West Brom in talks with Uruguay captain Diego Lugano

Uruguay captain Diego Lugano is heading to England for talks over a possible move to West Bromwich Albion.

Diego Lugano
Diego Lugano

The 32-year-old has emerged as the Baggies’ latest summer transfer target.

Lugano is surplus to requirements at Paris Saint Germain and spent most of last season on loan with Malaga.

The Baggies are targeting extra competition for first-choice centre-backs Jonas Olsson and Gareth McAuley and see Lugano as the man to provide it.

The move comes after they failed in a bid to sign Napoli centre-back Federico Fernandez on loan.

Lugano’s contract in the French capital expires next summer and he could be available for as little as £1m.

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Comments for: "West Brom in talks with Uruguay captain Diego Lugano "

Forever Wba

We do a lot of talking don't we ?

Kev in Mallorca

That's funny a lot of fans say there's too much cloak and dagger!!!

Adam h

My friend who follows la liga mentioned this guy a while back and said he was a good player....


And we await West Hams interest.....


Haha So true! I don't think there's been a target both us and West Ham haven't been linked with together!


A Uraguayan captain for £1m, sounds like our sort of deal! I saw him play a few times in a uraguayan shirt on TV and I remember him so that means one of two things, but if we're scouting him it must be because he bossed the game I was watching;-) I do still want to see Dawson given a go this year though. What better place to blood a young defender than behind Yacob and Mulumbu, in front of Foster and beside McAuley?

Boing Boing

Lincoln Baggie

Extra competition for McAuley and Olsson? What about Dawson? The further down the pecking order he goes then the more likely it will be of him wanting a move away. We've also got Tamas as well as Ridgewell and Reid all capable at centre back.

Get some attacking width in the team - Victor Moses and Junior Hoilett for me please.

Kev in Mallorca

Patience is a virtue!!!


Great....another cheap option golden oldie! Promoted sides showing more ambition than us! Don't expect us to break the bank, but spend a little on quality at least! Our luck will eventually run out with the bargain buy approach! There's a reason why these players are cheap!

We Only Need One Half!

Umm, voted best team Captain at last World Cup, hardly going for players from the lower leagues is it?


So there's a reason why Claudio Yacob was cheap? And Gareth McAuley (who was one of Europe's most aerially-dominant defenders last year)? Or Mulumbu? Or Olsson? Or Anelka?

Face facts Dingle, our scouts are some of the finest out there. We will never be stuck with players like O'hara, Johnson, Doyle, Ward etc. who cripple a wage bill and have the footballing talent of a yard-brush.

We Only Need One Half!

SPT, those are some good points, it certainly looking like Garlick is carrying on with blue sky thinking. As for those who say he is to old, you pointed out GMac was one of the best defenders last season, this guys a year younger, and comes with bags of top level and international experience.

Also, given he is captaining a team ranked higher than England, if someone can tell me how we can get one of his contemporaries, i.e. Cole, Lescott, Baines, Cahill, Jones, Johnson, Richards etc etc, for a million quid, please, enlighten me, I would love to know.

Got to be a good thing.


HE'S 32!!!! Is that old now???

Jack ♣ Hat.


A the jealous Dingles say "Our luck will eventually run out with the bargain buy approach".

Just saying.


We Only Need One Half!

Whats that line from Happy Talk Jack,

"you've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you going to have a dream come true"

Ah bless.


The most blatent attempt to try and infiltrate the Albion side that I've ever seen. We could break the bank like a few others this season but we thought it better to avoid a similar fate to the Wolves.

Boing Boing

freddy lowe

Are West Ham after him as well

rob williams

His experience could be invaluable, interesting move could be.

Josh H

Will be interested to see how he figures in Clarke's plan, whether he is simply there for depth or either Mcauley or Olsson will be pushed out. This guy clearly has quality considering the experience he has and the fact he is still Uruguay captain. Competition for places can only be good and its something we lacked last season at the back. If we could get him, Kalou and Sinclair in by next week, i would be a very happy baggie indeed!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Josh H,

Steve Clarke will select the players showing the best form in training + matches. We know what we are.



Should be a good fit for West Spam then!!!!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Diego Alfredo Lugano Morena, sounds more like one of the mafioso. Hard bitten centre back who tackles like Nobby Styles. The price is right and he will keep our boys on their toes. "Mojo" sounds like a good nickname. Has he signed yet?.

De-ay-go, Al-fray-do, Lu-gar-no, Mo-ray-na, sounds good to me.


Kev in Mallorca

Seems to be the trend at the moment so I'm guna be Cynical!!! Wonder how many predictable posts weem guna av?


Phil Osopher

Kalou, Lugano & Sinclair.

Could life get any better?

I think these are realistic targets, and if we are genuinely after these three, I think we'll get them.

Up the Baggies.

Speckled Jim

32 year old bargain basement has been. No thanks Jeremy.


Hold on "BREAKING NEWS" West Ham are now to hold talks with him aswell!!!

They might aswell they want our other targets!! Yet another free transfer.

Jack ♣ Hat.


He won't be a free, £1m is quoted. Glad to educate you.



This guy is 32 year old,mite have a very good CV but age is not on his side

inside man

How old is our current player of the year again?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Approximately £1m for three years as he is a really good Centre-Back. Now tell us Jeremy Peace doesn't know what he is doing.

Wo1-Ves paid £7.5m for one, who paid them back with a double drop. Suppose Steve Morgan got it right.


tonybrowns moustache

Whatever, whos next then

Oswestry Baggie

No no no no no.

Turning circle like a jumbo jet. I really hope that this is paper talk.

Absolute coup of a signing if this is pulled off.

john stanley

at last we are going for more experienced pedigree defensive cover an experienced in ternational defender lets hope he still as some pace at 32 years of age

Brummie Roader Brian

Its a beautiful sunny morning so guys just for once can we all be nice to each other because yesterday , len - bully - jack you where in real bad moods just smile and don't let the trolls get to you , now have a nice day .


Jack ♣ Hat.

Brummie Roader Brian,

Bad moods us!?, you are talking through your rear end as usual and on the wrong site, Puggy. I won't let the Puggy committee get at me, starting with you stupid.

How are the wo1-ves getting on with hard done to O'Hara. Shame the way that Player and his family are being treated by you Dingles. That is where the BAGGY class shines through.


Brummie Roader Brian

that's not true is it jack , westcroft really rattled you all yesterday ,just remember he`s only joking even if it hits a nerve .

CantelloRocket 78

Well that came out the blue, but word is he had a medical yesterday, and will sign today.Interesting.

human sat nav

im surprised you wasn`t in the medical room , you seem to be everywhere else ?

CantelloRocket 78


the word is 'Omnipresent'.

We're exactly opposite-

I'm always travelling around,

whilst you're in a wednesbury bedroom 24/7....

Kev in Mallorca

Well somebody's got to take over from Alan Wicker!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

First of all confession time, until yesterday I'd never heard of him. Doesn't seem to have played regularly over the last couple of seasons so he will probably need a while to get up to speed but appears to be a regular for Uruguay which surely means he must be decent. At the end of the day we have to rely on our scouts, they haven't let us down very often have they. (Who knows he could be the Uruguayan Sam Ricketts.)

CantelloRocket 78

Let's be positive-

if we sign the Uruguay Captain, he'll fix us up with a striker - he can put a word in with his mate, Luis Suarez......:-)

Do Lallytap


He is nearly 33 for gods sake and I do know a bit about this player.

He is really injury proned and his form of late has been absolutely dreadful.

PSG have been trying to offload him for ages, he is just too slow against the younger players.

OK, he is an attacking defender, really good at moving forward and he has scored quite a few goals but when he pushes forward like he does he leaves the back door wide open and he just can't make it back....bit like Ridgwell.

Come on Albion, look for younger blood, fitter, faster and hungry, not this carthorse.

But I suppose there will be some Albion "FANS" on here will now ridicule me for saying it as it is.

Seems to me that some "FANS" would be happy with signing anybody

We Only Need One Half!

Ok, floors yours mate, who would you buy with his experience, playing at his level, for a million quid?

Reel em of?

Do Lallytap


Oh... thats OK he is only "a million QUID"....you are the typical "FAN" I was on about, desperate for anyone....it don't matter that he is slow, injury proned or a dreadful defender but HEY HO...it's only a million so thats OK.

What a ridiculous comment from you

CantelloRocket 78


I've noticed whenever someone asks you a question you can't or won't answer, you ignore it, or blast abuse at that person-

I also noticed earlier you threw jibes about Albion fans watching Fox TV -

I've only seen dingles talk about that channel on here, Jack and others have mentioned alternative channels-

and you were talking about 'babbies', as in wolves 'come on me babbies', I never see the term with Baggies fans.

Wanna tell us something....?


He's a "dreadful defender"?

Well that's that settled then, now that you have spoken. The fact he captains a top international side means nothing obviously.

Do Lallytap

Cantello....You really do need to focus on something else other than trying to make you look silly.

We live in Wednesbury, my business is in Wednesbury, I was bought up in Stone Cross and all of these areas and I mean ALL use the term "BABBIE".

I never put you down as one of these posters who "TRY" to accuse other posters with different opinions as dingles, really disappointing but there you go....looks like you "go with the flow" like a dead fish just like the other posters who sit on their hands watching the telly on matchdays

We Only Need One Half!

Its only a ridiculous in your head, its a reasonable question to ever one else, you seem to do that a lot when people disagree with you, dismiss them like your the font of all knowledge, I'm still waiting for you to tell me who you would bring in at his standard for a million quid.

Its a simple case of put up or shut up.

CantelloRocket 78


my earlier reponse has probably disappeared, but no matter-

there's question's put to you in previous posts that still haven't been answered, and very predictably, you resort to more insults in response to my latest question.

When you talk about 'looking silly', you've cornered the market, especially that rant about us not signing anyone before the transfer window opened - but one other example often springs to mind-

awhile back, a wolves fan posted on here sarcastically as 'Sandwell Town', and proceeded to throw jibes at the Baggies-

when I looked later, you'd replied to him, and your first words were 'you talk good sense.....'-

I remember thinking 'whaaat????......has the guy not read a single word of this post, or is he actually a wolves fan himself?'.

Hard to draw any other conclusions than these, either way you don't do yerself any favours, eh...?


I trust our scouts and a coach with a wealth of experience, or should I trust you, let me think......

Stop talking from your posterior.

Do Lallytap

You "TRUST OUR SCOUTS"....Scouts don't get it right all the time you know as our manager don't....look at Rosenberg...."But he has scored in the friendlies" I hear you shout....whooppie dooo...I am going on how DIRE he was last season

This will be a signing to appease weak kneed supporters like you who would take a cart 'oss just because its a signing

Feed the Trolls and they'll want more

Lots of capitals there


We Only Need One Half!

yeah, still have not said who YOU would have bought in for a million quid that was better/comparable.

Still waiting?

Brummie Road Boinger

Anyone who follows my blathering on here will know i'm not Jeremy Peace's biggest fan, however this is an excellent piece of news if true. The guy is experienced at the highest level (85 caps for Uruguay), has won the Copa America, played for massive clubs in the champions league (Sao Paolo, Fenerbache, Malaga, PSG). and is available for nothing. What more do we want??

Well done Jeremy Peace. Keep proving me wrong I love it.


Morning all,

captain of his country......in a position that SC wants to strengthen (makes you think about Dawson and Tamas though) and available for only a small fee (in relative terms £1M is small)......only positives here. If he signs, at 32 it's probably only for 2 or 3 years initially but that could be 2 or 3 years of top quality defending. Only positive vibes today. And signing international players will only make us look more attractive to other international players.....letter to Mr Kalou....who would you rather play alongside........Mr Anelka.......our other quality international players or that barn door throwback Andy Carroll who just reminds me of a poor mans Mark Hately....even down to the bad hair.



The Real Bully Hoo.


I must admit it's puzzling me. One minute everybody is saying our squad is too small, then we sign a CH and other people are saying it means the end for Tamas or Dawson. Just say Dawson was sold and Olsson and McAuley got injured, we would play Lugamo and Tamas and not have a CH to put on the bench.


Hi mate,

it's a puzzle for me as well but I had a thought this afternoon.....Chelski played their best football last season when Luiz was pushed into a DM position......maybe we can convert Tamas to do this on a regular basis then if we do sign Lugano then we'd have 5 CB's but one who could cover 2 positions so when Mulumbu / Thorne / Jacob are missing

what do you think mate?



Forever Wba

Had me season ticket come this morning all looks very professional I must say , even got parking instructions for Bully and Aitk .


Classic Albion naysayers, same people that moaned at the signing of Mcauley because he was too old. Lugano will be a good signing no doubt, have faith.

Hammer Blow

Thing is boogies we pay the going rate and transfer fees, you just want everything for nothing , we are based in the capital of England your based in some smoke filled little ghetto that no one as ever heard of , that's why we attract better player`s and manager`s , so put your flat caps on and go race your whippets , leave footie to the big boys .

Jack ♣ Hat.

Hammer Blow?,

How did we ever manage to finish way above your mossive club I'll never know. Now if we could talk about the other mossive club down the road I can comprehend how we finished light years above them.


CantelloRocket 78


it's sad little puggy in his bedroom.

We Only Need One Half!

Thing is ommer, you pay over the going rate, and not even with your own money, and despite what you think in your little bubble, when people think of London, West Ham defiantly isn't on the list.

p.s. what its like to have your mighty team having to look up at the little ghetto team for the past 3 seasons? I'd be embarrassed if we got bested regularly be a smaller town club, really embarrassed, especially if I went around telling anyone who will listen how mossive we are.

Cos that's just going make you look silly, isn't it.


5-3 and 1 league title. Without the city of a thousand trades and the second cities industry and ingenuity, London would never have been the world power that you are so proud of now.

Without the plays of a bloke from pretty close by the world wouldn't have talked about London or revered Britain as an artistic hot bed and without the harsh powerful riffs and belting melodies of a host of our bands Metal wouldn't be a genre loved throughout the world today. Read some books and show some respect you cockney rebel, you.

Boing Boing


Better managers?!

Ah yes! The managerial gods that are Curbishley, Zola, Allardyce etc.!

Oh how I wish we had them!



Lugano is even slower than the centre halfs West Brom have already got.He"s goood in possession of the ball,but surely defenders with a bit a pace was on the agenda as it would allow us to press further up the pitch for various games.

Jack ♣ Hat.


He is much faster than the whole of the defence down the road, also much better class.



His wealth of experience will definately be valuable.


im bored with this transfer window milarki, gives me the feeling of "who cares who comes in, the papers and the media, the agents, are doing my head in, theres no value in any of these stories, nothings been said by the club, so I don't believe any of it, its all back handers for agents nowadays, Sinclaires coming , Kalou is coming, THE Italian defender aint coming, like to know which freebie we are linked to tomorrow. Got me tickets to watch the saints game and I cant wait to do the 400 mile round trip just to watch west Bromwich albion, that's right just the name does it for me , regardless of whos playing, so come on you baggies

Do Lallytap

You lot obviously didn't watch the Confederations Cup, my god he got caught out over and over again when he came up against anyone who had pace, he has had his day and he has come to the Albion to be put out to graze..

You lot make me laugh, can't wait till I say "I told you so"....won't have to wait long !

I have been asked by some "FAN"...you know ...one of these know it alls who knows now't, who I would sign for a million....There is no one any good in that bracket only old legs and has beens ....but HEY HO...it's only a million, lets spend it no matter what just to appease these weak kneed jellyfish who know nothing about business.....Jeezze, where do these "fans" come from

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