket , how come when some of us who have a differ opinion to you sunny kev etc we get shot down. you are right none of us want failure but don't tell me we can't compete with norwich , cardiff, swansea and so on

Inside Man

We can't compete with Southampton, Swansea Norwich etc ... They all have owners who are rich and can spend big on transfer fees. We can compete with them, however if like Kalou there is a clause where we don't need a large transfer fee like Swansea paid for Bony or Southampton for Ramirez or Norwich for Van Wolfswinkel etc

not a dingle

Most sensible comment on here.

Identity Crisis

No wrong again.

The Real Bully Hoo.

He didn't tell you that.

CantelloRocket 78


earlier, our resident 'troll' Alan Jones, posted on here criticising the Baggies, then you appeared minutes after him, with more jibes, and exactly the same spelling and punctuation.

Pathetic - on yer bike.


Excellent post our kid!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Great post Rocket and if you combine it with one from Baggie in Manc on the Saido Berahino thread it says it all.


This has been a potential target since shortly after the season finished. Why have we waited for so long to put in a bid? Should have been sorted start of the transfer window as the release clause hasnt changed in that time. Having said that i am pleased we are finally starting to do business but please dont sign vydra. I watched him for watford he scored alot of goals in a average league with good players backing him up. I think he would struggle in the premiership. If sterling is avaliable on a season long loan. Please,please, please make a bid, he would be terrific for us and pace on the wings is something we defianatly require.

John B

The gardian newspaper are reporting that he has already turned down a move to the hawthorns. On sky bet he is 1-5 on to join west ham 4-1 against to join west brom. Hope the bookies are wrong this time but they are usually in the know

We Only Need One Half!

Quick, someone give Lawro a call see if they can get him to back him going to West Ham.

That would do it!

The View From Baggy♥Bottom

I reckon we should hint to West Ham that they can sign PO on the cheap if we are successful in signing Kalou and/or Vydra. It might get them to ease off on our targets.

Boing Boing!!!

gabbys elbow

He will come to the Albion based on tis deal, unless he has a desire to live in London - why else would he go to West Ham??

Long, Anelka and Kalou - what a forward line.

If the midfield can "fashion" a few chances, then we will scare the life out of most defenders in the prem with these boys uo front - I truly hope that MR can also feature as he is a quality player - he just hasn't shown us yet!

gabbys elbow

sorry about the spelling everyone....please don't berate me, I do have 5 O'levels you know.................................

The Real Bully Hoo.


It's a football site not a spelling bee, despite what some would have you believe.


Well done Baggies for putting your money where your mouth is. Kalou is a man who could thrive in the best league in the world with West Bromwich Albion, and help sustain our top 8 status.

Get odemwhinger off the wagebill and give it to a player of higher pedigree! can't wait to play against him when he's in a relegation scrap with his London team.

Albion til I die!


I said that kalou held talks on Friday and this article proved it also we haven't heard any negative rubbish from wallheath Baggie bloger to day!!!!!!!!!! ,ps u need to get with the times palll speak tex is the here and now .I wouldn't say doctors are not intelligent would u hmmmmmm let me think ?from DR jog

The Real Bully Hoo.

Dr Jog.

Lay off those prescription drugs.

Wall Heath Baggie

Does anyone else know what this Chap is on about ? , frankly old bean if text speak and yourself are the here and now , lord help us all.

Thats TEXT and BLOGGER perhaps you could learn these before your next Under Nine's spelling test.

Just for the record everyone knows we are after Kalou but we have not signed him yet now have we ?.

You can now go back to the fantasy world you live in and leave the real world to the grown up's.

Now Jog on and keep going.


Lol and what makes u the special 1 u started all the rubbish talk by being sarcastic messi will bye the vine drrrrrrrrrrrr mine are facts not made up thank you !


God help us if there are more baggies fans like u I thought the wolves were bad but u make them look good with your chit chat don't give up your day job will you .


The reason why he would want to join West Ham is quite obvious,

We are not a 2 bob little club who live in the shadow of wait for it Aston Villa!!

And as for Hoof Ball you may want to take a look at some of our games i think you will find most of the footy is played on the grass.

No Lukaku this season you will be living up to your name boing boing or is that bye bye!


Ian James

"We are not a 2 bob little club"

As long as knuckle-draggers like yourself fill terraces, you'll always be one.

We Only Need One Half!

Does anyone else remember Mike Yarwood telling you who is was impersonating before he did a impersonation, presumably so you wouldn't get confused who he was supposed to be impersonating?

Umm, the more desperate they get, the sadder they get.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Yeah we've never seen the

'little club who live in the shadow of wait for it Aston Villa!!'

'No Lukaku this season you will be living up to your name boing boing or is that bye bye!'

On here before have we?

Botley Baggie

Up The Hammers aye yo the club that live in the shadow of all the other clubs in London including Brentford. Say no more!


What a brilliant mind.


Up the Hammers, or more aptly........ 'Up in the air Hammers'. You guys did very well in the league last season......... but you were below us again .

Got to say pal, I prefer our style of football infinitely more than Sam Allardyce's, and we all know West Ham fans deepdown think the same


The reason he should come to West Brom is that he would be playing cultured football under a great coach alongside footballers.

Not alongside a carthorse fed by ill directed projectiles from the rear under guidance of a football ignoramus.

The reason he will join west ham is pure and simple ££££££££


CantelloRocket 78

Blowin' bubbles-


I was in the East End half an hour ago, and I doubt if most West Ham fans even know about the E&S, let alone post on here.

Dingle off.

Bangkok Baggie

Do you have a computer or phone permanently on the E&S page Cantello?

You always seem to be somewhere else but reply to any post that you don't like within seconds.

CantelloRocket 78

Bangkok dingle-

you sound confused-

I guess it's just one more thing you know diddly squat about....


Like West Spam who live in the shadows of Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal.

Awful ground, Boring fans, hoof football, end of!

astle bridge

Your quite correct you are not a two bob club your a tuppennyhapney club living in the shadow of wait for it millwall .


Maybe quite obvious to you UTH but not to me and as for a club living in the shadows dare I point out just how far we finished above Aston Villa (7 places), unlike West Sham and their local rivals, let me see Chelsea Arsenal, and Spurs (29-27-26 points ahead). Living in the shadows I think that is one competition West Sham could win hands down despite all their spending.

Big Dave Suite

Eh? I work with a lot of Hammers and they say the football under Dingle Sam is the worse they have encountered in a long time. West Ham, as long as i've been watching football have always been associated with a pass n move philosphy, not hoof to the wings, lots of crossing and an all round direct approach. Sams got you back, time to move on to a better philosphy. The one associated with your club.

Shadows of Aston Villa?

We don't splash the cash and i see that as a good thing, spending ridiculous sums of money on players doesn't always pay dividends. Some of our best signings have been freebies (gmac, yacob, reid, jones, zolly).


Wolverhampton Wally or Got the Hump Hammer?

Who knows?

Yey got tickets to Southampton game!

Can I just say that u went down most recently and finished behind us. As well as the fact that u copy our transfer targets because WE ARE A CLUB U WANT TO COPY, because we are run so well.


Good things come to those who wait :)


Hope so I have been waiting since 1968.

boing boing !


Dont think so. Off to West Ham I'm hearing. Said before, though have received a less than positive response, we have to up the ante. A lot of clubs have more to spend this year. If we had put in a solid offer when he was first on our radar we might have got him.

I am in no way suggesting that we go into debt, pay over the odds for unproven players but I do think JP and co should just raise it a little.

Hope I'm wrong.


Do west ham have a Scouting system? for the last few years every time we are linked to a player they are too. Would love it if we could buy Kalou and get Sinclair on a loan to buy, starting to get excited now about the forthcoming season


You West Brom fans must smoke some great weed if thats what you think.Just look at the sheer number of players that West Hams scouting system and academy has produced over the years and how many have gone on to play for England.Your most recent internationals are Bryan Robson and Jeff Astle.I rest my case,and you need to swat up on your football knowledge.


Morning fella,

you've signed the Mark Hately tribute act up front.....he must be there for all the attractive hoof ball you play....

you're a funny fella.......you forgot to mention Ben Foster....




Sore point that outside of London 64. You see there have been many great players that have played for midlands clubs and the Albion over the years but they never get a fair chance. Bryan Robson wasn't a regular until he went to United then he was captain! Still the same player just a different club. Regis was top scorer in the first division and up there for half a decade but hardly got a chance to play international football for a then struggling England side even last season Foster was ahead of Hart in almost every stat but never got the nod because of where he plays. West Ham are favoured by the FA not because they are any better but because they are convenient and look at the success it has bought us over the years ey? If we ever start to pick sides based on merit than geography we might actually win a European cup or something but not the way the England side is selected at the moment.

Let me put this to you Defoe or Bent? we all know who scores more goals and who is a better fit in the England squad. Rooney or Crouch. One is one of the most prolific scorers in an England shirt the other has a decent strike rate, but which one gets the nod?

You do your homework son, it's due in in September.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Latest transfer news: West Ham are in for Diego Lugano. L☺Ls.

Oops, many a true word spoken in jest.



Why are there loads of Hammer Fans on the E&S, either Dingles in Disguise or their Scouting team perhaps????

Jack ♣ Hat.


Come on mate, "UP THE HAMMERS!!" is Puggy and his committee. I smell the wolf dung a mile away. Then "Bangkok wolf" the great pretender, brings his bewildered self. "EMMADALE" (Sister to Emma Roid), Well known Dog-Head. "richard dziedzic", One of the latest offerings From Low Hill City. "Hofs left sock", his usual light hearted self. Not very pleasant on the dark side at the moment, so they come over here for a bit of respite.

Our door is always open, more than I can say for your Mods.



What ever happens I think most of us would think this would be amazing for West Brom to pull off. I think just that us trying to get a player like Kalou shows how much we have moved on £40.000 per week at the Baggies wow. JP is king what ever happens, I've said all along JP is the best thing thats ever happenend to West Bromwich Albion.


I wouldn't say it would be amazing. After all we should consider ourselves an established club now at this level. These are the kind of singings we should be making. We've done it before. Kanu must have been on a similar wage plus £2.7m for Kalou is a snip when you consider we paid £3m for Ellington!

Jack ♣ Hat.

UP THE HAMMERS!!+++++++Puggy,

Your club is a shadow, of it's former self. Have you got rid of the big earners yet, time is running out fast. L☺Ls.


Johnny Beezer

Hell of a chip you've got on your shoulder there UP THE HOOFBALLERS!

I know you won the world cup in 1966, but you are a middling club run by the Porn Industry.

Why would any footballer want to get a crick in his neck playing for you.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think you'll find that's Mel the Mackem etc and has a WV post code.


I don't agree with up the HAMMERS because what striking paternership do they have and also, every player we won't surprise ,surprise west ham copy us by putting in bids when kalou has also rejected your offer so there.


We might be a "2 bob club", my Cockney Sparrer - but I'd rather have 2 bob in the Bank, than be on the verge of bankruptcy.

If you go down again this season - which you well might - your Club's days are numbered.

Jack ♣ Hat.


According to Karen (Whatever her name is), West Ham owe £70m and it has to be paid up before they can move to the Olympic Stadium. She says they can't take the debt with them.


The Real Bully Hoo.

As I've definitely got too much time on my hands today I've just been on YouTube to watch 'The Downfall Of Wolverhampton Wanderers' again. It's a bit out of date because they were still in the Championship then but it's still hilarious, Oh God my sides are aching.

Wall Heath Baggie

Exactly which 'dowturn ' in fortunes was this , they have had so many i cor keep up !!!. Just wait until they go to League 2 you will need surgery for your sides.

How this happens to such a Mossive Club i will never know.

Baggie in Jersey

Just reading about Diego Lugano being linked. Could be a very useful addition to our defence. Shows how far we have come as all our links are to international, quality players, and not championship cast offs or worse.


sorry jp lovers look wots coming for talks 32 year old captain i hope hes not , yet again brilliant business jp free and cheap as usual this is why i dislike you for your signings oh dear oh dear jp wot are you doing where has all the cash gone .no players in just a forward who is old and past it and only will last a season and will be off again .sort it out jp please spend some money on some one who can get you of your seat with a bit of flair cust anelka come xmas will be injured and wen he does you dont buy at xmas and same old story again.


Are you for real me laddo? JP has presided over the best football that has been played up at the Hawthorns for 30 odd years, and he's done it without breaking our already waining banks. Whilst he's done this he's seen big spenders like QPR, Wolves, Middlesboro, Portsmouth, Coventry, the list goes on, all fall from grace and some in really serious trouble. I think when the history books show him to be a great man, it's a shame you can't enjoy the good times with the rest of us. What did you do during the 90s?

Boing Boing


Westham are curse, anybody we want theyre init a day later,


Tesco fans.

What goes around comes around.

Wait and see.......

We Only Need One Half!

Dingle fans.

What goes around comes around?

Does that mean we are going to be given multi million pounds to play with by a sugar daddy benefactor for nowt.

Wow, can you imagine how massive a gap, even bigger than the existing gaping chasm, we would open up over you if that ever happened?

Mind you with the new Sky bonanza you've just missed out, stick around,

and wait and see.......!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Go easy on him, after all it is a bit like living in fantasy land. Through the 80's and 90's we went steadily downhill and by the end of the century if you'd told a Baggie we'd be an established mid table PL club signing Nicolas Anelka by 2013 he'd have punched you for taking the pee.

In that time despite being bailed out by,

1. the Bhatti Bros.

2. The local ratepayers.

3. Asda.

4. A millionaire who'd rather waste his money on a football club than pay his taxes in Britain.

5. Bob the Builder.

Wolves have still managed the almost impossible fete of ending up in Division 3. As you point out, where would they have been without this help? Living in Nightmare Land. Or Blue Square Div 3 South. But they'd still have a lovely ground and be mossive wouldn't they.

What goes around comes around.

Wait and see.......

We Only Need One Half!

Well TRBH, in light of the poll yesterday, of course they should win Division 1, they are the only club in there with Premiership money thanks to parachute payments. Will they louse it up again? you wouldn't bet against it would you.

With the massive financial handicap all the other clubs in Div 1 have because of Wolves parachute payments, and ergo the unfair advantage they have been handed, if they don't romp it they should be embarrassed.

Very embarrassed.


Who put that record on? dow you know it skips?

Wulfies said that last year and the year before that. The year before that they said we would be relegated and the year before that also. The year before that we was in the 'fizzy pop league' and would stay there whilst Wolves were apparently consolidating thier Prem status and the year before that Albion would go down successive relegations whereas Wolves winning the Championship would kick on to Europe within 4 years. At some point Jez said your rightful place would be 'just behind Man U'.

How are the bright lights of Europe doin for ya kidda? Aren't you sick of being wrong son?

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Past tense, wolves were dyer we know that, but wouldn't it be great to have all the midlands clubs in the top flight together, great derby days, s lot of fans haven't experienced this. COYB


Yes it would.

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It's gone quiet on the Scott sinclair front recently. I've got a feeling all of a sudden he will sign, before kalou does. I'm hoping both are imminent.