West Brom fail in chase for Napoli defender Federico Fernandez

West Bromwich Albion have failed in a bid to sign Argentina international centre-back Federico Fernandez on loan from Napoli.

The Baggies enquired about signing the 24-year-old on loan for the season with a view to a permanent move.

But the Italian club insisted they would not loan the 6ft 2in defender, who has 18 caps for his country, and the Baggies have ruled out an immediate permanent move, with the former Estudiantes man valued at around £7m.

Albion will continue to monitor Fernandez in case Napoli have a change of heart, but the move does signal that boss Steve Clarke is keen to strengthen at centre-back.

Gabriel Tamas, who has enjoyed mixed fortunes in the Premier League, and Craig Dawson, who is a relative top-flight rookie, are the only back-up to first-choice central defensive pairing Gareth McAuley and Jonas Olsson.

Nicolas Anelka is the only new face at The Hawthorns so far this summer

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Comments for: "West Brom fail in chase for Napoli defender Federico Fernandez "



i mean fairplay but who is going to loan us a player who has played for the argies 18 times



Is anyone else beginning to think that maybe we could up the ante a bit? I know wages are high but 7m for an Argentinian international defender, with the extra revenue from the Sky deal sounds worth it. I also sense a bit of frustration with Keen and Clarke reading between the lines.

In no way do I have any problem with the way our club has been run (we are in dreamland!) but I think we could just start to spend a little bit more tp push on.

What does anyone else think?

CantelloRocket 78


I saw in the national media at the weekend that Napoli paid 2.5 mil. for Fernandez less than 2 years ago, and they were loaning him out last season, this story claims they now want 7 mil. for him-

if this is true, stuff 'em.........


Howdy Rocket hows things? been a bit quiet as late but you know why!

Quite funny that point on £2.5m. How can they even begin to think of £7m?

CantelloRocket 78

Alright mate?

Hope the missus an' little 'un are well?

Down the smoke tomorrow for a couple of days, heading over the East End to stick a Baggies flag on the 'Ammers ground, 'cos they wanna copy everything we do.

I'll tell wolves Sam and Blues Karren weem pride of the midlands......:-)



I certainly don't know what the answer is, but there is no doubt that articles like this enhance frustration, for many fans.

I'm confident players will come in, and past experience tells me Albion will spend, we have always been somewhat conservative in our transfer dealings.

Is JP determined to keep the club on an even keel whilst maintaining Premiership status, waiting for that Black Country oil baron to make a move ?

keeping faith

The Real Bully Hoo.


What a good first sentence. I hope others on here think about it..

I have very little idea of what goes on when we sign a player just like I only have a sketchy idea of the finances of our own or any other club. We don't know what demands the player or his agents are making or the selling club. Yet it's so easy to come on here and say, 'JP should just go out and get him.'


With the greatest respect but push on to where? 7th or 6th at a real push at a cost of how many millions to win a couple of mill extra prize money. Jezza is first and foremost a businessman and if the numbers don't add up, forget it.

CantelloRocket 78

Don't forget guys-

Pablo Ibanez was a central defender with almost 30 caps for World Champions Spain-

I figure we should've paid at least 15 mil. for him, right......?

Jack ♣ Hat.


Good e.g. mate,



What a great point mate.

Sad Git

I do feel a certain amount of frustration, not for the first time, but we need to remember that the T.V money is all relative. We may be able to offer a bit more than other similar sized European teams now but the status quo remains in the prem.

You cannot knock our recent history in the prem or the way the club has been run but sadly I think we are about to struggle again. I personally think we have been punching above our weight, yes I know the league doesn't lie, but realistically Lukaku made a massive difference and without him we are average at best. It may be defeatist but I will take mid table obscurity.

Brummie Road 78

Lets go out and spend £7 million on Roger Johnson or £5 million on Hollywood OHara, £3 million on Doumbia etc etc.... Look where it's got the Dingles..... playing head, hoof and hope football in division 3.

JP is a very astute businessman and he's not let us down yet, neither did Dan the man and I don't think Richard Garlick will either. We have always kept our cards close to our chest and I'm sure the signings will come. As for Lakaku yes we will miss him, but I think Rom has made the mistake not us, he's going to spend most of the season sitting on the Chelski bench, not improving his game like he has done through us. The otherthing is you can't argue with Anelka's pedigree and goal scoring ability. I think Nico will surprise quite a few people over the coming season, especially if we do sign Kalou and a fast winger.

Have faith in West Brom, it will all come right in the end.



Pity the deal as not happened we do need a bit more pace in defence as Olsson

and McAuley are slow on the turn with younger players running at them .

Lets hope we have more luck with other targets as the time is ticking away to the

start of the season .

Cannot see why we can not pay a few million out ,other smaller clubs are with the

extra TV money .


Oh wot a surprise yet again no signings all talk and no action ,Jp will never spend that sort of money on a player only likes loans and cheap deals. Just surprise us all and buy someone nearly August and no one in apart from anelka in cheap as usual .


Lets sign everyone for loads of money!!

Fourth year of slow progressive signings and you want us to change a policy thats worked because your a bit twitchy!!!

Grow up!


Chance 8887.

You having a bad day mate? Cannock Baggie has a valid point whether you agree with it or not. Grow Up????

I think Keen and Clarke are identifying players we need and with our Sky money and established ourselves as a good Premiership team perhaps they expect a little more?


Let me reassess the comment;

"Jp will never spend that sort of money on a player only likes loans and cheap deals."

Loan deals: Foster, Lukaku,

Free/Cheap: Mulumbu, Yacob, Olsson, Morrison

Has a valid point???

Everytime we have spent big money its been disappointing!

I couldn't care less if sky give us a billion. If players aren't right they aren't right!

We are West Brom not Man Utd!!!


chance8887 we finished top half of the table and still doesn't spend money.i no we are west brom but come on you have to agree with us jp is tight and will never spend it even if we finished 4 th . yes you are correct with lukaka but he isnt our player and never will be cus we dont spend the money get my point.



the above are dingles mate!

not got anything to shout about so they come on here pretending to be albion fans.

i mean no anelka no prem league or even championship action for them nobody's. can hardly blame them really.

if i was a dingle i would hate what we have and where we are going!!

also if i were them keep seeing US going after players from napoli, man city, etc your bound to be churning inside!

when they cant attract a fly's on there flood lights


We ain't gonna spend millions on players,our track record dictates that. We re gonna come unstuck sooner or later because you can't expect to pick up gems by loans and free transfers all the time. You can't tell me that we re not in a position to spend a few quid. All the other clubs in the premiership do it. You don't get any guarantees on players when you spend millions but that is the risk you have to take now and again to try to strengthen the team.we as re crying out for reinforcements and the clock is ticking.

We Only Need One Half!

Bit harsh, your forgetting The Football League Show is back on Sunday, and your just know how the lower leagues get around 10 seconds per game coverage, that's something for them to look forward to, isn't it?


DINGLE ALERT!!! Lack of intelligence alert!

Why do so many people who come on here assume that anyone who has not got the same opinion as people like yourself is a dingle? As it happens, I don't agree with everything Cannock says but he has a right to post.

Posts such as Dingle Alert and many of Jack the Hat's show an inability to debate. This site is becoming as moronic as the Wolves one.

Jack ♣ Hat.


They are what they are, they are where they are, are they in Divi 3 are they are, they know they are Dingles, oh are. Blimey, the Are-ces are on here again aren't they, mate, from the "Oh are" country oh are, they are.


P.S. I'll get my coat, oh are. L☺Ls.


"Anelka in cheap"

• Signing on fee.

• Reported £50K - £60K wages.

• Performance based bonuses.

- Not exactly akin to signing a complete unknown for nothing is it?!

I remember the same criticisms when we signed McAuley for sweet nothing from Ipswich. What a mistake that signing was!


To be fair, we never make a lot of signings before August. I'm surprised so many people expect different year-on-year.


JP has spent that sort of money........on players that the club has checked out and shown to be of reliable character as well as having ability. Our club doesn't just splash cash easily and that's got us where we are today and something to be applauded

Jami o hara he looks like an horse

League 1 numpty!!

Why would be blow millions on crap like you lot did!!

Look whats happened to your. Or as it still not sunk in???

Cant wait to see who we sign !!

Boing boing

We Only Need One Half!

Hooray, hooray, its a trolly trollyday!

wait for it!

CantelloRocket 78


well you didn't have to wait long, our sad little wolves troll turns up just behind you, shouting

'let us down again'-

the most common phrase used down the mol. for years.......:-)


The fact is that despite the plaudits for Olsson and McAuley we let in too many goals last season and a really top class centre back would be very welcome, but a one season loan with option to buy is usually how we do business.


A fact I read the weekend which surprised me was that McAuley was in the top 10 defenders in Europe last year for headed clearances and aerial battles. For me, he is undoubtedly the lynchpin in our defence - Olsson if he regains his form is likewise a formidable defender.

let us down again

1 down 4 to go no pay no play im afraid , come on JP loosen the the strings abit .

We Only Need One Half!

see, soooooooooo predictable!

Jack ♣ Hat.

let us down again,

Puggy, you said the same thing When Karl Henry left, one down four to go.


Jack ♣ Hat.

Federico Fernandez, Age 24 yrs, 6'- 2", 18 international caps for Argentina, Hmm worth a permanent shot I'd have thought. But ALBION will get it right as they are closer to the fire than us fans.


amsterdam baggie

jack if he is so good why oh why cant he get a game for Napoli,who I would compare with us in the Italian serie a

Jack ♣ Hat.

New Broseley, amsterdam,

.... as I say, leave it to those who know best. Taste the goods before you buy, right guys.


New Broseley Baggie

I agree with you he would be a good shout.But i think a loan first would of been better.Not all South Americans are suited to PL football.For us,7 mill would be a huge gamble,and possibly blow 90% of our transfer budget for the year.

carly g

Chill out guys, they'll come up with the goods!


7 Million for an unproven defender.

We went and broke the bank to bring in Valero and that was a disaster.

I fully support the decision for a loan first offer and if thats a no deal i'd prefer to chance my arm with Dawson as backup.

I think a lot of the posts above miss the point that throwing silly money at players that have never played in the premier league is going to detract Albion's efforts to sign players with that experience and pedigree.

People worrying about how much Norwich and Southampton and Cardiff are throwing out need to look at the bigger picture, there squad isn't as good as ours and they are taking the gamble to attmept to reach what Albion achieved last year.

Don't allow their spending to worry you of our transfer policy.

Boing Boing


could not of put it better myself.................................................................................

the futures BRIGHT its NAVY BLUE n WHITE



That is an excellent, concise, intelligent, astute, unambiguous, articulate, and reasoned post....................that will be ignored by those it is aimed at.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Yeh, mate, Puggy and his committee won't listen, oh! and a few of ours who take the bait.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I agree with the others, excellent points well made.

But hey ho let's do the panic dance where you jump on the dance floor and start burning pound notes as quick as you can because everybody else is doing it.

steve vine

I really do think we will struggle this season as there are obviously no quality signings on the horizon. All we are seeing day after day are rumours rumours and yet more rumours ! there is obviously something wrong when a club like southampton can go out and spend 12 million quid on a player while we are just looking at the cheap option all the time and loan signings ! we have the money so that is not a problem , just be a little bit more ambitious baggies and speculate to accumulate or i think you will rue the inactivity in the transfer market this close season !


To be fair to Southampton Steve, their wage bill is a lot lower than ours, as is Norwich's, as is Swansea's. Additionally, Southampton are run by a bloke called Nicola Cortese and a Southampton-residing pal of mine tells me they're quite concerned about where he's taking them as a club. They signed a fella called Gastron Ramirez for £12m last year and it got them absolutely nowhere.

We all want signings, but how often do they all come before the end of July? JP himself acknowledged how big a summer this is. As frustrating as it is, I think we have to trust the people in the know, they've not often let us down in recent years.

rob williams

We ain't gonna spend millions on players,our track record dictates that. We re gonna come unstuck sooner or later because you can't expect to pick up gems by loans and free transfers all the time. You can't tell me that we re not in a position to spend a few quid. All the other clubs in the premiership do it. You don't get any guarantees on players when you spend millions but that is the risk you have to take now and again to try to strengthen the team.we as re crying out for reinforcements and the clock is ticking.


Amazing.............I am not saying that this bloke isn`t a good player, he must be if he has been scouted and targeted by the Baggies.

Then we decide at this juncture not to pay £7M for him, and JP get`s a load of grief for not signing a player NO ONE had heard of until they read his name on the transfer rumours page.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Lemmings doing the panic dance, burning pound notes while jumping off a cliff.

Bitter Banter

Talking of pound notes, I wonder what Ridgewell is up to .......



Troll eater

Probably asking O'Hara how he manages to earn 40K per week in a Division 3 team that cant afford any new signings. The mans a financial genius lolol.


Promotion,11th,10th,8th.Where exactly has this transfer policy we have followed over the l;ast 4 yrs exactly let us down . If it aint broke dont fix it.


The policy at the club, and something which JP has driven home on many occasions, is that paying out huge transfer fees is simply not cost effective and has proven not to work. Combined with high wages, the net effect is that the club lose out in the longer term. Effectively there is no return on investment. Albion have to live within their means. They are not a big club - never have been and unlikely to change in the future unless someone with big bucks comes along. Therefore all income has to be spent wisely and frugally. JP is the most astute chairman in the Premier League. Some fans think he's tight fisted and unambitious. Let me tell you without his stewardship and guidance the club would have plunged to new depths - heavily in debt and certainly not in the PL. I think that he simply doesn't get the credit he deserves. We should be chanting from the stands "There's only one Jeremy Peace" because without him we would be nothing.


Well put Si - JP's policy has paid off up to now.

What s the point of spending millions and getting into debt then freefalling like the dingles!!

I'm sure that in the next couple of weeks we will bring in a couple of new faces to freshen things up - could be Sinclair, Kalou etc.

Looking forward to new season and hoping we can get away at the start like last yearCumon you baggies.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Si and Smethwickender.

One of the posters above said

"We re gonna come unstuck sooner or later because you can't expect to pick up gems by loans and free transfers all the time."

He's probably a Wulfie but seems to reflect a number of our own fans who seem to think that players are better because you've paid a massive fee for them and you should ignore a bargain on principal.

Facts prove otherwise and although it might work for the top three clubs, those in the middle of the table like us usually end up with a pig in a poke when we do this.

Warren mentioned Gaston Ramires at Saints, a decent player but is he massively better than James Morrison? His fee and no doubt wages say that he is but I've yet to see any evidence on the pitch that he is.


He went on loan last year so I suppose it was worth a try.

I think on the margins that Albion run, you have to be sure for £7m and if he's never played in England that's a fair risk. There will undoubtedly be people who think it's a case of penny-penching, but there may well be a viable alternative for £2/3m that we don't know about yet.

It would probably be silly to blitz the majority of your transfer budget in an area that arguably isn't in need of any emergency repair when other areas are.

This does tell us that Clarke's after more back up at centre-back though, so what does that say for Dawson and Tamas?


I tend to agree with you that there was an element in frustration in Clarke's interview last week, he said "You have to be patient, trust me". To some extent that's natural given he has no control over an area that has a huge influence on his ability to do his job, but it probably also tells us that he views the likes of Kalou and Sinclair as massive signings. Let's hope we can get them done!


Okay, 7 million for an international who can't hold down a regular first team spot; laugh on! I agree with those who offer caution, Garlick isn't a fool.

Lincoln Baggie

Not sure we really need another CB, Olsson, McAuley, Tamas, Dawson + Ridgewell can play CB with Popov at LB (I'm sure Reid could do a job at CB also with Jones at RB) I would be far happier if we were chasing the likes of Victor Moses and Junior Hoilett to be honest to generate a little more width to our play going forward.


Afternoon all,

this one didn't come off so we move on. It's still only July so there are plenty more days left in the window and the transfer policy has not really let us down in recent years (I mean overall.....lets not highlight the 1 or 2 that haven't quite worked out) so lets not panic. Another CB would be good but this could be the season that Dawson kicks on and if he does, and Tamas is also a good player, then at the back we are sorted. Personally I'd like the club to sort out a pacey winger and another striker. With Thorne to come back and positive noises about a contract for Gera.....it's not like we've suddenly become a basket case club over night.

We might have a little bit more money to spend this season but it's still got to be spent in the right places.



Jack ♣ Hat.


Worrow mate,

I don't think this one is over yet. Jeremy has just taken a hard ball out of his pocket and he is ready to play. Richard is fielding in the slips.


Brummie roader Ryan

Well this news clearly shows Clark is looking to strengthen the defence, but where does it leave Dawson and Tamas? Even Olsson could be added, he looked really clumsy and slow in the second half of last season also become a bit mistake prone, can he get his best form back? I hope so.

My best bet would be Tamas to leave, sometimes he looks good sometimes he looks bad a little too unpredictable for me.

We lack pace at the back, McAauley, Olsson, Tamas Dawson and Ridgewell and Reid are all slow as each other maybe someone younger and more mobile could benefit us with modern day strikers being quick and agile.

But then again Leon Barnett and Ryan Donk were quick but we all know how bad they were so what do I know?

Lol !

Boing boing


His loss !!!

It's the funny period again where everyone want's to spend the clubs money for them,that's why there's a fantastic business man running the ship and that's why it's still floating and not lying on the bed

Red or Black? I'll take Black !!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Here's us complaining about no-one coming in yet. Spare a thought for Kenny Jacket, he is now trying to shunt out Hennessey and Doumbia to cut their mossive wage bill, as the other big earners won't budge. Yes we are indeed fortunate. Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.



Pushing on but maybe keeping something in the tank for the following season if they make a europe call. Think the policy is sound and based on a sensible and timely run and seeing peter O ( shame on you) onhis way is still holding back a potential 2mill plus wages gap.........better than this is another fine kettle of fish you've pickled me in........................B

We Only Need One Half!

and finally, in other news,

Just seen this headline on the dark side-

'Tongo Doumbia is last pick of Wolves' midfielders, says Kenny Jackett'

Just 12 months ago we were looking to sign him, to all the ones who think we take to long over signings, read and digest!

Fools rush in comes to mind.


I think clubs may be a bit wary of our loans to permanent deals. Popov is an example, re-negotiating after agreeing a deal. Once bitten, twice shy?


Crocked or not its a good job we have given Reid a new contract , we need to sign some quality defenders asap, season only 3 weeks away now , our 2nd half season collapse should set the alarm bells ringing, why as it not been a priority , I really do feel we going to be in trouble especially if Olsson`s form doesn't improve, sorry to sound negative but I really am concerned .


Sack off Olsson for circa £5m then & get in this guy with 'true' international & European Calibre - Olsson is a liability for me!! Come on baggies let's up our game on signings for the new Premiership campaign & go all out for some silverware

We Only Need One Half!

and even more finally (no really)

Just read on the main pages the council have made 5 grand from enforcing the new parking restrictions around the ground, which 'apparently' improved traffic flow.

Really??? may I suggest to Sandwell council they spend 50 quid of it on a few tins of yellow paint, redo the yellow box junctions at Junction 1, and then enforce the sodding things, THAT will get the traffic flowing.

Every game that roundabout is a nightmare because people ignore the yellow boxes, and if your coming from The Vine direction forget it.

Still, suppose that's the price you pay for supporting a popular team!

The Real Bully Hoo.

To add to your point, if and when we do increase the capacity, where the hell are the extra people going to park. As you say the lovely red lines are an obvious money making ploy.

Shame Sandwell Council love to bask in the glory when the Baggies do well but want to tax the fans to park. The new car parks are fine if you have a couple of hours to spare after a game and want to waste a couple of gallons of expensive petrol waiting to get away..

east stand stan

if you went to matches regularly you would find that its like that at most grounds , bask in what glory ?

We Only Need One Half!

most Prem grounds is that Stan?


anyone getting bored with this yet, JP is tight, Oh no hes not, Oh yes he is, oh no hes not, oh yes he is, .....................................................

who cares , just give something to shout about, come on albion.

astle bridge

I know we have only one signing yet & a few players have gone but are we any weaker for the loss of those players I think not Anelka is a player I never thought we would even dream about signing so keep the faith we will be fine ,coyb.


Oh no, we haven't signed anyone yet. We're gonna come unstuck sooner or later???

Will you lot change the record, there's over 4 weeks of the transfer window left most clubs are still in the throws of pre season. We never sign anyone we're linked with in the press. All our business is done behind closed doors. Let's have the same debate on Sept 3rd and then we'll see where we're at.


Nice one marc, here, here